Yonkers City Hall and Board of Education Allegedly Engage Nick Borowitz in Surveillance of Online Computer Traffic Patterns

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Yonkers’ 42nd Mayor Mike Spano with Yonkers City Hall seen in the background.

The Hezitorial On Yonkers City Hall Internet Surveillance Operation of City Employees

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — February 19, 2018 — All personnel should be aware that computer addresses visited by a person assigned to a specific computer can and have been tracked. Since Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration took the helm some 6-years ago, Yonkers Tribune has been the lone media outlet that is not accessible from the Yonkers Board of Education nor Yonkers City Hall. So even if you tried accessing the Yonkers Tribune you would be denied. Whew. You are safe after all. Yonkers City Hall don’t know how to plan! Yonkers Tribune is proud to be counted among others who are denied to be accessed by personnel from within those departments. Since all the other sites are said to be exclusively “porn” sites, it must be surmised that Yonkers City Hall regards the Yonkers Tribune a “porn” site.

The rationale Yonkers City Hall espoused for banning access to the Yonkers Tribune was to maintain employee focus to responsibilities at hand by all employees at all times. The inference here is that there should be no purchases made from any vendor during working hours. Since all media carry some advertising, it is prudent to note that Yonkers City Hall was deficient in explaining its conduct since it was derogatory to their claim that all employees were on task and never deficient in completing their workload. All other media was accessible.

It was Yonkers City Hall’s lame attempt to make a plausible tale that was proven over and over not to be an honest explanation. While it does not matter to the number of unique people who visit the Yonkers Tribune Website, in December 2017 we served 108,310 unique visitors. December is our slowest month because many people peruse sites to buy gifts for family and friends and peruse news sites less so than normal.

What is more disgruntling is that Yonkers City Hall’s deceitful tales is that they do not advise all their employees that they have kept a compendium of sites visited from every CPU for years. City Hall keeps track of where their employees visited. They keep track of where you have been and how much time you spent there.

Since Yonkers City Hall can block any site, it would show trust of their employees if they deny access to all employees so that they may accomplish the task at hand during the workday. Yonkers City Hall would not want to suffer if they purchased an item from Amazon, Walmart, or Cartier’s when they have time to do so at home or over lunch via their smart phone.

While Yonkers City Hall has the capacity to track all Internet traffic, except perhaps for having the evidence that Dr. Yazurlo, the former Yonkers Superintendent of Schools had downloaded “porn” to his TV? Why don’t they have that evidence? Perhaps it was “spin” rather than “fact” after all?

Yonkers City Hall is a weird duck. Quack, quack!

Destinations travelled to and from all “not to be visited websites” are allegedly tracked by Nick Borowitz, Internet Technology expert, hired first to engage in surveillance of Yonkers Board of Education personnel and presently to track those who work for Yonkers City Hall. If an employee is operating any computer, in any City Hall Department, be aware that your online travel is subject to being monitored and is being monitored. Yonkers City Hall knows where you have been. There was a time when Yonkers City Hall advised they did not want personnel to visit porn sites, but more specifically, they did not want people commenting on the Yonkers Tribune Website. Yonkers City Hall will be pleased to note that Yonkers Tribune readers can and do comment 24/7/365. So much for driving people from the Yonkers Tribune website.

It is however worth noting that Yonkers City Hall shows no reluctance to monitor every worker who operates behind a computer screen. So, even though you may have an interest to visit a risqué Website, it is best not to to so as to avoid any opportunity for Yonkers City Hall to impugne your name for visiting such websites. Please recognize that IT can fake your visit and you may not be able to prove you did not visit places they may have formerly advised you not to access. Even getting a warning sign that you are not to visit a website may be detrimental to your gaining employment elsewhere.

The takeaway… simple… Nick Borowitz is allegedly tasked to check your whereabouts on the Internet. He has access to every CPU throughout the City of Yonkers. People in the know advise Borowitz is the lone person trusted with this unique assignment. Is he tracking himself to ascertain if he has visited the Yonkers Tribune during his working hours? Has he visited any porn sites? Does he have any favorites? Which ones? Perhaps he shares them with Mayor Mike Spano. Is that the reason Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano wants to extend term limits so he can access the porn sites or does Mayor Spano prefer to access the Yonkers Tribune instead. Could Mayor Mike Spano be that kinky? Really? Say it ain’t so!

it seems Borowitz’s job is to get dirt on employees and to maintain a dossier on every employee who visits an “inappropriately website. Borowitzks job is to seemingly obtain web sites visited by every employee. His job is simply to monitor every CPU in the district. His job is to get dirt on YOU and to keep it. People in the know advise he has porn files and knows every alleged “pervert” in Yonkers. His job is to get dirt and hold it until it becomes a tool by which to have someone dismissed for some infraction or charge when it strikes City Hall’s fancy.

Worse still, for those engaged in doing the nasty out of wedlock with the opposite or same sex, note that over 125 e-mails of that special someone in their life, as well as their personal business, is all on file.

Perhaps there is a lawyer reading this who can advise if the City of Yonkers and its various departments have the “right” to engage in such snooping? Is CoY’s conduct entrapment? What is the probable cause for gathering information on the love interests of Yonkers employees? Does he maintain a file on any big wigs who do their thing believing the scuttlebutt it unaware? Well think again!!!

Who decides what is or what is not aberrant behavior? What qualifies such people to be judge and jury?

What do you think?

Should anything be done to stop this conduct? If so, what? Please advise.

eHeziYonkers City Hall and Board of Education Allegedly Engage Nick Borowitz in Surveillance of Online Computer Traffic Patterns

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  1. So… After some thought about this topic and individual, and how speaking to the allegations herein anonymously can be viewed as an act of a coward, I decided to do what Nick would and compilated a file based on his web activity which is available to anyone in the United States IF you can access and utilize a basic operating system correctly.

    Now with that said, my name is still Dario. And Nick is still Nick.
    He is an employee of the Yonkers Public Schools.
    -He does NOT reside in Yonkers, and DID NOT at the time of his hiring. (2001)
    -He was hired as a favor to Ms. Dianne Franks, then Non-Certified Employee HR Director as a PC Tech.
    -He HAS BEEN tasked the duty of compiling And PRESERVING ALL illicitly deemed material transmitted over the YPS network servers, and has done so since completion of the IT Infrastructure upgrade which took place throughtout the district from 1997-2000 performed by Queens contractor “CommTec”.
    (This was a BIG PROJECT and a NECESSARY one that was taken under by then Superintendent Andre Hornsby)
    -Every pc in the YPS has one of 3 types of access eligibility. Student-Teacher-Administrator.
    (There is also the incognito option of tech but, ya know.)
    -Nick is ONLY tasked with the “Employee” pc’s.
    -He is allowed overtime without prior authorization.
    -It is not questioned based solely on the FACT that EVERYONE is afraid of what he MIGHT know.
    (Remember, before you spout out how ” if you’ve done your job / work you don’t have to worry”, that almost EVERYONE has a relative, friend, friend with benefits that doesn’t always make the brightest choices. And by virtue of such, one themselves can find one’s self guilty by association)
    -Nick stays GLUED to 2 monitors 12 hours a day on average. Those 2 monitors run off of “WebSense” protection which alerts the admin (Nick and NICK ONLY) of potential unauthorized actions across district servers. Even on weekends ladies and gentlemen…Buyer beware.
    – NICK uses his iPhone and other personal devices to browse and update his various social media accounts during working hours. (Although he can monitor and file all info, he CANNOT omit ANY)
    -That ALONE is theft of service, and is so for EVERY OTHER EMPLOYEE that does such activities during working hours. But no others are the “Internet Morality Czar”.
    – This was not a Quezada-Pierorazio-Petrone-Farmer-Hornsby baby.. This was and IS an IT Department baby, and it just so happened at the time, that Borowitz was handed the “task” because it SEEMED at the time he was the most competent, complacent, and since he looked and acted so much so as a soft little tissue version of a “man”, with his dainty hands and lack of knowledge for anything labor inclined, the lowers that be saw a scapegoat. A person they could use for a profit to themselves and NOT the City.
    -Nick IS NOT Stupid. He quickly flipped the switch, gathered the info needed and solidified himself as ABSOLUTE HANDS OFF MY SHIT!

    And just to prove what he could do… A few clicks of a mouse did cause….

    Connie Grassos Soda Machine scandal to be stopped and him FIRED! (Oh no wait, he was allowed to cash in sick days and get his huge pension..AKA a COY Termination), then Bobby Ferritos daughters layoff email got out and is STILL “saved in sub-folder F”, Ada Petrone got her air conditioner, Rob Ricuitti got outed as a domestic abuser, Grassos replacement got his daughter the positions she WANTED, Nick got the proof of how and became Joes BFF for a few years there,. and all the conversations between city government officials past and present, YPS “trustees” past and present , various CONTRACTORS and KICKBACK Requirements needed to do Business in Yonkers. And also some really great members of the NAACP and Local PTA conversations that would be some really great reality television if it were to be fully aired. But Nick is too smart and only does this for HIS benefit.
    ALL info has been saved, flashed about here and there, and have most certainly generated MASSIVE ill gotten gains and also caused the obliviation of certain peoples lives. But whats it matter?…. This is NOT a reputable Municipality. Anyone acting surprised, or jumping to defend is either complicit or absolutely ignorant to the truth and needs to check their head.
    Now good luck finding a Psychologist in the YPS…

    Hezi, more to come.

    Love, Dario.

    1. After receiving many responses from my colleagues I realize Hubert welsh was never a supervisor, also he has been deceased for years as well as nick is NOT the one doing the internet patrol. That title is held by one of the tech ii’s Michael Hoffman.

      There are many other points I made that were incorrect but I will save those for a later time when I’m sure of them…

  2. You’re welcome Hezi… Just keep doing the damn thing and ALWAYS REMEMBER….


    Ps… Nick Borowitz IS a YPS Employee (Freedom of Information), his “Supervisor” is Christopher Carvhallo, yet does NOT intercede in Nicks “tasks”, Nick DOES NOT fix ANYONE’S computer, that is Hubert Welsh’s job along with HIS subordinates Tom Muscente, John Grillo, and Robert Gizzi. (Gizzi is the Petrone nephew that was moved around and promoted while everyone worried about the “Senior Accountant” scandal.. lol.)
    I’ll be back with more TRUTH soon Hezi…


    1. Post
    2. Tom Muscente,
      Isn’t he married to Francine Muscente, from the The department of buildings?
      The Sign inspector….,
      GO FIQURE……

      1. If you had any objections, you should have called Fr. Vinci at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in 1995, when the Banns were published in the church bulletin. But nooooooooo, you actually had to wait until 2018 to say something!

        Furthermore, when these kids were courting, there was no internet, and I will personally vouch for them that they DID NOT FALL IN LOVE ON CITY TIME.

        go “fiQure”

    3. Mike Spano
      Is not truthful …..
      At all..
      He and his family have been lying to the city of Yonkers people for many years…..
      He Mike Spano will do whatever it takes to protect his younger
      Vincent Spano all the brothers and sisters he will always listen to his older brothers.., Nick Spano

    4. The Spano’s are so corrupt
      Ask Mikes Driver from the YPD detective …(KAL)

      Kal…Isn’t his sister also on the YPD also as a crime scene investigator …

      Wasn’t their family member locked up also. not too long ago..

    5. The Spano’s are so corrupt
      Ask Mikes Driver from the YPD detective …LT.. (KAL)

      Kal…Isn’t his sister also on the YPD also as a crime scene investigator …

      Wasn’t there one of their family member locked up not too long ago.. By the Feds ??

      How is the central Ave (whisky place) doing ???

      The Spano’s Secret family location to hang out …..

  3. As an attorney myself I would recommend that Mr. Borowitz looks into suing you, starting with a cease and desist letter. I work for the Corporation Counsel and know for a fact the statements you are making are untrue.

    Speak with BOE employees as I have, you’re ragamuffin newspaper has been blocked at the BOE since 2003. It has been blocked in the city for just about the same amount of time.

    You have finally written about the wrong person, someone well liked and well respected in the City of Yonkers who volunteers his time to help rebuild the downtown waterfront as well as the rest of the city. Why would you put his name to this article? Does it benefit you in any way?

    Sounds like you’re bitter they blocked your propaganda and not worried about anything but yourself.

    now “moderator” lets see if you post this comment or keep it hidden like you do with anything against you….

    1. To u the dime a dozen attorney what exactly has he been building downtown and while your at can u give the an update to the taxpayers on the Dr. Quezada court case. Is the Quezada case propaganda or are u another legal beagle who sucks the taxpayer dry.

    2. Who really cares? Computers are monitored and what? It’s a common practice. The only people that have an issue with it are the people that are using the computers when they should be working. There are some positions that do have down time and people use a computer to pass the time. If you use common sense and don’t you go to porn sites and don’t write about city business or employees while working on a city computer you should be fine.

    3. How is this slanderous?
      If you are lawyer and a friend of Nick than help him out with this bogus law suit. Tie up our courts with more bullish!t cases because they don’t have enough as it is.
      Cease and desist him writing an article. The last I heard that is covered in the constitution under freedom of speech. Check out Nicks Facebook he is on it during work hours posting pictures and messages about all of these extravagant vacations and about his overpaid boss how that he can’t stand her.

  4. I had sex out of wedlock because I didn’t think it would matter since it’s 2018. Why is that even being brought up. Leave Borowitz alone
    Why are you using company time to shop or visit Yonkers Tribune? It’s called work for a reason. Don’t be mad you got caught with your hands in the cookie jar.

  5. Some on should check his chief of staff computer all she does is troll all day and report back to the mayor,I also heard Levy like to look at some wonderful pics on line can you imagine that…lol

  6. To the Editor,

    Are you suggesting that this type of surveillance and control over employee computer terminals can allow for, let’s say, tampering with the computer terminal of a targeted employee to suggest that an employee might have accessed not only banned websites, but purchased pay-per-view banned programming, al la Mike Yazurlo, former Superintendent of Schools?

  7. Borowitz is a good Apple. I’ve never had an issue with him in my 9years of working in YO. This writer doesn’t seem to understand that it’s part of the job to do these tasks and if it wasn’t Nick it would be someone way less trusting.

  8. Every private and public company/govt uses these types of tools to monitor internet usage. Nothing off here except that the writer calls out Borowitz in particular. With that said if you know Borowitz you know he’s only trying to look up the girls tinder profiles.

  9. Doesn’t surprise me that he is wrapped up in this scandal. I don’t trust Nick. How can you have a Jewish name and a Jewish nose and say you are Catholic?

    1. Because you idiot, the name is Russian! He is RC, received all sacraments. Not that it should matter what religion he is. Sounds like you are anti Semitic. Also too chicken to use your real name?

      1. So wait, now he’s Russian and not Italian? Got it, He’s jew-ish not a Jew. Eric is the name and and he’s got a huge schnozzola. I thought the name was clever. Too bad you can’t read between the lines.

        Like this author, I do enjoy stirring up a load of crap for no reason. He’s an idiot and the last time someone referenced a “cpu” was in the 90’s. Probably some guy in his 50’s who thinks the internet is still only accessible via AOL.

        This article has zero validity and he doesn’t understand how monitoring internet traffic is necessary in order to ensure proper upload speeds and congestion on a network.

  10. The guy might be doing his job but just goes to show what Quesada and the BOE are all about. The clerks don’t really care and will continue to do their online shopping.

  11. Nick has worked at the boe longer than me and I’ve been there 12yrs. I think you’re misinformed. Check your sources, whenever he comes around to fix my computer hes very pleasant, I don’t believe anything in this article.

  12. This surveillance of district computers was put in place by the Stupidintendent so he can find dirt on people. His computer is the one that mikey should be monitoring. He buys all his plane tickets to his home land DR from his work PC and more. He’s the biggest fraud of them all.

  13. This is awesome. It’s the SpaNSA.
    Also not to point out the blatant discrimination by censoring the YT, it’s like Yonkers Wikileaks, which is banned in China, and blocked or access denied in Israel, North Korea, Russia, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.
    And lets not forget that Wikileaks was banned for use in Federal Govt. by Obama (everyone’s little darling) in 2010 as it was classified.

    Let’s not forget that all of those SpaNO patronage 6 figure salary jobs, they are supposed to be working, at what ever patronage 6 figure salary jobs are supposed to be doing…….

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