NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s City of Yonkers Finacial Operations Report

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NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli

Seal of the New York State Office of the Comptroller

Read the report posted by the Office of New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli:


eHeziNYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s City of Yonkers Finacial Operations Report

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  1. Khader is smarter than people give him credit for. Council members ought to work in Bipartisan fashion as they all promised. They will all pay the consequence, when it time for re-election. keep the tax payers in mind. Every vote counts on Election Day, Council members take a good look at that budget and trim the fat within. You vote counts when passing the budget . Yonkers residents will hold you accountable come Election Day.

  2. CCP..said it at a debate. Albany will not fully fund Yonkers as long as Spano Liam and Company are in charge.
    Liberal Cuomo isn’t as stupid as Republican Spano thinks he is. Drain the swamp and start the layoffs.

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