Yonkers Public Schools Prepares to Abolish 251 Positions and Eliminate Programs for FY2018-2019 to Balance the Budget

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Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of the Yonkers Public School District.

YONKERS, NY — June 8, 2018 — Dire news communicated for months by Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Edwin M. Quezada may come to fruition at the May 16, 2018 Board of Education Meeting. 

“What costs the District $592 million this year (2017-2018) will cost us $623 million in 2018-2019,” stated Dr. Quezada. The District faces a $45.3 million dollar budget gap, created by increased expenditures for employee salaries and benefits, and the rising cost of utilities, facilities, transportation and tuitions, as well as required increases for the growing number of Special Education and English as a New Language 

“As of this date, there are insufficient revenue from federal, state and city sources. The anticipated District revenue for 2018-2019 is expected to be $580.7 million,” noted Dr. Quezada. “Our fiscal struggle for sustained recurring revenues will persist based on what we know today. The annual gap could persistently be $45 million or more, and the only option will be more employee layoffs. 

This is unconscionable, irresponsible and unjust; we cannot sacrifice the future education of 27,000 children who do achieve some of the highest educational results despite this impediment.” The evidence is in the data; Yonkers Public Schools is the first large city school district in New York State to graduate over 80% of its students on time, 86% graduation rate for the Cohort 2013 Class of 2017. The graduation rate surpasses the New York State average. “The achievement of our graduates is the result of a solid teaching and learning foundation that begins in the elementary schools and is fostered through high school graduation, delivered by highly qualified administrators, teachers and staff,” extolled Dr. Quezada.

Therefore, for Dr. Quezada to meet his fiduciary responsibility, he will present the Board of Education Trustees a proposed balanced budget for the fiscal 2018-2019 school year that will lay off 251 positions, reduce programs and eliminate the District’s entire unassigned fund balance. 

In earlier presentations to the state, city, Trustees and the community, Dr. Quezada provided suggested reductions comprised of $24 million from the District’s Unassigned Fund Balance, $16.3 million that eliminates 211 positions and reduces programs, and $5 million was noted as an unresolved gap. 

The proposed balanced budget being presented to the Trustees reduces $21.3 million to abolish 251 positions and reduce programs, and uses $24 million from the District’s Unassigned Fund Balance.

The Trustees must approve the abolishment of 251 positions at the May Stated Meeting to actualize the abolished positions by July 1, 2018. 

“Throughout this budget process, I have been transparent and accountable to the extraordinary needs of our students and what is required to provide their continual academic, social and emotional growth,” said Quezada. “Yonkers Public Schools remains relentless in our fight for equity. Our students cannot be deprived a sound basic education because the Yonkers Public Schools does not receive sustained recurring venue.”



Sent on behalf of Jerilynne Fierstein, Yonkers Public Schools Information Officer.


eHeziYonkers Public Schools Prepares to Abolish 251 Positions and Eliminate Programs for FY2018-2019 to Balance the Budget

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  1. It’s refreshing to see how Mike Khader is holding Doc Quesada and Useless Lopes accountable and their feet to the fire. He’s doing an excellent job questioning the nonsense and do nothing jobs. Schools are in crisis with no supports for children.

  2. The best compromise is usually the one that all sides are unhappy with…we probably will need tax increases, job cuts, and union concessions/changes to benefits. What worries me more than the tax increase that I’ll likely be slapped with is that the economy is supposedly booming with low unemployment, healthy real estate market, and a roaring stock market…what does the budget look like during the next downturn?? Now is the time for all sides to come to the table and swallow their part of the pill and put the City of firmer financial footing.

  3. Andy boy hates the Spanos, hence no additional help. I also wonder if ex deputy mayor Sue saw the writing on the wall and jumped ship?

    1. Nope, not smart enough to jump ship. She was just waiting to be told where to go for her next political hack job.

  4. The fake doc Quesada thought he was doing a good job giving out lucrative contracts to all. He gave away the store and now he is scrambling like a rabid raccoon because the well dried up due to his financial misspending.

  5. SpRano is the problem and will leave his foot print even after he leaves.

    Why would you agree to a contract we can’t afford? Did they feed you meatballs?

    Why would a gym teacher that’s not even in shape make $140K. That’s waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars.

    There should be a 10% cut across the board starting with the mayor himself.

    Start from ground zero and make this right starting with you SpRano!

    Otherwise protests should be held in front of City Hall for the full month of June.

    P.s. SpRano can’t go on his planned vacation to Italy in early June until he solved this. Watch out everyone for this.

  6. I ran into a union member today and he suggested the way to get out of this mess is to raise taxes 14%! This city council and mayor should have no tax increase at all unless the unions give something!! We all have seen the salaries they make. Sit down and work it out!

    1. That is absurd. My children can’t even utilize the public schools in Yonkers because they are sub-par. Now they want to increase taxes 14%. They can go f**k their hand.

  7. I watched the Mayors interview and to be honest, I agree with him.
    He made a point to say that this is not the unions fault. He put blame on nys not giving us an additional dollar in 7 years. Let’s be real. The unions received very good raises. This mayor is paying retro for pay that should be be settled under the amicone admistration. Look, 456 of which I am a member as well as CSEA do not have anything to give back. We gave zeros in our contract and some of the police and firemen are making more in ot than we make all year. Fire and police should take zeros!! We gave three, they are asking you for one. Greed wins the day!

  8. The unions refuse to bail out the boat .
    You know what happens when you are in
    a life boat that is taking on water and you refuse to help ?
    MAN OVERBOARD ; that’s whats now going to happen.
    There is a Silver Lining ; You do not have to commute from
    your residences in Pugkeepepski !!!!!!
    Think about all the gas you will save.

      1. Enjoy $420 after taxes $369
        Let’s see how long you can live on that. Taste what the Csea workers bring home. That’s a bad attitude.

    1. I just watched the mayor say that the tax breaks generate more money and jobs?
      What jobs ? Min wage ? All this new business and no tax dollars being collected ? Wtf ? the people moving into those new developments are not dining and shopping here. They sleep and go back to the city. The same fir fire, police, dpw and teachers. That’s bullshit too. They should make it that you must live in Yonkers to be employed here. Your million dollar projects are causing a nightmare on the roads, traffic every where it is ridiculous.
      Stop building until DOT remedies the problem.

  9. Add up all there sick days ?
    I bet you could save all the jobs.
    Get paid to stay home ? OMG !
    Let the Chips Now Fall.
    It is on the Yonkers work force and their no accountability.
    The Unions Have Shown Their Loyalty Only To Themselves.

  10. The real drain is the bloated overpaid workforce.
    The real drain is the bloated overpaid workforce, that does not live in Yonkers.
    (The Money goes out it does not come in.)
    Soft Work Days, Sick Leave Abuse, Union Protections,
    Hot Diggity Dog !
    A Big Soft Bloated Work Force !
    Hezi just Do the Math !

  11. The problem in the YPS is the stupidintendent Quepasa. Than we can focus on all of the unnecessary, duplicate positions. He overstuffed the budget with useless extra padding and fat of staffing filled with incompetents. Time for quepasa to go and a BOE takeover by the state.

    1. Enjoy $420 after taxes $369
      Let’s see how long you can live on that. Taste what the Csea workers bring home. That’s a bad attitude.

    2. Pay cuts across the broad.

      When businesses are slow, a good manager cuts hours and sends people home. People who make less than $35,000 can’t afford being sent home Or working less hours.
      Should not be any different for city employees.

      We don’t have the money … the mayor didn’t plan ahead.

  12. Mayor Mike asks the unions to forgo long ago negotiated raises and blames them for the budget shortfall. But there is money for Dr. Quesada’s raise and the retention of friends and family. No wonder the unions are unwilling to give back. Seems unfair to ask the unions to foot the bill for the pork on the City and BOE’s payrolls.

  13. Any business knows its not what you make, its what you keep. The BOE pays out ridiculous salaries to teachers (who work 10 months), spending money they do not have. These high salaries are in a poorly performing district. If the schools were decent, the salaries would be justified but that isn’t the case. It’s simple math that the BOE cant figure out, so how do you expect the kids to learn Math when the BOE doesn’t know it themselves. But the BOE operates just like the city, again overpaying salaries for underperforming jobs. How do I get a 6 figure job that I do half-assed? Where can I fill out an application?

    Putting a “For Sale” sign in front of my house this weekend. Don’t want my taxes going to this garbage city anymore.

  14. More like Generation Bullshit. Remember SpaNO’s line about $1billion in development in Yonkers? Yeah, where is it? I don’t see it. What I do see is a $46 million dollar gaping hole in the budget (plus another $5 million that they tacked onto the budget with that State grant that they don’t even have). Meanwhile, Spanuts taxes homeowners for the air they breathe while he continues to hire friends and family. And that birdbrain Khader and his merry band of city council zeroes are worried about 24 hour businesses operating and street parking. And the overpaid sexual harrasser Dr. Quesadilla with his fake online doctorate is crying about the deficit? What a shit show

    1. You don’t see it?? Its all over Yonkers…He keeps letting hotels be built all over..3 hotels on the top of Executive Blvd?? Who’s coming here?? When there were only 2 , one was being rented out
      with weekly section 8 vouchers because they cound not rent them…Eventually these upscale
      homeless shelters will all be full of children , thus putting more of a strain on the school budget
      and resources…Then again, maybe they are good for the economy, as craigslist and backpage
      prostitutes will now have locations to ply their trade…

  15. What do you expect of the budget mess, when you appoint the head garbage man to be finance director. One idiot to another and a 1.5 billion budget. No wonder NYS is reviewing…..

  16. Mayor Misfit didn’t plan on still being mayor at this point.
    See, politicians ALWAYS plan their next gig. Mayor Misfit wanted the open Assembly seat that Shelley Mayer won.
    His plan was to go back to NYS and hide up in Albany, like his old gig as a Republican Assemblyman and leave the time bomb budget problem to the next boob.
    So, now his plan is to blame ALL city workers for the financial mess that HE masterfully devised.

  17. Quezada needs to go and we desperately need Fresh leadership. The schools are a major mess. Everybody is saying it’s because of Quezada’s lack of vision and intelligence.

  18. How about we re-assess property taxes to account for all the illegal apartments and improvements. That might clear up some of the budget shortfall.

    1. There is no appetite in Yonkers do do this, because the politicians, when they introduced a paycheck tax was/is supposed to get all of these people in Yonkers so they are now paying taxes. However this will never make up the difference.
      In my neighborhood there are many illegal apartments and rooms for rent which the City knows about but does nothing. This shows the folks who obey the rules that they don’t matter and that breaking the zoning laws are ok.

      That’s Yonkers for yeah.

  19. How many cars do we still have another joke?

    A good auditor would cut 20 across the board and you wouldn’t know the difference.

  20. Yonkers is one of the few places left in the region where stupid people can excel, which is why Yonkers city government is so full of stupid people. From all of the Spanos to each and every person on the city council to virtually all of the people in high-ranking administrative appointments such as Quezada, the city is overflowing with morons.

    Newsflash: the budget deficit in the city cannot be solved. The money isn’t there and it won’t come from anywhere else. Spano’s hotels and daylighting and gentrification have failed miserably. The City is broke and soon will be broken because there is no money and there won’t be any more money. Now would be the time to sell the house and leave Yonkers before the shit really hits the fan in a few years. This schools stuff is nothing compared to what’s ahead.

  21. Yonkers schools are so good that the mayor and other elected officials send all their children to private school…..Yonkers is a mess!!! Mostly illegals and others that don’t live in the city using the schools….oh yes you people that live in Crestwood, Colonial Heights and Beech Hill are in the Yonkers denial city is a mess…..lay off everyone who gives a crap…

  22. It is crazy that we are going to be having cuts in the school system. Yonkers High school had 4 councilors in 2008, they have 2 in 2018 while the school population doubled. Yonkers does not need to just renovate old schools, we need to add a few more. As for children in ESL programs they need to figure out a new way to tackle their needs, when you put all of them in 1 classroom they just continue to socialize in their native tongue, and for most of them, it is Spanish. The neighborhoods in Yonkers are changing and we spend way too much money on busing. The traffic it causes, and the money we lose is not worth it. Desegregating did nothing, for years, I know currently changes have happened but when I was in school the two best schools in Yonkers where YMHS, and Pearls. Both of them on the south side of town, while Rosevelt, and Lincoln struggled in the nicer neighborhoods. Busing just flipped the outcome. Everything is the Household of the child, we need to have more of an outreach to parents to be more supportive, and strict on their children. If we can accomplish this, and educate people why neighborhood schools should be brought back we can use the millions we spend on transportation towards other needs in the district.

    Also, all repairs to schools should be open public bids, If someone offers to do the job for a fraction of our union’s options should be looked at, or compromises made.

    The point is if we are short on cash, let’s see how we can better spend what we currently have. After School clubs need to be looked at due to how much overtime goes towards whatever teacher is in charge. Similar clubs can become 1, Schools that are close in proximity can merge clubs, and PARENTS NEED TO HELP!

    Rebuild schools like Gorton, MUCH bigger, multistories, and use the method of prefabricated Module construction for quickness, the method is great not what people think. Look up the multistory apartment they did in Brooklyn in a matter of weeks.

    Let’s also bring back Landis Wedges!

  23. The schools are full of illegals and and third world kids that can’t speak English. Just look who they put in charge of those animals. Glad they bus them as far away from my kid’s private school. Why do you think my children go to school next to your ELECTED YONKERS OFFICIALS. Just look at South Broadway. Ever go to the post offices? You’re lucky to hear English spoken. I am moving also upstate. But I am keeping my Yonkers job and getting them for every dime and overtime benefits I can till Yonkers is bankrupt which will happen within 20 years. All these new buildings and daylighting is a swamp in ghetto square. What a waste of taxpayers cash ……….lol. Soon they will fill it back in again with all the demolition material from rat infested buildings.

  24. go pettition the courts specifically the d o j to reverse the consent decree as per the schools and the civil service system . your moneys been going for high paid administrators to race monger and achieve racial equality . this fact is in addition to bus companies making millions transporting student to schools they do not wish to attend. its your dollar until its demonstrated that the demographics have changed and there is a need keep paying for nothing did I mention a school czar??

  25. They need to get rid of the ridiculous bussing. That would save so much. It is so outdated and unnecessary. Yonkers has been diverse for a loooong time now and shipping kids all over the place has proven to be an actual inconvenience for many parents not getting one of their “school choices”.

    1. I totally agree. Neighborhoods have become quite diverse. Basically, a homeowner who pays taxes that corresponds to a specific jurisdiction should be able to utilize the elementary school and high school of that zone/jurisdiction. Hence, school choice ballot should be dismissed, and neighborhood schools should come back to play. It would save tons of money with regard to school bus issues.

      1. That’s why Yonkers in the 1980s was found by the federal government to be “illegally and intentionally” segregating the city’s public schools and public housing along racial lines. The feds ordered the city to desegregate, which is why children are bussed around the city today.

  26. I agree that the state of the YPS is in catastrophic turmoil under Quesada he’s an absolute disaster and no one understands anything he spouts. The financial crisis in the BOE is forecasted to only get worse. We need to make Yonkers good again. Never seen it so bad.

  27. Whenever student residency is brought up, it is quickly brushed under the carpet. This could save MILLIONS of dollars, if what is assumed is true. We should not be paying $25,000+ for children that don’t live in Yonkers! This is a fraud that has been allowed to continue for decades. Where is the accountability?

  28. The schools are in absolute shambles and are running themselves. It’s a complete shit show and everybody knows it. Poor leadership and zero accountability. It’s never been so bad. Just keep paying those salary increases. What a joke.

  29. “The District faces a $45.3 million dollar budget gap, created by increased expenditures for employee salaries and benefits”

    In other words, teachers’ salaries and pensions are killing the city. That’s right, all of you greedy teachers, administrators, and principals with your six-figure salaries and fat-cat pensions are like leeches, sucking money out of Yonkers. You all collectively are the reason that our children must learn in decrepit buildings with outdated books and inadequate supplies.

    But let’s start at the top with the fake “Dr” Quezada and his yearly base pay of $256,000. Then let’s talk about his perks, which include:

    -Health insurance for Quezada and his family and a $500,000 life insurance policy
    -Use of a district vehicle and free gas
    -A $10,000 yearly contribution by the district to Quezada’s tax-sheltered annuity
    -30 vacation days
    -285 days of accumulated sick leave that he previously earned and 15 additional sick days a year as of July 1. He may accumulate up to 300 sick days and if he retires into the state retirement system he’ll be eligible to cash out up to 300 sick days at $300 a day.

    Greedy bastards, have you no shame?

  30. Another Spano dog and pony show, we all know they want the unions to pressure State reps to get more money. Same bull year after year willing to give 50 to 1 odds they get the monies.

    1. We had an outstanding IB school at Yonkers High School. It was perfect for homeowners and gave parents the option of a viable school. Years ago Yonkers High School rated 20. Today I noticed it dropped to 250. Great job Spano.

  31. Maybe the school district would have more money if they weren’t paying so much to pay for the defense of the sexual harassment allegations made against Quesada and his boys.

    1. Lets see if Mr. Khader asks during the YPS portion of the budget hearings how much the Yonkers taxpayers have paid so far for Quezada’s legal fee’s for his sexual harassment case against him being heard in the New York Southern District.

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