Yonkers Suffers Tribulations, Torment, Taxes, Trials, Subterfuge, “Fake” News and More

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The Blue Truth Hezitorial

The Delinquent Quarterly Financial Report

The Blue Truth

YONKERS, NY — April 16, 2016 — An unbridled spending spree that has served too many “family and friends” network employees alike has gutted any prospect for the resuscitation of a city that has collapsed under the inept officials voted into elected office. The faux smiles, undelivered promises, fiscal mismanagement, and the patronage mill that continues to be top heavy employing the unqualified,   As well as mindless promotions that have only served to silence employees commensurate to their pay has left no wiggle room to extricate Yonkers from the plight created by the leadership voted into office.

Ribbon cuttings have distracted Yonkersites from the fiscal chicanery that spoke of state funding written into legislative compositions as if to delivered in time of need only to still residing in a state of oblivion and stasis to which the prospect to be exonerated the FY2018-2019 debacle has deflected Yonkersites to consider deflective and unattainable solutions and no resolutions but those least tenable for the governed. if anyone has still not caught on, the City of Yonkers has been brought to its knees. Not a tear is being shed for Yonkers.

Taxes will consume an ever bigger share of earning capacity. Water bills will rise. Garbage pick-up is conjectured to increase by $200 per family. 400 plus employees are threatened with unemployment. Crime statistics that have been saifpd to be on the wane, despite no proof to substantiate such assertions will escalate to honest though unfathomable statistics to which a “Cup of Joe” cannot mitigate. 

There was a time when Yonkersites held its head high with warranted pride. For those who inadvertently caught their reflection in a mirror, they will have noticed that Yonkers has become that which Yonkersites most despised, that is, being thought of as less than even a third-world country. 

The most recent Yonkers City Council meeting revealed the debauchery and the tainted political con games that revealed the 2018 Yonkers City Council is too green to conduct itself in a manner that conforms to Roberts Rules of Order and that of the Yonkers City Charter, which would supersede Roberts Rules but in this past Tuesday’s meeting, both standards were commensurate to the other.

Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader presented legislation he sponsored for consideration and adoption regarding the adoption of an immediate hiring freeze. Immediately thereafter Yonkers City Councilman (District 4) offers what he advises is an amendment calling for the New York State Legislature apportion the necessary funding to satisfy the needs of the Yonkers Public School District via the Yonkers Board of Education, as well increased funds via the Aid to Municipalities Formula, better known as AIM. The amendment was seconded. At that point Mr. Khader advised that the amendment was inappropriately present and should have been divulged to the Yonkers City Council membership at the prior week’s City Council Committee meeting. It should be noted that when members in attendance at past City Council Committee meetings were requested to introduce for consideration to be appended to agenda, protocol did not demand such respectful standards be followed. In deference to former Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, his former Aide Steve Tvert, presently the highest paid, and only male of all Aides to the Yonkers City Council, goaded Yonkers City Councilman John Rubbo to insinuate a so-called “friendly” amendment to the one proposed by President Khader. Truth be told, Rubbo’s so called “friendly” amendment, in order to have integrity vis-a-vis Yonkers sending a message to Albany is known as a Home Rule Message.

The Rubbo proposal was and remains a scam to those unaware. While it would be logical for the New York State Legislature to apportion necessary funds to all municipalities commensurate with need, the City of Yonkers has no jurisdiction or capacity to direct New York State in any manner. It was a grandstanding effort by Rubbo who failed in his effort. If Rubbo was desirous to make The New York State Legislature of its plight he should have proposed a Home Rule Message.

So rather than shutting down Rubbo’s right to freedom of expression as noted above and permitted can be and should be presented at the next Yonkers Council meeting for consideration to being adopted by a majority vote, that is a minimum 4-3 vote. Should the Yonkers City Council Democratic Majority hold their 4 votes, even the Home Rule Message will gain no recognition, but why not officially notify Albany if it will best serve the interests of the six Yonkers City Council Districts.

The incident proves that the only modicum of Legal decorum can and must be conducted by and under the tenets permitted by Roberts Rule of Law and the Yonkers City Charter. The entire Yonkers City Council membership best study these two guideline standards lest they be called out as too “green” to matter. it is high time Yonkers elected officials are fully versed in how to translate the demands of the constituents they serve in a manner respected by lawmakers in the City of Yonkers, the Westchester County Board of Legislatures, the New York State Legislature City, as well as United States Representatives and Senators. 

Beyond the drama at the Yonkers City Council, we also learn that Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano has the audacity to blame everyone but his administration for being a lousy financial taskmaster. How could he not fail Yonkersites? if one were to be cynical, one can astutely suggest that after 6 years at the helm, Mayor Mike Spano has orchestrated this debacle. Mayor Spano spent funds he did not have by promoting employees to higher paying jobs when he should have been advise by Yonkers Finance Commissioner John Liszewski that the coffers were bare? Yonkers Tribune has also learned that the Yonkers Fiscal Quarterly Report that was by definition due to be divulged by the last day in March has yet to be completed.

Obfuscating Yonkersites knowing the financial capacity of the city seems to have been orchestrated by the Spano Administration. Mayor Mike Spano’s presentation to the Yonkers City Council was not televised live at the YonkersNY.gov Website. it was also not televised on Yonkers Facebook as was suggested by an official that would be in the know but was not informed or who did not wish to be forthright, or advised not to be. Mayor Mike Spano Friday email blast designated a Website address that did not lead to the promised written presentation of the Mayor’s telling. This behavior is devised, defined, and orchestrated at Yonkers City Hall to not inform the taxpayer’s right to know. 

Let us review how we got here. year after year the City of Yonkers blames New York State for our financial woes. This deflective move has been so successful in demonizing Albany, that is is accepted as plausible by the sycophants in Yonkers who continue to promote the plausibility of such pipe dreams as “fact”, akin to the proposed vision that is proven year hence to be nothing more than a mirage.

The Spano’s have hired or rewarded every political hack in the city. The Yonkers Police Benevolent Association and specifically its President Det. Keith Olson has forced the PBA to cower under his threats and advisement on to rob them of their medical coverage, while he enriches himself, his family, and fellow PBS Trustees, His sister, Kelly Chiarella, exacted a top of the line car built for his largesse, a spend as much of the credit line of the PBA membership credit card withought an accounting of how the funds are spent, among other questionable conduct. Then we have Yonkers Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association President Chris Sapienza who plays nice, nice with the Spano’s, particularly Nick Spano, the Founder and President of lobbying firm Empire Strategic Planning. Keith Olson has no doubt given handsomely to the Spano Dynasty with union cash and some nice elaborate dinners in the hopes of making BFF and Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller the next Westchester County Police Commissioner. The quid pro quo dinner held by Mayor Mike Spano and PBA President Keith Olson to which Westchester County Executive George Latimer was invited to attend. Read the telling in The Blue Truth Hezitorial lede of January 13, 2018: “Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Pimps Willing Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson for Quid-Pro-Quo Employment of Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller to Westchester County Police Commissioner By a Seemingly Acquiescing Westchester County Executive George Latimer By HEZI ARIS”.

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Pimps Willing Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson for Quid-Pro-Quo Employment of Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller to Westchester County Police Commissioner By a Seemingly Acquiescing Westchester County Executive George Latimer By HEZI ARIS

Olson stripped his members of a fair contract. As layoffs of over 400 plus Yonkers employees loom, all the large double-speak, failed union leader can do is keep pressing the Spanos to make current Yonkers Police Chief the next Westchester County Police Commissioner as the current Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner contemplates whether he will be permitted to stay in place. Yonkers Tribune has learned P.C. Gardner’s future may be short circuited by Yonkers City Hall. 

This while Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano cries for more cash and job cuts, perhaps he also should be pondering his political future. Hold on a minute; what future? While Mayor Mike Spano share his whoa with all who will listen, the Mayor and his clan have been spending money like drunken sailors on leave. Case in point, Joseph Spano the former and newly appointed Westchester County Department of Corrections Commissioner was on Mike Spano’s payroll since the clan came into office. Let’s see what Mike Spano is talking about as he prepares for layoffs with his newly proposed no frills budget.

If you didn’t know or if you were out eating steaks with the Olsonettes downtown with union cash, Joe Spano has been raking in the cash that Mike Spano says is just not there. Joe Spano has cashed in on redesigning the Yonkers City Jail; and had his hand on most of the redesigned security cameras throughout the city. In fact, there are so many cameras on the front of the Cacace building; one might think he was getting a commission, too. So when Joe Spano wasn’t wooing the help, or reviewing union contracts for givebacks, he was acting as a part time referee during some arbitration hearings. Is this the spending that the “Cash-in Spano’s “are talking about? Good riddance to Joe Spano: a blood sucking carpetbagger who was enabled by family members to cash in.

Yonkers sure lives up to its reputation as the “City of Hills where nothing is on the level!”. So, you, the Yonkers taxpayers are getting ready for another 2% property hike. have you wondered if the water will taste better because it will have a more expensive cachet or is it because another blood sucking Spano has been hired?. 

So as the union heads  prepare for a doomsday scenario, Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson will again assume his acting role. Olson will razzle dazzle the troops in blue for another job action. last time he proposed a job action it took a while to extinguish, so long in fact that the city lost over $2 million in revenue. 

This time it won’t be for that F troop begging unhinged Police Chief John Mueller who nowadays spends most of his time delegating orders from the Shelley Mayer for Senate Campaign Office. This guy’s obsession to be Police Commissioner is just so unhealthy that he should have thought about it before he and Keith Olson began to target civilians and police employees. So as the Yonkers Police Chief runs around Yonkers begging for references to be sent to Westchester County Executive George Latimer, someone should let John Mueller know that he is not commissioner material, nor should he even be a Yonkers Police Chief. Mueller should have really thought about his future before he started to resist transfer orders and holding beer bashes in the precinct.

There is no doubt that the large cigar sucking union head Keith Olson is planning another job action which might start off by downing police cruisers and then escalate to writing every job putting the residents of Yonkers at risk. The last PBA job action cost the City over $2 million dollars, because Olson instructed his membership not to write summonses that would benefit the City.  Talk about the Taylor Law. But remember, even in the midst of a shadowing Federal lawsuit, Olson and Mueller are both Spano shoe shining hacks that are all about themselves, and have never been about the rights of the workers. It is time for a change now.

So as Yonkers residents prepare themselves for another tax hike; prepare for Mike Spano to blame the union workers; the Board of Education; and yes, the the downtown “bums” for why Yonkers is short changed. Now one might want to see what Olson has spent to date on wining and dining the Spano clan. Hope someone requests and conducts a forensic audit of the Yonkers PBA. Follow the money trail. You might want to move to another City or Town before the facts are revealed.

Yonkersites suffered January’s frigid temperatures worrying about their respective heating bills and frozen water pipes while Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson were colluding with each other in making a push for Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller to be considered for Westchester County Police Commissioner under Westchester County Executive George Latimer’s Administration. Mueller has been Olson’s wet dream for quite some time; the other being that of third BFF “amigo” Brian Moran, Olson’s personal investigator from the Detective Division. These these three amigos have been colluding with one another for more than a decade, stopping at nothing, and targeting anyone who speaks out or gets in their way. According to insiders in the know, they have forged a tightly knit insular group revealing additional miscreants hell bent on passive-aggressively undermining the Yonkers Police Department toward their personal benefit while undermining the Department itself. 

PBA President Det. Olson, his BFF Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller, a self-proclaimed Mason, and Det. Sgt. Brian Moran are defined by those in the know as a debauched and soiled “secret society” operating within the Yonkers Police Department, capable of anything. Their effective arsenal is comprised of political backing from the likes of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, and his brother, former NYS Senator Nick Spano, who have the capacity, ability, and interest to thwart, change, and undermine any and all internal investigations of their choosing, enabled by the silence of those they employ even when such employees are informed to scrutinize appropriate conduct in the City of Yonkers and expose conduct that does not meet the bar set by the Yonkers City Charter, among other laws, to which individuals are permitted but do not conformed. This rogue element within Yonkers’ framework has been cemented over many cozy relationship-building years among the Spano Clan who sought wealth and power for themselves while appeasing others within their sphere of influence and control with promises espoused in the grandest of terms only to be forgotten when no longer required toward the grand ploys and scheme undertaken under the Mike Spano Administration. It is such thuggery that mesmerized many Yonkersites over many years. Yonkersites have since learned they are nothing more than superfluous pawns in a scheme that serves the puppeteers. If you can bring cash, endorsements, and undermine integrity of fact(s) and spin tales and insinuate “fake news” into the discourse, your shelf life will be sustained albeit exclusively by your financial endurance and capacity, and nothing more. It is such conduct that elevated the prospects of the Spano Clan as assuredly as their lack of delivering on their promises have in the last year diminished their capacity, options, and control. Haunting Yonkers City Hall are legal challenges already filed against the City of Yonkers.

In exchange for financial capacity Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano has permitted the gate to stay open throughout his six-years in office enabling Keith Olson to form this “mayoralty” endorsed secret society within the Yonkers Police Department. The aging, gray haired, overweight Mayor Mike Spano and even larger PBA Pres. Det. Keith Olson are in bed together. One tells a tale and the other validates the falsehood among Kool-Aid drinkers better known as “the family and friends network.” It is these aberrations, not good conduct and demeanor that need to be known and repeated until they are excised from the Blue Truth culture in Yonkers. 

Since Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano decided to put out the word on his own flesh and blood, specifically that of his own brother and/or any other person considering challenging the Yonkers PBA union leader for his seat, with the threat of mass transfers of those companies contemplating such a challenge, as well as those in support of such challengers, it is little more to deduce that  Mayor Mike Spano had every intent to make John Mueller Yonkers Police Commissioner even if it were out of spite. While it sounds almost too good to be true there has been a concerted effort by Mayor Mike Spano to move Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller onto the post of Westchester County Police Commissioner. It will soon be known that police departments have an internal media capacity, and most issues, labeled as “rumors” within any department are based on integrity of facts rather than fiction or spin. Insiders in the know have from both unions, PBA and CLSA, confirmed these reports.


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eHeziYonkers Suffers Tribulations, Torment, Taxes, Trials, Subterfuge, “Fake” News and More

Comments 70

  1. Matter of Montero v Police Assn. of the City of Yonkers, Inc.

    Annotate this Case

    Matter of Montero v Police Assn. of the City of Yonkers, Inc. 2017 NY Slip Op 02040 Decided on March 22, 2017 Appellate Division, Second Department Published by New York State Law Reporting Bureau pursuant to Judiciary Law § 431. This opinion is uncorrected and subject to revision before publication in the Official Reports.

    Decided on March 22, 2017 SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department

    (Index No. 2970/14)

    [*1]In the Matter of Raymond Montero, appellant,


    Police Association of the City of Yonkers, Inc., also known as Yonkers Police Benevolent Association, respondent (and another title).

    The Sarcone Law Firm, PLLC, White Plains, NY (John A. Sarcone III, Clifford J. Bond, and Pasquale Sommella of counsel), for appellant.

    The Quinn Law Firm, PLLC, White Plains, NY (Joseph M. Latino and Steven Bushnell of counsel), for respondent.


    In a proceeding pursuant to CPLR article 78 to review a determination of the Police Association of the City of Yonkers, Inc., also known as Yonkers Police Benevolent Association, dated June 2, 2014, expelling the petitioner from its membership, the petitioner appeals from a judgment of the Supreme Court, Westchester County (Neary, J.), entered December 1, 2014, which denied the petition and dismissed the proceeding.

    ORDERED that the judgment is reversed, on the law, with costs, the petition is granted, and the determination dated June 2, 2014, is annulled.

    The petitioner, then a member of the respondent, Police Association of the City of Yonkers, Inc., also known as Yonkers Police Benevolent Association, was charged by the respondent with committing certain misconduct. The petitioner was given notice of the charges and of a scheduled hearing on the charges, although he chose not to appear. A determination was made on

    June 2, 2014, to expel the petitioner. The petitioner commenced this CPLR article 78 proceeding to review that determination.

    “[W]here the constitution and by-laws of a voluntary association reasonably set forth grounds for expulsion and provide for a hearing upon notice to the member, judicial review of such proceedings is unavailable, unless the reason for expulsion is not a violation of the constitution or by-laws or is so trivial as to suggest that the action of the association was capricious or corrupt, or unless the association failed to administer its own rules fairly'” (Matter of Kelly v Northport Yacht Club, Inc., 44 AD3d 858, 859, quoting Bloch v Veteran Corps. of Artillery, State of N.Y., 61 AD2d 772, 773; see Matter of Marandino v Westchester Country Club, Inc., 33 AD3d 800, 800-801; see also CPLR 7803[3]).

    Here, the respondent’s determination that the petitioner committed conduct that was “prejudicial to the welfare of the Association,” in violation of the bylaws, was arbitrary and capricious (see Madden v Atkins, 4 NY2d 283, 292-293). The petitioner was charged with providing “information” to the author of articles published online, providing that author with an email from the respondent’s president to the members, publishing that email online himself, with comments, and being involved in an altercation with another member. Other than the single identified email, there is no basis in the record on which to determine what, if any, other information was provided to the author of the articles by the petitioner, and whether such unidentified information was detrimental to the respondent.

    As to the email, although the respondent characterizes it as “confidential,” there is no reason to conclude that the email, which was sent to all of the respondent’s members, was confidential. Indeed, the email contained a statement indicating that sharing the email was merely “discouraged.” In addition, while the respondent claims that certain misinformation disseminated during a time the respondent was negotiating a contract with the City of Yonkers complicated the contract negotiations, the respondent does not explain how the shared email, or the comments made by the petitioner on that email, had this effect. In fact, the record provides no support for a determination that the petitioner’s conduct of sharing the widely distributed email or making certain online comments about the email, was detrimental to the welfare of the respondent. “If there be any public policy touching the government of labor unions, and there can be no doubt that there is, it is that traditionally democratic means of improving their union may be freely availed of by members without fear of harm or penalty. And this necessarily includes the right to criticize current union leadership. . . . The price of free expression and of political opposition within a union cannot be the risk of expulsion or other disciplinary action. In the final analysis, a labor union profits, as does any democratic body, more by permitting free expression and free political opposition than it may ever lose from any disunity that it may thus evidence” (id. at 293, citing Polin v Kaplan, 257 NY 277, 284).

    Moreover, there is no rational basis for the conclusion that a brief physical altercation between the petitioner and another member “prejudice[d] the welfare” of the respondent.

    The parties’ remaining contentions either are without merit or need not be reached in light of our determination.

    HALL, J.P., AUSTIN, SGROI and CONNOLLY, JJ., concur.

    Aprilanne Agostino

    Clerk of the Court

    1. Yup, sounds about right. KO wasted over 100k to TARGET another union member. Maybe it’s just me but shouldn’t this oversized “fat cat” union worm be dragged out of office by the ear? Another unopposed term of looting union coffers without any oversight. A couple of words in that lovely above decision certainly stick out.

      If those words don’t fit Keith Olson exactly like his stretchy spandex pants; right?!

      Also there is the overturning of Judge Neary’s decision. Someone should look into him (investigate) his ties to Yonkers PBA head liar Keith Olson. I mean why did this bullshit case not get the proper decision in the first place. Sounds pretty darn CORRUPT to me.

      Furthermore what altercation? Oh, they are referring to when “Big head” Pataky got his throat slapped with the old “double fist” when he tried to block Montero from relieving himself.

      Of course the rat KO didn’t want the email of the contract out, after all it did dismember the 207C benefits. Nothing like keeping your members in the dark. Right fat a$$?

      If there’s one thing I learned over the years is that the Olsonettes are nothing but a bad joke that are going to get steam rolled by the karma bus.

      Another question is didn’t Joe “the wife pummeler” Galinski make the motion to expel Montero from the union in January of 2014? I thought the bylaws state you have to have signatures for removal from the union at the next union meeting which would’ve been February. Why did this take six months to do? Looks like that date is June. Oh what a tangled web you wove fat man. The karma bus may have trouble running you over.

      Any news on John “Joker” Mueller being the County’s top cop? Exactly!!

    2. ORDERED that the judgment is reversed, on the law, with costs, the petition is granted, and the determination dated June 2, 2014, is annulled.

      I love the word “annulled”. This bogus petition was likened to that of a bad marriage and Montero also got alimony lmao.

      Speaking of payments, I’m wondering if Ray Montero and Chris Tissier are the only members that didn’t get their 1500 retirement payment from the illustrious PBA?

      Maybe someone needs to inform the three federal judges hearing Montero v COY and Olsonettes that the fat rat is still at it. Targeting and harassing members for speaking the truth of your conduct fat man. You act like our Union money is yours alone you geeedy rabid rat. I’ve spoken to several other retirees and they got their 1500. So what’s the excuse of why these two members haven’t been paid? I expect they will be paid and with interest you oversized rodent. Now be careful not to choke on that nice t bone steak purchased by the members, ahahahahahahahah

  2. Speaking of that rodent Keith “I kicked the first member out of the PBA union after 100 years,” said Olson, “I’d love to know who signed that cheese stained petition.” I know Betty “road atlas” Morales was the only one from street crime to sign. Heard they only got one signature from housing, too. Anyone want to take a guess? That’s right, Neil “jailbird blues” Vera.
    Keith holds a lot of meetings so I’m wondering if he has ever advised the membership that not only was that member reinstated to that crummy union but what the decision stated? Also wondering how many hundreds of thousands he spent of the PBA’s cash to attack and single out this member?

    1. Yup, Betty Morales the only person from Pattern Crimes to sign Keith Olson’s Pattern of Perjury. We also have to mention that the ex con Neil Vera also signed it before he lied to others.

  3. Keith Olson will no doubt go down as the worst lying PBA President that the department has ever encountered. He has been in Mike Spano’s pocket by giving back millions of dollars by allowing the General Municipal Law to be changed. Olson has also sat idly by while the City has been cutting units since he became PBA President in 2010. Now the thug, and thug he is for attacking and targeting his own members to his very day. The Yonkers PBA liar brought about a job action for the benefit of his unstable, bought and paid for Yonkers Police Chief Mueller.

  4. Two fat boys running a scam. First that dumb Mayor Spano promotes everyone and their brothers, the other fat union rat goes out in his best Sunday clothes and “cries” that crime will be out of control. Crime will go down when the ” Choke Chain ” retires. Hey union prez what are you going to do when those fat Spanos leave.

  5. Two sergeants in traffic. What a joke. One just got promoted and is there because he is friends with the Spanos. Throw that asshole Steve in the 3rd and learn how to be cop…… The extra feeding of OT to two captains to stick around until the Capt’s list expires so the next few Lt’s don’t get promoted because they are not part of the good old boys club list. No Capt, LT, or Sgt should work any OT unless for manning levels and yes, no BS extended tours. Let the supervisor coming on the next tour handle it and that goes for the two secretary Lt’s in the commish’s office as well. A LT in charge of the FIO’s is another joke. Det Div and Patrol must not get any extended tours; let the next tour handle it. The place is a mess and full of scamming OT. So don’t give me that BS Mr Mayor. Control your house and stop your crying.

    1. Steve S. is an Olsonette ass wipe that signed a petition to impeach another cop. His best job was as an unregistered MV. His other best award was Betty ” yes ” I signed the petition too, now can I date someone Keith?

    2. What about all of the same Olsonette’s getting four and five years of straight pension build up? What about all the others in the department? Why was Detective Davis given nothing while some Olson shoveling sh*t bag holders are topping out over $240, 000 plus? Nice work you babbling idiot Mike Spano.

  6. Moran is a loser who also screwed Davis. Did that over weight cheese eating union prez. bidding. While you put your name in the log for useless overtime you made sure Davis got nothing.

    1. Can someone send that union sellout a Wonder Wash Car Wash ticket. He was on the Yonkers Voice and looked like he needs a wash. He is the only union leader in the City working with the Spanos. No other union leader is doing the circuit that know how to lead.

  7. Brian Moran’s legacy: An Keith Olson fix it and change it type of rat. A low life that puts together notes and files on CLSA members, civilians and PBA members. Not only does the guy have no integrity or morals, but he purposefully commits perjury and searches without warrants. He lies against anyone that Keith Olson wants set up. So bye you slime ball rat, you’re a zero, and will forever be called a Keith Olson rat. You Olsonette’s can have your retirement party in the personnel files room.

  8. Mike Spano if you knew the salaries were a strain on the finances of Yonkers then why did you make all the promotions in the Yonkers Police / Fire Department.
    In the PD we now have 2 Sergeants in the Traffic Unit. The first time in 20 years. Oh, that’s is right the Sergeant is a former PBA member and is an Olsonette. Guess the meatballs were good for the belly brothers.

    What about your family members? Olson sold out the Yonkers PBA members with giving back 207c. How many members were forced into arbitration KO?

  9. Keith Olson BFF Brian Moran is expected to leave this month. He certainly lived up to his reputation as “Snoop Dog Moran”. He made over $240,000 this past year and Detective Ken Davis was thrown nothing as he went out the door. Moran worked and targeted people exclusively for the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson. A real trash pail loser.

  10. Maybe Johnny the Joker will do his job and stop hanging around Shelly’s office begging to carry her or George’s golf bags.

    1. mueller is washed up latimer is not stupid to put a clown like that in his administration,joker is named in 2 lawsuits,a beer fest,refusal to transfer and other department violations…..

    2. Who the f**k does the Joker Jon Mueller think he’s fooling? Is Shelly that dumb not to realize Jon Joker Mueller will be voting Julie Killian. I’ve heard him talking behind George, Ken and Shelly’s back numerous times.

  11. Maybe Keith Olson can give up his City vehicle and his family positions with the City. If he really wants to save some positions he can pay Chris T his $1,500 and look for Wayne’s cash.

  12. What did Detective Kenny Davis do to you Olson? Why didn’t you ask him to fight you in the woods, or write his family parking summonses, or at least sneak up to him and slap him from the rear. We will tell the readers what he did. He wrote the “Truth” and you and the Joker decided to cut him off from a little extra duty. You’re the purest definition of a rogue cop, just like your friend Vera who caused the death of a civilian. Based on “Truth”. None of this is “Lies”.

  13. SapientA you made some real solid points but seem to make light of this “beef” with the Yonkers PBA. This beef is about a Union Official and a handful of rogue cops that intentionally targeted civilians and other personnel and their families. Something not takien lightly under the civilized rule of law. Although under the Spano Administration the law is whoever has deeper pockets. Thus a thug like Keith Olson is able to target who he wants with threats and false reports with no accountability because the Mayor and his brother Nick control the Yonkers Police Department.

    Olson is a pathological liar, and that was pointed out in the NYS Second Circuit Court of Appeals. A must read for what you call a beef. Targeting civilians, women, and police personnel is no beef. Black balling a Black Detective who served this City for 32 years because he did not perjure an incident is shocking and disturbing, not a beef. This honorable Detective was denied overtime by the Yonkers PBA President and others as he was nearing retirement. Meanwhile, Olson’s union thugs have been padding their pensions for 3 to 5 years to the tune of $200,000 to $240,000 a year. Did that honorable Black Detective not deserve what Olson’s rogue cops are getting? No beef, a very corrupt PBA.

    1. Funny how last month Keith Olson took out the Spano’s to dinner and this month he is threatening a job action. What about all the recent promotions?

    2. Point well taken. It seems that the hard-working, honest majority among the YPD need to stand together and purge the PBA of Olson and his minions for the good of the organization and the city itself. As for Spano and his ilk – they’ll be gone soon enough.

  14. After this budget disaster the voters will be ready for someone who can finally get the budget under control. Vote Maeve to Save Yonkers.

  15. The obvious take aways are that a) Yonkers is tremendously inefficient (i.e. corrupt), b) Yonkers continues to be inadequately managed and poorly served by elected officials such as the City Council and Mayor’s Office and c) public servants are too numerous and their salaries and pensions too onerous for a bankrupt city to support. Relying on emergency bailouts from Albany and property taxes to plug budgetary holes is fiscally irresponsible and unsustainable. Albany has already stopped the gravy train. And home owners, when faced with increasingly high taxes and few obvious benefits, will leave Yonkers (despite the exit tax), and their exodus will result in an even smaller tax base from which the City can draw. Without that tax base, city services will continue to deteriorate, especially as the City struggles to meet its pension obligations, further dissuading people from living and working in Yonkers. The consequences are obvious – stagnation and decay like other cities in the region.

    But all of this is lost in the scuffle over parochial issues related to beefs with the PBA or who heads the YFD or whose cousin’s sister was given a job working for this or that agency – forest from the trees. The fact remains that the City has a mayor that can’t create a job if his life depended on it, but prefers instead to use bonds to fund real estate (luxury apartments) and commercial (hotels) development, a practice that carries all sorts of long-term risks (none of which will impact him since he won’t be in office). And all of this while wasting money on slick media campaigns to “re-brand” Yonkers instead of addressing its persistent problems such as wealth inequality, a failing school system, crumbling infrastructure, the proliferation of drugs and gang violence, a lack of affordable housing, and a general lack of economic opportunity, among many other things. After all, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. And the City Council along with civil service jobs have become revolving doors to personal wealth in which political and unqualified hacks gain access to power in order to enrich themselves, their families and friends, and exit stage left with a lucrative taxopayer funded pension plan once their time in office or their “career” concludes. All of this, and many other things, bodes poorly for the city, as the recent Comptroller’s report indicates.

    1. Wise guy, he just got a first look on Friday, So quick to pass judgement. wait till the end of the year to see what he does and doesn’t do. He has his hands full cleaning up the previous years of wasteful spending.
      Maybe you should attend a council meeting and let him know your thoughts and solutions.
      Don’t be a jack ass.

      1. All I’m saying is he campaigned on the promise that on Day one he was gonna go thru the books and fix all that is wrong with Yonkers government and he hasn’t come through. “Period.” He was gonna lower the cost of our water and that’s going up 3%.

        I watch every City Council meeting. I have for years. Why would I offer him my thoughts and solutions. That’s what he’s paid to do! You don’t have to be in City Hall to see that he is just as corrupt as the rest of them. Get over yourself. I’m sure he is just upset cause he’s part of your family and can’t hear the truth. I’ll wait for the juvenile response and name calling…..

    2. He Wasted…you must truly be wasted…the budget process hasn’t even started yet, i.e. no departmental hearings etc. You are a fool. Why don’t you have your mommy read you the 57 page NYS Comptroller report and see how the then city council, i.e. with McLaughlin as budget chair, screwed our finances, before your crucify Khader before the next budget period is even vetted. Maybe you are little Stevie T or Rubbo (aka Mr. Ed)?

    1. Only crime is the Yonkers PBA not giving retirees their cash. The only crime wave KO is you, and how you targeted civilians and police personnel.

  16. NYS Comptroller audit report of the city of Yonkers. As a result of City Hall’s inadequate bookkeeping, the good ppl of Yonkers; employees (continued threat of layoffs) and residents will suffer. It’s time to move out of Yonkers.

    “The Council and City officials did not effectively and adequately monitor the City’s Financial condition in numerous areas and take appropriate measures to maintain the City’s financial stability. City of officials did not adequately plan for capital projects or the use of debt. As a result, the City issued over $14 million in bonds in excess of what was needed for the period July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2016. Bonding excessively and issuing debt to finance recurring expenditures has contributed to $51.37 million increase in total indebtedness from fiscal year-end 2011-12 to 2015-16.

    The Council and City of officials have continued to appropriate fund balance in the City’s budget without using it. This diminishes transparency in the budget process. Conversely, the City appropriated fund balance in the sewer fund in 2013-14 that was not available, which led to fund balance deficits in fiscal years 2013-14 and 2014-15. Also, the reliance on one-time revenues such as State aid, to fund recurring expenditures could lead to budget gaps in the future if alternate funding sources are not identified. City of officials also did not make budget modifications when necessary. Finally, with the 2016-17 tax levy, the City exhausted over 91 percent of its taxing authority.”

  17. It’s not a horrible thing to say, the woman is in her 70s and in 4 years will be close to 80. She can run for president of the old age home. Maybe Barry can help her out and actually be successful with that venture. I’m sure every fire union across Westchester would find this loser again.

    1. Don’t waste your time running against Rubbo. Go right for the top spot. There are only losers lining up to run. The Republicans don’t stand a chance – just ask Liam. And on the Democratic side there’s only Khader and a couple of losers like Tommy Meier, Denis Robertson and maybe even Chuck Lesnick. A smart accomplished Democratic woman like Maeve would make an excellent choice for Mayor. Make MAEVE Mayor

  18. To all Yonkers PBA members, there will be no more classes on how to search without warrants. Unfortunately & for the good of the Yonkers Police Department Snoop Dog Brian Moran will be retiring. It will be easier now to spot big Olson for any office tampering or file removals. Do let the door hit you in the a** you wierdo. Go get a job at a sewer plant you low life.

  19. You had 8 years in office Mayor Mike, and you squeezed alot of cash from the taxpayers with raising taxes, higher water bills, hiring your whole family and friends network, more traffic cameras, larger fines and nothing for education other than lead in the water and asbestos around staff and children.
    Keep eating your free meals and you will soon be wearing stretchable pants like your fat PBA sellout .

  20. Just saw that Looney Chef walking out of a three hour lunch. Looked like his eyes were twiching and he was mumbling, “Keith, did you give money to Mike too”.

    1. Don’t worry Shelley, we will get Mumbles Mueller a job as Commissioner of Parks and Recreation. We will get the lying fat union rat a State Job poking at garbage on the side of the road.

  21. I hope Steven Tvert is ready to spend the summer and fall of 2021 fending off an even stronger challenge from Maeve Scott

  22. Hezi,
    Why don’t you ask your insiders about the two new DPW hires today? Yet, we are facing layoffs? Ask Don Nicky how long he can keep thinking he is fooling Yonkers voters? Where the hell is the FBI? Jesus, it is like a puzzle and many of us have a lot of the pieces! So, much more going on in the political world but I don’t want to give too much info …. YET! BTW, you are right about TVERT he is a little rat that screwed some pretty important people when he went to the Republican City Council members pitching his idea that instead of hiring three different people they hire him.
    Same with Rubbo… Enjoy your term but kiss those 212 votes goodbye because something BIG is gonna change and you will be on your own for votes! You should never have bit the hand that fed you! Dumb A$$!

    1. Post

      If you are comfortable to share more information with me please consider emailing eHezi@hush.com .
      thanks in advance for your consideration. No one will learn your identity. I do not share the names of my sources with anyone. kindly, Hezi

    2. I don’t know what that weasel Tvert pitched to the city council, but the Republicans already have their assistants who haven’t been replaced – at least two of them, anyway. Breen has Daniel Crowley and Merrante retained Larkin’s assistant, Connie Braun. I don’t know who Teeth Rubbo hired. If Tvert is Rubbo’s assistant and his assistant alone, he should be making what the other two assistants make. The majority and minority leaders might both be entitled to an extra assistant. Perhaps the Republicans rolled that extra assistant salary into the salary for Tvert. They had to give little man the money he was used to working as Liam’s personal photographer LOL. What a douche.

  23. Can’t believe Olson stands before Channel 12 and cries about layoffs, after he alone give up units since 2010. Now after the Mayor hired his sister at a nice chunk of taxpayers change, Olson wants to blame the other chubby guy. Go peddle your PBA bullshit to your new rookies.

  24. No doubt that that the Yonkers PBA President and his two mutt friends have set up. FYI just saw Jon ( beer bashing ) Mueller waiting for Shelley’s office to open.

  25. Hezi, can’t picture two heavy weights in the same bed together. You think Olson will have his secret ” rats” pull him over and commit to perjury even if they are in bed together?

    1. Hiram, maybe they will find Wayne’s cash after a search warrant, but not a Yonkers PBA search warrant. By the way Keith Olson, where is Chris T. PBA retirement check. Oh, that check must be next to Wayne’s cash waiting to get picked up.

  26. We need Maeve Scott to give it another go on john rubbo. The people of District 4 see John Rubbo as just another political hack through the hiring of Steven Tvert, a longtime Liam McLaughlin lapdog.

      1. Santa Claus can run against Rubbo in next election and Win! Rubbo owes his election to the GOP leader and his son. HE squeaked over the line. Rubbo is arrogant and his agenda is promoting his brewery. Let him keep grandstanding like the other night so we can sit back and at least have a good laugh.

  27. If you listen to the tape, rubbo never say friendly amendment. He says a motion to amend. That’s a legal motion and it doesn’t need to be discussed prior.this guy thinks he was elected king of the council. One vote mike just one of 7 votes.

  28. Idiots in City Hall.
    Yonkers gets what it deserves from a political ponzi schemes like empowerment zones, real estate deals and development hand outs. Poor Annabi had to pay the price for ridgehill, now the taxpayers will PAY yet again. Cuomo is after spaNO for not supporting the Dems and will not give him santa funds anymore.

  29. Rubbo was ill advised on his friendly amendment…Merrante is still fresh but Breen and Tvert know that no surprises are allowed once a Council meeting goes public.

    1. Your a funny fat union head Keith Olson. Do you offering up the Housing Unit ? Your last job action cost the City 2 million. Now you hint at a delay response.

    1. How is it fake? So it’s not true, the city is not in a financial crisis? So it’s not true, cops are not being laid off and crime won’t rise? Hey, how about the Board of Ed, no problems there, right? Dr. Quesada is doing a phenomenal job, right? You can’t make this up. And, if you want to leave, can’t sell your house. Who the hell wants to move here, you cannot use the schools anymore. Even 15, Pulaski, DiCharrio, Saunders are turning into shit. So, no, it’s not fake. Very true.

      1. I had a good laugh watching Keith Olson talk about a crime wave. The only crime wave is Keith Olson and the Olsonette’s. Keith apparently most have had a brain freeze moment when he himself offered up units. He forgot the Housing Unit, the Resource Officers and the lying song goes. Now we suggest that Olson grab a nice chunk of cheese and legally have the City hold up their end in one of the worst contract put forth to the men and women in uniform. Better than having them do a job action while you dine with the Spano’s.

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