Mayor Mike Spano Deceitfully Defers to Governor Cuomo’s Demand He Endorse Candidacy of Assemblymember Shelley Mayor Over Julie Killian for NYS Senate District 37

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The Political Hezitorial

Mayor Spano to Focus Energy in Support of Julie Killian Instead


Julie Killian Republican candidate for NYS Senate District 37.


Shelley Mayer, Democrat for NYS Senator representing the communities in SD 37.

YONKERS, NY — April 1, 2018 — It was over six years ago when then New York State Assemblyman Mike Spano contemplated running for Mayor of the City of Yonkers. And one of the most important decisions he made was to change his party affiliation from that of a Republican to that of a Democrat. It was a pragmatic move. Yonkersites voted in the majority to make Mike Spano Mayor of Yonkers, Even so, Mike Spano’s political leanings have changed little. Like many in Yonkers, people most often designated their party affiliation to those of their grandparents and parents who as far back as three or four generations ago referred to themselves as Democrats and registered out of respect to them as such. Even so, these so-called “Democrats” were seemingly more conservative than those residing south of Yonkers, that is in New York City. So even though changing one’s political party affiliation was looked down upon, Yonkersites understood and accepted it, even if/when they were critical of those who did.

Yonkers’ 42nd Mayor Mike Spano with Yonkers City Hall seen in the background.

Governor Andrew Cuomo. Photo By and Courtesy of Pat Arnow.

Mayor Mike Spano submitted to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent request of him to endorse Assemblymember Shelley Mayer for NYS Senator to SD 37. mayor Ike Spano did just that last week. Inside sources advise the Yonkers Tribune that Mayor Mike Spano has however no intention of supporting Shelley Mayer’s candidacy. He will support the candidacy of Republican challenger Julie Killian instead. Mind you there are other insiders, proven to be credible over many years in keeping the Yonkers Tribune informed of the vascillating political dramas and intrigue that swirls about Yonkers City Hall who advise this is not the case. This telling has been delayed for over 10 days in order to ascertain what the “facts” are. This editor has accepted that Mayor Mike Spano’s conduct was meant to accommodate Governor Cuomo by “words” endorsing Shelley Mayer, but not by any future conduct by Mayor Mike Spano.

Mayor Mike Spano continues to raise funds for future political office. Mayor Mike Spano is preparing to challenge the winner of the Killian v. Mayer Special Election contest later this month. The Killian v. Mayer contest is costing a fortune. Whoever is declared the winner of this Special Election is vying to win the majority votes of the electorate so they may serve the balance of the two year term that was held by then Senator George Latimer who upon winning the election over former incumbent Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino acceded to office on January 1, 2018 thereby vacating his responsibilities as senator.

Mayor Mike Spano is preparing to challenge the winner of the Special Election in April 2018 whether it is Julie Killian or Shelley Mayer. Whether Killian or Mayer is declared the next New York State Senator representing SD 37, they will be financially bereft while Mayor Mike Spano will be flush with funds to challenge the next senator representing SD37 in the November 2018 General Election. If it is Killian, Mike Spano will flaunt his Republican stripes and Democrat credentials in challenging Killian. If it is Mayer, Mike Spano will get and gain total support of DPW Commissioner and Yonkers City Democratic Chair Thomas Maier to rescind support of the Yonkers City Democratic Committee from Shelley Mayer and will endorse Mike Spano over her in a primary contest. The primary contest will likely rob Mayer’s capacity to maintain her political viability

Should Mayor Mike Spano succeed in his challenge of the yet to be declared incumbent senator in the 2018 General Election, Mayor Mike Spano will become the next senator representing SD37 on January 1, 2019 and Yonkers Deputy Mayor Steve Levy, a Yonkers Resident and registered Democrat, as opposed to the previously noted Deputy Mayor James Cavanaugh, erroneously noted to be the likely successor to Mayor Mike Spano should Mayor Mike Spano win over the Special Election  of April 2018 incumbent in the November 2018 contest for the full 2019 year, with the option of launching a re-election effort for a four year term. Cavanaugh was a Yonkers resident but has since his divorce taken residence in Tuckahoe thereby making him unqualified to succeed !ayor Mike Spano. Cavanaugh is a Republican and not a Democrat. *This correction was made April 2nd a reader noticing my error. Thank you for the advisement.

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

Should Mayor Mike Spano lose to the eventual winner of the Special Election in April 2018, in the General Election of. November 2018, Mayor Mike Spano will request the Yonkers City Council vote on extending and/or rescinding term limits. The Yonkers Tribune has no doubt a simple majority vote by the Yonkers City Council, that is a majority of 4 out of 7 votes will be cast. The Yonkers Tribune has no doubt if a super majority was desired, that is 5 out of 7 votes, even though it is not required, that too will be easily accomplished.

In conclusion, no matter how one views the eventual outcome of Yonkers City Hall’s game plan, Mike Spano has defined his prospects and designed a formidable Machiavellian plan to get his way.


eHeziMayor Mike Spano Deceitfully Defers to Governor Cuomo’s Demand He Endorse Candidacy of Assemblymember Shelley Mayor Over Julie Killian for NYS Senate District 37

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  1. Hezi,

    You are spot on with spaNO’s next moves. He only cares about his next political job. He would’ve loved to run away from yo, now that his elementary school budget skills are hitting the wall.
    The NYS Dems know he’s a phony, that’s why Shelley got the nod. DPW Commish, a mayor appointed job, Tom Meier is NOT an independent Dem chair. He’s told what to do by spaNO.
    So, the mayor will play the better side to play as events unfold.

  2. Just wait until senator killian is elected. She will show Spano and the dems in yonkers what a real senator does. I just hope she doesn’t wear a scarf and a smile like the other one.

    Dems are feeling the heat….they are using Mikey’s face….if he was so important why didn’t they run him for Senate>.

    They would have saved millions. Just hypocrites.

    Forget trump——-vote for change and vote for keeping our taxes down in Westchester….killian.

  3. Why does this surprise any Yonkers taxpayers.
    The whole Yonkers workforce lives upstate.
    Better yet most city workers now days just have fraudulent addresses to get hired.
    Big Scam !
    Hey Rub-oh you are most definitely a inside hack.
    When you go down with the coming corruption scandals you won’t be able
    to sell beer anymore !
    Felons cant sell alcohol

  4. I never agree with hezi but his story is on the mark this time……just wait and see. The only Spano supporting Mayer is john

  5. The only reason Cuomo is brokering the peace deal between Andrea and Klein is because a celebrity is primarying him. The IDC will be back after the election.

  6. John Rubbo was elected by the people of District 4. John Rubbo was not elected by the people of Yorktown(although his actions suggest otherwise). District 4 in Yonkers is filled with smart and capable people. But why does John Rubbo insist on hiring a political hack from Yorktown aka Steven Tvert? District 4 has brilliant residents but it looks like John Rubbo is more concerned about keeping the political hacks happy than having his worker be a resident from District 4.

  7. Steven Tvert should not make more than his female colleagues. The obstacles that women faced for centuries still exists in city hall. Each councilman receives an aide, so there are 6 aides in total. Out of the 6 aides, 5 are female. The 5 females are paid less than the male, Steven Tvert. That’s a mockery of the country’s values. Mike Breen and Anthony Merante are allowing John Rubbo and Steven Tvert to get away this. Shame on the Democratic council members for allowing this. Steven Tvert, John Rubbo, and City Hall ought to be sued and the Labor Divison of New York ought to launch an investigation.

    1. The Council is sexist, so unsurprising they get paid less. Female legislative aides abused in City Council all the time. Shelley, Andrea, Shanae and Corazon remain silent.

  8. I wonder how many cops Dpw and fireman fat Mikey is gonna threaten to lay off while not touching any of the patronage jobs in city hall? Hmmm. What a fraud.

  9. How many McLaughlin Supporters got hired in city hall?
    Let’s put it this way you can’t count them on one hand. Doesn’t one of his brothers have a very bad past. Can anyone give any intel on this?

  10. They miss Nicky Boy over at 300 Quarropas Street. Maybe this time slime balls like Steve Levy, Vinny SpaNO, and Mike SpaNO can join him. Don’t worry guys Nicky Boy has experience at club fed he will teach you guys the ropes.

  11. Steven Tvert is a Yorktown resident who was hired by John Rubbo after Liam’s catastrophic loss. He doesn’t live in Yonkers yet his salary comes from the hard work of Yonkers taxpayers. Steven Tvert has 5 coworkers that do the same job as him. YET WHY DOES HE MAKE MORE MONEY THAN THEM? Could it be that his 5 coworkers are female and Steven Tvert is a white male? This is 2018 not 1918. It is a shame that the city council allows a male to make more money than his female coworkers.

    Those 5 female coworkers should file a complaint with the NYS Labor Division and teach John Rubbo and Steven Tvert a lesson.

    1. Your absolutely correct but you left out the fact that the 5 females are all phone calls and part of the patronage system the exists in Yonkers.

  12. One can only laugh when one sees a Mike Khader put out a press release saying he supports a hiring freeze. I would support this but I hear that this same Mike Khader will appoint his own nephew this week to a job working for the Council. I also hear that he has a very bad past. Can anyone give any intel on this?

  13. The Sayeghs and Khaders are not related. They just come from the same community. How can you compare doctors to taxi drivers like John Khader? That is probably just John Khader putting comments to make himself feel good.

    1. shame on you for trying to put arabs against each other,you must be a real hater of anything that has to do with good or real jealous SOB

    1. the Khaders are the new Spanos of Yonkers. In 2019 Mike Khader will be Mayor, nader Sayegh will be Superintendent , And all of the Khaders will be in City Hall as Municipal employees. Now that’s the American dream.

  14. It’s time for the Democratic party to Kick this republican Spano out on his ear. It’s a pity that they have no balls. It is funny to hear democrats all around the city lauding Spano as some sort of great democrat when even they know he’s s republican.
    Oh and what ever happened at the ethics board a few weeks back?

  15. Let’s see if the Spanos can pull off this stunt with Steve or Meier, Jr. or Sam (basically anyone who works for them) for Assembly and Virginia for Senate. They may end up out-maneuvering themselves. But the Yonkers electorate is clueless, so they will probably get away with it again.

  16. The Sayegh and Khader families are the dynamic duo. They go back many decades and are both families with successful businessmen.

      1. yes, they are first cousins and grew up together in Jordan , migrated here in the 1960’s to Yonkers. Sayegh, Khader, Jereis are all cousins from the same grandfather. All the Way Up!

  17. This Dem party is sick. Tommy Meier would rather support a coke head, who just became a Democrat, so the Spanos can keep their jobs for friends and family and lobbying influence, than run and support a decent candidate, who cares about the city.

    1. If Steve Levy or anyone connected with the Spanos is even considered by the Democrats for any elected office my money is on the Republican candidate

  18. nader sayegh and johnnylimo are the dream team!! nader sayegh will be the next assemblyman from Yonkers because of the backing of Johnnylimo

  19. Tom Meier, Sr. has to obey the Mayor’s orders and run Republicrat Steve Levy for Shelley’s assembly seat over his own son because the Mayor promised him to be our next mayor. The calculating, conniving manipulation of the Spanos is on every level.

  20. After running Yonkers into the ground he has a real record of failure and won’t be able to run away from it and won’t ever be elected to any office any longer. Total loser.

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