Yonkers PBA Members’ Missed Opportunity

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ReferenceYonkers Mayor Mike Spano Pimps Willing Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson for Quid-Pro-Quo Employment of Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller to Westchester County Police Commissioner By a Seemingly Acquiescing Westchester County Executive George Latimer By HEZI ARIS for background information.

The Blue Truth

Yonkersites suffered January’s frigid temperatures worrying about their respective heating bills and frozen water pipes while Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson were colluding with each other in making a push for Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller to be considered for Westchester County Police Commissioner under Westchester County Executive George Latimer’s Administration. Mueller has been Olson’s wet dream for quite some time; the other being that of third BFF “amigo” Brian Moran, Olson’s personal investigator from the Detective Division. These these three amigos have been colluding with one another for more than a decade, stopping at nothing, and targeting anyone who speaks out or gets in their way. According to insiders in the know, they have forged a tight knit insular group revealing additional miscreants he’ll bent on passive-aggressively undermining the Yonkers Police Department toward their personal benefit while undermining the Department itself.

PBA President Det. Olson, his BFF Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller, a self-proclaimed Mason, and Det. Sgt. Brian Moran are defined by those in the know as a debauched and soiled “secret society” operating within the Yonkers Police Department, capable of anything. Their effective arsenal is comprised of political backing from the likes of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, and his brother, former NYS Senator Nick Spano, who have the capacity, ability, and interest to thwart, change, and undermine any and all internal investigations of their choosing, enabled by the silence of those they employ even when such employees are infused to scrutinize appropriate conduct in the City of Yonkers and expose conduct that does not meet the bar set in Yonkers City Charter, among other laws to which individuals are permitted not be conformed. This rogue element within Yonkers’ framework has been cemented over many cozy relationship building years among the Spano Clan who sought wealth and power for themselves while appeasing others within their sphere of influence and control with promises espoused in the grandest of terms only to be forgotten when no longer required toward the grand ploys and scheme undertaken under the Mike Spano Administration. it is such thuggery that mesmerized many Yonkersites over many years. Yonkersites have since learned they are nothing more than superfluous pawns in a scheme that serves the puppeteers. If you can bring cash, endorsements, and undermine integrity of fact(s) and spin tales and insinuate “fake news” into the discourse, your shelf life will be sustained albeit exclusively by your financial endurance and capacity, and nothing more. It is such conduct that elevated the prospects of the Spano Clan as assuredly as their lack of delivering on their promises have in the last year diminished their capacity, options, and control. Haunting Yonkers City Hall are legal challenges already filed against the City of Yonkers.

In exchange for financial capacity Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano has permitted the gate to stay open throughout his six-years in office enabling Keith Olson to form this “mayoralty” endorsed secret society within the Yonkers Police Department. The aging, gray haired, overweight Mayor Mike Spano and even larger PBA Pres. Det. Keith Olson are in bed together. one tells a tale and the other validates the falsehood to among Kool-Aid drinkers better known as “the family and friends network.” It is these aberrations not conduct and demeanor that need to be known and repeated until they are excised from the Blue Truth culture in Yonkers.

Since Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano decided to put out the word on his own flesh and blood, specifically that of his own brother and/or any other person considering challenging the Yonkers PBA union leader for his seat, with the threat of mass transfers of those companies contemlating such a challenge, as well as those in support of such challengers, it too little more to deduce that Mayor Mike Spano had every intent to make John Mueller Yonkers Police Commissioner even if it were out of spite. While it sounds almost too good to be true there has been a call concerted effort by Mayor Mike Spano to move Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller onto the post of Westchester County Police Commissioner. It will s known that police departments have an internal media media capacity and most issues, labeled as “rumors” within any department are based on integrity of facts rather than fiction or spin. Insiders in the know have from both unions, PBA and CLSA, confirmed these reports.

Yes, the Yonkers PBA membership got short changed again by these secretive dirty players. The mayor gave Olson another two years to target and harass other cops, and in return Mayor Spano garners endorsements that are meaningless because most PBA members don’t support Olson and respect him even less. Yes sir, these “dirty” boys are having a good old time, while most new uniformed personnel work every weekend to plug up precinct overtime. These men and women are forced to work every weekend. Imagine taking on a new job anywhere and being scheduled to work every weekend, while others are working overtime and getting weekends off.

Morale is at an all-time low, while Yonkers City Hall portrays the Yonkers Police Department as the greatest police department in the state. Actually it is the opposite. Many Police Officers are getting out twenty years to the date; officers fear losing their positions if they question the PBA hierarchy: they fear transfers; they fear being set up with trumped up charges; they also fear losing out financially.

Keith Olson was used to endorse incumbent Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, Esq., for another term. Olson’s effort, coupled with Democrat Mayor Mike Spano’s inability to drag McLaughlin across the winning line against challenger Mike Khader, Esq.’s acceding to office reveals the ever diminishing prospects of the Spano Administration and those who speak in their name, to their wiley but ineffective game plans faltering with ever greater redundancy. Even Mayor Mike Spano, a DINO (Democrat In Name Only), could not win the day after making calls on behalf of Liam McLaughlin. Appalling inability and simply pathetic lack of political capacity.

The PBA membership of men and women were sold a bill of goods. The contract that Olson sold them to accept called for open negotiation on personnel evaluations, something that past PBA presidents fought against, just like 207c. More and more Yonkersites appreciate the reasons why these two people need each other? They are like two peas in a pod. Meanwhile, this secret society, sarcastically known as the Olsonettes are working “traffic overtime raking in anywhere from $230,000 to $280,000 annually with the endorsement and authority from Mayor Mike Spano which is also all pensionable. These are the very people who were cheerleading for PBA Pres. Olson and Mayor Mike Spano, in return getting the nod for all the overtime opportunities they wanted. Retirement evidence support these allegations of the “haves” and “have nots”. But there is more: while all new personnel work a steady “no weekends off” schedule, obedient PBA members designated “family and friends network” insiders “see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil” sheep are permitted to work overtime for many years, while good, professional men and women retire after 32 plus years with nothing but a whiff of the stench of the Office of Yonkers PBA Pres. Keith Olson, who by the way has somehow wiggled his weight into leading a bunch of very small departments as their Affiliated Police President.

Meanwhile most of the members of the YPD are uninformed or unaware of the real inner working of the Yonkers PBA; that cancer has now spread to the Affiliated Police. Hopefully they will rise up and not give away their integrity and honor for Spano’s political toy and pimp.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is the same person who helped Mueller in refusing a transfer order from Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner, and helped make John “The Joker” Mueller Yonkers Police Chief. The reality is that the lobbying money given yearly to brother Nick Spano, lobbyist and founder of Empire Strategic Planning, valued at $72,000 annually and the $30,000 sign covering a couple of sides of beef, like Lenny Spano, featuring some members of the secret Yonkers Police Society is also helpful. Now why would any agency hire a person who refused a transfer, or threw a fraternity-like run beer party in a Yonkers Police Precinct?

The picture that speaks to $30,000 plus many words and allegations.

Time will tell why Mike Spano forged such a cozy relationship with Olson. Perhaps the moves that Mayor Mike Spano has been making lately are why they are cut from the same cloth. Yonkers PBA members know very well that Olson gave them the worst contract in the State of New York when they agreed to be stripped of their General Municipal 207c coverage, forcing many officers to defend themselves for  injuries they suffered on the job to be forced to come before an arbitrator questioning the injuring they claim has debilitated them or forcing them into retirement because of the expense in fighting for those benefits. We also know that Olson informed Mike Spano that he was going to expel one of his political rivals who was very vocal on behalf of the membership about the PBA contract among other concerns. That move proved to be foolish, costly, and embarrassing for Keith Olson. Pres. Olson will be the only PBA President in the history of the Yonkers Police Department that could not expel a PBA member. Judgment by three judges presiding over the U.S. Appellate Court is being awaited.

So as the rumors circulate as to Mueller’s future, one thing is for certain, Mueller is not worthy of any seat that Olson pays annually for, nor is Mueller a team player, preferring to instead undermine others for his personal gain; and known to have allegedly targeted employees that is known to not be acceptable behavior. Insiders in the know advise he and his secret society will slice and dice anyone or anything for the top spot anywhere. Sources in the know advise that memos concerning the actions of the Yonkers PBA secret society membership are in possession of the Yonkers Police Department internal files, as well as those in the possession of Yonkers Corporation Counsel. These memos could be compared to the FISA memos concerning the Trump investigation and the actions of a handful of Federal Agents. These memos concerning Olson and his secret society are verifiable from many sources, yet continue to be omitted from the public record because they can keep it out of the public realm until they will no longer be able to keep it from inquisitive and prying eyes, such as the Yonkers Tribune.

Perhaps some of the material suggested not to exist by members of the “secret society” may also be released by the U.S. Federal Court who fully understand and comprehend the “Yonkers Way”.


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eHeziYonkers PBA Members’ Missed Opportunity

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  1. Mayor Mike can Jonny Joker Mueller and I go to dinner with you again. Our meeting with George did not work out for the Joker Don’t understand, I even promised him the CLSA endorsement too.

  2. It used to be; Yonkers Cops chased -fleeing- felons.
    You have to look UP, in Yonkers.
    You have to watch out for -FLYING- felons.
    Some record of deviousness and cunning.

    1. Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson believes in strength in unity. That is why he has been lobbying for years to make the failed Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller his only police friend the head chief. Strength is when you threaten civilians and target cops; strength is when you steal personnel files; and strength is when you search cars and homes without warrants.
      Now let’s go to Greenburgh, and you write reports against cops.

  3. Hey at least he’s getting his average up. He definitely dropped the ball in Yonkers when he was needed the most. No biggie to him though. Two guys lost their job and went to jail Keith. What’s the big deal right! Either way the drunken fool Quinn gets paid big squid from the membership. His call of duty came once for the million plus we have paid him to date. I guess he must’ve been hung over that time huh? Or just didn’t care enough. He can win for other departments from now to eternity but when YPD needed him the most he struck out huge.
    PS: We know Fitz has an office at Quinn’s law firm. Who pays his salary?

    1. Keith Olson is a plain hood rat from moquette row. As far as I am concerned he is guilty as charged and can never challenge any and all reports on this site. Chris, don’t wait for a hood thug to answer any of your questions. Hood rats only respond with challenges of fighting you on their terms. No different than when he suggests meeting people in the woods or other counties. He is Mike Spano’s boil and the Spano’s end to politics.

  4. Oh wow KO , you never did answer Chris on Facebook. The truth is that you did “every” bit of it and other leaders and cops need to know who the dirty Olsonette’s are and what they did.

    1. Hey Keith you didn’t send any emails to the membership when Monte’s lawyers beat Quinn in the NYS Court of Appeals, when you and Quinn fought very hard to throw a union member out because he spoke out against you and others. So he is not so mighty because four appeals Judges voted together to reinstate Monte. Now shut up and answer Chris. Chris is right, you are a set up artist and a perjurer. By the way, looks like the mighty Quinn is about to lose again in U.S. Federal Court where he admitted work place harassment against a guy who exercised his First Amendment rights.
      Look it up on the Tribune for the actual audio and hear the truth about a lying union rat cop, who targets civilians and cops. Keep your bullshit Quinn announcements to yourself. He didn’t do so good for Vera and Koch either.

  5. Some of Keith Olson’s dirty deeds have been posted on fb. I love it. First dirtbag KO comes off like a tough guy and invites CJ Bunker for some “COFFEE”. Hey CJ you had 20 years to tell me this, now you tell me when you 1000 miles away lol. Then he tries the all so typical KO debate. Fat f**k thinks he’s a moquette row scholar lmao. Never once does the fat prick deny any of the allegations while talking tough. Then Quinn must’ve called him after Bunker says hey fatman you never even denied any of what I said. So then KO says I deny everything. Jesus Christmas how the f**k has this nimrod held the PBA presidency so long. He makes the YPD look like a total abortion. To have this fat d**k as our mouth piece is like having Nancy Pelosi as a mouth piece. Omg what a tool!

    1. The fat man should have known better than to fk with civilians and CLSA and PBA members. All he can say on CJ bunker’s Facebook page is do you want to fight. Guess CJ can’t be set up anymore by Olson’s dirty dozen. Two questions shut a perjurer down. Ha,ha, ha,

  6. I was reading some fb posts on the CJ Bunker KO files and saw a post from “liddle private Benjamin”. C’mon dude, nobody has attacked you. Even after you showed your ignorant self up in federal court. We don’t take it personal that you are simple, these are the times where we are supposed to be sympathetic toward short bus riders. Natalie hit the nail right on the head. You are just a simpleton trying to achieve brownie points by placing yourself smack in the middle of something you know absolutely nothing about. Attacked? Attacked is when someone walks up to you and punches you in your “liddle” face. We are merely pointing out that you should mind your f**kin business and stop putting yourself in the middle of this because if you agree what with KO did to Ray and continues to do to the guys who remained loyal to Ray, well then you’re as much a dirty cop as Keith, Brian Moran and John Mueller. You haven’t a clue what the Olsonettes have done new jack. Keep getting fed overtime and stay the f**k out of sh*t you know nothing about. “Heart”? Trust me, you don’t want to talk face to face with me. Keep your “liddle” napoleon complex comments off of CJ Bunker site. It has nothing to do with you tough guy. Go play with your guns and stfu please.

    1. isn’t little private benjamin a boss now? Why is he still kissing KOs ass? Shouldn’t he have moved on to kissing the wine sommelier’s ass by now? LMAO!!!

    2. New arrival. Keith Olson on DVD wobbling up Ashburton Ave. writing a parking summons. Some he has strongly denied to CJ bunker. There will be a running episodes of Keith Olson denials. Stay tune

      1. Citizens and union members of Yonkers stand together against Olson. Visit CJ bunker Facebook post and learn all about a dirty Yonkers PBA President and others. If you know something say something, or you could be the next person targeted by illegal police action and those who perjure themselves in an effort to target people.

    3. Little angry dwarf is now defending a mutt union leader who targets civilians and police personnel. Are you one of those Pataky or Vera types. You showed up in court against another union member who never even spoke to you. You wanted in Olson’s ass and now the truth is revealed on you. Who’s balls are you holding , you Costa Rican coffee picker.

  7. Heard the Joker Mueller just submitted his resume for a Commissioner spot at the Yonkers ASPCA. Good luck and KO or Moran can set up the dogs for feed.

  8. CJ told the whole story abut the Olsonette’s, and now Olson resorts to his bag of dirty tricks and wants CJ to fight him. We rest our case; these rogue cops did every bit and MORE of what CJ bunker pointed out. Keith you can’t even throw someone out of your union the right way, but you sure can bring 20 other dirty cops to Federal Court to turn their back on another member that is about to give you an old fashion Federal spanking. Heard the link yourself.
    Don’t you have someone to target today? Please don’t assault anyone today because you can’t get a fight with CJ. Trash for moquette row. By the way Fitz, Fernandez, Ski, Donaghy, Vera, Moran, Pataky, Chiarella, Viviano’s, and your entire board are all pejurers. Even that dirt bag you sent to give Khader’s daughter a parking ticket.
    Hoping you have coffee and cheese with your ex convict friends.

  9. I was on FB enjoying the beat down CJ Bunker was laying on Keith Olson. Then I read it closely and saw that he was defending Fitz and Quinn and I said let me add a little something on Olson’s favorite site. We all know his fat ass is on this Yonkers Tribune more than anyone. Even more than the choke chain sergeant. First off, Fitz doesn’t have little toes, they’re large sausage links. As for Quinn, the drunk doesn’t have not one ounce of class. Almost as big a dirtbag as you rat boy. Fitz has defended cops for a very hefty paycheck you overfed scumbag. He also showed up to federal court against Montero because you butter his bread with PBA cash. As for Quinn, he’s a lowlife garbage can. He had to explain to a panel of Judges why he was not representing Montero but instead your lying fat cankled ass. The whole lot of you disgust 90 percent of the YPD family. You assholes are hated. The Olsonettes are Public Enemy number one. If you think otherwise your even dumber than CJ believes you are. Stick to what you know best: stealing fundraiser cash and setting people up. I’ll go one step further. I’m reading you want to fly CJ Bunker up from Florida. How about I fly you down. I got a nice one way ticket for you if you accept. Free of charge. No need for two way airfare. If you’re the toughman you believe you are you can buy the airfare back, I won’t waste my money on that one. But we all know you want no part of that trip. You just a FB toughguy trying to save face cause you got bitchslapped by a guy who knows what a dirty, filthy, lying scumbag you really are. Fitz and Quinn carried your water and fucked with CJ Bunker, let those two pricks fight their own battles. You got enough troubles fatty.

  10. Keith, you’re a fraud and a perjurer. It took you and six cops to beat up one skinny kid in Greenburgh; Quinn is a liar and a fraud, as well as Fitz who shows up in Federal Court against another member. You don’t have to drive a thousand miles to CJ for coffee. Save your cheese and look to have coffee with the guys you call Blue Truthers.

    Save the talk of a Toughman because that talk is why you’re in this position. Now go steal another file or search someone’s car or house, or office without a warrant. You know like your carrying a petition for dirty cop Neil Vera. Maybe while you’re waiting for CJ you can taint a case or two or slap a cop or write a civilian a ticket you scum or have another dirty lying cop steal a placard after threats of arrest. Now put on your elastic stretchy pants you diabetic lying union rat prez. A lot of cops and civilians know your a scumbag perjurer. We even left out threatening women you Toughman. By the way Fernandez and his friends groped a woman or is that sexual misconduct fat boy. I feel bad you can’t see yourself and yet Chris can. Fool, only in Yonkers asshole. Hurry now the coffee is getting cold.

    1. Chris did it right and said it right. Yes we will say it too. Quinn is a liar and Fitz is a washed up lawyer. Now answer any of the allegations. Where is the DD Capt file? Where is Monte’s file?

    2. Some small Olsonette decided to find his manhood and throw threats out on how he is a man eater. Well you little angry dwarf, you threw yourself onto your fat friend’s lap and showed up in Federal Court against another cop who may have backed you up on a job. We are wondering what or who did anything personal to you for you to show up against another street cop. Yeah you have been sucking Olson’s t*t too long to think like a Real cop. So you did prove one thing here. You think your a tough guy but never had a real drag down fight. Stay on the t*t you angry dwarf.

  11. Keith Olson stop inviting people for coffee; the line is too long. The only support you have is your board and a handful of cops that can’t think for themselves. 90 percent of the job wants you gone. Your lucky that fat Mike Spano came up with threats of making your 14b friend Johnny ” transfer” the PC. Enjoy your last two years of spending the members cash and threatening.
    CJ said it right, you hide behind your position and the Spano’s protect thugs like you. We all know everything on the Tribune is without any doubt.

  12. Keith the union dirt bag pleads the fifth. The Costa Rican coffee drinker can’t recall anything but dreams of unauthorized investigations and threats to citizens.

  13. I saw CJ Bunkers files on the fat rat and his Olsonette lackeys on FB and I saw the back and forth between Man and Rat. I can tell you that CJ Bunker is not a tribune blogger although I wish he were. CJ Bunker tells it straight and all KO can do is invite him for coffee after he got put over CJ Bunkers knee lol. I would love to see the fat rat invite CJ Bunker into the woods. Something tells me the rat doesn’t come back lololololololololololololololol.

    1. I find it pretty amazing that all my years in Yonkers I’ve never seen files put out on one Yonkers cop. Not one. That’s got to be a red flag on the Olsonettes and others hiding behind their gold shields. It’s truly disturbing what these dirty band of misfits have done. If I were the Mayor I wouldn’t be caught dead with these dirty cops. We’ve had some differences in the past but the big building really needs to do their due diligence and drop this rat fast. He’s going to wind up going down and taking the big building with him. It’s never too late to take a flea bath.

    1. Keith Olson is a filthy liar as is his two push bags John Mueller and Brian Moran. The fkin Spano’s let these guys loose on civilians and cops. See what happens when you obstruct justice. Now I am getting in line with coffee for a dirt rogue cop.

  14. Keith, Chris Tissier set you straight on Facebook. Your a union bully and a thug who has been protected by union cash and the big building across the street. Instead of asking Chris to meet you for coffee, why didn’t you confirm or deny any of the allegations? The truth is that you and those rogue lying supervisors and your union dirty cops all well know that your dirty. Instead of asking to meet with Chris for coffee, which by the way Chris is a man not a guy who sets up civilians and cops like you. Now maybe you should go look down at Internal Affairs and go find those other two invitations you sent to other cops about meeting up with them. Maybe someone can give you a helping hand in recalling all the police misconduct you others have ” committed “. Now answer this part Chris wrote on Facebook at CJ bunker site. Didn’t Four NYS Judges concur that ” you, the Yonkers PBA and others targeted a union member for Freedom of Speech and those actions were Arbitrary and Capricious. So stop inviting people for coffee, the line is getting long. Unless you can bend over and put on your socks and your orthopedic shoes in less than one minute you really should stop. By the way, Chris is right you have been hiding behind your position and the Spano’s. Now go back to your setting people up. Bully boy your deeds have caught up to you. Even Rui is on line for coffee and discussion.

  15. Just heard that someone just answered the call to what the Yonkers Tribune has been reporting for years. They confirm facts that the Keith Olson has refused to comment on. Nice job Chris…we support your Facebook version….and you

  16. No trust of anything governmental in this shit town.
    Truly a Frightening place.
    The Mockery of the whole United States is the City of Yonkers, NY.
    A giant craphole

    1. Can’t call anyone associated with Olson or you will get a stack of lies and then the Yonkers fat Mayor will go to dinner with him. Thank god your almost done. Two lame ducks.

    2. Mike Spano you really should stay out of union business, there are Federal Laws about that. Getting more political cash than allowed from one union is a crime. That includes lobbying cash and fundraiser money going to your brothers causes too. Obstruction of Justice is a crime too. That means shutting down internal investigations too.

  17. Bought and Sold on our dimes.
    Round em up.
    A self perpetuating house of mirrors.
    Ad infinitum !
    Is Chicken Island still for sale………

  18. Hezi,
    There is a need for a new red truth.
    Disability frauds abounding.
    Test exams compromised, repeat exam question and answers.
    Drain the Swamp

  19. Leadship starts from the top down. No different than those overfed Spano’s hiring all their friends and families giving them six figure jobs for being assistant to an assistant. Answer this smart one, why does Pataky and others in traffic get to make $260,000 to $300,000 , while people who are targeted by John the Joker, and the famous gray river union rat Keith Spano Olson get a thank you out the door. Hope those people file a class action for disparities in pay and racial bias.

  20. The way Keith Olson is slouching I’d say he has the other 30k from the tough man stuffed down his XXXXXXL boxer briefs. Who is the fool with the grin on his face, never mind that’s the Joker. He looks like an elopee from St. Joe’s psych ward. The other guy all the way to the right is no other than choke chain Moran. The number one earner in the COY slated to make 260,000 dollars under wanna be County Police Commissioner John “Joker” Mueller. I thought the COY was facing a budget crisis? I heard 10 percent cuts across the board for the PD, well unless you’re an Olsonette of course. It’s unbelievable that one idiot can earn 260,000 while the COY is in a financial crisis. Way to go. I see my County taxes rising if they make this joker County PC.

    1. One thing is for certain this poison had to be exposed. Keith Olson and his rogue PBA boys have brought shame to themselves and the entire Yonkers Police Department. How embarrassing and insulting that any department or official would listen or ask these mutts for anything. Other departments needed to know the real “truth” about people who set up civilians and their own because of a sick demented ideology of being in controll. You opened Pandora’s box and got smacked.

      1. Keith is the City still going defend me when I leave?
        B. Moran your best friend and best search warrant guy. You know me Keith, I the rat that comes crawling when you wave a piece of PBA cheese. Hope the Joker gets the County job so we can read all their personnel files. Who knows if one or two go missing? Lol

      2. Latest word is that John the Joker can’t get waiver. Keith Olson came up short with promises of 12 endorsements and tons on PBA cash. Lobbying cash is still in play for Nick Spano.

      1. Timothy Hodges, captain, $245,777.47

        Joseph Mahoney, retired officer, $244,621.86.

        a captain with much more time than joe mahoney aka olsonette made 1100 more than a k9 cop???? any one close to the rat squad gets rewarded that simple and dumbass spano doesnt do anything about it…..

      2. The entire police job suffers from “do as I say, not as I do” syndrome. The hipocracy starts at the top and the powers that be only put restrictions on those who they can. The 10 percent “HAVES” drink up all the kool aid while the other 90 percent “HAVE NOTS” get screwed. Take a look at the top 10 earners, it’s not hard to figure out. Also, before you take a Chiefs position, you have to be in a gig where you can put in as much bullshit overtime as you can because a Chief makes none. Makes no sense but then again this city is ass backwards. Detective Sergeant Brian Moran can be the number one earner making 260,000 and a Chief is on a fixed salary much less. Smh

  21. Would you like to be interviewed Mr. Keith Olson, or any comments about those parking summons or placards, or about unauthorized investigations against other people?
    How about discussing your State Case ?

    1. Keith can we offer you and those other two low life Olsonette’s some missing complaint forms or perhaps some witnesses? Maybe the Joker should have written himself up when he had the beer fest.

  22. Yonkers PBA warrantless search class will no longer be offered by Brian Moran. Unexpectedly Moran will be retiring. Currently the Yonkers PBA is in contact with former union rep. Neil Vera to discuss a consultant position in replacing Moran.
    Please do not apply if you have legally applied for a search warrant.

    1. The single most qualified person to lead the County Police is Chief John Hodges! I will not speculate on other candidates, but I can say without hesitation that Hodges has the respect and faith of the rank and file of the WCPD as well as the law enforcement community in all of Suburban NYC! His reputation is beyond reproach. He has a proven track record of being the most progressive police executive in the county. He has been a loyal subordinate to past commissioners who were the fortunate recipients of his expertise and humility. Hodges has zero personal agenda…period. He is a passionate professional and he has earned the right to lead his department.

      1. Brian, thanks so much for your imput and personal knowledge of John Hodges. It is nice to know that there are still leaders that are stand up police officers. Sadly the City of Yonkers has self centered egotistical maniacs like John Mueller who has a proven track record refusing orders and targeting people he does not like. He brings nothing to the table but Keith Olson and when he is not around Keith will have your fate in his hands which could be dangerous for any department. Hodges is a true leader that has earned his respect. Mueller and Olson never had.

    1. The ENTIRE TUBIOLO family cannot be trusted.

      They are fake, superficial, and very spiteful!

      Any thoughts to the contrary is just plain ignorance.

      I cringe every time I hear this name…….

  23. I hope the joker does go to wcpd let those guys deal with him we have one less rat to deal in ypd moran will be going soon,chiarella the wife stealer will be very lonely….

  24. Don’t know if John the Joker gets it or not. Won’t change anything but make Latimer a one term County Executive. Was the $30,000 for the school, or Lenny or for George’s political war chest if that nut job the Joker becomes County Director?

    1. this 14-b is the classic definition of a looney beer fest goes against an order thanks all to Nick the pig spaNo biggest scumbag in politics thank God Andrea Stewart beat your ass and put you in retirement next is dumb ass mike……

  25. Hezi,
    Thank You for continuing to expose all this crooked, gamer, and felonious coruption.
    If it was and is not for you sir the rest of us would be in the blind.
    My police buddies have told me it is far worse than we know.
    My fire buddies have told me it is far worse than we know.
    The board of education , license to steal.
    The DPW a disaster .
    Hezi, God Bless You and Your Courage Sir !

  26. a town where no one trusts anyone.
    i say’ that’s what you can call good government.
    That’s why it is failing .
    What are these jamooks going to do when no money comes down
    from the state ?
    Thats right , NO MONEY TO SQUANDER !

  27. The Whisperer says;
    Yonkersites hold on to your hats.
    The inside dope is Uncle Sam is going to crush.
    In fact there are have been many moles (investigators) here already.
    To quote the Bard;
    “All’s Well , That Ends Well.”

  28. Keith Olson and the Joker Mueller thought they could go around the department instilling retribution and fear. They miscalculated and forgot they were dealing people that would not be set up and pushed around. Can’t screw your own, even if you are a union rat and even if that nut job the Joker is a bought Police Chief. Latimer is making the wrong move for sure.

    1. If you County guys smell anything don’t worry it is just the smell of rats that came out of Yonkers looking for new cheese. Mike Spano must have a
      eaten too much.

  29. Not surprising that under the Spano administration police officials like Olson were left unchecked and were permitted to set up and target civilians and union personnel not being accountable to anyone BUT the Mayor himself. No difference than Neil Vera fabricating facts in a getting a search warrant to enter onto someone’s premise. Nice bunch of dirty PBA officials.

  30. You can hide behind the Spano’s all you want, but you can’t hide from the legal system. Good men and women will come forward against such dirty cops. The list is long against you KO. Remember the names you shout out? Remember all the the people you and that d**k Mueller set up? They do. Soon there be no one left to lie for you; no one left to search for you; no one left to threaten others for you; no one left to taint a case for you; no one left to give summonses for you; soon all will be made public just for you.

  31. Can’t wait for the Feds to arrive and ask around about what Mueller and that lying rat Olson have been doing. Hope they ask the right people. Searching without warrants and targeting civilians and employees with perjury is serious. Sort of like with you did to Rui.

  32. The plotting trio,Mike Spano, Keith Olson and John ” can you guys please make me Commissioner” Mueller, I am going bald and my plastic surgeon tells me that he can’t keep that permanent smile on me much longer. Keith give Mike Spano more cash please !

  33. Its going to happen Keith Olson sucked so much D!@#K that even Latimer and Jenkins said we will hire him Sorry now that Mike Hagan now has to deal with this looney…………..

  34. I am endorsing Mueller for county PD . Chief Mueller would make a great chief of county PD as he is innovative, smart, and progressive. Just what the county PD needs. He has done a great job as YPD chief and will be missed😉. The county PD will be lucky to have him In command😉. Good luck Chief! Remember to take your cronies with you when you go. Please don’t come back to Yonkers your way too good for the YPD 😉😉. We are going to miss you😉😉. Love the CSLA.

    1. If it happens at all, good fkin riddance to a lying snake that followed around civilians with Keith Olson to make sure they were given summonses. Good riddance to a rat snake nut job who lied on good personnel in the department and to a low life that hits on men’s wives.

  35. Hezi, why can’t you make a point without harsh words about someone’s weight? I’m
    Pretty sure I would rather look like Mike Spano. No one is going after you and the way you look. Lower your voice and increase your argument.

    1. Really, Mike Spano looks like he sleeps in a dumpster. The guys belly is disgusting and he is a mumbling sea turtle look a like. Can’t tell who sets up more people, him or the other fat cat that smells like a garbage bin.

  36. Keith who is going to drive you to Greenburgh? When Moran goes who is going to lie on their reports for you or set up people you do not like?
    Who is going to those warrantless searches?

  37. Heard snoop Moran is leaving. Can’t wait for the dirty cop to leave. Brian can you leave the DD Capt file behind and the DVD you got from the Board of Education when you targeted Montero for campaigning with others. Also call the landlord from V.C.P.A. , he is looking for you or the union rat to get his keys. He said you know.

  38. So sad how Olson’s ball hangers are fed over 40 hours of overtime a week. Match the union trustees and the hangers and you got enough money to hire another 20o cops.

    1. Laura I guess you meant to say he’s laughing and is on meds after being admitted to the Westchester County medical center psych ward. Am I correct? The Mikey firing Chuckie and making Joker PC is what we call delusions.

  39. I know first hand nicky spano is protecting the rat 48g to nicks firm and another 30g to lenny from tuffman fight not to mention the 24g from cls almost 100g a year wtf what are the feds waiting for…..

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