Killian Wins Republican Nomination for the 37th Senate District Special Election

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Vows to Clean Up Albany

Julie Killian Republican candidate for NYS Senate District 37.

WHITE PLAINS, NY — February 10, 2018 — Former Rye City Councilwoman and Deputy Mayor Julie Killian earned the Westchester County Republican Committee’s nomination Thursday evening, February 8th, to run in the Special Election for New York State Senate District 37 scheduled for April 24th.  In the Republican Party Convention, Killian received support from 83% of the vote.

“I am honored to be the nominee of the Westchester County Republican Committee and I look forward to running a campaign focused on the important challenges facing our state and our county,” said Julie Killian (R-Rye).  “Our schools are being shortchanged by Albany and, as a result, middle-class Westchester families pay the nation’s highest property taxes. I want to put money back in people’s pocketbooks. We need real change in state government to improve our business competitiveness, fight corruption and combat the heroin epidemic. In the State Senate, I’ll work every day to solve these challenges.”

In light of manyyears of scandals in Albany involving billions of dollars in state contracts, Julie Killian supports term limits and stronger laws designed to fight corruption and protect taxpayers’ money.  Killian also supports a multi-faceted plan to fight sexual harassment by strengthening state law, expanding the applicability of anti-harassment policies to cover everyone in the workplace and ending the practice of confidential settlements that hide the identity of predators and allow them to exploit future victims.

The Democrat candidate Shelley Mayer has been at the center of some of Albany’s most well publicized scandals. Mayer was chief counsel to two State Senate leaders who were both convicted and sent to prison for corruption. In that role, she attempted to thwart the State Inspector General’s investigation of corrupt bid rigging involving the largest contract in state history (involving the license to run a casino at Aqueduct race track) and she provided the justification to seat former Senator Hiram Monserrate after he was charged with brutally slashing his girlfriend’s face with a broken bottle during an argument – he later went to jail on an unrelated charge. In addition, Mayer publicly defended former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s decision to secretly use over $100,000 in taxpayer money to cover up the sexual harassment of young women by a powerful State Assemblyman.

“We have to end the corruption that’s plagued Albany for far too long,” Killian concluded.  “As a Councilwoman, I enacted stronger ethics policies to protect local property taxpayers.  As a State Senator, I will have zero tolerance for the corruption that’s being documented daily in courtrooms all across the state.  We must start by enacting term limits and we need independent enforcement to ensure that every dollar that taxpayers send to Albany is being spent appropriately.”

For decades, Westchester County schools have been shortchanged by the formula through which Albany distributes state school aid.  As a result, Westchester property taxpayers pay a disproportionately larger share of local education costs.  Julie Killian will fight for Westchester County’s fair share of state education funding and provide necessary relief for local property taxpayers.

Julie Killian co-founded the RyeACT community coalition to educate and protect local kids from substance abuse.  In the State Senate, Killian will work to develop comprehensive approaches to the heroin and opioid epidemic by focusing on prevention, treatment, recovery and enforcement.

SOURCE: Press Release

eHeziKillian Wins Republican Nomination for the 37th Senate District Special Election

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  1. I like Shelley but the rest of the crew headed by Andrea are nuts. They will drive NYS into the ground. We need a check and balance in the dictator Cuomo in Albany. We need a Senate who will stand up for our cops and firefighters.
    We need a person who is an outsider to really work for us. Not just be a puppet for New York City liberals and lefties

    Julie killian

    1. You claim you want an outsider, who is not part of the party corruption, but you don’t support outsiders. You are full of crap. You won’t canvas for them, contribute to their campaign, nor even come out to vote. Therefore, you will get the same recycled party insiders over and over. Good luck.

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