Quid Pro Quo Continues Unabated in Yonkers in Favor of Westchester County Legislator Christopher Johnson Despite Yonkers’ Lack of Financial Wherewithal

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YONKERS, NY — April 5, 2018 — Yonkers political landscape is strewn with the carcasses of those first marginalized, ostracized, undermined, and when all else fails, politically assassinated. The schism between Councilman Chris Johnson representing District 1 and Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano had evolved into being distant and dismissive of each other within the early months of Mayor Mike Spano’s election to office some 6-plus years ago. Some readers will likely cling to one political protagonist or the other. Considering the nuanced and cautionary behavior by each, it was interesting to learn that the political aspirations of each has coalesced toward one another. Their aspirations melded into a road not known to have been traversed in Yonkers before the August 2, 2017 Hezitorial telling.

Christopher A. Johnson is Westchester County as Legislator representing the neighborhoods of District 16. He was Yonkers City Councilman representing District 1.

Councilman Johnson was so reviled by Mayor Spano that it seems unthinkable that they would come to see eye to eye. They would come to find common ground. Mayor Mike Spano suggested to The Councilman Johnson that with Mayor Mike Spano’s support, Mr. Johnson would be able to win the election to succeed Ken Jenkins. Christopher Johnson would win the election against all other challengers to accede to Westchester County Legislator representing District 16. Smitten by the then Spano “machine” were Nicole Benjamin, Symra Brandon, and Carmen Gomez Goldberg.

Yonkers’ 42nd Mayor Mike Spano with Yonkers City Hall seen in the background.

Desirous to rise above his constrained ability to create a name for himself as a City Councilman Johnson has focused on winning a seat as a Westchester County Legislator. With four people in the race, Johnson knew he would need help. And he got it with the blessings of Mayor Mike Spano. but there was more.

Yonkers City Councilmember Shanae V. Williams represents Council District 1.

Mayor Mike Spano wanted to get rid of Johnson. Nick, Johnny and Lenny Spano were in agreement. They would help Johnson in his effort to become a County Legislator. Petitions were signed toward that end. Sources with knowledge of the circumstances advised the Yonkers Tribune that people whose names were ascribed were not the people who signed those petitions. The false signatures can be challenged by comparing the said signatures with the buff cards maintained by the Westchester County Board of Elections. Affirming that all the signatures are valid would be a huge financial undertaking and was therefore not undertaken.

Johnson got enough of a boost from Spano’s support to win. Fundraising efforts called by the Spano’s on behalf of Johnson have not been exuberant.

Yonkers Tribune learned that Mayor Mike Spano’s Scheduler, Shanae Williams had been designated to fill Johnson’s open seat upon him getting elected to Westchester County Legislator. 

Yonkers Tribune has now been advised that County Board Legislator Johnson has gained employment as a student counselor with the Yonkers Public School District. While the City of Yonkers is suffering a lack of financial capacity with teachers, Police, Fire Fighters, DPW workers, among others, are being threatened to lose their employment, while taxpayers will suffer greater financial burden, Westchester County Legislator is the latest to be hired. Quid Pro Quo is the very essence and definition of the “deal” that is not meant to be divulged! 


eHeziQuid Pro Quo Continues Unabated in Yonkers in Favor of Westchester County Legislator Christopher Johnson Despite Yonkers’ Lack of Financial Wherewithal

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  1. جون خضر كلب.

    The translation from Arabic to English is … “John Khader Dog.”

    Unnecessary and debauched use of the Arabic language. Is that the best you can do? This editor is most disappointed.

    1. Comical, so he supposedly defeats Nicky boy in 06. Nick only lost because of Jonnylimo.

      But then he allows the Spano’s to take over city hall for 8 years.

    2. So are you for Spano or against Spano? Your comments are so nebulous in nature. First you brag about beating the Spanos and then you claim you are best friends. John seems like a nice guy. What’s he doing to rectify the problematic school system? Why does our school district have people who are not qualified teaching our children? Why is it longtime Yonkers taxpayers can’t get jobs in the school system? Hearing a lot of people from upper Manhattan getting teacher aide positions. Is this true? Predominantly Washington Heights area? Must be a lot of gossip I suppose.

    1. People who are qualified, have experience, and need a job at BOE can’t get a job in Yonkers BOE, but Legislator Johnson can get a plum job because of backdoor deals with the Spanos. And the city claims they have a hiring freeze. We should not be so numb that it is business as usual.

  2. Hezi, The hours of Johnson’s new job at BOE prohibits him from attending any BOL committee meetings. His attendance record at committee meetings is zero. Johnson and Spano made the ultimate deal by assigning him a job at Palisade Prep HS. The Ukranian Center on Palisade Avenue, down the street from Palisade Prep, has the highest voter turnout for his district. It is a very concentrated voter polling site. A strategi job placement to ensure Johnson’s continued easy re-election, by having a daily community visibility near that polling site. That very same Ukrainian Center is one of the sites where no votes were registered for his opponent Symra Brandon on any of the voting machines, who asked the voting machines be impounded on election night. And by the way, the Spano family owns the contract on transportation of the voting machines.

    1. What don’t the Spanos own in all honesty if you want to get something done you just talk to nick spano and it will get done

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