Yonkers City Hall and City Council Silent Over Fiscal Shortfalls They have Been Made Aware

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The Hezitorial Inquiry and Telling

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When Was the Public to Be Informed? Why the Delay?

SOURCE – YT – Connecting the Time Lag From May 18th to May 22nd. How Much Longer Before the Publication Learns the Truth?

Why Did Mayor Mike Spano in Monday, May 21st Dress Down PBA President Det. Keith Olson?

SOURCE – YT – Believe It or Not? Ripley’s Does.

Was Yonkers I.A.F.F.-Local 628 President Barry McGoey, Esq. Punked By Olson? 

SOURCE – Surmised by Yonkersites, albeit not all!!!

Why Was PBA President Det. Olson Permitted to Initiate a Job Action that Began Today, Tuesday, May 22nd? 

SOURCE – YT and Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

Did Yonkers Forget the Last Job Action Called by PBA Pres. Det. Olson Realized a Loss to the City of $2 Million Plus?

SOURCE – YT: Logical Inquiry Based on Astute Observation, Deduction and Knowledge of Cost Analysis.

Why Did NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli Admonish the City of Yonkers Over the Sum of Upwards of $5 Million Hoped to be Allocated to Yonkers by the Restructuring Board That Cannot Presently Be Counted Toward Mayor Spano’s FY2018-2019 Proposed Budget?

SOURCE – YT: You Cannot Count the Chickens Before They Hatch – Read the Comptroller’s Report BELOW…

Who and Why is There Cause for a $5 Million Overestimation of Anticipated Sales Tax Revenue?

SOURCE – YT: It Is Either Yonkers Finance Commissioner John Liszewski or Auditor Nick DeSantis.

How is It that Neither Yonkers Finance Commissioner John Liszewski, as Well as Auditor Nick DeSantis Did Not Recognize This Error?

SOURCE – YT: Who Would Have the Capacity to Override Both? inquiring Minds Want to Know! Anyone Willing to Venture a Guess? Could that Person Be Hiding Behind Door Number Three?

Has Kelly Chiarella Been Given Marching Orders to Exit by Week’s End?

SOURCE – YT: Possible Rumor Though She Should Be Let Go. She is After All PBA Pres. Det. Olson’s Sister and Should Be Replaced By Someone Other Than Nepotism.

Is Yonkers PBA Pres. Det. Olson On the Verge of Promising Mayor Spano 4 Percent Giveback from the PBA and CLSA Membership?

SOURCE – YT Insiders Who Have Shared Their Knowledge On Condition of Anonymity: Olson Needs to Do What He Can to Survive. But Will Giveback Be Tthe Trick? Perhaps Only After the Adoption of a Budget.

Are Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller’s Days as Chief Numbered? That is the Scuttle Butt at the Cacace Justice Center!

SOURCE – YT: Those Familiar with Chief Mueller Question his Mental Stability and Note His Disregard for the Chain of Command and His Not Attending to His Position as Chief. He Is Attempting to Find Employment wHerever He Can Now that He Realizes His Bro’ Olson Cannot Deliver. Ouch.

Why Has the Department of Justice (DoJ) Returned to Yonkers?

SOURCE – YT: In Search of Inappropriate Behavior By Some Police Personnel Who have Engaged In Conduct Beyond Acceptable Police Standards

C O R R O B O R A T I O N  &   A D V I S E M E N T :


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A Special Thank You to a Commentator Who Validated Some Concerns And Issues Known to the Yonkers Tribune, but Not All. My Apology for Not Posting It When it First Arrived Earlier Today. The Assertions Made Had to Each Be Corroborated by at Least Three Sources and Have. — Kindly, Hezi


This Is What Was Written in a Post This Morning

The Who Keith Olson was summoned to city hall yesterday and declawed by the Mayor. Good job Mayor Mike. So how did it feel when you got red a$$ Keith? I’m surprised you didn’t cripple the Mayor when he put you over his knee. Now there’s a good “pussy” cat, I mean rat. 

We noticed you turned your guns on your own members again. The mayor bitches you and then you sarcastically tell two highly decorated Detectives, who were doing security at City Hall, to go handle a shooting when there is a squad working the scene. You fat declawed rat slob. 

Then you attack a highly decorated Detective Lt., demanding to see his boss (the Police Commissioner lol) because he wouldn’t let you take your childish signs into the budget meeting. All this while your pet monkey Barry chimed in. I guess Barry was unaware you got punked by the Mayor prior to the meeting. Barry, didn’t you notice that Keith looked a little subdued at the meeting? How does it feel to get used like a “hoe” by a dirty cop Barry? 

I guess Keith couldn’t stand seeing his sister on the unemployment line. So once declawed, Keith Olson did what he does best, he attacks his own members and CLSA members. 

Rumor has it you agreed to give back the 4 percent raises this year. Do you have an answer? If not maybe you’ll finally answer this, where’s Wayne’s money? Is everything Okay with Chief Mueller? He looked like he was on thorazine at that meeting. He must’ve been told he was getting demoted lmao.

eHeziYonkers City Hall and City Council Silent Over Fiscal Shortfalls They have Been Made Aware

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  1. Cuomo laughed after leaving yonkers city hall and was heard saying, “yonkers is like the sapranos mixed with jersey shore idiots”

    1. Wow, Cuomo is your hero? He’s a liberal POS who is robbing Yonkers of our fair share. I guess you consider people like Chelsea Manning hero’s too! Cuomo is the one who acts like a Mobster; kiss the ring or “no soup for you”. F**k him, Yonkersites should march up North and throw him out of our office. Idiots like him get elected, take up long term residency & do crap for the hard working people! Oh wait, Cuomo did rename the Tappan Zee.

  2. Keith is Nick going to make me Police Commissioner soon. It is about 5 years of $48,000 or was that a one shot deal to Chief?

  3. Kwame Spano wants Gov Cuomo to help fund his addiction to big brother Nicks RICO racket. Don’t think Andy is going to touch Spano with a 10 foot pole.

  4. Doesn’t matter if jobs are saved or if the City gets a bailout, Yonkers is a real shit hole and will always be that way. You can build a bunch of new building but the school system will always remai as one of the worst in the State. Yonkers is a 9place where you must pay to play, just ask Nick Spano or Keith Olson the Yonkers Police union rat that chews cheese while paying $48,000 for what? Protection ?

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more Yonkers is a cespool between the dirty politics and crime ridden streets. Who in there right mind wants to rent an apartment in ghetto square for the out of sight rents, you cant walk the streets after dark unless you have a bullet proof vest. Also the east side is becoming a hell hole, empty stores car dealerships taking over Central ave. Things never change for the better in Yonkers only for the worse.

      1. It’s funny you talk about the failing ghetto square housing market. Seems like the blimp Keith Olson moved to the water front. Didn’t he start that “Yonkers isn’t safe” site? To quote, “there aren’t enough cops to keep the water front safe”. I’m sure he shook down the building owner for cheap rent for himself and his sister, all while he bilks the PBA members of their cash. Olson pays himself 60k a year from PBA coffers while his members who are disabled are left fending for themselves. It’s going to be funny when the rat fink gets hit by the karma bus. Keep eating steaks on the PBA, you’re about to explode. Now that property taxes are skyrocketing & unions refuse to give concessions it seems Olson has abandoned his pet Monkey Mr. McGoo.

        P.S. It seems they fished out all the bikes Olson’s goons threw into the lime juice river and the “Novelty” is actually one of the most successful for the bike company so far. Just because Olson is too obese to ride a bike please don’t deprive the minority community of such a great “Novelty” as Olson has called it. Others call it something great Mayor Spano did for his city which btw didn’t cost the city any money.

      2. It’s funny you talk about the failing ghetto square housing market. Seems like the blimp Keith Olson moved to the water front. Didn’t he start that “Yonkers isn’t safe” site? To quote, “there aren’t enough cops to keep the water front safe”. I’m sure he shook down the building owner for cheap rent for himself and his sister, all while he bilks the PBA members of their cash. Olson pays himself 60k a year from PBA coffers while his members who are disabled are left fending for themselves. It’s going to be funny when the rat fink gets hit by the karma bus. Keep eating steaks on the PBA, you’re about to explode. Now that property taxes are skyrocketing & unions refuse to give concessions it seems Olson has abandoned his pet Monkey Mr. McGoo.

        P.S. It seems they fished out all the bikes Olson’s goons threw into the lime juice river and the “Novelty” is actually one of the most successful for the bike company so far. Just because Olson is too obese to ride a bike please don’t deprive the minority community of such a great “Novelty” as Olson has called it. Others call it something great Mayor Spano did for his city which btw didn’t cost the city any money. Not one red cent!

  5. Empire city owners, the Rooneys, are getting out of YO like most smart people have. Spano wanted to be long gone from this kindergarten budget mess as well. Oh well, let’s get that “good guy” mike a job up at the ridge hill dog kennel. This way he can do something he’s good at playin with sh#t

  6. What a joke, the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson rants and insults the Mayor and then sends his members’ cash to Nick Spano. We bet you MGM won’t be sending you lobbying cash to the Yonkers Mayor’s brother.

  7. YOtown is now like MOtown with corrupt Mayors robbing the cities blind through family members and patronage. Sticking similarities between MOtown’s Kwame and YOtown’s Kwame Spano.

    1. 48 thousand dollars of the Yonkers PBA membership goes annually to none other than Nick Spano and his Empire Strategic Lobbying. The CLSA was also paying $24, 000. Now who else is in to Nicky Pasta?

      1. That’s why mayor and commissioner gardner are just pals too. Uncle Nick is still getting his and using special needs children as his “feel good” platform. FAT RATS!

    1. Hey dummy Mpac and johnnylimo been doing fundraisers for spanos last 10 years wake up and as far as cavalo goes spano are done with him they dont need him,remember when fred hernandez ran against spano on the Ind line Johnhylimo delivered to spano and beat cavalo or you forgot that one…lol and as far as jereis goes he and johnny are 1st cousins and both playing everybody its all a show fellas….Happy Memorial day

  8. It dosen’t matter the party, the politician or the public. In Yonkers the same assholes run the show. Year in year out same narrative, different actors. Always broke, overpaid and under worked public servants. Developers steal from the candy store (think taxpayer) at the behest of the Mayor, who ever he is.
    Final act. Taxpayers get screwed over and over again. Income taxes up. Sales taxes up. Fees for water and sewer up. Stealth taxes up.

    No one in the wings to save us.

  9. Barry, please tell the other unions that they can trust me and that am not a Nick Spano spy.
    Please Barry I need your help or Jonny Joker Mueller will not be Police Commissioner. I can contribute more money to the Tough Man and this time I promise not to give $30,000 to Lenny Spano.

  10. Always East School Bus Company
    Mile Square Bus Company
    Wilson Elser
    Empress Ambulance
    Capital Wrecking
    Nick DeSantis CPA firm
    Yonkers Police union
    Empire Casino
    Stew Leonard’s

    The list goes on and on. They gotta pay Nick thousands of dollars per month some as high as $10,000 per month. Thats serious money. On paper Nick “lobby’s” for state legislation in Albany but the real gravy is that you gotta pay if you want to play with Spano’s Yonkers.

    1. RICO written all over it. Raise your right hand please. And they will spill their guts and tell all about Nicks shakedowns. Faux state lobbying for bills that go nowhere yet they continue to pay thousands and thousands per month to keep the contracts and deals they have in Yonkers.

  11. We’re entitled. Been doing it forever. And our little brother Vinny is going to the President of the United States real soon. You gotta a problem with dat?

  12. Strikingly similar family member shake downs like in Detroit. School Bus Companies Developers even Municipal Unions.

  13. Stop making fun of Vinny Spano and calling him names. He serves a very important purpose – he makes his brother the mayor look intelligent.

    1. I don’t get it. Mike doesn’t look like a Mississippi pimp. Well he may pimp kEIth oLson but that’s about it haha

  14. Someone on here seems to be obsessed with the Firefighters. Didn’t your mother teach you if you play with fire you’re going to get burned?

    1. Play with Fire? The Local 628 and the Fire Officers Union have been ‘playing’ with the citizens of our city for decades. Pagano thru to McGoey. Flynn and his predecessors. YFD Fire Officers retiring with $300K + pensions. Firefighters retiring with close to or even over $100K annual pensions. And look at the ‘Nepotism’ within the department. Just search by their last names, you will clearly see that its not how good you do necessarily do on the entrance exam or the city’s attempt to hire on minorities, but you have a better chance of getting into the department based upon your last name. Look at the Fitzpatrick’s alone. Maybe someone could check on the Former Chief “Fatsy Fitzpatrick” who is soaking up his annual retirement after soaking in MEGA OVERTIME during his last 2 years on the job, just so that he could enjoy the spoils of a poorly negotiated contract with the City of Yonkers. Political Gains from former High Ranking City Officials (Mayor’s, City Council Members, along with Union Leaders positioning themselves during election years, just to bargin themselves into personal and union gains. This is not to say that Mayor’s Ammicone, Spano, and those prior to them, aren’t at fault themselves, but let the truth be known to everyone in our city how we all got into this mess.

        1. Robert Capurso – Former Assistant Fire Chief – $293,970.00
          Robert Antulov – Assistant Fire Chief – $291,801.00
          Christopher Maher – Assistant Fire Chief – $282,042.00
          Robert Hacaj – Assistant Fire Chief – $281,125.00
          John Bonanno – Assistant Fire Chief – $275,576.00
          James Brady – Former Fire Captain – $275,573.00
          Roman Telyczka – Fire Captain – $274,954.00
          James Fitzpatrick – Assistant Fire Chief – $274,572.00
          Eric Dronzek – Former Assistant Fire Chief – $273,547.00
          Brian Travers – Assistant Fire Chief – $272,162.00

          That’s approximately slightly over $2.8 Million Dollars in Salary paid out every year to just these 10 individuals. There are certainly more on this list (current and retired) that add to this deficit.

          Yes, Mr. McGoo and Chief Mr. Clean can both tell you that the amount of money that they are paid, were fairly negotiated as part of their contract agreement with the city. Yes, you are correct, BUT this is where the problem lies. These individuals, while, yes, having put their lives on the line when they worked as fireman in the city, the fact remains that these people are making more than Senior Executives, with MBA’s earned, at major Fortune 500 companies. And many people in people who worked just as hard, some for over 40 years, don’t even get a pension. Is this really fair to the taxpayers of our city?

          Just the facts – Just the facts

          1. DID you know a good chunk of those salaries was retroactive payments made due to the city not giving a contract to the FD for 7 years….FACTS just FACTS

          2. Post

            It took long enough to get the facts. This is how adults hold a discussion. Thanks for manning up. I cannot even fathom what allowed you to step up yo the plate. I suggest you have found the best means for Yonkers to evolve with civility and understanding. My hat comes off to you for your lucid expression. On target. Thank you Samuel Culper!

          3. But what I believe the point that Underdog was trying to convey, that despite this possibly being retro-pay for 7 years of back pay due, the amount paid is factored into their yearly gross salaries for 2017. Therefore, under their contract, each of these individuals are eligible to retire, based upon a percentage of their average gross pay over their final 2 years on the job. Unless these additional back wages due to them, were separated from their normal salaries, “Plus Overtime”, I think that one could figure out how one could pad their Gross Wages over this period of time.

    2. If you wait for the 🔥 department you gonna get burned so what’s the difference. You overpaid cry babies lose every 🔥 anyways. If you got paid by the amount of 🔥 you put out all you hosers would be negative -250k

  15. You’re obviously a frustrated Spano lad who has been misguided like that rat PBA President Keith Olson who now knocks on Barry’s door for guidance. Outsourcing will never work in any big city. It is simple either pay now or pay later. Outside sources want their money, too.

    1. You loser Spanos will be packed up and moved out before you know it. And it can’t come soon enough. The only people that think Mike Spano is doing a good job are the couple of hundred working for the City, making money off the City or involved in politics. The people of Yonkers know that Yonkers is becoming a shit hole and Mike Spano is a disaster. Great job Mike Spano.

  16. Yonkers is a shit hole and will be like that until the Feds hit. Stop your crying about the unions and what they have. Look Mr. whoever, if you’re so concerned about how much they make go to the Mayor’s office and ask him why. As for who lives or don’t live in Yonkers. That is their choice and there is nothing illegal about that. Look at the schools, streets, police department, all a mess. Yonkers needs a new manager, not a bunch of suck up union leaders to the Spano clan.

  17. I think someone is right about RICO because it almost seems like the law was written for illegal gangs of crooks like the Spanos.

  18. Do some google searches on RICO and you will see just how the Spanoistas will be taken down. Enjoy the summer. It’s going to get hot soon.

  19. How come none of these emotionally unstable union leaders live in Yonkers.
    Does Yonkers give psychological tests to get on public safety jobs ?
    or did they pay off ?
    To hear and see them and their co-workers ranting.
    Then to see their triple digit salaries ! 300,000 !
    WTF ? I mean, really, WTF ?
    Yonkers needs new uniforms for their public safety workers.
    Nice blue straight jackets, they can do there parades in them,
    as a tax payer I believe it is appropriate.

  20. Listen , there are only so many seats at this
    rodeo .
    First come first served.
    It’s the smartest thing you can do.
    Take it off your shoulders and put
    the weight on Uncle Sam.
    It’s the smartest thing you can do.

  21. I just spoke to them.
    My case worker has my information.
    He let me know that the puzzle is coming together.
    I know It was my only chance.
    Its our only chance guys and girls.
    There is a hoy line

  22. RICO will end the dynasty. Too funny. The US Attorney doesn’t even need to come to Yonkers. We sent him everything he needs. Just wait until the low hanging fruit fold like cheap beach chairs. ROTFLMFAO. Its going to be so much fun watching the perp walks.

    1. To the last comment the Spano’s have been here for almost 7 years now. Before they enter into the financial short falls of Yonkers they had their eyes open and if they did they would have known that most of the city unions were without contracts for several years nor raises. So they then came in to settle contracts first with that sell out union PBA President Keith Olson who screwed his membership on 207c. The fact that Barry and other union leaders don’t want to defer anything after entering into a legal contract is the union’s rights. Barry has nothing to do with any of this except being an exceptional union leader who wants to keep with the agreement. You really should be writing about that Spano suck up and butter ball union rat Keith Olson. Why doesn’t he give his car keys back and ask for 207c changes in light of his sister riding around with the Mayor.

    2. The Department of Justice is already here checking on the Yonkers Police Department after an agreement that Mike Spano said was behind the City. Hope they ask for internal memos, emails, texts, and complaints.

    3. Oh brother ! You got this one wrong !
      Do your homework.
      Really ! Do your homework !
      The low hanging fruit ?
      You are a schmuck !
      Don’t worry numb nuts , you are soon going to
      find out what’s, what, and who’s, who.
      A hint , the deal was made a long time ago.

  23. Hezi has Barry McGoey made himself willing to agree to concessions or does he want to constantly pass the buck to taxpayers for his firefighter friends to make 250k a year?

    Mayor Mike Spano and City Clerk Vincent Spano have made themselves clear that concessions are needed which is very reasonable.

  24. Has any study ever been done to examine the feasibility of contracting out with NYC for police/fire/and sanitation services?

    1. I was thinking the same thing.
      It is laughable that Yonkers being so close
      is separate from N.Y.C.
      Think of how low our taxes will be.
      Access to better schools, police, fire, ambulances, hospitals,
      Yonkers would no longer be the Orphan Child that its workers
      and Westchester County Shit on.
      City Hall will just become Borough Hall.
      But first, The Department of Justice has to
      find out where all the bodies are.
      Justice is coming !
      make no doubts about it.

    2. Please if you love Bill DeBlasio or whatever his real name is, then please by all means move to NYC. Your post is not a constructive one. How about all the taxpayers go march in Albany against this bum Governor Cuomo. Bottom line we need more funding. I’m a little disturbed with certain salaries within the uniformed services but for a city this size it seems cheaper to pay the overtime than hire more. This incurs more benefits the city has to pay which would turn out worse. Combat the real problems. Our tax dollars are wasted through Albany. It’s crazy how we educate undocumented kids in our school system while our residents are forced to pay exorbitant school taxes. Thus having to send their children to private School. Totally nuts but hey, Cuomo is making sure to dismantle the second amendment protesting and laying on a sidewalk. Wtf does he think he is? Htf do these morons continue getting elected? Let’s just attack each other, turn on each other while the real problems continue to fester like a boil on our a$$!

  25. Get off your knees dude. Vinny Spano, in the real world, would be bussing tables at Giulios. But he just happened to be a Spano…. So he gets handed a job…. Greatest my ass… Can you spell GED?… He can’t. My God what fantasy world do you live in?… Oh, I forgot, its Friday… You must be loaded… Along with Vinny at Giulio’s.

  26. Vinny Spano has been an outstanding city clerk in Yonkers and potentially the greatest in history. Vinny Spano is also the unofficial Conservative Party Chairman. Rank and file conservatives love Vinny spano. Vinny Spano defeated Barry McGoey on the Conservative line every time. You would think Barry McGoey would learn his lesson but Vinny Spano is going to have to just keep beating him until he learns. I can’t believe Barry McGoey is actually a lawyer. An endorsement from Barry McGoey and IAFF means an endorsement by Vinny Spano for your opponent. Only Vinny Spano backed candidates win in Yonkers.

    1. Hey ‘Greatest Clerk etc.’

      Your writing sounds like my 1st grade reader. But, I am not surprised. Your co-called genius, Vinny, lost the biggest prize of all – the Yonkers City Council president seat. Maybe you haven’t heard? Hmnn….didn’t Tony Pagano have the conservative line? Don’t think it did that much good for him, now did it? That Conservative minor party line is only significant in a close race, which was NOT the case for that seat. Maybe you want to repeat the first grade and give me a recount of how many seats Vinny ‘won’ last year in Yonkers. And if you want to address Maeve’s race, she came out of nowhere to make a fantastic showing. Rubbo has been on the Yonkers scene forever. Maeve has not. I saved the most laughable of your comments for last – you can’t believe Barry is a lawyer – LMAO. I can’t keep track of the administration losses to him, but, conservatively, if you’ll excuse the pun, you couldn’t tell by Barry’s fourth court victory that he was a lawyer? Maybe this is you DJ – if it is, PLEASE, no more ink – it clearly has saturated whatever brain cells you have left.

      1. The Firefighters supported Tony Pagano and he lost! ha
        Vinny backed Merante and he won!(Not surprised)
        A fantastic showing means nothing in politics you idiot. That council race put the McGoey family on political life support.
        Vinny really supported Khader all along.
        “Co-called”. Really? You dummy.

        1. I’m not the idiot, you are. The Pagano race was a three-way race. The administration did not actively back anyone in any race. They switched sides so much their heads spinned like Linda Blair’s in the Exorcist. Did nothing, in reality, for Orefice or Khader. No press conferences, media events, NOTHING. If they did anything it was insignificant and at the very end, when they saw the tide turning. And, getting back to that Merante race, he also has been very active in the community for many years. Pagano has been out of the public eye for as many. And, IDIOT, if Merante won it was because of Dee Barbato, not Vinny. And I watched all of the debates. He had the best and most honest answers of all three, and I am a Democrat. Sometimes, fool, it is actually the candidate, not Vinny Spano, who gets elected him/herself. Back to the CCP race. You should have a caretaker if you ever thought that Vinny supported Khader over Liam. NOBODY wanted Liam to lose on either side of the fence, but he did. Vinny’s position depends on the city council. Do you really think he wanted to take a chance on Liam’s defeat and having his city clerk job possibly hinge on a Khader negative vote? But, if he did anything for Khader, it was when the writing was on the wall and they threw Liam to the wolves.

          1. So who won ?
            Merante Won
            Pagano lost twice Idiot !
            You empty headed Yonkers crooked
            The tax payers spoke.
            Worry about your upstate village and leave us
            Yonkersites alone.
            Volly Firemen and State Troopers as your Police.

          2. Merante spoke well in a public forum? Just give me a second, I fell off my chair.
            All he did was swear he’d keep taxes down over and over again, and, wait for it…. he didn’t! Barely won in a Republican stronghold and now has a meaningless vote in the minority.

    2. Vinny Spano sits on his phone drinks coffee and smokes cigarettes every fifteen minutes. Try getting hired if you weren’t a Spano.

  27. Only the utterly corrupt and dumb Span Clan can bankrupt the 4th largest city during a BOOMING economy with record unemployment/growth . LMAO!! Mikey you might as well jump on the train and MAGA now buddy…all your brothers did already.

  28. Hezi has the council came up with a date to vote on the budget

    Hezi’s Response. I do not believe they have mentioned it as of yet. My gut, rather than any corroborating information one way or the other suggests the Yonkers City Council will not be able to conclude its oversight to the point of agreement.

    1. I understand, also Is there any rumors on how much they will try to raise taxes? I herd pink slips are going on next week for employees

  29. No getting around the financial failures of this mayor.
    When the schools LOST 50 million, the mayor was busy making sound bites over FD 2% monies, that has been a long standing benefit to the FD.
    Either way, it shows the LACK of awareness of the entire city.
    NYS is saying it too!

  30. No Spano will ever be elected anything after Mike Spano’s record in office. Real estate taxes up almost 20% after this year. Income tax up. Sales tax up. Real estate sales tax up. Water rates up 4o%. Borrowing at record highs. And the city is still on the brink of bankruptcy and about to have bond ratings dropped to junk. Let’s keep the progress going.

  31. Hi, My name is john flynn and I’ve been called to speak on behalf of the greedy rank of chiefs that we have promoted even after these looming budget cuts, so that the lower ranks will suffer more. I love yonkers, as long as my “I”, “I” letter is still surfacing since the last cuts that would’ve cost me two demotions…….”I”, “I”, “I”

    1. We Do Not Ever Forget His Underhanded Deals
      with Pagano and Mayor Amicone.
      Like His Con Edison Chief Only ” PENSION PADDING ” Overtime Scam
      THE ; infamous ” M=29 ” Con Edison Road Work Project.
      Now that all the cards are coming on the table.
      What about the Chief Exam that he got made chief on ?
      He and his crew, Pagano and Chief Bill Fitzpatrick cooked up that scam.
      ” john flynn always in on the gamer game. ”
      Did you let them know about your YONKERS leadership skills
      you developed in Yonkers Fire Dept. at the Navy Leadership school in San Diego ?
      Hope they grab you first.

  32. Vincent Spano defeated Barry McGoey in several occasions. Barry needs to realize Vincent is a political genius. Vincent Spano was winning campaigns before Barry learned how to read and write. Vincent Spano orchestrated the stunning the victory of John Rubbo over Maeve Scott Barry’s Sister. Barry has no shot against Vincent Spano. A lot of people thought Vincent Spanos name was on the ballot not John Rubbo. Maeve Scott will never hold public office in Yonkers without the support of Vincent Spano. Maybe even Vincent Spano should run for IAFF Union head. Anyone could do better than barry.

    1. Just like the way John Spano got promoted…..Spots that weren’t there. Always the easy way for a spano. You can’t blame a FD or any other agency for the FAILURE of the current IDIOT in the mayor’s office, NYS give everyone the REAL outlook for YO.

    2. Shelley Mayer won, NOT mike spano…..too bad on that one. Now, he’s left with the duck. We all know what he can do with the duck. Tell Mary that I’m busy this weekend……

  33. He’s not qualified to sweep the floors at city hall. Just look at how bad a job he’s done as Mayor. A total zero

  34. I think the Yonkers City Council should vote to layoff firefighters, first of all there is too many of them. Secondly, they are paid to damn high.
    Thirdly, they are fleecing taxpayers.

  35. Don’t you just love watching the unions and Spano slinging mud at each other. You’ve got overpaid union members with their six-figure salaries and sweetheart pensions and perks and on the other side you’ve got Spano and his lying, crooked, greedy friends and family network with their six-figure salaries and sweetheart pensions and perks. And everyone is starting to realize that these unions have been living high on the hog with our tax dollars and everyone already knows that Spano is a POS. Someone should publish a list of all the firefighters, cops and teachers making over $150K. Go make that kind of money in Rockland and Dutchess and Orange and Putnam counties if you can. Cry me a river, you bums.

  36. Mike Spano is losing his mind. He looks disheveled and confused. He can’t figure out why his labor friends won’t sit down with him and coopoerate with his directives. Coo coo bird. Coo coo.

  37. Now that the Justice Department has been asked to come
    to Yonkers and Drain the Swamp,
    who will be able to ,
    Jail and No More Soup For You

  38. Hey Fake Yonkers Guys
    The guys with the fake addresses, you know who you are.
    So do we.
    You came here for the gravy train ride.
    Now you are about to get dropped.
    None of us taxpayers cares, because we know the residency
    games that you have all played. So does the Justice Dept.
    Lets see who can lie to the Fed’s under Oath.
    You can thank your union for this.
    Definitely expect it all to be investigated.
    No more who you know

      1. The insiders who did the background checks.
        Those are the guys who must be arrested.
        Friends and families only need apply.
        they over look non residencies, arrest records, for family and friends
        and knock off the non friends and family applicants.

  39. Uncle Sam is here to drain the Yonkers Swamp.
    No more back room deals .
    No more “SHELLY” Silver.
    No word from the “SHELLY” Maher ?
    ,not even a peeeeep.
    What are the Yonkers Unions going to do ?
    Everyone knows the unions are and have always been as crooked
    as Hillary .
    Drain the Swamps

    1. If Uncle Sam is coming everybody lock your doors and hide the childrens. After what weasel Comey, pensionless McCabe, Hot Rod Rosenstein, hoe page and stoke job Strzok did I have about as much faith in Uncle Sam as I do Keith Olson or Barry McGoo. You wanna drain the swamp I suggest giving a call to Donny boy Trump. If not then eat crow and love it!

  40. Mike Spano is drinking like a fish and eating like a hog. His small brain is fried and he’s having a nervous breakdown. Quick someone get him a ribbon and large scissors. It’s the only thing rhat comforts him these days. He can cut a ribbon on the lime bike juice river recently uncovered.

    1. I would not be to sure !
      The fat lady has not sung !
      Only a fool can’t see what’s going down.
      So, keep dreaming FOOL !

    2. You clearly meant Keith Olson is having a nervous breakdown
      MAY 24, 2018 AT 8:37 AM
      Keith Olson is drinking like a fish and eating like a hog. This is not breaking news. His small brain is fried and he’s having a nervous breakdown. Quick someone set up a fundraiser and sew extra large pockets in his stretchy pants to hold all the stolen cash. It’s the only thing that comforts him these days. He can steal all the lime green bikes he wants and throw them into the river but his friend John “Joker” Mueller will certainly never be PC. Bwahahahahahahaha
      As for Barry, I hear he’s currently at the vet getting a flea bath after rolling with Keith Olson.

  41. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act has brought many crooks to justice over the years and will bring justice to Yonkers too.

    1. Yes it will…………..
      It is going to be used on the three biggest
      RACKETS in Yonkers, NY.
      Plus There Unions are all part of the Yonkers Rackets.
      La Casa Nuestra Yonkers

    2. Hope they use Rico on the Yonkers PBA. Maybe Keith Olson can pay CJ and others their PBA severance money. Maybe the Department of Justice can peek into Olson’s books since no one seems to know how much is spent on cheeseburgers. Don’t forget Wayne’s cash too.

  42. Nick Spano was an assemblyman from 1978-1986, a state senator from 1986-2006, and a County Republican Chairman for many years. Barry McGoey is a bully and a hothead Union Leader. If Barry McGoey thinks he can beat a Great Political Family like Spano, he is an absolute idiot. The Greatest political Family in Yonkers is going to be taken down by a Union Leader. Lol that’s funny

    The spanclan has been in office for half a century. Guys like Barry come and go, But Spano sticks around.

    I would like to thank The Spano Family for their years of dedicated service to this city, to this county, and to this state. And you never know, maybe a Spano will serve Yonkers in Washington DC.

    1. Nothing would have happened to him in Yonkers.
      Toot Toot Toot
      I can hear the train a coming
      Toot Toot Toot
      Hezi Yonkers has a major problem.
      Do an article on Public Safety and the deep Snort /smoke culture.

  43. Wow, is Barry and 628 suppose to be scared of an ex con. But wait Mike Spano is the Mayor right, so why are you blowing smoke about a guy who works out of a lobbying firm in Albany. You almost sound like that union rat Keith Olson. Nick and Olson have something in common though. They both operate outside the law. Go peddle some petitions for the both of those losers.

    1. Watch out Barry, the Yonkers PBA President is a self serving rat. His sister Kelly is a tell all for the Spano’s.

  44. Gonna have to raise taxes 8 or 9 percent and still have cuts to services. That should make the voters love you for a long time. Did you really think the unions would come to your aid and open up their contracts? They would rather watch you pick up the garbage yourself. And it’s going to pile high fast.

  45. Nick Spano can squash that hothead Barry McGoey like an ant. Nick Spano eats midgets like Barry McGoey for breakfast. Barry McGoey should just be lucky that Nick Spano allowed him to stick around as Union President. Nick Spano can him thrown out as Union Leader in a phone call. Rank and file Firefighters love Nick and Mike Spano whether Barry and his minions like or not.

    Barry McGoey seems to be resorting to personal attacks against the leader of Yonkers’ greatest family, The SPANO FAMILY. Barry McGoey and his firefighters get paid a great amount of money but every year they complain. Barry should move back to Yonkers and see how tax increases from the Salaries of his firefighters affected my tax bill.

    As a Yonkers Resident, I support The Spano Family over a hothead Union leader.

    1. Ask Liam how powerful Nick Spano is. He’s a washed up felon who better be saving his money because no one will want to hire him soon.

    2. Barry was just elected to another 3 year term. Without any opposition. And he could keep the job for another 20 years if we could convince him to stay. Kicking Spano ass has made Barry a superstar in the labor movement. Now get over yourselves.

  46. Barry McGoey only cares about Barry McGoey. First of all, he does not live in Yonkers, so when you hear him cheering on a 15% tax increase you know why. Barry and his gang are the highest paid firefighters in the world. Not only are they the highest paid, they do the least. I never understood why union leaders become thugs and bullies, it explains why many of them end up in prison.

    1. Must be a Spano making a comment about union leaders going to jail. Seems like Nick is the only one who Has been in jail lately.

    1. Barry may have had a shot at Yonkers Mayor. Not no more. I saw the salaries of his union and that of the officers union. Top ten. Truly hosing the taxpayers of Yonkers one sick day at a time. I’d say he’ll be the Fireman’s Prez but never Mayor. He lives out of Yonkers, I’m wondering if money grows on trees where he comes from. The Yonkers money tree wilted with that bum Cuomo. He’d rather give illegals health benefits than send Yonkers our fair share.

  47. Don’t worry about 628. We’re ok as long as the B man is leading us and winning for us. If they lay off probies the rest of us will make tons of OT. The laid off guys get unemployment and work off the books for a few months. Kinda sucks but everyone will make it through just fine. Spano on the other hand will have ruined the little chance he ever had of running for higher office. Now that’s funny. Feel free to drop by the firehouse after you leave office and are back to being called just fat mike. We’ll hose you down with smiles on our faces.

    1. No doubt that if it is a break-in or vandalism of City property it is Keith Olson and his band of dirty Olsonettes. One thing is for sure is Keith Olson’s name is mud in the State. He sold out every cop in Yonkers. Now go down to 628 and sit in the waiting room and see if you can get Barry to teach you because he, along with other big union heads, don’t trust you. Try to take a shower too, you smell of rotten cheese.

  48. Someone said Keith Olson is posting pictures of those new bicycles vandalized. I bet he and the Olsonettes are up to no good as usual. Tell your friends to knock it off Keith lol.

  49. Barry has proven many times over that he is by far the smartest person in the circus of Yonkers. Barry doesn’t trust Olson any more than he can throw him. Barry doesn’t trust anyone in the cesspool of Yonkers except for his trusted advisors in the YFD. We’ve seeen and heard Barry in action for many years and one thing is for sure is that he is rock solid and will never sell out his men. If he has to lie with the devil from time to time he will do so no matter which devil it is. And there’s plenty of devils in Yonkers. Don’t worry about the YFD because Barry is our Allstate guy.

  50. Heads up for the Department of Justice, just audit the Yonkers PBA Office and ask for any related memos, letters, or reports related to the fat thug.

  51. Barry hasn’t changed a bit in years. He’s been fighting Spano and winning the whole time. Seems to me that it’s Olson who is trying to be like Barry not the other way around. The only sucker in this whole shitty is Mike Spano. I heard Barry had a nice private chat and fat cigar with Governor Cuomo this past weekend and he’s been walking with a bounce in his step ever since. Everyone laughs at Mike Spano even the Gov.

    1. Who gives a shit about that liberal a$$hole Andrew Cuomo. Yonkers is so screwed up, fireman and cops support Trump and in the same breath mention a liberal 💩 like Cuomo. Get a life. No way a civil servant should be making 250-300k. Greed will be Keith “the rat” Olson and Barry “Mr. Magoo” McGoey’s undoing. Keith, take your pet monkey Barry and go join the circus! Enjoy the layoffs, I’ll be eating popcorn and lmfao.

  52. Keith Olson is now with Mcgoey. It’s so funny to watch these two
    Idiots! The public sees what’s happening fools! They see some of your members making close to 300k. We are not as dumb as you think. Btw Barry, you made a big mistake attaching yourself to that fat rat.

    1. At this point everyone in Yonkers knows that Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson is and will always be the low life thug of the Yonkers Police Department that cost the City of Yonkers thousands of dollars with intentional job actions that target and put people’s lives in danger. In addition this corrupt so called union President has cost his membership thousands and thousands of dollars in legal fees in which he legally lost on the State and Federal Level. He is a traitor to every union leader in the City, but most importantly he is a pathological liar Barry.

      1. What Olson displayed at that meeting and to those Detectives is outrageous. Scott / Pam did you think you would be treated differently than what Olson called “Blue Truthers “. Keith Olson doesn’t understand honesty, integrity or loyalty. Olson is a street thug and trash and operates no different. Time to unload a lying rat. Once he is gone, other liars like Mueller and Moran will fade away.

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