Building Fire at 32 Purser Place in Yonkers, NY

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YONKERS, NY – April 4, 2018 — The Yonkers Fire Department responded to a building fire at 32 Purser Place upon initially fbeing notified at 7:12 PM. The first FD units arrived at 7:16 PM to find fire revealing iitself at the rear of the building on the second and third floors of a three -story wood frame, three family,  residential  construction.

All occupants self-evacuated. The fire was declared under control at 8:09 PM. Approximately 10 people were displaced. 

They were being relocated by Yonkers Office of Emergency Services and The Red Cross.

The fire escalated to 2 alarms bringing 14 fire apparatus and 50 Firefighters to the scene.

There were no injuries.

The cause of the fire is under investigation but does not appear to be suspicious.

The building was turned over to the owner.


SOURCE: Joseph DeLasho, Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention, City of Yonkers Fire Department.

eHeziBuilding Fire at 32 Purser Place in Yonkers, NY

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  1. The “clean up” of this fire scene, was completed in no time, because of The Yonkers Fire Department “Superstar Executive Officer” Chief MR. CLEAN !!

    He is stronger than dirt !

      1. Oh don’t tell my that Fire Officers Union Head – Chief Mr. Clean, who says’ he is stronger than dirt, might be laid off? Oh my !!

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