NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade Will Star Snakes!

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Author Gail Farrelly grew up in The Bronx and now resides in Bronxville, NY. Having a doctorate in accounting from George Washington University, she’s taught in several universities and published numerous articles in business and academic journals. Learning about the murderous politics of academic life turned her mind to crime. The fictional kind, of course!
Her first mystery, “Beaned In Boston,” in which a lecherous professor perishes even though he was well published, was named to the Washington Irving Book Selection List. Her short story, “Even Steven,” was nominated for a Derringer Award. Gail writes spoofs for the Yonkers Tribune Webaper,, and for a British website, Gail shares a website,, with her sister Rita, also a mystery writer.

We’re not talking human snakes. There are sure to be some of them in the parade too, but we’re talking about snakes of the reptile variety. And they will not only be in the parade, but they’ll be honored guests.

You may think this is a wee bit strange. It was, after all, St. Patrick who threw the snakes out of Ireland. But hey, times change. Think of it as a sort of reparation for the snake population.

There’s a story behind the NY invitation. You see, when snakes were told that they would no longer be welcome at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in another city in the U. S., they were hurt and depressed. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth. But then their leader, Simon Snake, Esq., held a rally and surprised the group with this joyful announcement: “Hey, let’s just face the music. We’re not wanted by some folks. Who cares? Their loss. I’ve contacted the mayor of New York City and told him of our plight. He’s invited us to slither up Fifth Avenue in the best St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the world in the greatest city in the world. Dry your tears and get ready to PAR-TY!”

After a rousing round of cheers, Mr. Snake got serious and reminded the group of some of the rules of the NY trip. “Absolutely no drinking of alcohol on the parade route,” he said, adding, “and if you must snack, do NOT eat each other.” He said that they’d all be given miniature green top hats, trimmed with shamrocks, to wear; and he cautioned them against eating the cardboard shamrocks. “Your Let’s Face the Music tour package is pretty much all-inclusive, but it does not include emergency room costs of stomach pumping.”

When leaving the meeting, a delighted little snake told his friend: “I can’t wait for the NY parade. Our down-low position will give us the perfect vantage point for sneaking a peek up the kilts of the bagpipers.”

Briefs, boxers, or nada? Begorrah, we’ll soon have the answer.

eHeziNYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade Will Star Snakes!

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  1. Hezi,

    Thx so much for posting the story. SO nice of you. I’m especially grateful, since I know you’re still recovering.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you’re feeling better.

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