Yonkers Police and Westchester County District Attorney Announce Gang Arrests

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YONKERS, NY — May 2, 2018 — Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, Police Commissioner Charles Gardner, and Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino Jr. today announced a series of arrests which took place yesterday throughout the City of Yonkers and surrounding jurisdictions, targeting known members of the Blood Stones gang as a result of an intensive four-month long investigation. ‘Operation: Blood Stone’ is a collaborative law enforcement effort between the Yonkers Police Department and the Gang, Firearms and Narcotics Bureau of the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office.


Members from the Yonkers Police Department, including the Emergency Service Unit and with assistance from the Westchester County Department of Public Safety and Departments of County Probation and State Parole, began executing arrests early yesterday morning, targeting twelve (12) offenders who have been the subject of this investigation. The majority of these arrests took place on the west side of our City.

During the investigation, Yonkers Police detectives working in collaboration with our partners in the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, reviewed numerous incidents that were found to be connected to this group of individuals. Detectives conducted multiple interviews, debriefings, viewing of video recordings, physical surveillance and the execution of search warrants. Investigators were able to develop information targeting the Blood Stones gang, which was presented to a grand jury resulting in the indictment of these twelve (12) individuals. The defendants are facing felony charges of varying degrees including but not limited to Attempted Murder, Conspiracy, Criminal Possession of a Weapon, Assault, and Gang Assault. The investigation is spearheaded by detectives assigned to the Yonkers Police Department’s Gang Unit, which is tasked with monitoring, investigating, and apprehending perpetrators of group violence, with assistance from the 3rd and 4th Precinct anti-crime units.

Mayor Mike Spano stated, “I commend the great work of our Yonkers Police Department and the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office for their steadfast commitment to keeping our streets safe. We continue to work diligently to ensure our communities are rid of these type of criminals so we can provide for a safer City of Yonkers.”

Police Commissioner Charles Gardner advised, “These arrests demonstrate the power of collaborating with our law enforcement partners and our shared commitment to public safety by working together to remove dangerous individuals from our communities. Yonkers is one of the safest cities because of the resolute determination of our police officers and detectives. I applaud their work and thank the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office for our continued special relationship in fighting crime.”

Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino Jr. said, “Our newly formed Gang, Firearms and Narcotics Bureau within the District Attorney’s Office is showing results with cases like this – where our prosecutors have worked closely with Yonkers Police detectives to build a strong conspiracy indictment against members of this gang. We commend the diligent work of the Yonkers Police Department and Westchester County Department of Public Safety for this collaboration which resulted in rounding up members of this violent gang, and in so doing, making Yonkers and our surrounding Westchester communities safer.”

As of today, nine (9) defendants have been apprehended with three (3) offenders still at large. The investigation is on-going and we anticipate additional arrests – see attached poster for details. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of the outstanding offenders is encouraged to contact the Yonkers Police Detective Division at (914) 377-7724 – all calls will remain confidential. 

100% anonymous tips can be sent by texting the key word YPD plus the tip to 847411. Anonymous tips can also be sent to the Yonkers Police Department directly through the Yonkers PD Tips app which can be downloaded for free to any Apple or Android device.


NOTE: Booking charges are merely accusations and the defendant(s) are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.


SOURCE:  Yonkers Police Department Det. Sgt. Dean Politopoulos



eHeziYonkers Police and Westchester County District Attorney Announce Gang Arrests

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  1. Keep up the good work boys, the douche mayor and city appreciate it. Spano has balls standing at the podium with the cops knowing that in 3 weeks he intends to lay off 70 of them. Just think Det Maher took a bullet to her face and she’s part of the layoffs all because this loser can’t control spending.

  2. Lets Keep Yonkers Moving Upwards !
    I know you and Mike Khadder will weather the coming
    financial storm.
    I love Yonkers very dearly and I am praying for UNITY
    and COHESION .
    Lets stick together and win.
    “Screw the greedy, disruptive, backstabbing, self serving, unions.
    Oink oink oink oink “

  3. This crew of Yonkers Entrepreneurs most certainly nest together.
    Find the nest .
    I pray its not free hand out housing.
    Selling and Operating out of Government Housing must be treated
    the same way as doing it in our School Zones.
    Drain the Swamp.
    Tired of this burden on all of us. Especially the great people in the
    Government Housing who have to run the daily Gauntlet of these thugs.
    Also; Thug Role Models No More

  4. Who in their right mind is going to rent an apartment in one of the new buildings in ghetto square, 3000 a month and 10 percent of rentals to low income. If you dont have an armored csr or bullet proof vest you can’t walk the streets at nite. lmao.

  5. Continue the great work Mayor!! Maybe one day, just one day, one of you keyboard cowards can actually be mayor too. Nahhhh lmao

  6. I hope they are working on a budget solution because there is no way Yonkers can be shorted police, fire and dpw services this summer! Overtime will go through the roof, Crime will skyrocket all while smelly garbage will have piled up creating risks to health and creating fire hazards. City of Bonkers!

    1. Where do you come up with overtime ?
      New Mayor this time around.
      New Rules Chump !
      Go scratch your backside, where ever it is you live, after you get laid off !
      Gravy Train is Sooooooo Over !!!!!!!

      1. If layoffs are unavoidable, staffing will be low in all unions. With vacations and minimum man power requirements they will have to hire on ot as people will not work for free. Even with moving employees around to plug staffing holes the void will be so great that the only solution is to pay time and a half.

  7. This is the most ridiculous comment I have ever seen from a politician “We certainly don’t need them causing a ruckus in our city this summer. They can do that elsewhere.” and did he actually come up with this line or was it one of his flunkies? Either way crazy and irresponsible.

  8. According to Spano: “Today Yonkers is among the safest cities of its size in the country. After a 13% drop in crime in 2012, city-wide crime is down once again in 2013 by 6%. These statistics are testament to the hard work of the men and women who make up the Yonkers Police Department.”

    At the press conference at police headquarters, Spano said the following of the gang members: “We certainly don’t need them causing a ruckus in our city this summer. They can do that elsewhere.”

    Initiation into this gang involved firing a gun at three random people at the intersection of Nepperhan and School St. Apparently, attempted murder steps away from City Hall is “causing a ruckus” according to Spano. His statement also indicates that he has no problem with gang members shooting and stabbing people and selling drugs in other cities and towns, just not in Yonkers. Wow

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