Westchester County Legislator David Tubiolo Denies Knowledge of His Mother Getting a $112,000 Job in FY 2018 Budget He Voted Upon and Approved

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The Hezitorial Allegegations of Quid Pro Quo Among Other Improprieties

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Westchester County Legislator David Tubiolo represents The communities of The Cities of Yonkers and Mount Vernon comprised within District 14.

YONKERS, NY — February 5, 2018 — Barbara Tubiolo’s son Westchester County Legislator David Tubiolo was quoted to have said, “The prospect of my Mother’s future employment with Westchester County was never a consideration in how I voted.” There “was no discussion or consideration” that the budget he voted for on December 11, 2017, and thereafter on December 21, 2017 voted to override a veto, would infer that his mother would accept employment as director of technical support service at $112,000 per annum.

Barbara Tubiolo is Westchester County GOP Executive Director, married to Yonkers City Republican Chairman Justin Tubiolo, who are both parents of Westchester County Legislator David Tubiolo. Barbara Tubiolo acceded to her responsibilities on January 1, 2018.

David Tubiolo’s brother Jordan Tubiolo has found employment for his fiancée working as an aide to Yonkers City Councilman Mike Breen who represents District 5. the fiancée was given the job in deference to the Tubiolo family despite she has no qualifications whatsoever. The position she holds is an appointed position. Jordan Tubiolo and Fiancée Hope Young are registered to vote using David Tubiolo’s home address at 25 Churchill in Yonkers, but they reside in an apartment in New Rochelle. Should Jordan and Hope vote in a future election in Yonkers, they would be committing an alleged fraud. Perhaps they should simply register in New Rochelle.

Interestingly enough, David Tubiolo is controlled and directed by his mother Barbara Tubiolo. So much so he even gave up a relationship with a beautiful blonde attorney who appeared on CNN. It seems Mommy dearest was sour on the relationship; she did not want them together. Barbara controls David’s entire life. David resides at his parent’s basement apartment. A convenient way to hold onto the loot allegedly commandeered by quid pro quo arrangements.

Westchester County Republican Chairman Doug Coltey also controlled David by making him do allegedly undisclosed favors in order to ensure his mother got this new job after Rob Astorino’s loss. David doesn’t take a breath unless his mother permits it. How can he spin the implausible excuse that he was unaware the $112,000 job was not specific for his mother and no one else?

People in the know affirm on condition of anonymity that David Tubiolo has been following Assemblymember Shelley Mayer in the hopes of throwing his name into the mix to become the next Assemblymember to represent AD90. David reveals his lust and propensity to abrogate his promise to the Westchester County communities of Yonkers and Mount Vernon he swore to represent. It seems David Tubiolo is into serving himself rather than keeping his word to the constituents he promised to serve for the two-Year term he was elected to serve on the back of the late Westchester County Legislator Bernice Spreckman to whom he served as aide.

David has been noticeably absent from his district – he missed a recent fundraiser for a young person with cancer in the Irish community because he is off trying to promote himself instead of supporting the people who voted for him.

He is a career politician – he has never had a real job in his life and his conduct is “not okay”. He has beeb aided and abetted by his Dad Justin Tubiolo, his Mom Barbara Tubiolo, and Westchester County Republican Chairman Doug Colety.


eHeziWestchester County Legislator David Tubiolo Denies Knowledge of His Mother Getting a $112,000 Job in FY 2018 Budget He Voted Upon and Approved

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  1. I sat behind this guy while he was on a date with a goth girl the other night. He must be the most boring Tinder swipe right. At least Gordon brings his own party.

    1. Goth is probably the chick from the newspaper he was talking to after the press conference with all the labor and left wingers. The hottest one in the room but she probably has a pink hat and that’s a no no with mama Tubes

  2. How come Nader Saeygh, Dr Ammir Rabadi, Judge Naber, or Dr Nadeem Sayegh are not leading mpac? they are all well respected amongst the community. They shoould find a way to get more professionals involved with mpac. John Khader will need to sit with them and bring the community together instead of working against each other. bring Jeff Sayegh in for young adult committees.

  3. This is the reason Mpac lost all of its members. You can not have a political pact without a democratic process. John Khader made himself the forever unchallenged Chairman. It is a permanent position he gave himself. He can never be voted out. How can a politician support a pact that has no democracy by the people? Funny things happen in Yonkers.. Jeff Sayegh don’t stress this out, you were a big part in Mpac initial success that is now forgotten history.

  4. It’s clear Khader is trying to flex his political muscle, while Nader Sayegh is considering a run for the NYS Assembly. The Sayegh family have been involved in politics from the 1970’s , when Joseph F. Sayegh started the first Arab American voter registration drive and Nader Sayegh ran for city wide councilman in the 1980’s. Khader should rethink his approach about MPAC. It would of not existed without the Sayegh family.

    1. Again another misinformed numbnut john khader is a business man im yonkers for over 30 years the guy knows his stuff stop hating on him,he is not looking for a job or appointment looking at his sponsors and supporters its clear its mostly his supporters keep it up johnny like in all the way up…lol

    2. Really: Nader Sayegh has not uttered one word about the sexual misconduct allegations against Dr Quezada but he voted him a 5 yr contract-Sayegh is nothing more than a political hack whose only concern is about himself-nothing more than a pile of shit.

  5. Clearly some one starting rumors Jeffrey is always welcomed to Mpac any one that knows who was at the meeting clearly knows this is all lies,David Tubiolo will be at next meeting as guest speaker stop talking trash we all know who you are …..

  6. Jeffrey Sayegh was once considered a contender for Vice Chairman of Mpac. Now Jeffrey Sayegh is not even apart of Mpac anymore. After a chaotic scene broke out between Sayegh and Tubiolo with Johnny Limo, Sayegh is banned from all future Mpac meeting and events. The whole meeting became a mockery to other political forums that take place in this gear democracy we live in. This is the end to the tumultuous role that the political neophyte Jeffrey Sayegh has played in Mpac. It will be very interesting to see what happens next, as Corresponding Secretaries Amani Marji and Sandy Hattar were informed to officially remove Jeffrey’s email from the Mpac emailing list.

    Could this be the end to the Sayeghs support of Mpac?

    Could Mpac members(considering many of them are taking The Chairman’s side) be happy Jeffrey is no longer invited to the meetings?

    Time will tell

  7. John Khader and Mpac are banning Jeff Sayegh from all Mpac forums. The previous meeting became very disturbing with John Khader throwing Jeff Sayegh out of the meeting. Secretary for Mpac, Amani Marji and Sandy Hattar were advised to take Jeff Sayegh off all Mpac email lists. It seems Mpac is officially severing ties with the political newcomer Jeff Sayegh.

  8. Jeff Sayegh needs to understand that John Khader has complete control of Mpac. Jeff Sayegh was out of line and John Khader wanted to make an iMPACt by putting Jeff sayegh in line.

    Jesus was Khader.

  9. Mpac Chairman had to make an iMpact by setting David’s tubiolo and Jeffrey Sayegh straight. Jeffrey Sayegh was out of line so John Khader effectively restored order at The previous Mpac meeting.

  10. The Sayegh family is the most powerful and wealthy family in the entire community. It seems after the incident that took place between Jeffrey and John Khader and the aftermath that Sayegh will no longer be supporting Mpac.

    1. I can name 5 other families middle Eastern movies wealthier and more powerful than the sayegh family but you should really humble your self just a little as a community we should all unite but it will never happen in Yonkers because there’s a lot of selfish greedy people the Arabic community is looked down apon like niggers and it will always be like that if we don’t unite

  11. Does this weirdo and his weird father or mother really believe that he’s fooling anyone just by making a bold faced lie that he was “unaware”

    Daddy made this deal and Sonny and Mommie knew all about it from beginning to end.

    It’s corrupt and insulting.

    HE SHOULD RESIGN !! The whole ill brood of them are unfit for public office.

    In fact, have heard that there is going to be an online petition started very soon asking for his resignation and his father’s resignation as Rep party chair in Yonkers. Can’t wait to sign it.

    Correction to one of the posts below. Daddy and Mommie were classmates of Jumbo Nick Spano at Iona College. ( I know it’s hard to believe that Nick went to College) and they are owned and controlled by the fat man. That’s why the Rep party has been destroyed in Yonkers, Westchester and NY. Nicky made them do it.

    They are also “dear friends” with the other ill brood the McLaughlins. I guess weirdos like weirdos.

    This new job that mommie has is some sort of technology position. Was told that when she worked in Amicone’s office she didn’t even know how to turn her computer on.

    Sickening but Yonkers politics and politics in general attracts the worst. It is no place for good people.

    David, YOU ARE A LIAR !! Go to confession.

    1. Tubiolo is a disaster, another party insider and the average voter gets run over again! These scum are rampant because nobody is held accountable.

  12. Today was the NBA trade deadline imagine you can do this with politics? Yonkers tribune wouldn’t it be cool to make trades like ESPN? We should trade Spano, Latimer, and a retired Ken Jenkins, plus the Knicks 2nd round pick to NYC for the rights to offer David Dinkins a contract to come out of retirement, and the 242 subway station.

  13. There’s no need for vulgarity or inappropriate comment’s about one’s private personal/social decisions. Keep it classy people!!!!

  14. I am not really into politics but a friend from school just showed me this article about Tubiolo. I grew up with the guy in school for years, ill tell you what i don’t think he is in it for the b.s . The guy always loved it. People who’s fathers are reporters, butchers, lawyers, janitor ect … always think the world of what their Dad’s profession is. I wanted to be just like mine, and a-lot of people share the same emotions whether it works for them or not. Very tough article on the guy, missing an event isn’t the end of the world. It’s as if he is team cancer because he did. We always called him “The Tubes” in high school , and whenever anything went wrong we would say call Tubes he will know what to do. Idk this prob sounds like i am a$$ kissing the guy but i’m not. I think he’s a genuine person; i’ve never known a politician in my life until he got elected so my normal response of always agreeing with the mass mob about everything is invoked on this article. Also if you aren’t married, and your able to coexist in your parents home why not? Why waste money if your not married? A-lot of people can’t wait to get away from their parents house because of personal space, shows he can handle being being around the most in your business people every person has his/her parents. Also shows he is smart with his money. The living at home part is a plus to me as a voter. Yonkers Tribune author something more important Toys R US and Babys R US just closed in yonkers they should use those properties for new schools, please draw attention to that.

    1. Toys R Us in Yonkers is NOT closing. Only Babies R Us. Do you happen to have the millions it would take to convert that into a school? Next.

      1. Pay attention to local politics they are closing in on grants to revamp YPS schools. Also big whoop just 1 not 2 stores are closing you didn’t even comprehend the point. You have a big building with parking and easy access in an area of Yonkers, and they are way over student capacity for our current ancient buildings. Also what do you guys think about abortion ? Yay or nay?

    2. Classmate come back down from outer space-his mother was a a provisional in Yonkers who not could pass a test-political connections get her a job with Astorino -Board of Elections has always been a political handout-if David Tubiolo did not sense what was about to happen with 14 new slots being added to the BOE and his mother the Executive Director of the Westchester County GOP-classmate its nice Tubes is your friend but he is a lying sack of shit.

    3. Hey “Classmate”. You have deliberately ignored the point of this story, i.e. his claim that he had no knowledge of his mother’s new job which was in the budget for which he voted. This is a family that lives, sleeps and breathes politics and all that it brings to their table. How can you possibly accept that he did not know about his mother’s new job. Name me one person in your life who does not know what their parents do for a living? Also, your argument indicates that he is someone who looked to follow in his father’s footsteps, career-wise. His father works for Wall Street. I don’t thing David took that path. The father’s party leadership was a way to ensure employment for his wife, who first worked in the Amicone administration in Yonkers, and then to Westchester County government. So much for his altruism.

  15. Tubiolo shut down the Mpac Chairman at their previous meeting. It was a Brawl with the majority of Mpac members including Tubiolo’s good friend Jeff Sayegh supporting Tubiolo instead of the person that is their President. Maybe Jeff Sayeghs next move is to run for Mpac President with the support of Tubiolo.

    1. I wasn’t to sure of Jeffery was looking at me or john during the meeting but regardless as a jordadian I’ll join mpac and support it if a humble guy like Jeffery sayegh becomes president

      1. To: The name above

        Nazareth the birth place of Mary is a stones throw away from our ancestral home town. Thank you for referring to my Lord and Savior as a member of my kin, but i don’t think it is very respectful to reference Christ in a sarcastic political comment. It just insults all those who accept him into their lives so shame on you. On another thought hypothetically you where indeed at that meeting, or a “Jordanian” …

        {Side note as my Grandma always says “You live here, you pay taxes here, you vote here. This is America you call yourself American, then you can add of Jordanian origin/descent not just “Jordanian”. }

        … then you should know at least some of us well enough to be able to use a name more creative. Even if your comment is trying to steer your identity towards deception it is totally cool dude. As the French say “Succès de scandale” meaning there is no such thing as bad publicity. For future reference nobody likes a poor imagination, next time create an original name, funnier story or just spice it up. Text me @914-502-2441 cause i’m not checking this later. Come by you can borrow my Harry Potter collection or something like that to broaden your mind. Ill even read it to you while my Grandmother makes a pot of grape leaves. =) Yum!

        P.S – You probably thought that entire paragraph was going to be a rebuttal towards your forgery, it was actually because you’re a disrespectful below average human, and that is tough to do on a comment section. Others don’t need me for that, So i’m sorr … “Opens the fridge looks inside” YES!!! We actually have grape leaves in the fridge right now i have to go. Call me maybe?

        1. Reverend…… You are a class act! I am so impressed with your response….you are indeed on target.
          There are fools and there are idiots… The one you refer to
          is beyond an idiot. I pity his family.

  16. Nothing new with this family.

    They are fake, superficial, back stabbing, lying, and very spiteful!

    Any thoughts to the contrary is just plain ignorance.

    I cringe every time I hear this name…….

    I want to barf every time I see “HER” strutting around!

    Can’t wait for more tax hikes………………

  17. At last nights MPAC meeting David Tubiolo showed up with political neophyte Jeffrey Sayegh, what started out as a normal meeting, turned ugly by Jeffrey and Tubiolo being escorted out of the meeting.

        1. you definitely must of been one the guys that was thrown out of Mpac or just a khader hater,John has been very successful at bringing Mpac into its 3rd year despite some from his community are trying to undermine him the fact is everyone in politics knows John is not a self serving individual.

  18. First of all the Democratic GOP leader– Thomas Meier’s has a job as DPW Commissioner, his wife is on the Yonkers Board of Education as a Trustee- Ms Judith Ramos Meier (she is a lawyer and a pretty good one) his son Tommy Meier Jr is a supervisor at the Board of Elections since 2009. TOUCHE!
    Justin Tubiolo is GOP Leader in Yonkers for the Republicans but the man also holds a job on wall St as a lawyer. His son is County Legislator but Daddy could not get him that job the voters did(yes, it was strategically planned in the summer but he was still voted in by the voters!) ! It was volunteers and yes, some were loyal to Justin or the party but there was many that believed in his son.They saw a heart and that quality is absent from almost ALL politicians. Is his mother controlling or is he a Mammas boy? Both, in my opinion but what is wrong with that? He is a gentleman that truly cares for the Seniors and respects his parents! There should be more sons like him today and crime wouldn’t be so high! That said she is a bit much with her nose in the air and I think it is disgusting that she used her son to get a job- it is supposed to be the other way around. Times are changing and the voters want transparency and this will follow him.
    As for the ex girlfriend, I am amazed she is a lawyer because she is rude and is a bad egg. Hey, Vinny she is available and blonde and young (like you like them)! Wait, she didn’t like Mommy Dearest so I think she will have a problem with wifey!
    All that said, Justin is old school and comes from the days when a GOP leader meant respect. He had a rude awakening when the Spanclan and their egos made it clear he is nothing(Although, Still not quite sure he got the message yet ). They do what they want and manipulate everyone like a game of chess. NEPOTISM, Look is it wrong in reality if a family member helps a relative get a job? No, I don’t think so. Its been done for centuries! Expect in the case of dozens of uneducated idiots sucking the taxpayers dry which brings us to :
    Bravo, Nicky the Felon! Which one of your minions made sure this story got out? They sit in City Hall and watch as the parties rip each other apart to take the heat off them. NOTHING WILL STOP OUR COUNTDOWN TO THE MOST CORRUPT FAMILY IN POLITICS EXIT! NEPOTISM AT ITS FINEST! My wish is that in two years we get a Candidate that will really care and want to make a change! I don’t care what party they are because they will have my vote!

  19. What is Gordblows position on all of this? Just like Breen never hear from him ever.
    Just collecting a check feeding away at the eternal trough.

  20. So let me get this straight, part of Mr. Tubiolo’s responsibility is setting the budget for the County (which if I am reading correctly is about $1.845 billion) and he still lives in his parents’ basement? That makes sense…

  21. Don’t forget that Justin’s dad went to college with Nicky. The Spano’s still have their paws in gop circles !

    Watch our Shelly- they are coming for you. There will be no opening for the assembly seat

  22. Hezi, You know Republicans are loyal. They don’t care about Tubiolo voting for a job for his mother. They could care less if he voted on jobs for his entire family. They will still get behind him and still vote for him. Only stupid Democrats fight and enjoy slitting each others’ throats. And the comment about Tubiolo wanting Assembly to get away from his mother was pretty funny. There is truth in jest.

    1. Post

      You are on target with your telling/analysis. It is however important to show the voters how the dysfunction continues, its integrity to undermine what many people cannot fathom. perhaps in the 5elling, some of the capacity that is permitted will lessen.

  23. His mother got her start working in Yonkers City Hall under the Amicone Administration. She was supposedly never satisfied with her salary and she was kicked to the curb. In Yonkers parlance that means she was promoted to a political job in the County. Perhaps her son wants to seek the Assembly seat to get out from under her thumb and escape to Albany LOL. So many Yonkers hacks still working in the County….Cerino, probably Madugno (remember her? The gum-chewing leaf blower girl?), Sculti etc. etc. etc. I heard that dimwit lawyer Plunkett, former Astorino Deputy CE, now works for the City of Mount Vernon. You gotta love it.

  24. The blonde attorney story is that she was appointed to the soil and water board and is registered to vote in Dutchess but lives in an apartment in Harrison. The attorney then had a feud with the fiancee (now wife) of the chair of the Westchester Young Republicans and was thrown out of the wedding, she used to be some appointed position on the Westchester YR board. The entire wedding, was all political hacks and their useless lackeys. Tubiolo kicked the attorney to the curb because she was terrorizing Barbara Tubiolo and then got banned from the legislative floor for being nuts, LoHud caught part of the fight in a video back in the summer in the background and they never ran with the story (or mayber were too dumb to notice idk). The attorney is rumored to shacked up with a failed judge campaign staffers from Dutchess. It’s Elle Woods with a lobotomy. Seriously dead behind the eyes. I’m pretty sure she’s been taken down from any campaign pic on his pages.

    Yonkers is the last place in the county to elect republicans and all the astorino flakes haven’t woken up yet. The hacks from white plains don’t do anything and were a glorified cheerleader group for Rob Astorino because the heads of the group had some shit county jobs. I’m surprised they’re all not on the bread line or trying to work for Mike Breen and John Rubbo.

    1. Westchester Young Republicans are a joke ask the chair what happened to all the YR money at the Crowne Plaza what did he do with it there for days ?

  25. “Jordan Tubiolo has found employment for his fiancée working as an aide to Yonkers City Councilman Mike Breen who represents District 5”
    This is the only thing Breen has done over the last 6 years. He has been DOA on everything else. Hell he doesn’t even exist. At least we knew Murtagh was alive and kicking.

    I would scrap County Government altogether and save $2 billion. How much more of this shit is going on?????

  26. Mr Tubiolo. I expect you be writing a family check with the 112k corruption money to LUKE , YOUNG BOY OF ONLY 11 with bone cancer PUT THE MONEY WHERE IT BELONGS !!!!

  27. The guy lives in the same house as his mother yet he doesn’t know she is getting hired. An investigation should be launched to look into this.

  28. David’s mother groomed him to be a career politician. Sounds a lot like Liam McLaughlin. And John Rubbo. Hopefully it won’t take David and John as long to crash and burn.

  29. Does the county have an ethics board?
    Is it like the non-existent one in Yonkers?
    This is straight out of the SpaNOville playbook.

    All, and I mean all government / civil service jobs like this one need to be by open competition, i.e. exam only. This is a disgrace but where is the outrage from the likes of Gordo, Jenkins, Shimsky, etc?

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