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  1. Taxpayers please come out to express your thoughts regarding the budget and proposed cuts on Tuesday May 15 (7pm) @ Saunders HIgh School. Very few cuts if any at city hall but they want provide resident taxpayers with a reduction in school staffing, dpw, fire and police services. Your voices are needed!!! These are your homes, don’t let them destroy your investments.

  2. God bless all of our police officers and first responders! We honor them one week and put them on the chopping block the next week. Politicians should be ashamed of themselves!!!

  3. Watch for zero coverage of this by the Journal News in particular Jonathan Bandler who has a major ax to grind with all members of law enforcement. And watch how that liberal rag will withhold the street addresses of the 3 apprehended mail box thieves, yet they have no problem printing licensed gun holder’s home addresses….

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