Assemblymember and NYS Senate Democratic Candidate Shelley Mayer Stricken Off Westchester Independence Party Line By Justice Henry Zwack

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Shelley Mayer, Democrat for NYS Senator representing the communities in SD 37.

YONKERS, NY — March 22, 2018 — District 90 Assemblymember And NYS Senate District 37 candidate Shelley Mayer, a Democrat, has lost the designation of the Independence Party line in a ruling decided by State Justice Henry Zwack.

New York State Independence Party emblem.

The ruling was determined after Hon. Zwack recognized that Independence Party process and procedure were not followed, that is, that the Independence Party designated Mayer despite the fact that there was no proper notice of a meeting called for at which a quorum, had it been gathered, could thereafter designate Mayer as their candidate of choice if she would have gained a majority of those in attendance.

The Special Election, called for April 24th became necessary when incumbent NYS Senator George Latimer won over then incumbent Rob Astorino to accede to the office of Westchester County Executive on January 1, 2018.

The case was heard in Albany. Yonkers Tribune has learned that the issue has been appealed.

Julie Killian is the Republican designee for NYS Senate District 37.

Senate District 90 is comprised of the communities of the cities of Yonkers, White Plains, New Rochelle and Rye, and the towns of Eastchester, Harrison, Mamaroneck, Rye, Bedford and North Castle.

eHeziAssemblymember and NYS Senate Democratic Candidate Shelley Mayer Stricken Off Westchester Independence Party Line By Justice Henry Zwack

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  1. Heard Local 628 is paying to play here with Shelly .
    Another in the pocket candidate .
    Civil Service Unions should not be allowed to have Political Influence
    Hezi, local 628 controls several million dollars.
    do a red truth on that.

  2. And why is Shelly voting to raise taxes by billions? She did vote for the Assembly 1 house budget and per her twitter account, she said she was proud of that vote. But we’re being taxed to death here in NY already, who can afford more?

  3. The district has only a small part of Yonkers and no one in the rest of the district wants a Yonkers Politician!!! This special election is nonsense two candidates picked by more political hacks not by the people. When the real election comes whoever wins this race will be out we are sick of these career politicians !!!! We need a real Independent!!!

  4. Hezi is anything these people are saying how she is corrupt true if you would know anything please inform us about both canidents

  5. How come Governor Cuomo is the only one not in jail ?
    His brother Percocco ? Guilty !
    Another direct link to the Governor !

    What does Governor Grandstand have to say ?
    The self professed King of New York.
    Maybe we can rename the state after him like the Tappan Zee Bridge

  7. Shelly . You are already stealing.
    Way to go.
    Your mentor Sheldon Silver is proud of your Democratic Party Habits.
    Oink ! Oink ! Oink !

  8. Shelly Mayer you are the PROBLEM !
    What Balls ! I mean really ?
    Every corrupt politician, union , and grafting dirtball is behind this
    candidate of corruption.
    Tax and Spend !
    Get a real job and stop stealing !

  9. Shelly “Silver” Mayer will have a tough challenge ahead. Yonkers may like the idea of a corrupt Albany politician, but the rest of the senate district does not. Voters will reject Shelly. Once a Shelly always a Shelly.

      1. Where has S. Mayer been over the sexual harassment case against Supt Quezada just another example in a long line of cases where Mayer is an enabler.

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