Carpetbagger, “Yes Man” Bobblehead, Yonkers Fire Commissioner Robert F. Sweeney Awaiting a Waiver to Continue to Double Dip on the Taxpayer’s Dime

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The Red Truth Hezitorial

Red Truth Hezitorial

YONKERS, NY — April 10, 2018 — It was back in July of 2014 when the Yonkers Tribune reported upon learning that one-time Yonkers Fire Commissioner George Kielb, a 30-year veteran of the YFD was appointed by Mayor Mike Spano upon the mayor’s accession to office in January 2012. Yet six months later, Commissioner Kielb resigned. By August 31, 2012, Robert F. Sweeney, a 33-year veteran with the New York Fire Department, who served as NYFD Chief of Operations, overseeing the day-to-day operations of 11,000 Firefighters, took office as Yonkers Fire Department Commissioner. Yonkers Tribune then learned that Commissioner Sweeney, expecting to stay with the YFD had gained a waiver to maintain his $100,000 pension earned with the NYFD and still earn his $200,000 salary with the YFD. Why would there be a need for Mayor Mike Spano to hire Sweeney when there were and to this day still are other qualified personnel in Yonkers that are qualified and available to fill that responsibility? 

Yonkers Fire Department Commissioner Robert F. Sweeney.

It should be noted that a waiver is most often exacted when the expertise sought is not available by another. Would would need to be blind and dumb to not recognize that Commissioner Sweeney is not unique, he is after all a consummate “Yes Man” bobble head who is tethered to the Spano Administration by the very fact that he has gained the ability to maintain his $100,000 pension and additional $200,000 salary from the City of Yonkers. Lest anyone forget, the cost to the taxpayer will upon Sweeney’s retirement from the YFD will embellish his pension that the taxpayer will be saddled to pay.

Then there is the insult of Yonkers Fire Commissioner Sweeney giving the City of Yonkers two-week’s advance notice of his departure so as to pursue what he hoped would be his opportunity to become a future New York City Fire Commissioner. New York City found a more qualified individual to take on the responsibility of the 11,000 plus Fire Fighters who project New York City.

To sweeten the deal for Sweeney, the Queens resident was given a top of line Chevy Suburban Truck that he drive to Yonkers and back. The City of Yonkers pays the insurance on the truck, the gasoline, and the Easy Pass.

The position of Yonkers Fire Commissioner was posted again by Carlos Moran, Commissioner of Human Resources back on February 16, 2018, not in search of a qualified person but to maintain hold over Sweeney, the taxpayer be damned.

The City of Yonkers is seeking a qualified candidate to serve in the position of Fire Commissioner. The incumbent oversees the Fire Department operations and is responsible for a force of approximately 430 firefighters and officers servicing the fourth largest city in New York State, which includes a diverse community of approximately 200,000 citizens.


This is a high level position with responsibility for the command, control, administration, disposition and discipline of the Fire Department.  The incumbent in this position has responsibility for the general direction and supervision of all appropriated funds.  The incumbent plans and coordinates the activity and efficiency of all fire fighting units of the City.  The incumbent also has responsibility for the overall fire prevention and fire fighting activities.  The work is performed in accordance with established policies and objectives permitting considerable exercise of independent judgment.  Does related work as required.


  • Commands, controls, administers, disposes and disciplines the Fire Department;
  • Directs and supervises of all funds appropriated to the Fire Department;
  • Plans and coordinates the activity and efficiency of all fire fighting units of the City;
  • Assists with overall fire prevention and fire fighting activities;
  • Plans, coordinates and directs the overall activities of all fire fighting units;
  • Assumes command at all major fires and extraordinary emergencies;
  • Assigns individuals to perform specialized fire fighting and fire prevention duties;
  • Supervises the investigation and determination of causes of fires;
  • Directs the inspection of buildings for fire hazards to insure compliance with fire prevention ordinances;
  • Maintains discipline and promotes the morale of the Fire Bureau;
  • Directs and inspects the maintenance and repair of all fire fighting equipment;
  • Reviews reports and makes inspections to determine the condition and efficiency of all fire fighting units;
  • Directs the preparation and maintenance of personnel and activities, records and reports;
  • Directs the training of Fire Bureau personnel;
  • Recommends purchase of supplies and the replacement of deficient fire fighting equipment;
  • Attends meetings and conferences and addresses interested groups regarding fire prevention and fire fighting activities.

QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates should have between 10 and 15 years of experience in fire prevention and or at a high administrative level working within a Fire Department. Thorough knowledge of modern firefighting and fire prevention methods and equipment; thorough knowledge of the City’s building code and fire prevention laws and regulations; thorough knowledge of the geography, building conditions and major fire hazards of the City; thorough knowledge of safety precautions used in firefighting; thorough knowledge of current trends regarding the administration of firefighting and fire prevention activities; ability to plan, coordinate and direct fire fighting and fire prevention activities; ability to maintain discipline and promote morale; ability to develop cooperative relations with the public; initiative; resourcefulness; integrity; dependability; good judgment; tact and courtesy.

Either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a related field is also preferred.

Each interested candidate is asked to submit their resume along with a cover letter that specifies how they meet the minimum requirements to:

Carlos Moran

Commissioner of Human Resources

1 Larkin Center, 2rd Floor

Yonkers, NY 10701

Or e-mail to Ted.VonHoene@yonkersn

eHeziCarpetbagger, “Yes Man” Bobblehead, Yonkers Fire Commissioner Robert F. Sweeney Awaiting a Waiver to Continue to Double Dip on the Taxpayer’s Dime

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  1. yea ime ready to give back my 4 percent raise in july for the good of he city.blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh keep smoking that shit mike and your brains gonna turn to mush.

  2. The police will do whatever spano wants. their union leader needs another job for a relative., and he doesn’t want to give back his suv.

  3. John Flynn has more professionalism and knowledge in his left pinky than Mike Spano has in his whole body. And since Spano is so fat that’s a lot of body. All the workers in the City say in unison to Mike Spano F YOU

    1. Just wait. Soon the calls for special union meetings will go out. The plans already in the works. Bend over this is gonna hurt.

  4. None of the unions including the police are giving back there raises or retro payments. We’re all just so freaking tired of Spano blaming the workers for the problems in Yonkers when the biggest problems are the Spanos. Layoff whoever you want to layoff. Crime will go up. Fires will burn. Garbage will pile up. And the kids won’t get educated.

    1. Word is that fat KO and the wine tasting CLS Prez are prepping their campaign to their membership to choke down the giveback of 4 %. Don’t be fooled – it’s in the works u dummies.

  5. Spano was warned that the Dick records every conversation he has with everyone yet he still uses curse words and threats all the time. No wonder why his nick name is Dumbo

  6. Why the censorship? Did Spano demand the incident not be told? Why would the truth be hidden from the public? Our Mayor is unhinged and the people have a right to know just what kind of bully and child he really is. The budget is a disaster but so is Mayor Spano. The truth should be told and exposed.

  7. I was there!! It was crazy but you got it wrong! Flynn cursed at the mayor first! Showed complete disrespect. Some way to fight for your members! What a Richard

    1. A d–k is a d–k
      Of course
      Of course

      And nobody is a bigger d–k
      Than Mr Clean
      Of course

      That is
      Of course
      If the d–k
      Of course
      Is the famous Mr Clean

  8. Heard from a good source that the Mayor lost his cool when a union leader disagreed with him and the Mayor erupted in a vulgar laced tirade. Is this true? Who were the persons involved and what was said?

    1. Nothing to see here folks.
      Move along please.
      Alphas sometimes snap at each other, and hopefully differences eventually get worked out between them.
      No need for anonymous keyboard commandos to stir the pot.

    2. Looks like Fynn, disagreed with the Mayor and told News12 reporter that the mayor put the city council members in a bad position. You would think that the Mayor would have planned ahead and have a plan in place. What was he thinking hiring and promoting people throughout 2017, and just recently in 2018.

  9. New advisory board called Dumb Idiots Can’t Know or DICK for short. They will be charged with informing the Mayor on a daily basis as to the day of the week and remind him to brush his teeth and change his underwear and other important facts necessary to function on a daily basis.

  10. His Royal Highness Mike Spano didn’t like the comments Fire Officer union president John Flynn made in an interview with tv reporter from news12 so after he goes up to Flynn in the hallway and calls him “a dick” and Flynn has it all on tape.

  11. Look, the person who was just appointed in the Clerk’s office replaced an employee who didn’t pass the civil service test associated with the position – it’s not a new position but the person originally hired was probably on the payroll for almost a year before a test was even given, and then there is a six-month period for test grading etc. Again, this is NOT A NEW POSITION and would not violate the no new hire policy. I don’t know if the person ultimately appointed to fill this position is a Khader relative, but the point is that he or she was appointed from a civil service test – passed the test and was in the top three names from which the commission can pick a candidate. Whatever it is, at least they did come from a civil service list, which is a rarity these days in Yonkers. On the other hand, perennial political hiree Tvert, depends on the kindness of politicians. He is getting a higher salary in the City Council office simply to give him something close to the high salary he made in McLaughlin’s office. Now THAT is the disgrace.

      1. Curious, you can foil it but if you can get to the Yonkers Civil Service office the books should be open to any citizen who wants to inquire about a test. They might give you the 3rd degree as to why you want to look at a list for a specific test, but it is your right. It is a public record. They are located in the downtown Yonkers Library building. By the way, I believe the person who held this job and who failed the civil service test was a campaign worker for McLaughlin, as was her husband, and they both got jobs. His in the DPW and not subject to civil service testing.

    1. That is precisely the problem within COY is how many more are like that person who was hired despite the fact of not passing the Yonkers Civil Service exam for that position.

      1. Same in DPW. Tom Meir’s best friend Tom Tucker failed his test twice for Manager of the Garage so they made him a Deputy Commissioner (no test needed!) (in addition to the other two Deputies) with a bigger salary. Go figure

  12. Liam McLaughlin lost his bid for a second term in a mandate for Khader. But even though the People of Yonkers removed Liam from office, his presence still exists on the city council in John Rubbo. McLaughlin is pulling Rubbos strings. Rubbo even hired a McLaughlin Loyalist(not to mention this loyalist doesn’t live in Yonkers and this loyalist gets paid more than his female colleagues). It looks like John Rubbo will be a one and done just like his good friend Liam McLaughlin. Don’t worry little john, Liam McLaughlin will show you where the unemployment office is.

  13. Is it true that John Rubbo is a puppet for Liam McLaughlin? Watch yourself Rubbo 2021 is right around the corner. Let’s see how much Steven Tvert can do for you considering he was apart of the sinking McLaughlin ship. John Rubbo THE NEXT LIAM MCLAUGHLIN- ONE AND DONE

  14. Con con and trump = khader

    What a terrible country we live in so people aren’t smart enough to look at both candidates rather they vote party line because of two issues.

    1. So it had nothing to do with republicans voting for Khader. McLaughlin should have killed Khader in areas like homefield.
      People hated him silently. The same way a lot of people silently supported Khader.

      He won get over it !

    2. Yea Liam raised water and taxes.
      Let’s put him for another 4 years considering he has been on the city dime for 15+ years already.

      This comment is probably a Liam clown- maybe Steven Tvert or a sore loser Republican.

      Liam McLaughlin lost because he couldn’t serve the people properly. He was stale. Con con benefited both candidates considering Liam was endorsed by two major unions. And Khader won by more than 2700 votes and ran ahead of Latimer. So get your head out of your ass and look at the facts.

  15. Khader

    Smith Buss and Jacobs has boe contract as well as represents him. Conflict

    Hiring his own nephew this week working for the council.

    Watching last nights council meeting was disturbing. Khader did not allow a motion to be made by a sitting councilman. He ran the meeting as a dictator.

    This guy is not for the City.

    1. Is this speculation or is Khader really hiring a family member? Could we confirm this.

      Hiring zehys wife was the first slap in the face.

      1. Post
        1. Your entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.
          No one related to Khader works in city hall.

      2. I think the person you refer to as his nephew is a 3rd cousin hired by city clerk dept. Nothing to do with Khader.

        As to his chief of staff she was employed by the mayors office. She is more than qualified for the position. Why wasn’t this a problem when she worked hand and hand with the mayor? Again you people can’t stand that he won and the fact that you all banked that he would lose. Get over it and let him govern.

        1. Hired by the city clerk….

          Nothing to do with Khader. Lmao. Because the city clerk had nobody else to hire but a **** ****** (deleted by editor for false assertion) who coincidently is related to Khader.

          1. Keep Speculating … if Khader was going to hire a family memebr, one would think a sibling , nephew, niece , or at least a first cousin would have preference. I think someone is fishing for a story.

      3. She is smart he will be done soon cant blame her Looks like Khader is going to be around a long time.15,000 votes must be doing something right.

    2. You should have said that is not the way a councilman request for a motion. It was not discussed and none of the members knew about it, Rubbo admits he didn’t follow procedure. Khader explained why he interrupted and allowed him to read motion. His request was not a friendly amendment. He tried to change the motion completely without discussion with the entire council. Khader took charge of his meeting. That’s being a leader not a dictator.

    3. Hey Jeff B…

      Khader was absolutely right. John Rubbo, aka Teeth, submitted an amendment which was totally out of the realm of the resolution before them. Do you even understand Robert’s Rules or do you go by Jeff’s Rules? Rubbo is a grandstander – very disappointed since I had previously held a better opinion of him. You can’t just take amendments from the floor when they cover any number of other issues, which have nothing to do with the resolution. In this case, just a ‘dig’ that Rubbo wanted to make, yet again, against the local Dems holding state office. Looks like the Republicans will still be playing the blame game, in this case as the minority party, but Rubbo and fat Breen will be leading the charge. Breen just wants a pension out of his time on the YCC and is nothing but a follower. Khader is wise to cut them off at the pass when they are out of line and introduce amendments from out of left field. For me, the only one that stands a chance of doing anything independently is Merrante.

  16. Sweeney jokes about how stupid Spano is and how they never take his advice. Then laughs as he watches his direct deposits from the City he loathes. KaChing.

  17. “Sweetheart Deal” Sweeney is not the first, and will not be the last. Look at the past pension deals. Piggy Pagano, Fatsy Fitzpatrick, and the list goes on and on. Their pension deals are public knowledge. They don’t care who sees that information. Their pension deals are protected by law. All of this from years of hanging out in bars, eating calzones at Carlos, and using city vechicles as their personal toys, also using taxpayer dollars to purchase millions of fire truck toys that should be part of a shared service operation with the county, but now just sit in a garage along Nepprahan Avenue, collecting dust, ever since Fatsy retired. Look inside the senior officers of the YFD, and you will see all if them driving City Ownded SUV’s. Why not use their own cars to work?

    1. How Pagano became commissioner is beyond belief, the man truly can’t figure out left from right. Only in Yonkers could a GED diploma get you appointed commissioner.

  18. Where’s the GPS tracking of Seeeney’s luxury GMC Suburban? How many thousands of non committing miles THOUSANDS has Sweeney put in this luxurious vehicle? And gas. And tolls. Etc etc etc

  19. Yonkers residents are paying non-Yonkers resident Sweeney’s $200K salary plus paying for his SUV, insurance, gas, and tolls so that he can grace our city with his presence? And he’s pulling in a $100K NYC pension on top of his $200k Yonkers salary AND will further burden Yonkers taxpayers when he starts drawing his Yonkers pension? Are you kidding me? Time to institute residency requirements for anyone making over $100k on the public’s dime. If we pay you a lot, then you can live in our city and pay our taxes, not leech off the public purse and live and spend your money outside of Yonkers. Time to invest in Yonkers by putting your money where your mouth is. Otherwise, stay in Queens and ask Bill de Blasio for $200k.

    1. But then all of the foiafitas that live up the line, like 80 percent of them plus, would have to move back to the city, including sparky.

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