Yonkers Enabling Pecking Order Denies Innovation Nurturing Failed Outcome Instead

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The Hezitorial Telling

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — February 11, 2018 — have long been weaned into believing that the moral center in Yonkers is a patriarchy that eclipses all else, including The People’s interest which is comprised in denying all but a “family and friends network” that benefits only those within that exclusive dysfunctionally deep swamp. Yonkersites who have drunk the Kool-Aid have allowed “self serving” behavior to eviscerate the prospects for the City of Yonkers and Yonkersites alike. The pending and looming crisis knocking loudly at Yonkers City Hall has been negated for three generations and sliced and diced by fear and retribution to a most significant level over the most recent three mayoral administrations; Mayor John Spencer, Mayor Phil Amicone, and Mayor Mike Spano. Each had conflicting and irresponsible managerial concepts and prospects by promising transformative visions that have over twenty years not come to pass, robbing economic prospect and capacity to be realized as each administration undermined the institutions spoken about in effusive terms while undermining outcome. Governance has been redefined by a Yonkers City Hall Administration who ride roughshod over the Yonkers Police Department, undermining and mismanaging the YPD by emboldening the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association to micromanage Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner and creating distrust of the YPD that has not been mitigated by a hand shake and a cup o’ joe with a Yonkers Police Officer. An outreach effort that seems well intentioned when in reality it cannot nor does it expunge the Yonkers Police Department perjurers that malign facts from spin.

Yonkersites’ safety have been dismissed as irrelevant despite economic development projects that won legislative approval and passage only because Yonkers Fire Houses were part of the contractual agreement that was underwritten in such agreements.

The anti-union demeanor of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and those of his predecessors have blamed the many unions of the City of Yonkers (CoY) for creating hardship on CoY’s fiscal maladies. The reality is that Yonkersites have not been privy to the fiscal circumstances that have long burdened CoY.

The allegations of sexual harassment and predatory conduct by Yonkers Public School Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada permitted to not even be acknowledged in pending cases against the Yonkers Public School District is anathema to pragmatic conduct by the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees who engaged in unanimously voting a 5-year contract in favor of Dr. Quezada when lawsuits are pending and must be recognized to impact the city coffers should any of the pending litigation be proven forthright in its allegations. The reason this concern is pertinent is because CoY is self-insured. It is also pertinent to recognize that the Yonkers City Council need not have approved a $1.5million plus, 5-year contract in favor of Dr. Quezada until no litigious action against him, the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees, the Yonkers Public School District are dismissed. Which therefore begs the question why they approved such a contract which must be voted inappropriate and by the Yonkers City Council in the budget approval process? At most, the contract should have been approved on a year to year basis.

Yonkers City Hall continues to undermine The People’s sensibilities. Mayor Mike Spano has every intention to gain majority Yonkers City Council support for extending term limits in 2018 despite two referenda voters had previously cast their vote against.

How much more can Yonkersites endure?

eHeziYonkers Enabling Pecking Order Denies Innovation Nurturing Failed Outcome Instead

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  1. If Shelly Mayer wins and her Assembly seat opens up, Spano is thinking to return back to his old Assembly seat. It’s a safe seat for Spano, even though many other candidates are interested Spano would easily defeat Nader Sayegh and political wannabe John Khader.

  2. Mayor Spano was given a huge pile of Spencer-Ami”con”e manure.
    Entrenched nepotistic city workers who are above consequences .
    Most never lived in Yonkers, gamed to get on lucrative jobs.
    What do you expect from all of this ?
    “Well Well Well the City has Gone To Hell.”
    No city worker gives a sheeeet about Yonkers.
    There are NO CONSEQUENCES Hezi.
    It is time to drain the swamp.

  3. I received an email from John Khader to save the date for an MPAC fundraiser and I also get an invite for Mike Khader to attend his inaugural ball. Why are the Khader’s looking to raise $$ ? These events are not cheap. I’m sick and tired of these solicitation’s. Khader once campaigned for banning contributions, now his brother John keeps harassing for money.

    1. johnnylimo is all the way up!!! Mpac is all the way up!!! nothing can stop johnnylimo because he is all the way up. he just has a lot of haters like some who are his neighbors but that doesn’t stop his success in mpac. his haters dont understand that I deserve a speed bump in front of my house. his neighbors are hating. johnnylimo is the political leader in the community and some people dont understand that.

      1. John Khader is the king of Yonkers. You can not run for office in this city without John Khader backing you up. There are 3 guarantees in life, Death, Taxes, and John Khader…Politics revolve around John. Pay your MPAC dues and you will get elected. Guaranteed..

  4. But Hezi has swallowed the Khader Koolaid along with half of Yonkers. And I write the following as a long-time reader and admirer of Hezi’s work.

    Back in 2012 Hezi was writing about John Khader accepting a $15,000 bribe from Anthony Mangone in the shenanigans related to Annabi-Jereis.

    Everyone not sipping from the Khader Koolaid knew all along about Mike Khader representing Joe Spezio. Google Spezio to get an idea of who Khader was defending. Speaks volumes about Mike Khader and his work as an attorney.

    Also Google Mike Khader and his long-time friend, the corrupt Mt Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas. Thomas spoke at a fundraiser for Khader last winter during his bid for CC President and guess who was in the audience. You guessed it – Joe Spezio – who Mayor Thomas personally thanked.

    And now Khader is giving a $100k job to Jereis’ wife. Connect the dots, folks.

    But what is most troubling of all is the way in which MPAC and John and Mike Khader have insinuated themselves into Hezi’s blog. They’re now financial supporters of Hezi, paying advertising money into his blog and the quid pro quo means that Hezi now gives them both airtime on his radio program. Worst of all, Hezi seems to suffers bouts of amnesia when talking with the wonderful John and Mike Khader.

    Hate to say it, but Hezi has been bought and sold by MPAC and the Khaders and he is now doing their bidding.

    Stay tuned, folks. The Khader corruption machine is only just getting started.

  5. Thank You Council Members Williams the Majority Yonkers City Council Members and City Council President for you support on the Resolution to NYS Governor on the State Commission on Prosecutorial Misconduct.
    Progress in action.

    1. Rev Emma Loftin-Woods where have you been on the sexual misconduct allegations against Dr. Edwin Quezada?-I guess you have selective outrage.

  6. spaNos are killing it this year thanks to the fat rat…..

    pba gives 48k a year to nick the pig spaNO
    cls gives 24k a year to the same pig

    now as a bonus rat squad gives another 30k from tough man contest in cash to Lenny spano

    thats over 100k people and you wonder why olson gets away with what he does the spaNO mob is alive and doing well in yonkers

  7. Fordham and Iona prep are giving kickbacks to YO, for sending all the white residents to their schools and pay absurd tuition. New facilities versus YPS decades old. Politicians and private schools win……taxpayers lose again!

  8. I got no place to go…..says spano, since he got shut out of nys seat by Shelley. Now, the slob has to seek an alternative, which is stay in Yo. Time to get a real job that your qualified for, a pizza delivery man, maybe? Nick will tell you either way. Joke!

    1. I heard Fordham and Iona Prep are giving YO kickbacks, for sending all the Yo resident white kids to their schools. Play the game folks….more political sell-outs

  9. Dear Mr Khader,
    Well you are the straw that breaks the camels back. I believed your crap all through your campaign. I saw what we had in LiaR McLAUGH and figured it couldn’t get worst! HAHAHAHAHA… the joke is on me and everyone that voted for you. You just hired Zehy Jereis’ wife as your Chief of Staff? $130,000 ? BRAVO! You had me fooled with your talk and napoleon looks.
    Our City is a pathetic and disgusting and all these years that I invested believing in our city and schools, and it doesn’t matter the corruption gets BIGGER!
    Jereis goes to jail when he gets out his nephew gets a job as a mechanic with DPW and his wife a nice new job and pay raise? Spano gave the kid the job and Khader the wife?
    Is this actually our real lives? Everyone keeps dealing under the table and its the tax payers money they use.
    How could we be upset? We got Nicky Spano getting money from the PBA! His uneducated brothers in city hall and the rest of the goof squad spread throughout Yonkers city Jobs they aren’t qualified for!
    Where the hell are the FEDS? Mayor Spano how do you sleep at night controlling our city like a mobster? You had both palms greased the whole time. You couldn’t lose.
    Then we got Barbara Tubiolo and Justin Tubiolo pathetically using their own son for personal gain! I think the Tubiolos take the cake on this one. That is your son! Kid, run away no one is gonna vote for you again unless you find your b’s and squeeze real hard and become a man! The people voted for you and you let them down. Get the hell away from your parents or put a resume together because after this your gonna have to get a real job!
    Then we got a volunteer getting $15,000 a month for his time meanwhile the schools are a mess. WE go to Albany and put those poor kids on display begging for money so we can do something else corrupt with it! Your all disgusting! Where the hell is Sally Pinto through all this? I guess she got the “Politican COOTIES”. She definitely got too close.
    We are pathetic and I take responsibility because I voted for all three at one time!
    If I only had Donald Trump’s money then I could make a difference but I don’t. I am employed because I decided to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a degree and send out resumes! What they hell was I thinking? Silly me, PoliTricks are for Kids. ( At least the politician’s with IQ’s like one)
    Next up logically would be Annabi, as I look in the ads for an apt anywhere but here. I will keep my ears open for how they pay her back for taking the fall for them! This is gonna be good. Foolish girl all those years! She should have taken them down. Let’s see if it was worth it.

    Hezi, I don’t know how you do it! I am exhausted! Born, raised, educated and raised my own kids here and finally opening my eyes. David couldn’t win this fight because Goliath is a giant in the form of all our politicians.

    Thought you were our last hope but nope I was a dope.

    1. Almost everything you wrote is spot on and heartfelt. I’m with you on almost all of it. Yes this city is very corrupt and Spano’s do have their dirty hands on everything. When I first read what you wrote about Jereis’s wife being appointed by Mike Khader as his chief of staff I too was taken back. But I have to be fair and give him the benefit of a doubt until proven otherwise. Mike Khader is a really solid down to earth honest man. Yes we agree that Zehy Jereis was part of the city corruption scandal and was convicted, but who’s to say that his wife is corrupt? We can’t prejudge her. I’m hoping she’s an honest hardworking well qualified dedicated employee. Mike Khader has the right to choose his own Chief if Staff as long as she fits the job description. Let’s not start calling Mike Khader all kinds of inuendos or compare him to the dirty Spano’s just yet. Give him a chance, and give Mrs. Jereis a chance to show who she is.

      To Mike Khader, this appointment is a little uncomfortable but most of us will give you the benefit of a doubt, we will be watching, don’t let us down.

  10. OMG … watching the Yonkers City Council meeting wherein Shanae Williams, Chris Johnson’s successor, is chairing a meeting, announcing all those present and GIGGLING as she notes she has forgotten the name of the attending CORPORATION COUNSEL!!!!!!!!!! You can’t make this stuff up!

    1. Everyone knows Shanae is being paid almost $200K to do whatever Mike Spano tells her to do. Sweet, pretty girl, but she is completely clueless. The Black community and the waterfront was sold to the highest bidder by Johnson. The only blacks in her corner are the City Hall sycophants.

  11. They never picked up our garbage today. This is also SpaNO’s fault as he is the boss and he does not demand excellence. The garbage men often don’t empty the cans fully, once again no oversight so they don’t care, just like their bosses. And sometimes they miss the truck and trash ends up on the street.
    Welcome to the $hithole Yonkers is.

    1. Darling, no trash was collected as per the phone call everyone in the city got. It won’t kill you to look at the 2018 schedule, either. It’s plain as day. Don’t be daft.

  12. Very telling that DINO Mike Spano did not attend the Dem County Breakfast this morning. He and Nick do so much back-door dealing they don’t even need to pretend as if they need or respect the Dem Party.

    1. That is correct and you need to blame all of those democratic party members who from day one slobbered all over him and accepted him as a dem, when they knew he was nothing of the sort. Just like the Hillary slobberers who allowed her to hijack the dem party for her own ambitions.
      He is no different than Spender and Amicon, who basically bankrupt the city. This was done by out of control wages and giving away the city to developers by taxbreaks. Think Trump increasing the debt in a time of plenty.

    2. True. look at the idiot Dem Chair for YO. Tom Meir, another idiot appointment. The cesspool of YO looks as bad as the roads in Yonkers. At least, Khader has a child in Yonkers schools with a vested interest, unlike Annuciation-mike, and most politicians never had anything more then political-talk for YPS.

  13. Finally a mayor who cares!!! The city is headed in the right direction. Get on board Hezi! It seems you and Barry are the only ones that feel different.

    1. Post

      Delineate what Failed Mayor Mike Spano has done that shows his caring. He nurtures corruption, his non-transparency in governance is through the roof under his watch, as is his failed economic development, lagging and flagging financial capacity, unproven Police crime statistics, unproven assertions of educational excellence.

      Show me different.

      What about the out of control overtime due to his deficient staffing, the continuing purjeries that are enabled by his directive of YPD, and the patronage of spouses of staffers getting jobs way above their capacity. Yonkers under Mayor Mike Spano and those who speak in his name are out of control. All Yonkers knows it. So does the Governor. The gig is up.

      What do you have to say that even has a scintilla of fact. I can’t wait to ROTFLMAO.

  14. The Mpac Chairman takes the Sayegh family and Jeff Sayegh for granted. I don’t know Jeff well, but I have spoken to him before and he seems like a smart person. The Sayegh family has been nothing but supportive of Khader and it is disgusting the way John Khader disrespected Dr.Nadem Sayeghs son, Jeff. The Sayegh Family will not support John Khader anymore.

    1. Post

      My understanding is that a simple majority is required, that is, 4 out of 7 votes! Not a super majority of 5 out of 7. At present, I count the following in support of extending or rescinding term limits. I expect those voting for to be Shanae Williams (District 1), Corazon Pineda-Isaac(District 2), Michael Sabatino (District 3) John Rubbo (District 4), Michael Breen (District 5).

      I am uncertain as to how Anthony Merante (District 6) will vote. I am inclined to surmise he will likely abstain.

      Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader expected to vote no.

      Final tally: 5 for, 1 abstention, and 1 against.

      Note therefore, that even if only a simple majority is required, a super majority will vote passage. The inducement for all is they will qualify for a pension that is not possible with a two-term maximum. the magic number is 10 years in elected office to qualify for a pension.

        1. Post

          If you are referring to extending or rescinding term limits, it must take place in 2018 to be of benefit for Mayor Mike Spano to running for a third term.

      1. more like 3-3 and Khader is the decider…..guess Liam losing cost mike his 3rd term, a real self-server hiding in democrat slim clothes…..Ha. Shelley says, SUCK IT!

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