Yonkers Health Advisory Board

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(L-R): Dr Larry Neshiwat, Endocrinologist; Dr Stephan Giuffrida, Chiropractor; Dr Majid Samarneh, Nephrologist; Dr Cardenaro, Dentist; Dr David Dickoff, Neurologist; Dr Nadem Sayegh, Endocrinologist; Dr Eric Spencer, Orthopedist; Dr Suzanne Greenidge, Obstetrician / Gynecologist; Dr Ammir Rabadi, Chairman Family Medicine; Dr José Lantin, Gastroenterologist; Dr Sonia Vélez, Family Medicine; Dr Robert DeMatteo, Pulmonologist; Dr Randy Seewald, Opiod/Substance Abuse with Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.



eHeziYonkers Health Advisory Board

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  1. Dr. Rabadi is a great man. Glad to see him finally getting recognized. Congrats to him. He is following in his parents footsteps of being leaders in Jordanian Community.

  2. Looks like all of Yonkers talk shops, a mouthpiece for the Mayor.

    Where is the shrink, ’cause that’s what Yonkers needs for City Haulers? And a good start would be the Mayor.

  3. Why isn’t Fire Officers Union Head Chief Mr. Clean on this advisory board? He always likes to ensure that dirt that is connected to the department is ‘cleaned up’ and properly projected to the community.

    1. Heard he has been very busy spilling the beans.
      You got that right. He is Mr. Clean .
      He who talks first and runs away will live another day.
      Has always Been in the know.
      The Past-Present-Future

  4. I commend Dr. Ammir Rabadi for taking on this task to help the residents of Yonkers. Like his dad, he is a true leader of the community.

    1. His dad helped many of the Jordanians here in Yonkers. Suleiman Rabadi aka Sarge was one of the first Jordanians to migrate to Yonkers in the 1960’s. Suleiman worked hard and raised his family with a sole purpose to give them a better life here in America. God rest his souls we all miss his leadership, strength, and advise. Dr Rabadi please send me a picture of your dad when he was working with Arab American Foundation. You have my email.

  5. Health Advisory Board is a collaboration of some of the finest and well respected Physicians in Yonkers. Our goal is to educate the community about outbreaks, preventive medicine and public health. Looking forward to working with all of you.

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