Yonkers City Council Votes 6-0 to Approve Mayor Mike Spano’s Request of Them Approving A Comprehensive Review By the New York State Financial Restructuring Board

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The Hezitorial Over Yonkers FY2018-2019 Fiscal Debacle

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — April 18, 2018 — The Yonkers City Council was requested to engage in a special meeting tonight to discuss and take action on a resolution requesting a comprehensive review by the New York State Financial Restructuring Board (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”) for Local Governments. Advocating for the Yonkers City Council accepting the review and subsequent infusion of as much as $5 million by the “Board” for the benefit of the City of Yonkers (CoY) in the form of a grant, rather than as a loan, revealed the seriousness of the fiscal crisis that impacts CoY. The threat of increased taxes, fees, layoffs, among other fiscal constraints that will be endured on the back of the taxpayer, incorporated the prospect of the $5 million in Mayor Mike Spano’s Proposed FY2018-2019 Budget even before the Yonkers City Council had been given an opportunity to vote on whether they would in the majority agree to engage the “Board” review.

Yonkers Finance Commissioner John Liszewski, Yonkers Corporation Counsel Michael V. Curti, Esq., were in the hot seat. The Yonkers Deputy Finance Commissioner was also in attendance but no questions were directed to her.

It became obvious from the onset that Commissioner Liszewski’s language tended to couch his language with nebulous terms that did not define the protocol that CoY’s application to the “Board” would undergo. When Yonkers City Council President Khader asked what role the Yonkers City Council would play in the process, Liszewski advised he was uncertain but would do his best to keep the Council appraised of the paperwork filed by him at the request of the Office of Mayor Mike Spano.

Interestingly Liszewski took offense to Khader’s suggestion that it was Liszewski who constructed and defined the fiscal allocations in the proposed budget he oversaw presently and those that “got us here”! Liszewski made it sound as if he was the low man on the totem pole, advising that he was not the Executive Officer in Yonkers, that is, he is not Mayor Mike Spano, and besides that, he suggested and admonished the City Council for approving the budgets presented to them in the past if there were issues prior to their approval of all those proposed budgets.

At issue is where was Nick DeSantis, of the Auditing / CPA firm PKF O’Conner Davies who have for many years been tasked to oversee and scrutinize the proposed budgets for the City of Yonkers and the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE).

Liszewski also took offense that for year after year he, among other elected officials lobbied on behalf of CoY and the YBoE for more funding, especially in light of the increased taxes paid to Albany from increased revenues received by Yonkers only to suffer not gaining any increase in Aid to Municipalities, known as (AIM). What Liszewski’s personal frustration has to do with a review by the New York State Financial Restructuring Board escapes my comprehension other than to recognize that Liszewski is a failed “drama queen!”

Mayor Mike Spano’s lobbying efforts on behalf of CoY and the YBoE, as well as those by Yonkers Public School Superintendent Edwin Quezada, Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, and Assemblymember Shelley Mayer, have each had their moments to make a difference but have each failed miserably on behalf of the constituents they have sworn to serve, instead they continue to serve themselves and everyone but they are failed and inept. Dare it even be noted that they are unackowledged by their peers, and not trusted among colleagues in the bicameral New York State Legislature. 

The fact that New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli is suffering heat from not being more stern with CoY’s leadership is ludicrous. DiNapoli can do little more than advise. Rather than listening to the various suggestions the Office of the NYS Comptroller afforded CoY, Yonkers City Hall was been instead dismissive of the time permitted them correction and remedy of past failings. Instead, CoY was arrogantly dismissive of his magnanimity.

While Liszewski can engage in deflective banter and commensurate drama with the Yonkers City Councilmembership, he cannot dupe Yonkersites into believing has has been forthright in his conduct vis-a-vis the taxpayers, nor can Mayor Mike Spano, nor can Nick DeSantis, nor so many others that had a hand in hiding accounts from Yonkers taxpayers, it’s Council that was flush with money for uses not always authorized, and even hidden, but now uncovered by the Office of Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. 

The takeaway is quite obvious, those named herein, specifically Mayor Mike Spano, and those that speak in his name, Finance Commissioner John Liszewski, Corporation Counsel Michael Curti, Esq., Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Edwin Quezada, Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, and Assemblymember Shelley Mayer best be brought before a jury of their peers and locked up for not performing their fiduciary responsibility as required of them by law in serving the constituents they have each sworn to serve.

P.S. Yonkers Finance Commissioner John Liszewski is out of compliance in delivering the quarterly report that was due by the last day of March 2018. Majority Leader Michael Sabatino is the Budget Chair; he has also permitted Liszewski lack of compliance to the Yonkers City Charter. Each is out of compliance with the Yonkers City Charter and must be dismissed for failing to serve the public interest. The Yonkers taxpayer can no longer tolerate the very abuses allowed to fester and multiple by their very silence.


eHeziYonkers City Council Votes 6-0 to Approve Mayor Mike Spano’s Request of Them Approving A Comprehensive Review By the New York State Financial Restructuring Board

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  1. The plan is in operation..Shelley is now elected,Mikeys gonna beg for $$$ …our State Senators come through…everyone looks great…no lay offs…unions are happy…taxes stay low…Mike’s the greatest. …big friggin game….till next year..and its doomsday all over again.

  2. Hezi,
    Two more walked into DPW yesterday! Disgusted with the Spanos! Yonkers is controlled by the MOB and where the hell is the FEDS? What do you need MR. FBI? Put it out there because so many of us and are ready and willing to tell all that we know! BTW there are more hires than the Four so far to DPW ! More to come

    1. Please send me their names so that I may confirm the assertion herein. I will only give out their initials. Your information will not be divulged. You can text me in c9nfidence using Signal… 347-415-4326 or direct email to eHezi@hush.con . Thanks in advance. Kindly, Hezi

  3. Fitzpatrick is Chief of Personal and is ultimately responsible for the distribution of overtime. Wow. 2 of the 10 biggest overtime earners are who? The Fitzpatrick brothers. And soon the 3rd Fitzpatrick himself will want his golden egg too. Time to go hunting for geese and stop this abuse once and for all. Do just like NYC FD and don’t give overtime to Chiefs or Captains. Same with NYPD.

    1. Yep, Former YFD Chief William “Fatzy” Fitzpatrick, former head toy collector for the City of Yonkers, and is presently living ‘High on the Hog” off of the taxpayers of our city. His family is set up for the same, as is his finest protege, Fire Chief Mr. Clean, head of the Fire Officers Union. And no one outside of their secret inner circle, is allowed to know what goes on. Like some secret society. This goes well beyond Mayor Spano, and we’ll before he even took office. It goes back decades and it has been us fools, as taxpayers of our city, who were led astraid. Shame on us for being douped. Maybe the State or the Feds might step in a try to stop this madness. But to do so, would result in countless years of lawsuits and counter lawsuits. And meanwhile, Fatzy Fitzpatrick and his band of reknown will continue to laugh all the way to the bank.

      1. What’s the matter Princess? Billy wouldn’t let you play with his toys? He was looking out for you. He didn’t want you to hurt yourself trying to use big boy tools. Now go get your shinebox.

  4. This Finance Commissioner should be fired. I hear he was DPW Commissioner and now Finance! What a joke!
    Someone should hold a sign in front of City Hall that says “Fire Lizewski”

    1. Hahahahahahahahaha, Liszewski was in charge of sewers and trash and now he’s head of the city’s finances. Hahahahahahaha, Yonkers is the biggest joke in the lower 48.

      1. LMFAO,

        I agree with you, Liszewski is a joke, but actually his lengthy history as a Yonkers employee started in the Budget office, along with Nick DeSantis, during the 1980’s. Actually the joke was his having been appointed DPW Commissioner given his previous assignments. But then, the current DPW Commissioner hasn’t got a clue, either. Thus, the three Deputy DPW Commissioners. And yes, there are technically three, even though only two have the title. The third one failed some kind of Civil Service test and they, of course, then proceeded to give him another job.

        1. Here you go in your own words! ” I agree with you, Liszewski is a joke, but actually his lengthy history as a Yonkers employee started in the Budget office, along with Nick DeSantis, during the 1980’s”. That is what is wrong with Politics today! We keep recycling the same people. Same dirty politics! The difference is this new administration has made many enemies and both the little people and the unions have bonded over the best campaign in Yonkers “SpaNO”! Time for change! Time for regular people to run for office.

          1. OMG ‘Mouth’ you just don’t get it, do you. In speaking about Liszewski’s history, I was merely correcting misconceptions about his background, as posted by many on this site, that he had no background in finance. I worked for the city since the late 1960s and know many of the players, some of whom never go away. I tried to point out Liszewski’s and DeSantis’s history in the Yonkers Budget Office of the mid 1980s, history of BOTH their financial backgrounds, which made their repeated failings (i.e. perennially failing grades by the NYS Comptroller) all the more egregious. Apparently you need things to be spelled out for you as you cannot read between lines. Don’t preach to me about political hacks. I worked with every one of them.

  5. The commissioner of Finance and Deputy Commissioner at COY both have no finance experience. The Commissioner makes $180,000 and the Deputy makes $150,000. Two incompetent individuals are managing the City’s finances! What a disgrace!

    The NYS Office of the State Comptroller recent report dated April 13, 2018 highlights the seriousness of the financial condition of COY. https://www.osc.state.ny.us/localgov/audits/cities/2018/yonkers2017M119.htm

    Moody’s is currently reviewing the City’s credit rating for a potential downgrade.

    While over 185 positions are going to be cut by the Mayor’s executive budget, salary increases were given to friends and family. READ BETWEEN THE LINES!!!

    Anyone with a story, please post to uncover the Spano’s dirt.

    A first good step is fire the commissioner and deputy commissioner of finance!!!

      1. Moron Khader doesn’t hire ! Your Buddy Spano hired everyone he owed favors to before the hiring freeze.
        Try to follow along.

  6. Khader needs to get it through that thick skull of his that HE ISNT THE MAYOR. The guy thinks he should have control over everything. Last time I checked Mayor Spano is STILL mayor and people(moron khader) have a difficult coming to that realization.

    1. Not for Long … you seem to forget that khader’s victory changed the spano playbook. Let that it sink in for minute. Did you get it through your pea brain head yet ? The Mayor is done !!!!! He’s cooked , fried, and baked DONE.
      You can now get your nose out of his ass from now. Khader for Mayor !

    2. You need to get it thru your thick skull that khader beat liam real bad…im surprised that olson didnt have his boys charge khader with an assault.
      When you come to the realization that khader beat spano liam robertson spencer borreli and all the pundits that predicted otherwise…you will sleep better.

      1. well his big brother was pulling out all the stops if john didn’t run his campaign be a different outcome,and dont try to spin it any way else we all know mpac was financing his campaign,and i personally saw him at the BOE when the results were challenged for days lil mikey is not as smart as he thinks.

        1. I would say he helped but was not the reason he won. If your brother was running you would have help too. Khader had a lawyer, his sister and brother at the BOE. Just like every other elected official had someone present. His sister & lawyer sat at the table and watched and did all the objecting. John is smart and knows his stuff, however I wouldn’t say it was him that won the election. It was a team effort by family and unions.
          Mpac helped but didn’t finance campaign. Please stop with the ridiculous comments.

          1. sorry never saw zeh anywhere do anything, I did see john and his family day and night working hard doing what they had to do. Im sure zeh advised them and helped wherever he could. he is a first cousin to them. Mike had redhorse and Joe Montalto who steered his campaign; not zeh. so dont flatter yourself. give credit where it is due.

          2. So little mike rewarded zehys wife with the top spot out the kindness of his heart being that YOU never saw zehy go anywhere or do anything!!

          3. Who else is more deserving than Mrs. Jereis; that is trustworthy. She knows the ins and outs of City Hall. She is familiar with the City Council and all department heads. she has worked for the mayor for years. She is exceptional at what she does. No one else can navigate and work as hard as she does. It was a no brainer.

            If he hired a family member that he could trust but were not qualified he would be criticized. If he hired non-family and not qualified he would be a fool. I learned that no matter what he does he will be scrutinized. Criticize someone’s views would even crucify him.

            He took an existing city of Yonkers employee that he can trust and knows city government and now you sssume it’s a payback.

          4. Overqualified? Khader said it is a NON story in his interview! BULLSH$T! Jereis got out of jail and two of his nephews got hired then Khader comes along and hires his wife. Now his cousin gets a job with the City Clerk because the woman that had the job failed the test. Please every time an employee fails a test they get another chance or job or they “make up” a test they can pass. That woman pissed off someone. Back to Jereis the guy is a felon and all those he covered for are paying him his favors back! Hey, We got Nicky Spano a felon and Yonkers is paying his firm. Attention all politicians: Hire a felon’s family member(s) it is not only a story it is the SAME story.

            Khader, that was strike one and even though you called out everyone in the meeting you sent the Mayor lunch. Make up your mind the voters are watching and all those in City Hall are watching and talking.

            Voters will let it be known at the polls. Liam got paid back for the six years of tax raises and his cockiness. It should be a lesson for all!

  7. Silly Old Yonkers

    Season 23

    Episode 1


    This is the same script annually. The only thing that changes are the characters (and I mean characters) and the numbers which seem like they are pulled out of their arses. Carefully forgetting the $55 million from 3 years ago.

    Scene 1

    Have a state of the City address. Everything is great. We have a building boom, 1 $Billion in development. Everything is rosy, no worries be happy.

    Scene 2

    Have the budget hearings after you announce the usual budget holes (which may or may not be real).

    Scene 3

    Control board appointed.

    Scene 4

    Mayor announces there will be layoffs and hiring freeze, but does not mention overtime which is a pandora’s box of giveaways and goodies to the Unions. He never suggests that developers and the 1% ers should pay their fair share of taxes.

    Scene 5

    The Mayor and his minions declare there will be 200 plus school layoffs (using emotional blackmail to squeeze more money from the state) and announcing property tax increases and other stealth taxes which avoid the state tax cap. (In season 14 this was also used by Amicone as a way to blame the STATE and not take responsibility)
    No mention of cuts or caps in City Haul or Police, Fire, DPW where there are huge and unsustainable salaries. Memo to director (create a distraction here TBD)
    Lets not forget we spend over $26, 000 per kid per year WTF. That is over $338,000 over the course of 13 years from K to 12.

    Scene 6

    It’s election time so we go to Albany to beg, cap in hand. All the time blaming the state, straight out of the Spencer playbook.

    Scene 7

    Albany throw a bone in our direction. All parties declare they are winners working for the people, but the deficit gets further and further out of control.

    Scene 8

    Just like Westworld return to Scene 1 and repeat for the rest of the season. We’ll rehash the same plot lines and scenes next year only the dates, times and the dollar amounts will differ.

  8. 2 ?
    3 ?
    4 ?
    Surprised it’s not more.

    These Spanos are real garbage. Dozens of jobs at big money for friends and family yet they have the nerve to say we cannot afford police fire and DPW. It’s time to get rid of the Spanos and get Yonkers moving on the right track again.

    1. Start firing those who are only marking time in their government jobs, collecting a paycheck without putting the citizen first. That includes those who manage the money and don’t recognize the waste.

    2. This is like playing a game of chess. One player is dirtier and corrupt than the Next and looking to “f” the other. Only the tax paying citizen and their families are being affected monetarily. My money is on Khader. As far as the comment about him being inarticulate, newsflash, most attorneys can’t even formulate a grammatical and correct sentence. Court reporters and paralegals do their work for the most part. If this corruption is so widespread and a known fact, why isn’t the federal government involved and pursuing an investigation?

  9. So, we have a city council president with a Napoleon complex and a burning desire to save Yonkers from all of its ills. And Yonkers residents, having had enough of the corrupt Spano machine, bought Khader’s hope and change mantra – hook, line and sinker.

    The problem? Khader’s not mayor and therefore has limited powers to change anything let alone curtail runaway union salaries and pensions. Another problem? The little guy wants to be mayor desperately (because his poor heart just bleeds and bleeds for all of the decent, hardworking good folk of Yonkers), which means that he won’t say “boo” to the unions since he will need their votes come election time.

    The little guy won’t say anything to Breen, Sabatino, and Pineda-Isaac either, all of whom contributed to our current mess, because they’re fellow council members, so he goes after low hanging fruit like Liszewski, making a show of things. It’s his way of saying, “look at me, Yonkers – I’m fighting for you,” but of course it’s all just a big circus for the cameras. And who cares about a hiring freeze (sounds good but it’s a completely meaningless gesture) when you’ve got this kind of wage and pension theft by Yonkers civil servants and those inbred Spanos? Khader isn’t doing anything because he can’t, and even if he could he wouldn’t because he has his sights set on the Mayor’s job. As a result, he’s going to make damn sure that he won’t step on any union toes. The losers? Yonkers taxpayers.

    As I’ve watched Khader, I’ve often wondered to myself how he’s managed to survive as a lawyer in a courtroom. He’s one of the most inarticulate lawyers that I’ve heard (and I’ve heard too many in my time), constantly repeating “you know, you know” usually in a long series of non sequiturs. He also can’t speak in grammatically correct sentences. Listen to him. I cringed listening to the guy ask “is there any more questions?” during the most recent city council meeting.

    Yonkers is on fire but the people tasked with extinguishing the blaze are only making it worse. And Yonkers residents do nothing but watch them as they burn the city to the ground with their self-serving greed and lies.

    1. Hey “Burn baby, burn” – you’re an enormous hypocrite. How come your boy Liam’s name isn’t included in the cast of characters you name in your post? He was the budget chair, for God’s sake, and knew full well what was going on year in, year out. He was also a city councilmember when Spencer et al allowed the last year OT pension total fiasco, for which we are still paying through the nose. You are absolutely right, however, in that Khader is not the mayor and has limited powers. But the city council IS a checks and balance against the executive branch of government and, as such, has enormous inherent ability to effect change. You are calling out the Dems on the council, primarily, but also neglect to note the jobs Larkin got, through the mayor, for two kids and a son-in-law. Liam’s brother also got a job along the way. So, yes, with that group, the chances of a checks and balance were nil. Hypocrites like you – you damn people if they don’t say anything against the mayor and damn them when they do, claiming they have no power to do anything. Check out the campaign finance papers on the former City Council President. The devil’s in the details. And, OMG please, stop with the bitchy complaints about Khader’s grammar and syntax. I also don’t care about his prowess as an attorney. If he is able to say MAKE BUDGET CUTS NOW it’s good enough for me, you schmuck.

      1. I love this character “Feeder at the Trough.” If he isn’t insulting anyone with a different opinion as a moron or a schmuck or an idiot, then he’s contradicting himself left and right.

        He writes: ” And, OMG please, stop with the bitchy complaints about Khader’s grammar and syntax.”

        But Feeder had this to say about Curti: “AND LOL…Curti? Did his homework? Every other word of his narrative was ‘UM’ – not a sign of someone comfortable or confident in his declarations.”

        Which is it? You don’t mind if little Mikey Napoleon sounds like he has marbles in his mouth when he talks but you seem lose your shit with Curti’s, um, pauses. Hahaha, I guess, you know, Mikey Khader isn’t comfortable or confident, you know, you know, in his, you know, declarations. CIA my a$$.

        1. Excuse me, “Hooked” but my comments about Curti and his ‘ums’ were directed toward his discomfort and inability to weasel out of a sticky situation, not for any grammatical errors. You see, there’s a difference, at least right now, in that Curti is a political hack. Told what to say and do, serving at the pleasure of just one person. Again, at least for now, Khader is an unknown, serving at the pleasure of the electorate. Sorry for my insults but I do have zero patience for hypocrites. Do you not find it strange that many on this site are crucifying Khader after only 4 months in office – never even vetting and voting upon even ONE BUDGET? And many of the failed public officials now out of office are getting a pass? Look at the campaign contributions, as I said, for Liam and Larkin. See the contributions from our useless auditor and Harris Beach, the bond counsel. Did you even read the comptroller audit? Bonding and debt service for more than we need? see Harris Beach, duh! I have never insulted anyone simply for a differing viewpoint – only when I bring up a valid point and it is totally ignored.

    2. You seem to have figured it all out.
      Why not wait till June 1 and see what he and the council do. He did call out the councils members, you are either deaf or stupid. Sabatino , Johnson and Corazon had no voice. Breen did what Mclaughlin told him to do.

      Khader is not the Mayor but he does have a say so on the budget.

      Ok so he doesnt always speak well, But his message is on point. He’s speaks 100 times better than the mayor and so many others. It’s okay because if he spoke perfect you would find something else to say.

      Key board junkies like yourself should use all your bright ideas and Criticisms and discuss them with the entire council. Just like the lunatic Harrod who doesn’t have the balls to confront them.

      Don’t be afraid your gonna love Khader.

      1. You can always tell a post by Johnny Greaseball. It always ends with “your [sic] gonna love Khader.” What’s that waist size up to now? I’d love to see Spano and Johnny Limo go gut-to-gut. Too much feeding at the public trough for these two, time to trim the FAT.

        Yonkers is like a Bermuda triangle when it comes to State money – all that money vanishes right after it sails into Junkers. Looking forward to a year from now when Junkers is in even worse fiscal shape. Begging for 5 million WHILE blaming the state for not giving you enough money AND adding that money to the budget when you haven’t even gotten it yet? What genius figured out that play? Should go down REAL well up in Albany. With six dim bulbs for council members, His Holiness Saint Michael of the city council, and a GED boy wonder mayor, what could possibly go wrong?

        Don’t be afraid your gonna love cuts and job losses.

    3. Your such an ill informed idiot spewing propaganda cringing at someone’s grammar.
      He’s trying to do something positive.
      Hes in office 4 months and you have already passed judgement.
      Be a man and call his office .

  10. So the calculator guy who ran on being a CPA leaves the budget meeting without voting… if that doesn’t summarize yonkers, not sure what does.
    Who cares about $5 million? According to those salaries that’s only about 18 top people (for one year!). As someone said, you can be pro-union and still believe that these salaries are unsustainable. At some point, there has to be revenue to offset the hundreds of people making 6 figures and above, and then raises. What’s ironic is that many of these workers are conservative, believe in small govt, and get mad when their taxes are raised.

  11. Can anyone really say who is to blame for all of this? Is it “Fire Chief Mr. Clean”, head of the Fire Officers Union, (whose last name starts with an F and ends with N), who doesn’t want anyone outside of his Mr. Clean inner circle [who by the way, he believes are all “Stronger Than Dirt” and has advised them all to ‘Plead The Fifth’ when the Journal News comes knocking at their doors, asking them about their $300K last year salaries], to know anything about what goes on within his so called ‘Clean Department’? Is it Khader, the Perry Mason of the City of Yonkers, who might be more suited to be a cast member on CSI, than to be on the City Council. Or is it Mayor Spano, who as a child growing up, must have loved playing “Dodge Ball” as it appears as if he is continuing to play the same game as the Mayor.

    So again, who is on 1st, What is on 2nd, and maybe we all really don’t know (or will never be told”), thus it is “We All Don’t Know Who Is On 3rd?

  12. Mike Khader does not represent Yonkers residents. He represents the special interests,specifically the Unions and the state delegation. The state delegation failed Yonkers yet again because Khader’s buddy Shelley Mayer is running for the state senate, he boasts how great the state delegation is doing in a press release. He said he would go to Albany and fight for us but instead of putting the heat on the state delegation, he is mum in order to help Shelley Mayer win. Mayer failed Yonkers yet Khader is mum. What Khader does in the council meetings are for his friends in labor including The Firefighters.

    Khader can’t be mayor. Unions and Shelley Mayer will run this city if it happens.

  13. Millions in waste and nepotism. Clean house. Start with Tommy Fitz is FD and eliminate all overtime for Chiefs. That would be a start that could be done in all other Departments too

    1. COY executive staff are a bunch of self-righteous, moralistic, holier-than-thou, sanctimonious, prudish, puritanical, prim, strait-laced, stuffy, prissy, governessy, and narrow-minded.

      1. The man to stay away from. He’s going down and so is anyone that conspires with him. He’s going back to the line to do his time or so he thinks. Maybe doing some other kind of time with the eyes watching him. Shouldn’t have been a sell out Tommy. Now you’ll see what it’s like to get sold out.

        1. OK moron whos this ? a disgruntled soon to be ex employee? a loser who everyone hates? a schemer and coniver? no problem you will wither away like you should never gave a shit about the job….and the job doesnt care about you? BYE pal

        2. Church Mouse Tom sat back silently while the City messed with retirees’ disability pensions, guys’ medical treatment, and 9/11 illnesses. Let’s see how Tommy squeals when he doesn’t get his. Little bitch.

          1. Maybe you should do some more research……you dont have a clue all stuff out of his control you malingerer

          2. If the guy making the comments about Tommy Fitz is Chief T.C., YOU SHOULD JUST GO AWAY…6 years on paid injury leave for a sprained ankle? You should be ashamed of yourself…You were and will always be an arrogant scumbag.. P.S. Don’t come to any functions…NOBODY wants to see you…

  14. Why so much hate? Let’s try this. Say something nice about someone you hate. So if u “hate” Spano or hate “khader” just try to find a positive. Ready? Go!

  15. There are a multitude of problems that contributes to the city deficit, most of which were already mentioned. Don’t blame the current contracts which reportedly have a 4% raise. These contracts are multi-tiered and included minimal raises in their early years, and back retro paid out over several years. Overtime is definitely out of control. Stop hiring overtime unless absolutely necessary. As far as police and fire, how many are out on long term disability and need to be replaced on overtime? How many are stashed away doing clerical duties, not the job they were hired for? Take away ALL city cars / trucks for take home use, if you need to report back to work drive your own car, they do have technology called cell phones if you need to be reached in a emergency before you get in. Does the city actually get paid from Con Ed when cops direct traffic? Install GPS on all city vehicles to assist in tracking. Eliminate the friends and family club. The mayor cries poverty yet does nothing to solve the problem.

    1. I love PBA President Keith Olson’s idea. He recently said we need overtime because we do not have enough police officers. GREAT IDEA hire 50 more police officers and eliminate ALL overtime.
      sounds good to me!

  16. Mike Khader promised transparency. I think the election contribution filings of every council member including Mike Khader should be published on the City Website. Let’s see how much money Unions including the Firefighters gave him? Mike Khader should get his head out of his ass. Don’t throw bricks at a glass house lil Mike.

    1. Ok so I’ll throw bricks at you . Campaign filings are already on line; the city could post them but then they will all be faulted. Transparency look it up! Khader is the only one fighting for transparency. Its on line for all public officials. I believe it goes back pretty far. Unions have always contributed to candidates they support and feel will best serve the working men and woman. I do believe that there should be a max dollar amount for how much they can raise and it should not be 100,000 dollars. Waste of money on smear campaigns, mailers, and commercials from Republicans who are afraid of losing. Put that money to good use. Just look how much Astorino, Killian, and McLaughlin spent.

      Would campaign funds be an issue for you if it was any other candidate? Or just Khader? Because McLaughlin,Spano, Council members, and many others received money from unions. Why is it a problem that YFD contributed to Khader?

      Seems like your bent at making YFD look bad. Clearly you were never supported. He won lIke it or not; deal with it. Sit down, shut up p, and suck it up for the next 4 years. Let him govern. If he fails the voters and unions, they will show him the door.

    1. The city Of Yonkers Department of buildings is very corrupt.
      Matthew Foley, Lawrence Donahue, should be fired .

      Why is it that Matthew Foley can come into work before the Dept is open, sleep for three hours, then leave at Noon time and get paid for the day????

      The workers in the department are fed up with these two individuals.

      The COY ethics department and the IG should look into this,

  17. Yonkers only has one city clerk as well. One clerk and two deputy city clerks, Westchester County has one clerk and 4 deputy clerks. This should be an elected position not an appointed one although I have no problem with the current city clerk.

    1. Yonkers clerk keeps birth and death records and keeps track of city employees/officers and keeps records of the City and City Council. Yonkers only needs 1 City Clerk and a couple of clerical workers to make copies and do as instructed to keep records. God forbid someone in the clerks office scanned anything and made it accessible on line.

    2. “Deputy City Clerk” just another term for Political Payback – what do they do again?

      don’t get me wrong I am very happy with the service of the city clerk’s office and our clerk Vinny Spano but the other guy I dont get it.

  18. That’s a half million in salary and perks.

    Why are there 3 City Clerks? Westchester County has just one as do most other municipalities. We only need one and a couple of clerks. Get rid of Vincent Spano and Mike Ramondelli to save over $300,000 in salary and benefits.

    On to the IDA Mrs Vincent Spano is the Executive Director over at the IDA pulling in over $100,000 per year in salary for a basically do-nothing job. That position and most other positions in the IDA should be eliminated along with any new tax breaks. Let’s keep one accountant there to monitor the current PILOTS and END all new tax breaks.

    This is just the tip of the Spano Iceberg. Let’s melt it before it sinks our ship.

    1. Dozens of Spanos and girlfriends and mistressses and friends and favors hired over the past 6 years. Get rid of them all save $5,000,000 and the best part is we wouldn’t miss any of them.

  19. Please let’s not blame this totally on salaries and overtime. What should be looked at closely is the long term problem that has affected Yonkers started over 20 years ago – Bussing kids all across Yonkers to the tune of $23 million dollars a year. There has to be a way to get back to neighborhood schools. I don’t want to hear the excuse about not enough schools on the west side. Moreover, how many of the children that do attend Yonkers schools actually live in Yonkers and pay city and school tax? I am sure we have some undocumented children as well. No wonder why the classes are full and overcrowded. It’s so bad I want to enroll my children in private school. I understand it would take some time but the effort should start to get this action underway. Just one solution to the fiscal problem.

    1. Don’t forget all the illegal apartments in the City. Raise the owner’s tax to reflect the true number of families and we would probably solve the budget deficit right there. How many people take a 2 family house, cut it up into 4 apartments, then live in pleasantville or further north…

  20. The Firefighters continuously contribute to Khader. Khader wants accountability… look at the Firefighters you dumbo. What law school did Khader attend? I don’t know how this guy passed the bar exam. Khader cashes the Firefighters checks during the election and now protects labor.

    1. He attended one of the best law schools, passed the bar on the first try and beat McLaughlin by over 2000 votes. How much money did you pour into McLaughlin’s campaign and how much did you lose betting Khader would lose by a landslide. The only dumbo is you and all the other clowns walking around with your head up your @ss.

      To the comment about Spano fighting the unions … he gave them what they wanted for their support. Now he wants to take it all back.

      He agreed on something we couldn’t afford now they are the blame. Go figure.

      Why doesnt Spano take away his friends and family in city hall and the overpaid jobs given out for campaign favors? What was he thinking hiring and promoting people, just months and weeks before this budget?

      Why isn’t overtime better managed?

      Hey Mayor stop the ground breaking ceremonies, ribbon cuttings, lunch dates and do your job and delegate.

      1. Why So Angry? What do u think Khader is doing. The same thing Spano is doing – hiring his friends and attending all the nonsensical ceremonies; political theater and political grandstanding from Mike Khader – nothing more.

        1. Who did he hire? Besides his own staff. Mike is not the mayor, and has far less responsibly than a mayor, Nor is he in charge of the city. He is out there to listen to residents concerns.
          You call it grandstand , I call it getting involved and calling out the nonsense.
          He is a breath of fresh air and the only hope Yonkers has seen n years. Again nothing I say or he does with make you happy or shut you up!

      2. How about eliminating the family and friends in the OEM, when was this office created. I dont ever remember this office until his pal the mouse needed a job for his son.

  21. NEW YORK STATE IS A Corrupt Run – CUOMO – State!

    A state of CORRUPTION !

    Shit rolls downhill……. to the shitty of hills…….

    Bring in the Federals.

  22. Mike Khader wants to know who the buck stops with?

    Why doen’t Mike Khader ask his friends in labor their salaries?

    Mike Khader should not accept any union money and hold unions accountable for the financial situation in the city.

    Just look at Mike Khader’s financials; no wonder he is protecting unions.

    1. Those contracts were settled way before Khader. those same unions supported McLaughlin in the past 10 years he was in office and the mayor.

      Khader is asking the right questions, the ones no-one is willing to ask. Who is overseeing the budget, where are the quarterly reports, who is monitoring overtime? No checks and balance. It’s not the workers fault. It’s poor managenent and planning of the finance department and mayor.

      The police salaries are just as bad as YFD but we need them!!! That is, unless you plan on stopping crime and running into burning houses. Put a cap on salaries moving forward!!! No overtime to any high ranking officers in YPD and YFD abuse of money we don’t have.

      The city is dirty and disgusting! DPW commissioner needs to be held accountable for his men, and the overtime. I honestly do not care how many hours they work 8 or 3, just get the job done right. Can you imagine how clean our city would be if they all worked 5 hours and got paid for 8.

      DPW workers are all overweight from driving around eating and burning fuel.

      If they were cleaning the streets and parks, we would have lean and healthy guys that could actually bend down and pick up garabage.

      City council members and Khader need to hold some people accountable for the mess we are in. Get rid of the overpaid thieves and bring in someone willing to work for half of what they are getting paid. That live in Yonkers and will take pride in it.

      High paid salaries to workers employed by Yonkers but most don’t live here.

      I see leadership in Khader, maybe he should consider running for mayor.

      1. I agree with that statement with regard to Khader. Everyone underestimates him. He is an attorney and has children in our school district, from what has been said. So, he definitely knows about the corrupt nonsense surging at the BOE. He has been handed a mess, and it will take time. I agree with the DPW statement, always see them parked and eating nearby a deli. Fix the potholes engulfing Yonkers Avenue and Central Avenue. In all the legal classes i have taken… federal law trumps state law. Why it does not pertain to Yonkers is a mystery. But we the taxpayers suffer. If one wants to leave, houses are very difficult to sell in Yonkers. Most people with families do not want to utilize the schools because of corrupt ballot system. Why not bring neighborhood school laws back. Good luck Khader, you have a hard job at hand, you can do it!!

      2. Khader has to call out people on both sides of the aisle like Breen, Sabatino and Pineda-Issacs who have been just as complicit as everybody else.

  23. The whispers are saying: the Fire Dept’s Ass-istant “THIEVES” list is only the tip of the iceberg!

    Madona! Mama Mia!

  24. My tax dollars are going for what?

    Everyone one on that list must be investigated!

    The State or the Feds must step in.

    What does an assistant chief Do to make that absurd amount of money?

    Did they have to burn a saint’s picture in their hands?

    Will I see that list and their pictures in my Post Office hanging up?

    I mean Hezi, WTF?

  25. There was a time that you could pick up a 16 oz. bottle of Mr. Clean for $1.93. Now, today, for the City of Yonkers, Mr. Clean costs us $216,427.00 every year. And one would suspect, in the years to come, when Fire Chief Mr. Clean feels he is getting close to hang up his White and Gold Fire Helmet (rather than his Gold Earing) and he needs to put in some ‘extra time’ to work to use his magic eraser to clean up the city from all of that CASH that is just laying around, he will, during his last year on the job, put in some major overtime, simply to boost up his total annual gross earnings, in that same $300,000 plus range, as so many of his Fire Chief colleagues have, so that Fire Chief Mr. Clean can retire and allow his shining bald head to relax in some cushy retirement village in Florida, banking in his retirement benefits that everyone here in the City of Yonkers will have to continue to pay, while our taxes continue to rise and rise, and city services continue to be reduced, to help pay for his luxurious retirement benefit. And you know what Fire Chief Mr. Clean has to say about this? It is a contractual agreement between the Fire Officers Union (to which he is in charge of) and the Mayor and City Council of the City of Yonkers, and there is no one damm thing you can do about it. (and if you try to dig too deep into it), Chief Mr. Clean will not be very happy. Oh, Chief Mr. Clean is just one of a long List in the history of Fire Chiefs who have banked on the poor hard working citizens of our city who worked cushy jobs in the Fire Department, while the hard working firemen run into burning buildings, trying to save lives and property, hoping one day they, too, can get such a cushy job too. But unless you are part of the Family Legacy within the Fire Department (do some research, just like some have done with family connections to the Spano Family, for other city government jobs) and you will see a tremendous amount of family connections, some still working in the Fire Department as Chiefs, and some long retired and collecting VERY LARGE Retirement Benefits, all because they padded their last years gross salary, in order to be able to collect that wonderful retirement benefit. Beware, Fire Chief Mr. Clean is Stronger Than Dirt.

    1. Nothing is given to any fire dept member all the promotions are earned across the board by written exams and all money. earned is though shifts

  26. Just a sampling of the 2017 Yonkers salaries from the recently posted LOHUD database. Not one but TWO DPW Commissioners. Used to be three but one failed his test so they gave him another job, included in this list. Also, nice going Larkin. Sitting councilmember getting jobs for his two kids. Also had his son-in-law on the payroll at one time. Checks and balances for executive branch LOL. The last column is the gross salary, and I do mean gross.

    EGIZIACO DENISE CHIEF OF STAFF MAYOR $140,000 $0 $0 $145,384
    TVERT STEVEN AIDE TO CITY COUNCIL III $97,011 $0 $0 $102,395


    LARKIN NORA SUPERVISOR TAX RECORDS $66,810 $0 $0 $66,810

    WILLIAMS SHANAE ASSISTANT TO MAYOR $62,815 $0 $385 $69,461












    LEVY STEVEN DEPUTY MAYOR $178,693 $0 $277 $189,528

    CAVANAUGH JAMES DEPUTY MAYOR $29,999 $0 $0 $29,999


    1. What’s your point here? That a politician hires their friends? That goes on everywhere.

      My point is that over 100 cops and firemen make over $200K per year!

      That’s the disgrace to me. That’s where my taxes are going.

      1. You’re not only Tired you’re stupid. The point is that the real corruption, in any branch of government, is the perennial padding of the payroll with friends/relatives etc., in sonoting highly paid jobs. I think the Comptroller of the State of New York’s salary is a few bucks different that that of that pinhead Egiziaco and that political sycophant Tvert. Oops. Think his bro is on the payroll also. Yonkers – a family owned business. The point, “Tired”, is that Spencer is the one who gave the unions the last year payout factored into their pension, when the OT started to be doled out that last year. You’re probably talking about $3M annually, as a conservative estimate of just what these flunkies soak us for EVERY YEAR. It’s a given. Are you so stupid that you can only focus on or get outraged over just one aspect of the many reasons for our indebtedness, i.e. uniformed services OT? What kind of moron gives a pass to millions of dollars each year lost in the hiring of friends and family. You are a Fool.

        1. Nice…this is why we never can have civil conversation.

          OK, I’m a fool, stupid and a moron. But I can add.

          I didn’t say Spano was right either but the salaries for the people listed are not over $200,000…like more than 100 firemen and police that are listed.

          There’s lots of problems in this City…and name calling is one of them!

          1. Look, trying hard not to be insulting but even though my syntax was wrong in the above post, I thought you might have inferred that I was speaking about the annual monetary loss due to political hacks – that was the thrust of my post. I am just so sick of people like you who ONLY fault the FF or police, totally absolving the politicians who GAVE them the ability to make the salaries you now decry. Try and be at least a little objective in throwing your blame around.

          2. Let’s be honest, you just can’t question the appropriateness of a fire, cop or teacher’s salary without being shouted down. It would be nice to live in a world where reasonable people can have a reasoned, calm discussion over what appropriate levels of compensation are, but that doesn’t and will never happen.

            BTW – I have no problem with paying any of those services fair salaries. What I do shake my head at is when i personally know of certain uniformed service members who make over $200K per year, and somehow, through some scheduling trick, get to take the ENTIRE SUMMER OFF. What other scheduling tricks or loopholes are there that we don’t know about. Recently we learned that we pay for gym memberships for members too…what else is there that hasn’t come to light. So let’s not pretend that uniformed services and the like are not above reproach.

            I also question the political hires – but you get the same reaction there too. And in the end, the political hires stay, the overtime rolls, and the salaries go up.

            Truth be told, just look at the salary graphs in the budget, fire, cops, and dpw dominate any and all other departments by orders of magnitude. A reasoned discussion has to start there.

            At this point, just adjust taxes once and for all to balance the budget and stop with this dog and pony show every few years.

  27. You can blame Spano but he’s the one who’s fighting with these unions. I don’t begrudge the firemen and police a good job at a good salary but the overtime is ridiculous.

    I’m not sure if Khader can make a difference either. Look at the top 100 paid people…they are all cops and fire. If Khader attacks the unions, they won’t go with him when he wants to go for Mayor.

    I don’t have the answer but cutting the union overtime is where it has to start.

  28. The real number for the deficit is between $51& $53million not $31million the Mayor’s Office has “calculated”and they know it! All the “added” income from the hotel tax & the 1/4% increase in sales tax is all smoke and wishful thinking. If the Mayor was to “fire” all his political appointees and the Council was to trim their budget 15% they could save $7.5million. Every piece of City stationery, no matter what department, comes with the Mayor’s name across the top, so lay THIS crisis at his feet.

  29. All but 1 of these almost $300,000 earners was an Assistant Chief

    John Flynn is an Assistant Chief

    John Flynn wants to make over $300,000 before he retired

    Fire Commissioner Robert Sweeney is from FDNY where Assistant Chiefs get NO overtime

    Yonkers should adopt FDNY’s rules and no Assistant Chiefs (or Captains) should get overtime No overtime for people with a base salary of $175,000 or more

    We can’t afford it anymore

    Spano was right John Flynn is a d_ck

  30. For whatever it is worth, please remember that in 1999 when Spencer was mayor, the city council (including McLaughlin) voted to give the unions the last year pension payout which cost us $20M through 2010 alone. Going forth I stopped calculating our losses. Spano is the source of a lot of highly paid lackeys, which doesn’t help, but the problem started with Spencer. Please remember that we had two control boards in Yonkers. Spencer got rid of the 2nd one, I believe in 1998, and I don’t think I have to tell you what happened to us financially in less than 20 years. Everyone complains about the unions but it is the politicians who gave them the store.

  31. No wonder that Fire Chief Mr. Clean, head of the Fire Officers Union, advised the Top 2 on this list, not to comment to inquiries from local journalists, because to comment might cause discord among residents of our city. Gee, could other be that Chief Mr. Clean, could end up taking advantage of the same sweetheart deal, that he was a part of politically negotiating with City Officials (without the citizens of the city being aprised of derp details of the contract)? Ever wonder why these “Fire Officers” earn that salary, then miraculously retire the very next year? (Living “High on the Hog”). Well, look into their contract, and you will find out. Oh, but Chief Mr. Clean doesn’t want any citizen to look into his “Cleaning Room” to find out. That’s why they call him Chief Mr. Clean, with his magic eraser.

    1. A di-k is a di-k
      Of course
      Of course

      And nobody is a bigger di-k
      That Mr Clean
      Of course

      That is
      Of course
      Is if the di-k
      Of course
      Is the famous Mr Clean


      Your comments are 100 proof that you truly are a di-k and the enemy of all of the decent hardworking taxpayers of the city.

  32. This is what is wrong with Yonkers. It’s more than outrageous, but try to bring this up in public and you’ll be vilified and bullied and harassed by same.

    It’s the Top 10

    No wonder we are broke. Spano is ultimately responsible for this. So stop blaming other people and places and get the axe out and cut.

    Robert Capurso Former Assistant Fire Chief $293,970
    Robert Antulov Assistant Fire Chief $291,801
    Christopher Maher Assistant Fire Chief $282,042
    Robert Hacaj Assistant Fire Chief $281,125
    John Bonanno Assistant Fire Chief $275,576
    James Brady Former Fire Captain $275,573
    Roman Telyczka Fire Captain $274,954
    James Fitzpatrick Assistant Fire Chief $274,572
    Eric Dronzek Former Assistant Fire Chief $273,547
    Brian Travers Assistant Fire Chief $272,162

    1. I read all the salaries and it made me sick. I am sure many have been working for years. I thank them for the service but this is outrageous! At what point do we cap off salaries ? can we cap off?
      On top of that all that over time is out of control. Who paying attention to this?

      1. Its outrageous? well no one seems to add the information for most of the firemen, that around 40 k of that was part of a retroactive settlement which the city owed because the YFD that was out of a contract for 7 years until 2 years ago……. the city refused to negotiate honorably…..and when it was finally figured out that was the case….none of these men got anything for free..they worked their ass off protecting the citizens of Yonkers.

      1. lohud.nydatabases.com Yonkers City Workers 2017
        There are so many (200 plus) listed over $200,000 – mostly police and fire.

    2. Great point. You can be pro-union but anti-union greed. These salaries exemplify the “take as much of the public’s money as I can get” mentality that is endemic to Yonkers’ unions. You listed ten salaries, which add up to $2.7 million dollars. The City is asking the State for a $5 million dollar bailout grant in order to close a $31 million dollar hole in its budget. These types of salaries and pensions are unsustainable. We need salary caps.

    3. I am sure that the Journal News would not publish this information before ensuring that the data is absolutely correct. If you are in doubt of the accuracy of the information reflected above, don’t bother trying to verify it thru Fire Chief Mr. Clean, Head of the Fire Officers Association. He will ensure that you are “Erased” (and that your business will certainly cited for a Fire Inspection Hazard), simply by asking about something that “Chief Mr. Clean” certainly feels is none of any citizen of the City of Yonkers business.

  33. Its all poliltics…heres the script..Mike wants another term (because lets face it..he has no higher future).In order to do so,he needs term limits abolished and it looks like this council wont get in his way.So he threatens unions with layoffs,tries to make the taxpayers happy and show his clout with the state.All of a sudden..Mayer gets the senate seat,thanks mike and andy for their help(Mike was told by the gov to support her..and not run)..Mayer and Cousins,look like saviors and find the $$$…koombaya..no cuts..no raising taxes Mike looks great,for to his efforts to get the state $$$…unions loveit,taxpayers loveit..term limits abolished..poof..Mikes mayor again wait I…just woke up in a cold sweat..it was just a dream or wait a nightmare..thank god

    1. Shelley Mayer and Andrea Stewart-Ciusins need to do whatever they can but not because of Spano, but because of the people who believed in them and supported them.

      Term limits should not even come in front of the council. BIG MISTAKE IF ANY OF THEM VOTE FOR TERM LIMITS to be extended.

  34. I came home today to find a mailer that is for Julie Killian and on one side the patriarch Lenny Spano is endorsing Julie Killian! Then I turn on the computer and there is pic of Mayor Mike Spano endorsing Shelley! Hell no ! This will be the first time in 46 years that I am not voting in an election! Each candidate in a special election is being backed by the Spano Dynasty! There is no way I am giving my vote or will I endorse someone that allows the Spanos power out of Yonkers. The girl from Rye must be desperate or stupid or BOTH to stain her campaign with the likes of a Spano! You just lost a majority of votes from Yonkers! You should have taken some of your personal half a million and did a poll on how Yonkers natives feel about a tax increase every year for the last seven years! Or the threat of a garbage tax! First the lawyer that made you march into the lions den then get caught with her pants down then the Scarlet letter S you just sent out in a mass mailing!
    All that education and you wanted to swim in the Yonkers swamp! Well, two strikes your out I predict right now Shelley will win! Shelley is one of us and even though I am not happy with Spano at this late date endorsing her the reality is he waited to this late date! So, Nothing stupid about Shelley! She knows Spano put Nolan up to running against her once upon a time! She is a tough cookie and the daughter of a politican if I was gonna vote it would have been for her!
    Jeepers, I cried my peepers out when I lost $400 dollars at the Casino I can’t imagine what your gonna do losing your $400,000?
    Shelley for State Senate and next order of business who is the Spano Empire gonna endorse for Shelleys vacant seat? Note to Julian Killian : Please do not embarrass yourself! Let it go, Let it go , Turn away and slam the door, You dont care what they are gonna say, Let the Election rage on, The lose never bothered her anyway!

  35. Sure, Khader fired a few direct questions at Liszewski (and with good reason), but this is nothing but political theater. After all, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. The Khaders and MPAC were fundraising for Spano’s re-election campaign back in 2015 (do Google image search – the pictures of them smiling with Spano are available for all to see). It seems that Khader wants to have his cake and eat it, too. While there’s no question that Liszewski has failed miserably over the course of his thirty two budgets, Breen and Pineda-Isaac have been involved in the City’s budgetary matters for years, too, and yet Khader didn’t dare embarrass them publicly (in one of his comments Rubbo even gave previous council members a pass). If Khader were consistent, then he would criticize his brother John and their organization MPAC for campaigning for Spano’s 2015 re-election, but he’s not and so his questions are nothing but hypocritical grandstanding (at best) meant to make him look like a man of the people when he’s anything but one.

    It was clear to anyone who watched the proceedings that Liszewski was woefully underprepared, which is actually something very difficult to pull off given the lightweights on the City Council and their softball (and redundant) questions. While Liszewski was playing pass the buck, Curti managed to speak well on the matter, showing that he had done his homework. Ultimately, however, Curti is part of the problem since he’s part of the Spano administration. The fact that the Spano administration would include $5 million in their budget when they don’t even have that $5 million from the New York State Financial Restructuring Board yet gives you an insight into the dishonest fiscal chicanery that goes on at Yonkers City Hall.

    The low points of the evening, however, were Pineda-Issac, who arrived late (you’d think she’d have the professionalism to be there on time, especially since taxpayers pay for her SUV), Shanae Williams, who rambled incoherently before asking a question that had been asked and answered multiple times already, and Merante, who left before the end of the meeting and therefore couldn’t cast his vote (which explains the 6-0 decision). Even scarier than this theater of the absurd is the fact that the $5 million will have little impact on the City’s $31 million deficit and our fiscal fate is in the hands of these incompetents. But without the State gravy train bailout, you could sense the panic in the room. As they say in downtown Yonkers, now “the shit is real.”

    1. dont confuse the khader brothers. lil mikey is not controlled by the spanos. 2015 in political time is a lifetime. things changed i guess

    2. Hey you don’t mind if I call you Sap for short, do you?

      How do you equate make that giant leap re Khader/MPAC campaign contributions to government officials preparing misleading and irresponsible budgets? Gee, according to you, Khader fired off good questions merely as theater. He wouldn’t have asked ANY questions if he were Spano’s boy as you suggest. Secondly, yes, the city council is responsible for voting on the budgets but they DON’T prepare them, as does the mayor and Liszewski. And, that useless ‘independent’ auditor that the city pays for plays no small part in this mess. Khader grilled Liszewski because it was he telling us how to, yet again, beg for more money that we need because of their screwups. AND LOL…Curti? Did his homework? Every other word of his narrative was ‘UM’ – not a sign of someone comfortable or confident in his declarations. Doesn’t matter when Pineda comes or goes. When you are told how to vote, does it really matter if you read anything but Cosmo? Shanae is, well, Shanae – handpicked city council representative of the mayor. Need I say more? But, I guess you couldn’t even follow this one simple meeting. It was announced that Merrante had to leave the meeting and would get the opportunity at the next meeting to cast his vote for what transpired last night. But, you are right about one thing. Prematurely putting this $5M in the proposed budget is the kind of activity that the Comptroller indicated in his report. I also think you fail to comprehend that the current deficit of $31M already has this $5M factored into it, if you were able to keep up last night. The money is built in to the mayor’s budget – deficit stays the same if we get the money. It only changes if we DON’T get the money, then the deficit will be worse. Can you try and follow, please.

      1. The council rubber stamp the budget every year, no matter what their questions or objections. The whole political structure is a farce. The only ones who think it works are politicians and their trolls and party loyalists who really are the problem, not just in Yonkers but country wide.
        It will never change until you change the structure. It will never happen Just like Hillary hasn’t opened her beak on the electoral college system which is so antiquated and needs a fixin’.

    3. I’m happy to play along for the folks at home. Let’s start with your first point:

      “How do you equate make that giant leap re Khader/MPAC campaign contributions to government officials preparing misleading and irresponsible budgets?”

      Back in my younger years, when a politician would take one position and then take the opposite position we’d call that flip-flopping. When I was even younger, it was called lying. No one seems to disagree that the Khader family was supporting Spano in 2015, and yet now M. Khader is making himself out to be the great crusader against the corrupt Spanos. Strange how all of those smiling Khader and MPAC faces didn’t seem to have a problem with Spano and his policies a year or so ago. I know, I know – not the hero he made himself out to be, but hope and change never lives up to the hype.

      “Gee, according to you, Khader fired off good questions merely as theater. He wouldn’t have asked ANY questions if he were Spano’s boy as you suggest.”

      Spano is a lame duck and Khader has nothing to lose by re-branding himself as anti-Spano. It doesn’t take a genius to gauge which way the wind is blowing. Khader has his sights on the Mayor’s job and this is all prelude. It’s called long-term, strategic thinking, something the Mayor failed to do for years since Albany was willing to give him an annual bailout.

      “Secondly, yes, the city council is responsible for voting on the budgets but they DON’T prepare them, as does the mayor and Liszewski.”

      The more serious problem is that I don’t think anyone on the City Council can actually understand a $31 million dollar budget.

      “AND LOL…Curti? Did his homework? Every other word of his narrative was ‘UM’ – not a sign of someone comfortable or confident in his declarations.”

      Curti isn’t a great speaker, but he was an informed one. Despite his, um, speech disfluency (Google it), he spoke intelligently, which is far more than I can say about his superior.

      “Doesn’t matter when Pineda comes or goes. When you are told how to vote, does it really matter if you read anything but Cosmo? Shanae is, well, Shanae – handpicked city council representative of the mayor. Need I say more? But, I guess you couldn’t even follow this one simple meeting. It was announced that Merrante had to leave the meeting and would get the opportunity at the next meeting to cast his vote for what transpired last night. “

      Call me old-fashioned, but when the City has a $31 million dollar deficit on the line and they’re asking the State for a $5 million dollar grant, I expect every council member to be on time and to vote on the matter given the gravity of the situation. It’s, um, kinda important since peoples’ jobs, livelihoods, lives and the future of the City are all on the line.

    1. When there was talk about then mayor Phil Amicone being recalled, I remember the Yonkers City Council was advised it could not be done. I never looked into it again.

        1. I am unaware if there is any standard written in the Yonkers City Charter that delineates the basis for dismissal of any elected official once they are sworn to office.

        2. Peter what did the Council President do to you or anyone for that matter?? Your question shows pure ignorance and stupidity. Obviously someone who never supported him to begin with or that is racist. He’s has shown integrity and transparency. That must be your problem with him.

        3. Hey Peter, silly wabbit…you want to recall Khader after three months but seemingly had no problem with his predecessor, who was the Budget chair during all of these questionable budget years?

    2. Peter, why do you want to recall the mayor, he is almost done. khader is a real leader of this city. The council does not have real leaders except Liams mouthpeice rubbo who wants to be a leader

  36. With a Billion dollars in “development” touted in Yonkers ads, where the $uck are the taxes associated with this. Yonkers is always run with this bad drama and “faux”actors. It has been going on forever.

    Who didn’t vote on the council. Who was the seventh one?

    Clear answer here cuts, cuts, cuts. Pay freezes and job cuts and proper accounting are the only way to fix this. Hasn’t happened in 20 years; why would it happen now?

    The politics are what has it the way it is.

    Accountability is needed top to bottom. We have no characters in this bad act, that are capable of leading and holding all workers accountable for actually working. It dosen’t go on in other cities like it is here. The Mayor is responsible and he needs to be responsible and take action. He just cannot do it.

  37. I hope Maeve Scott runs for Mayor. I hear she is seriously thinking about the possibility.

    We need someone like Maeve to come in and once and for all clean up this financial mess in Yonkers. The Mayor and most of the Council and former Council members are why Yonkers is in this mess.

    Spano has been wasting and abusing taxpayer dollars for over 6 years. It’s time to get some financial control and planning in Yonkers. We need Maeve to Save Yonkers.

    Make Maeve Mayor

    1. I think you got it all wrong! Khader is getting to the root of the problem. You may not like his method or agree with it, but someone has to have the balls to step up and ask questions.
      Including the money in the budget that was not received nor approved is another example of spending money we don’t have.

      I would be glad to pay more taxes, if i knew i would receive better services and improve yonkers over all. To keep paying more and not getting the bare minimum is not acceptable.

    1. Khader,
      Please make sure you DOT your i’s and CROSS your t’s! They will be coming for you! You found the crack in the wall of corruption that all those (Big and Small) who were screwed by the Spanos are watching and waiting! We are here in numbers! Stay well and trust no one! We need you! Please do not let them scare you but do the job that you were elected to do!

  38. It looks like Barry McGoey has Mike Khader by the balls. Khader clearly can’t think for himself so Barry tells him what to say before the meetings. Isn’t a crime for union leaders to control Councilmembers?

    1. Born and raised Yonkers! I don’t care who was behind last nights City Council meeting! Well done! Finally!
      God has not foresaken us!

    2. Hey “Controlled”,

      You must be Liam or Little Stevie Blunder, his former photographer/lap boy, now probably the highest paid city council aide. Meanwhile, who was juggling Liam’s balls while HE was CCP. Not too shabby, getting jobs for siblings while supposedly a checks and balance for the mayor. And you’re talking about Khader? Like Liam never accepted union campaign contributions during his 14 years on the public dole? In just 2017 he got money from UFOA, Police, many, many city of yonkers employees. Also Got an extra two years added to his city council term, bringing the total years to the critical number of years – ten – which allowed him a pension. And you talk about Khader?

    3. Maybe if he listened to Barry more Mike Spano wouldn’t sound like the moron he is. Khader on the other hand is smart enough to know that Barry knows his stuff and as a result Khader was brilliant. Stay tuned for more Khaderworks.

  39. Enjoyed every minute of watching Yonkers Finance Commissioner John Liszewski save his own ARSE and hand Khader the Mayor and the City Council on a silver platter! The only problem is they deleted it! However, It happened and many of us saw it! PRICELESS! How can a City Council vote on money in budget that is not guaranteed? SPANO is like a bad little child that does not know how to budget his allowance. Khader is the Father that is gonna call the little boy out and hold him accountable! About time my vote was worth it! Even if they try and corral Khader please know the residents are desperate for someone that is going to save them from the Mafia mentality we have had to deal with for too many years! Hoping Khader is saving the best for LATER!

  40. Are you kidding me??? Mike Khader was again a joke tonight. The fact is that you are paid for by Barry and khader!!! We know this post will not see the light of day!

    1. The days of our City government carelessly spending the taxpayers money and NOT being held accountable are over! Khader did what he was voted in to do and that is make a difference! Spano wants to cut police and fireman? Absolutely Not! We just had two new hires walk into DPW yesterday! Accountability! Transparency! We are demanding it!

    2. I watched it !!!! Khader wants accountability for the mess we are in. He asked the right questions that the taxpayers deserve to know. How can we fix it if we don’t know how we got here.he promised transparency during the campaign. That’s what you got last night. Unfortunately it was recessed and we didn’t get to what transpired. It is obviously it wasnt something certain people wanted the residents to see, since it was removed from social media. Khader keep you sleeves rolled up. Kudos to you for standing your ground.

    3. To What?????

      Are you kidding me? KHADER was the joke????? Did you see fat Breen and the other two bozos who were incumbent councilmembers who were part of the past years’ budget failings not saying a word? Even Mr. Ed Rubbo had nothing to say. May Liam was texting his orders du jour to stay silent. Khader did exactly as he should have done. Called them out for their smoke and mirrors budgets. The only one missing was mini me DeSantis. No surprise there. And here’s the kicker, What????? McLaughlin was the budget chair during all this and no one said a word, year after year, when the NYS Comptroller faulted the city, every year, for the same inadequacies. Maybe he shares some of the blame, also, for continuing to certify the Yonkers budget, year after year, with only a slap on the wrist. But, Khader has let all the cats out of the bag with his stance last night and you can’t go back. At least I will give him the benefit of the doubt since he has only completed three months of a 48 month term. Get real. He hasn’t voted on any budget yet. We ALL now the history of his predecessor.

  41. Hezi, Hezi, HEZI,

    I am sorry but it loses something in your translation! It was AWESOME! The Yonkers Finance Commissioner lost his cool and threw the City Council and the MAYOR under the bus! It was Awesome (did I say that already?) Well, up until they had to have a recess and Khader informed everyone that THEY were sending someone down to explain! Twenty minutes later Khader comes back on and says the vote passed 6-0! WHAT IS THIS? CENSORSHIP OR IS IT DESPERATION BY THE SPANOS AS THEIR WORLD OF CORRUPTION STARTS TO CRASH AROUND THEM!
    TREAD LIGHTLY YOUR EMPIRE HAS STARTED TO CRUMBLE AND EVEN YOUR OWN PEOPLE ARE SELLING YOU OUT! That guy has been there 30 years? If I was you I would show him the door! Then again he would make an EXCELLENT witness for the FEDS! You will be the laughing stock tomorrow morning with the UNIONS! HE admitted it was the City Council and YOU that has made the Financial DISASTER in Yonkers!
    That was the best thing to come out of Yonkers in along time! Wow to be a fly on the wall around the Spanos tonight!

    1. And while you are at Khader, please clean up the corruptive deviance that has metastasized throughout the board of ed. It had impacted the kids in the Yonkers schools I a negative way. Way to go Khader!!

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