What Happened in Gaza Was Wrong! Asserts 16th CD Candidate Derickson K. Lawrence

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We Are Better Than This As A People

Derickson K. Lawrence to Hold Rally on “Delivering Results” and A Peace Agenda

Derickson K. Lawrence

MOUNT VERNON, NY — May 14, 2018 — “The violence that took place in Gaza, on May 14th, was both predicted and avoidable,” said Derickson K. Lawrence, candidate for U.S. Congress in NY’s 16th Congressional District.

It erupted as the U.S. opened its embassy in Jerusalem – moving it from Tel Aviv. An estimated 55 Palestinians were killed and some 2700 people have been wounded since protests began weeks ago, according to BBC reports.

“Our representatives in Congress should have demanded that the White House employ all channels of diplomacy – literally leave no stone unturned — to prevent the bloodshed that took place yesterday,” Lawrence continued, commenting on the break from decades of American policy and international practice. It doesn’t matter whether you’re pro-Israeli or pro-Palestinian or you’re neither.  What happened today in Gaza was wrong and our failure to work to prevent the violence that occurred makes us complicit – we’re better than this,” said Lawrence.

“Instead, our congressional elected representatives, stood silent. That is unacceptable. We need to take ownership and hold our government accountable here and now.  Israel has the right to defend itself, but we ought to demand proportional response. I’m fed up with the politics of brinkmanship. It’s time for new leadership on all fronts that will look to lead by example, promote peace, and work harder to prevent senseless violence,” he concluded.  “I hope others join me in speaking up.”

Lawrence’s campaign is holding a Coalition Rally to unveil his four-point “proof of concepts” strategy which has already shown results in the 16CD. He vows to scale them with federal dollars. The rally will also focus on the need for peace rather than provocative and divisive policies that exacerbate chaos in the Middle East.

WHO: Coalition of faith-leaders: Christians, Muslims and Jews and democratic leaders

WHAT:  Coalition Rally: Delivering Results-Improving Lives in the 16 Congressional District.

WHEN: May 21, 2018 6:30 PM (doors open at 6:00PM)

WHERE:  Bethesda Baptist Church, 71 Lincoln Ave, New Rochelle NY



VOTE 2A -JUNE 26, 2018 —Derickson K for Congress

Derickson K Lawrence, a resident of Mount Vernon, is a 2018 candidate for US Congress in the NY 16th Congressional District encompassing The Bronx and Westchester County.


eHeziWhat Happened in Gaza Was Wrong! Asserts 16th CD Candidate Derickson K. Lawrence

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  1. Looking forward to taking part in your new coalition. If ever there was a need for finding common ground, it’s now!!
    Bronx Progressive

  2. Your not going to be able to do shit until Hamas is wiped out. Hamas used the Palestinians as live targets to attacking the IDF. President Bill Clinton, George Bush and your boy Barrack Hussein Obama himself ( the long legged Mack daddy ) all said in past speeches that Jerusalem is the rightful place for the Israeli embassy. The only problem was they were all full of shit in seeing it through.

    So good luck with a coalition when you have MS 13 gang members working for the deep state to disrupt unity, radical Islamist wanting to eradicate Christians and Jews and ISIS infiltrating our country making believe they are displaced migrants.

    Yet you blame this current administration for the f*** ups of the past administrations. Dems and Republican globalists bastards.

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