Yonkers Office of Emergency Management Attends to Shopping Demands in Pelham Manor

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Yonkers OEM Truck parked at Pelham Manor, NY mall.

PELHAM MANOR, NY and YONKERS, NY — April 6, 2018 —  A Yonkers Office of Emergency Management (OEM) was spotted earlier this week in the parking lot of two Pelham Manor malls. The vehicle pictured herein was parked and unoccupied because the driver was engaged in shopping for approximately 20 minutes in the store at one shopping mall and for another 15 minutes at the Modell’s situated in the shopping mall opposite the first. 

Yonkers OEM Truck parked at Pelham Manor, NY mall.

Perhaps the Modell’s in Yonkers does not carry the same inventory of items as can be found in Pelham Manor. Thank goodness the Pelham Manor store carries a larger and more varied inventory of Items that best serve Yonkersites. If not for the Pelham Manor store, what would Yonkersites do? Yonkers Tribune is thankful an astute Yonkers employee has learned of the benefits of shopping in Pelham Manor. 

Yonkers OEM Truck parked at Pelham Manor, NY mall.

It is also good to know that Yonkers OEM is so well managed that it allows for employees to shop in Pelham Manor during the daytime hours and with a Yonkers OEM vehicle to boot.


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Here are some stills from the video of the OEM shopping spree. He went to Five Below for close to twenty minutes, then the pet store for 10 additional minutes, then concluded the shopping spree off at Modell’s. Some may conjectures he is a volunteer for the Yonkers Animal Shelter, and was simply picking up supplies. It is nice to see he is showing the flag by wearing his Yonkers raid jacket!

A special thank you to the forthright, astute, and aware individuals that allow us the means by which to divulge and expose these trespasses. 


If you see something, please share it with the readers of the Yonkers Tribune. Send photos and other pertinent information so that we may thereafter validate the information we are sent. Your anonymity is maintained and protected by Editor-at-Large Hezi Aris. Direct notice to eHezi@hush.com or by text message to 347.415.4326.

eHeziYonkers Office of Emergency Management Attends to Shopping Demands in Pelham Manor

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  1. K.Palazola “Assistant Director / Emergency Program Coordinator” where did this title originate? is it even a necessary title or position?

    Would just make sense that instruction of cert classes should be “scheduled” during regular hours. In the private sector he would not be given the latitude for this gross misspending of funds.

    How is it possible he is even allowed to rack up overtime, his existence after hours a benefit to anyone?

    As a tax payer of this City much of what I read here is alarming, the photos of someone stopping with a City car outside of the City limits is least of my concerns. We are not even sure, this could have been work related. But this other guy, K. Palazola should be investigated and our good Mayor should stand in the light and take action, or is he just going to coward to mommy Palazola?

    1. Palazola should be fired just for working half days yet getting paid for full. Talk about theft of city funding. But I’m sure his mommy will protect his pampered ass.

      What are the similarities between Kristen and Robert Byrd ? Could they have a lot in common ? Who knows ?
      Can mommy bail him out if it’s true ?
      How will mommy be viewed by the Democratic Party if her son is fully exposed ? Will mommy try to suppress any info about her son ?
      Who else will be guilty of colluding with mommy to protect baby finster ?
      Will the political collusion eventually be exposed ? How will mommy be viewed by her Democratic socialites? Time will tell ………. Tick Tock

      1. Palazola, should have never been allowed to even take the test for this position, he did not meet the requirements for it, but mommy called the deputy mayor and bang.

        Time to blow the doors off of this fool. All he wants is the money and the power, making allegations against the current and former directors in hope he will take that position, discrimination against age and race.

        The problem is that it will all be covered up and buried. Mommy will call in all her favors and it will be taken care of. Maybe the investigation needs to be sent up to the state since it was federal grant money that he was stealing!!!!!

        Talk to the volunteers in OEM and they will tell how he really is.

        Note from HEZI… send me the facts as you know them. I will most likely be able to validate “true” assertions / allegations. Direct email to eHezi@hush.com or text to 347-415-4326. I will tell it like it is without divulging your name. You have my word on it. no coverup on the Yonkers Tribune … thank you very much!

        1. At this time Hezi has all the proof needed to blow off the cover of baby palazola and the wench that protects him ……including names of city officials and Democratic committee minions all in collusion in keeping baby Palazolas job secure ( for now ).

  2. Yonkers OEM has been a true asset to the city for many years, John Donaghy and Cory Hartman were educated in the field of emergency management and kept elevating the department to nigh levels. When KP came into the office is when you began to see problems. Anytime there was an issue or he did not feel like working he would have mommy take care of it, KP made accusations about the former director like he is making against the current director. The number of volunteers hours and involvement has dropped because no one wants to work with KP with the exception of Joseph Callahan and Jerry Jones. Mike is required to be on call 24 hours a day, he went for lunch and got something no big deal, this is KP making a mountain out of mole hill. The true investigation needs to be how KP was allowed to take the test when he did not meet the minimum qualifications and OEM volunteers were told they could not take it, or how he managed to pull in 25-35k in overtime, hmmm its funny how the CERT classes were only held during the evening hours on a overtime basis. KP is the issue. Launch an investigation into him and his abuse of power. What about volunteers who take home vehicles and drive them around when not responding to a call (Note: The vehicle was moved from the first spot at the parks department on Nepperhan Avenue to hiding it between vehicles.)

    As far as people being paid, alot of qualified people used to be paid to over see the CERT program. From a source they were paid thru a grant, no funds coming out of the cities pocket but KP stopped that and put untrained people into the roles, well the only one he kept around was Joseph Callahan.

    This information has been confirmed by past and present people that have insight into Yonkers Emergency Management

    1. And what does KP, which I guess is a cowardly reference to the assistant director, have to do with the current director taking an OEM SUV out of the CoY on a shopping spree? If KP is the root of all evil at the OEM, then why hasn’t the director straightened out the situation? Is the director a director, or are these both jobs that were handed out to unqualified and incapable individuals and he is merely a gelding. If there is a protracted issue at the OEM, it is the bosses responsibility to face it and fix it. If the boss is not capable of his position, then it is time for the CoY to clean house. What has Cory Hartman been doing for the last few years?

      1. Palazola is the root of all evil in OEM right now. The history speaks for itself. Allegations against the current director and former director making him do his job, Palazola arranged all of the CERT courses to only be conducted at night on overtime. The current director attempted to take action again Palazola and that is when he had allegations filed against him. Its now up to the PD commissioners desk to handle which i am sure nothing will be done because the Mayor will tell him to back off. Palazola will not allow me back into OEM because of my friendship with certain people As far as Cory Hartman, he is overseeing the Safety and Security program for the ASPCA.

    1. Finally, someone defending EMOnem, who can string a sentence together without the use of expletives and name calling.
      Brevity and duplicity, the perfect analogy for EMOnem. Someone, other than a stooge, must have written this post. Does the OEM pay up to the Big Man’s lobbying company, as payback for the cushy position? Does the empire cover PR statements?

      FYI, Stinky-brevity is another word for short. Get it!!

  3. Everyone needs to calm down !
    Take a deep breath!

    What we need to do is to all meet at


    and have a sit down and air out all of our I’ll feelings we have towards each other. I know that we are all scumbags and low lives but we need to find some sort medium ground where we can all get along.

    Since I’m a STINKY FAT BASTARD myself, I will be the first to break ice and have a Canolli with my mentor and buddy Anthony Nuuch !

    I suggest we don’t tell FAT JOE about this meeting until we have had our fill in pastries. Because once he arrives ….. ITS ALL OVER !

    So let’s put all of our hatred aside and share a Canolli !

    Yours truly,


  4. And just because it hasn’t been said, and apparently ignored…

    Let’s do this: Scenario # 1

    A Supervisor of Plumbing Purchases for Home Depot that has a take home vehicle calls his boss and asks if it would be okay for him/her to take an early lunch and work thru their normal break so they can attend to personal matters that need his attention before 10am.
    His/Her boss says No Problem.

    Scenario # 2

    A Civil Servant does the SAME EXACT THING!

    Why do we hang them ?…

    I’m just asking the question that I myself IGNORED for some time..

    I’m calling EVERYONE in this City out!!
    I just bought a 2nd external hard drive JUST for my COY files, pics and videos….

    I learned A LONG TIME ago to cover my ass… And THEN I learned that that means NEEDING your own personal “Personnel File” on the City.
    So when they come at YOU with simpleton shit lime they always do, you just show them that pic of them canoodling NOT their wife!


  5. Stew Leonard is right. The Yonkers OEM is pork barrel politics. We’ve got the Westchester Office of Emergency Management, SEMA (State Emergency Management Office), FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Office) and New York City’s Office of Emergency Management right across the border. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve never seen one emergency in the entire history of Yonkers that justifies this office’s existence. There is no reason that we need to spend millions of our taxes on what-if scenarios that a) have never happened and will likely never happen and b) could be covered by any of the agencies mentioned above in the extremely unlikely event that something does happen.

    Spill on the I87? Call SEMA. Spill on the Hudson? Call FEMA. Active shooter? Call Westchester OEM. And the idea of terrorism in Yonkers is laughable. There hasn’t been a serious terrorist incident north of Times Square in decades. And I can’t think of any in Westchester or Yonkers.

    While all of you Chicken Littles are waiting for the sky to fall and wasting our money on your pet pork barrel projects, real problems in Yonkers in the here and now are only getting worse, like higher taxes, crime, infrastructure, schools, corruption, etc.

    You think picking up food for Fido in Pelham Manor while using a City car on the taxpayer’s dime is bad? Let’s see some figures about the Yonkers OEM budget. Dig around into that story, Hezi, and let’s see how much how much waste there really is.

    1. Exactly!! Keep digging. There is so much more to this story than a jaunt to pick up a fee things miles out of jurisdiction. This is the tip of the iceberg of the fiscal abuse at the hands of the OEM. See Through NY shows a salary of just under 90K. Really? Tack on a truck, gas, and all the other perks of the job and this is completely out of control.
      Any wonder our services have gone down the drain. All I ever hear is about the city having to lay off emergency services, and here is a guy getting all that and I am sure a bit more. Keep digging!!

    2. A little birdie ? More like a fuckin idiot !

      Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on OEM on a scenario that never existed ?

      First of all OEM is funded federally dickhead. City of Yonkers receives the funding then funnels it down through the OEM.

      You have never seen an emergency in the history of Yonkers ?
      You must be an asshole thinking the past will dictate the future. So based on your retarded opinion ….we don’t have to worry about any future threats in the yonkers school system because historically we never had a threat ! I guess you should tell the detectives in Yonkers not to have anymore active shooter training in the schools, or tell the hospitals not to practice Mass evacuation drills, or during torrential rain storms not to do any flood assessments just because it’s never happened before. Again only a dickhead who does not understand emergency management would think like that.
      Regarding the I87 and Hudson River emergencies, that’s a federal jurisdiction fuck nuts it’s obvious the OEM would take no part.

      Preventative measures is one of the basic responsibilities of any OEM you uneducated donkey dick.

      1. “First of all OEM is funded federally dickhead. City of Yonkers receives the funding then funnels it down through the OEM.”

        Yonkers’ taxpayers pay Michael Mosiello’s $90,000 salary. Yonkers’ taxpayers pay Kristian Palazola’s $99,000 salary. Between these two alone that’s a quarter short of half a million dollars.

        “You have never seen an emergency in the history of Yonkers ?”


        “I guess you should tell the detectives in Yonkers not to have anymore active shooter training in the schools,”

        Correct. They should be more concerned with removing drugs and guns from the streets of Yonkers than wetting themselves over hypothetical situations with no basis in reality. Google the Sweetfield Circle bust back in December 2018. Cops only recovered 13 kilogram-sized bricks of cocaine, 18,598 small envelopes of heroin, 813 tan pills stamped “M30,” a number of plastic bags, a scale, five small grinders, a money-counting machine and assorted pads and stamps because a neighbor noticed something. What are we paying detectives for, tabletop exercises?

        “ or tell the hospitals not to practice Mass evacuation drills,”

        Nope. Mass evacuations at hospitals are necessary only in places like south Florida due to hurricanes. We don’t have hurricanes in Yonkers.

        “or during torrential rain storms not to do any flood assessments just because it’s never happened before.”

        It’s probably not a good idea to do flood assessments during torrential rain storms.

        “Again only a dickhead who does not understand emergency management would think like that.
        Regarding the I87 and Hudson River emergencies, that’s a federal jurisdiction fuck nuts it’s obvious the OEM would take no part.”

        You’re right – more reasons why we don’t need the Yonkers OEM.

        “Preventative measures is one of the basic responsibilities of any OEM you uneducated donkey dick.”

        And I bet your well-paid police job depends on it. Scary who they give a badge and a gun to these days.

      2. Oh, Stinky!! Do you kiss Mike’s ring with that mouth? Your lack of couth is only eclipsed by the depth of your stupidity. Didn’t they teach you more at FU, than FU?

        “You raise your voice when you should reinforce your argument.” Those little things in front of and at the end of the previous sentence are called quotes. Quotes indicate that the words inside the quotes are not mine, and credit belongs to someone else. I am sure you can relate to that. The claptrap in you your post is nothing more than what you saw in the pamphlet you were given, the you got the job. That would be the same day a competent director lost his.

        I have a few thoughts that need clarification. Seeing you are obviously a well qualified emergency response director and planner, does the CoY utilize Detectives, as first through the door under an active shooter scenario? Wouldn’t patrol typically be first on the scene and trained to go in? It would be a serendipitous occasion, if there was an ESU team down the street, when some psycho opens up in the cafeteria, but I am pretty sure patrol is going through the door first. This is of course, unless one wants to become a pariah like the four deputies in Florida.

        Some may throw stones at the Yonker’s Finest, but I have never heard pusillanimous being hurled in their direction. In your parlance, they are definitely not a bunch of puxxxxs. Maybe you were mistaken about the Detective thing, because when you attended the active shooter program, it was a Detective that sent you to go pick up coffee.

        Moving right along. Is I-87 under federal jurisdiction? Next time you are scurrying about in the SUV I pay for, and need to go to the “beautiful showroom”, where you no longer work, make sure you take I-87. Do a little more speeding and swerving, while talking on your cell phone. See if it is a Federal Marshal, or a New York State Trooper that pulls you over. I am quite sure it will be a Trooper. Heaven forbid there is an emergency on I-87, and you are told to make a call, it may be helpful knowledge to know it is a state road.

        As far as the Hudson goes, if the OEM is taking no part in those emergencies, why am I paying to have the OEM, “review and discuss protocol and clean up procedures regarding the Hudson river with U.S. Coast Guard.” Treat me as the unenlightened, but is that the same as a table top exercise, or does reviewing and discussing not involve a free meal?

      3. Stinky Your remarks clearly indicate that you are seriously mentally deficient-hope your not on the job because you seem to have the hair-bag syndrome.

      4. If Stinky works for the CoY, in any capacity that involves a pen or speaking, please force him/her to take a semester of comp and lit, and and provide them with a list of inappropriate terms. Aside from the gratuitous use of expletives, and most of the post being one big run on sentence, here are some of the lowlights:

        1. “F%^&in” has a G at the end.
        Example: “Thank God Mike hooked me up with this no show job, I have been F%^&ing the duck for three years, and make bank.”

        2. “Retarded” is not an acceptable term these days. Similar to the word midget, it is offensive. Hence, there should not be references to anyone being a midget in any of the posts under this story.

        3. “Tell the hospitals not to practice Mass evacuation drills.” Are the chapels in St. John’s and St. Joe’s so large that the hospitals need an evacuation plan?

        4. “…Who does not understand emergency management would think like that.” No comment.

        5. “Preventative measures is one of basic responsibilities.” What is one of the basic responsibilities? Measures are. I do not recall which year of school subject/verb agreement is taught, but I know it is a very low prime number.

        Finally, not as grammatically erroneous, but a very poor choice of words, “City of Yonkers receives the funding then funnels it down through the OEM.” Anyone attempting to defend a boondoggle agency or job, should never use the words Yonkers, funding, and funnels in the same sentence. By the way, you left off the “to me” at the end.

  6. lol how did you even get these pictures? Did you really follow him around and just sit there waiting for him to shop for over 1 hour? And how did you know he was going to be there?

    1. STINKY has nothing better to do BUT LOOK FOR TROUBLE AND SET PEOPLE UP. Mommy pulls his purse strings. God knows what else. He has bounced around from job to job. Always creating a problem. Let alone going home half days. Typical spoiled chubby little boy.

    2. Hillary Dillary Doc says this guy has relatives that work on the police in that town and an uncle that resigned from the police. Could be either his relatives aren’s big fans of his, they talk too much, or maybe the relative was the target of an investigation and your guy happened into the net. No matter how you slice it, it stinks of set up.

  7. I do not believe the question is whether the Yonkers OEM has a reason to exist. The question is whether individuals should be appointed to oversee the OEM, when they have absolutely no related life experience, nor qualifications.
    The CoY is one step outside of NYC. We have numerous terrorist targets, including, but not limited to the railroad, waterfront facilities, malls, water tunnels and watershed, schools, and major transportation routes.
    Terrorism is not the only threat that may require the CoY to need an OEM. Examples may be the wrong tanker rolling over on I-87, or the crashing of one of the innumerable airplanes that fly in and out of local airports. How often does one see a plane overhead? Imagine if the exploded gas truck that destroyed the I-87 overpass at Central Avenue, did so on a Saturday afternoon, or in a densely populated area .
    The questions is not if, but when will a major incident occur. On that day, will it be in the City’s best interest to rely upon the decisions of inexperienced lackeys, or do the citizens of Yonkers deserve a better return on the tax dollars spent on the OEM?
    I propose the CoY take a lesson from the disaster response charity, Team Rubicon. The organization utilizes the knowledge and expertise of former military personnel. Who better to respond to life threatening emergencies, than those trained to do so? It is a win all the way around. A few well deserving Veterans will be given the opportunity to make a descent living, and the CoY will not have a half-pint hobbit amateur, wetting his OshKosh B’goshes at the first sign of danger.

    1. Michael Mosiello has a college degree from Fordham and is alleged to have been a police officer
      for a few years.He left that position and ran his family’s thriving and lucrative jewelry store, Mosiello and Sons for many years. I say alleged, because Michael is a very reserved man and does not like to brag. I have never confirmed he was a police officer,but I am sure he was good at it. Managing a retail store is as pressing a a business as any other industry. To say Michael is not qualified and a lackey is a lie. I had many dealings with him over the years and would do business with him again. Anytime I emailed him, he responded immediately. Anytime I went to Mosiello and Sons beautiful showroom, he was there. He is a hard worker and desreves to be supported and not wrongfully judged for taking a half hour to pick up a few things in another town

      1. Okay Lou. We got it. If this guy is the Messiah, how come he ignored being subpoenaed to testify in his uncle’s lawsuit about those funny emails? What was that email address he responded so quickly from?

      2. Mr. Mosiello may be a very nice and responsible guy – I don’t know him so can’t speak to that – and generally like to give people the benefit of the doubt. With that said, I think the poster above raises a valid point about qualifications. I am sure running a retail business is not easy and there may be some relevant transferable skills. However, is that background really best suited to running emergency operations for one of the largest cities in the state? Or would residents be better served by a seasoned professional in law enforcement, emergency management, incident command, etc? Definitely a valid question.

        1. The only reason Mosiello got the job was friends and family network, the jewlery business could not pay three salaries,
          so papa went to Spano to get his son a job. Wake up people no qualifications are needed for patronage jobs in Yonkers.

      3. Let it go any political connections that posssibly played a part in his getting his current job-you seem to leave that part out.

        1. Patronizing is part of the real world. A good mayor gets elected and fills offices with people he knows are smart and can be trusted. Mayor Mike has the back of the city and the police and fire unions and so does the OEM director. I have never heard a bad word out of any of the officers mouths about Michael Mosiello. They think he is great and does a difficult job good.

          1. Let it go dont make me laugh, you say he has the backing of the fire unions, what planet are you from they despise each other.

          2. That is not what I heard. He certainly has the support of the PBA. I have seen him at there events. Mike Spano and Mike Mosiello are well liked and supported by Yonker’s Finest Union.

  8. omg…just looking on the Yonkers site for OEM staffing…LOL…wonder if Michael Mosiello is related to former Rep. County Legislator Mosiello, and if K. Palazola is related to Yonkers Dem Party operative with same surname. Yes, folks, this is really a key agency in Yonkers LOLOLOLOL…

    Michael Mosiello (B.A Fordham) has served as the Director of the Yonkers Office of Emergency Management since January 2016, and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Office of Emergency Management.

    Kristian Palazola (B.A IONA) has served as the Assistant Director / Emergency Program Coordinator since January 2015, and is responsible for the primary field operations and administrating the Yonkers C.E.R.T. Academy. Kristian is also the direct supervisor of all OEM volunteers.

    Joseph Callahan is the Commanding Officer of Emergency Management Support Services Unit. Mr. Callahan’s roll is to oversee and manage the OEM volunteers. Joseph brings a wealth of 40 years of volunteer and emergency response experience.

    Jerry Jones is the OEM task master and is responsible to assist the Commanding Officer. Mr. Jones is a combat veteran with the Untied States Army during the Vietnam war, a retired City of Yonkers employee, and an expert in FEMA IS courses.

    1. Yes he is the son of Lou Mouseiello, he got the position because rumours are the family jewelry buisness is not doing well. So the Mouse made a plea to Spano to expand the family and friends network, also the reason he was in Pelham Manor is he has a relative on the police force there. His uncle was a police chief there but had to resign, because one of the officers blew the whistle on him as a payback for screwing a guy on the job.

      1. Yes, his uncle resigned as the chief of police of Pelham Manor, because a large group of coworkers blamed him for their own troubles and trumped up stories about him. All he did was receive and forward emails that contained funny jokes. What is the big deal?
        How come the uncle has a lawsuit against a few of the whistleblowers if he is so wrong? Because they were the problem and not him. The ex chiefs son was hired by the same police department, so what does that say for the departments view of the former chief? Nothing Bad! I heard that his son is one of the best officers the department has ever had.

        1. No, it is not my son, but the people he hangs out with that cause the trouble. They were hilarious jokes, unless you happen to be gay, black, a woman, or Latino. You may want to check your talking points, because the department hired the former chief’s son, while the former chief was the chief. Rumor has it, the “department” may have passed by more than a couple of qualified people higher up on the civil service list to get to sonny. Kind of like those CoY fire department promotions that had been reported on. There was also a rumor alleging that that daddy had to make some phone calls to try and get Tubsy Wubbsy to pass the academy physical fitness requirements.
          How do all the goings on in Pelham relate back to this story? Maybe somebody should go back and shake the tree of that racist email story and see what other email addresses fall from the branches. Does Mr. Mo have something to hide?

      1. Other than slinking under subway turnstiles, what is the issue with this guy living in the Bronx?
        Arthur Avenue, Park Hill, Mulberry Street… its all same place. Forget about it!

    2. “Crooked” Jerry Jones!?? From the BOE?….

      You lost your case when you added that name…
      I think his whole house is painted BOE Chamagne Beige!!

  9. DPW can’t even manage their own house. Broken down vehicles everywhere. Sanford and Son had a cleaner yard. DPW employees are there for one reason only….. because they failed the police exam. They had to put these donkey dicks somewhere as a favor. So as far as running the OEM ? The City of Yonkers can avoid the embarrassment. No one appreciates a pompous loud mouth asshole.

  10. Yonkers Office of Emergency Management is just another bloated bureaucratic sinkhole for the Dear Leader to divert more of your taxes away from things that matter like the roads. Has anyone driven on Central Ave lately??

    Westchester already has an Office of Emergency Management. Nothing justifies having one in Yonkers. When’s the last time your fair city of shills had an emergency? That’s right, never. More money down the drain on bloated six figure salaries and pensions and free SUVs.

    1. You idiot ……. yonkers has more emergencies than most of westchester combined. The County OEM’s responsibilities does not overlap The City of Yonkers responsibilities as well as New Rochelle and Mt Vernon. The city of Yonkers provides its own tabletop exercises with the railroad agencies, they also provide en evacuation plan for displaced passengers or toxic spills along the railways, they will review and discuss protocol and clean up procedures regarding the Hudson river with U.S. Coast Guard and they participated in active shooter drill at local hospitals, as well as mass displacements of patients. Yonkers oem will have multi Jurisdictional countywide training with other city OEM involved as well and the county and state OEM overseeing the operation. The city of Yonkers conducts tabletop exercises with Con Edison regarding electricity and gas emergencies, the OEM also answers fire alarm calls to coordinate with the Red Cross regarding all sheltering of displaced families and provide scene lighting for the fire department and police departments during emergencies. But to make sure everyone is on the same page Westchester county OEM with Yonkers OEM and New York State OEM will have emergency management meetings to discuss new protocols or recent threats state wide, regionally or nationally. So your comments reflect how much of an asshole you truly are.

      1. Q-Anon clearly works for Yonkers OEM. Who else would use bureaucratic-ese like “tabletop exercises.” Nice to see the true colors of the foul-mouthed, uncivil servants of Junkers.

        The fact remains that none of these doomsday scenarios has ever happened in Yonkers. There is no reason that a bankrupt city should be sinking millions into practice drills for hypothetical oil spills along the Hudson or mass displacements of hospital patients. This is less about public preparedness and more about cowboy politicos spending more of your tax money on nonsense.

        If I lived in the City of Shills, I’d take smooth roads and good schools and lower property taxes any day over “tabletop exercises” with the Coast Guard and the six figure salaries and endless pensions and perks. You people must be sweating dollar bills to accept this kind of waste of public money.

      2. You’re the asshole, ANON. Tabletop exercises LOL? They are probably playing tabletop ping pong. Just how many toxic spill evacuations have we had in Yonkers? Just what do they know about toxic cleanups LOL…Since when did anyone need to coordinate with the Red Cross, an entity WHICH IS A COORDINATOR for disasters, moron. So, we’ll hire people to coordinate with the coordinator LOL…Get lost with your ‘multi-jurisdictional countywide training’. What did you do? Copy and paste with from a Yonkers job spec for a position title in this unnecessary agency?

        1. Everything in life is politics. Look at how most people in their careers. They get a job because of who you know and who’s ass you kiss to maintain that job. Commissioner Meiers is a perfect example. He kisses the mayors ass and he gets what he wants. DPW is an overall disaster yet he keeps his job and so does his steroid cannoli crews he oversees. It’s all about who you know. Paloza is no better. His mommy a ( Weak Democratic Supporter loud mouth ) protects her little baby from harm and yes he is not qualified or fit for the position yet he has the job. Im sure the volunteers for the OEM are more qualified for emergency responses then the staff mentioned on the website. This Jerry Jones character , who knows if he is truly qualified in his duties shown on the site or is he just a retired old fool looking to hang around. I don’t know but I question his qualifications. Even Callahan. Not sure what his true functions are and is he productive in what they say he does ? Does he truly have a background in emergency management ? Is he certified in Fema courses ? Who knows ?

          1. Eloquently stated by a stooge! What would the Jesuits think of such talk? (Jesuits would be the guys with the white collars at the University you allegedly attended.)

        2. The Yonkers Public Schools has had 29 Oil Spills in the last 10 years.




  11. Emergency Management is a 24 hour job, the person who drives this truck is required to be on call and able to respond at all times. The bigger question should be about the volunteer who takes a vehicle home and parks it by the parks department building on nepperhan avenue and then who drives it to his job off of Yonkers Avenue and leaves it there while he does work in the early morning.

    What does OEM do anymore, you don’t hear or see anything on Twitter or Facebook, or even in the news? Based on the web page they are not even accepting applications for volunteers. This group used to be a well oiled machine that responded and support all city agencies, who knows what they do any more.

    Investigation should be towards the Assistant Director for stealing of time!!!

    1. Agreed the Asst Director needs to be investigated. As far as applications not being accepted anymore it was the asst Director that provided that info on the website without authorization from any higher up. He has gone rogue and out of control.

      As far as what OEM has been up to well…….for starters

      Table top exercises with CSX rail agency and revising evacuation plans for displaced passengers for derailment and/or toxic spills. Review and discuss the protocol and clean up procedures regarding the Hudson River with the US Coast Guard, participating in active shooter drills at the local hospitals, tabletop exercises at local hospitals regarding mass displacements of passengers in multiple counties throughout the hudson region, also review the local hospitals emergency evacuation plans and make the necessary recommendations, conduct tabletop exercises with Con Ed re: electricity and gas emergencies, answer fire calls ( 2 alarms or larger ) and coordinate with Red Cross sheltering for the displaced families, provide scene lighting for evening events for Yonkers or scene lighting requested by YPD as needed, attend emergency management meeting with Westchester County OEM and NYS OEM / Homeland Security Emergency Services to discuss new protocols or recent threats statewide, regionally and nationally. I can continue but I think you get my point. Just because your not aware of what is happening does not mean the yonkers OEM is doing nothing.

  12. If this OEM person was at the shopping center for a legitimate reason can HEZI be sued for defamation of character ? Or will the libtart hide behind the 1st amendment ?

  13. It is very conceivable to me that this guy had a legitimate reason to be there, or even make a quick detour to pick something up. After it was pointed out the guy is on call 24/7. nI would rather see that than pickup trucks driving up the Taconic ti points north, because hey you never know when you might need a pothole repaired after hours, oh wait, the city doesn’t fix potholes. Or how many unmarked police and fire vehicles get driven out of the city every day, knowing that they will NEVER be called back to duty. want to save money, get rid of the cars.

  14. Emergency management is a 24 hour job. You are always on call. Who cares if this person decides to take a couple of personal hours off to probably buy more work related polo T-shirts or whatever attire was needed for the job. Sometimes the Modell in Yonkers might call another location to see if they have a product that is needed by a customer. Hence traveling to another Modell to pick up your item. This is common practice when stores will reciprocate for each other for the best interest of the customer. This article is ridiculous and appears to be a set up.

  15. This man could have taken some days off …… vehicles are given as a perk….
    Unless you know the true story behind this, don’t ruin his or her career based on your observation.

      1. I guess you don’t put your life on the line…… it figures….. some people don’t have what it takes ….. just take the simple path yet criticise. But when you need help I’m sure you the first to call 911. So yes a city vehicle is the least they can do for responders. Enjoy your safe pathetic life.

  16. Yonkers OEM also gets invited to meetings all over Westchester County so just maybe he had a meeting to attend and he made a pit stop on the way back into the city

  17. Given that nasty comment you hit a nerve.
    Keep On , Keeping On . Brother .
    The nasty person most certainly does not pay taxes here in Yonkers.
    The nasty person most certainly has some Yonkers Tax Payer funded automobile .
    Thank God for Cell Phone Cameras
    Frauds beware

    1. Shucks. And i thought I was only reporting what should be managed by the department heads that should be scrutinizing personnel employed by Yonkers. Thanks for suggesting the influence I have, but alas I have none. I have nothing to do with bringing the city down…bThat is their own doing. I suggest Yonkers City Hall is doing a fine enough job without any assistance from me. besides, since it is their conduct I report about, perhaps they should all take a bow. Even so, thanks for the recognition. kindly, Hezi

        1. Really ?
          Yonkersites love Hezi !
          Hezi’s website has alerted us taxpayers

          Do not worry Bro ! you can always get a Bee-Line bus pass.
          plus you will sleep better at night, your conscious will be clear

      1. Well done, Hezi. Thank you for keeping all of us privy to the corrupt shannigans that go on. Your insight and wisdom is well appreciated. Keep writing.

    2. Sorry you chump.
      Hezi’s article says it all.
      A top shelf SUV , bought by, fueled by, and insured by the TAX PAYERS
      of YONKERS.
      We love Hezi and we respect his informing us( The Tax Payers ) about
      all corruption .
      You are obviously a insider who steals from the public !
      Good work Hezi !

    3. Hezi sucks poster: its a-holes like you who bring the city down not Hezi-you must have just moved to Yonkers because you are apparently ignorant.

  18. FDNY ! Double Dipper !
    Hows about the active FDNY fireman who draws a 35,000 salary to
    also work there.
    a BIG SCAM , courtesy of the YONKERS TAX PAYERS.
    Double dipping
    Absolutely 100 percent true

    1. Teaching Citizens Emergency Response Team classes in the evening is not double dipping you idiots. It’s what you call having a second job morons.

    2. Teaching CERT classes is not double dipping …. it’s having a second job… something you obviously don’t have …. have you been getting home for your early nap lately ?

    3. A firefighter who puts his life on the line for sorry saps like yourself….. it’s a disgrace to think that gutless human beings like yourself exist in this world. Not all of us are still latched on to our mothers umbilical chord.

      1. This fireman also has the training to conduct the CERT Classes unlike the person who was leading them. Why were CERT classes only offered at night, so the supervisor can get paid overtime to run them. No classes ever during the day time, hmmm. who is stealing money now.

        1. Agreed, obviously the present CERT trainer is coordinating the evening classes strictly for OT purposes. The City of Yonkers is on a hiring freeze now. So there should not be any future CERT classes taught in the evening. Daytime hours only….. keeps the greedy bastards in line.

    4. I am sure that a NYC Fireman does not collect a $35,000 year salary from Yonkers. If so it would be listed on budget or in the states data base. Not sure if thats double dipping being that it is from 2 different municipalities. Good for him if its true, probably deserves alot more.

    5. This FDNY guy teaches in the evening. He is certified to teach you f**kin idiot. He’s not a lazy bastard like the breast feeder. God forbid any of you libtarts had to work hard and earn it.

  19. I don’t see the issue here. U mean to tell me that he can stop at a store while driving a car that he “must” take because he is on call 24hrs? No big deal here.

  20. Guy had am emergency !
    Duh Emergency Guy Had dah Emergency !
    I swear I am not a lawyer or his union representation.
    I swear !
    Oh yeah it was maybe mechanical failures !
    He wit out sins , trow dah first rock !

  21. As I have already said with actual proper management one could save millions and millions of dollars and stop all of this crap. There has to be a will though, something Yonkers just does not have. No leadership and what ever happened to all of those community groups that used to make noise. Gone with the wind I suppose.

    This is the Mayors fault because he does not hold his commissioners accountable…. and so on down the line.

      1. DPW can’t even get their act together in repairing vehicles. Looks like a graveyard of abandoned vehicles at their yard. DPW workers are all employees who failed the police exam. What does that tell you. Having a loud mouth does not equate to being a leader.

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