Governor Andrew Cuomo, in the Guise of a Knight in Shining Armour to Magnanimously Lift Yonkers From the Doom of Its Making

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Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s Proposed FY 2018-2019 Budget to Receive an Infusion of Funds 

Allocation of Funding Expected to Be Designated and Scrutinized

City of Yonkers (CoY) May Be Visited by Governor Andrew Cuomo During Final Budget Review Scheduled to Begin Today @ 11:30am

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — June 1, 2018 — Yonkers Tribune has learned that the dire outcome expected to be the outcome to befall Yonkers may in fact be diverted from the dire consequences heard from Yonkers City Hall, New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, among a city divided by disgust over how CoY arrived at the gates of doom and gloom. The outlook was so outrageous to fathom, that many Yonkersites presumed it was an overblown hoax. Others expected the looming fiscal catastrophe would be averted. How they did not know.

As scrutiny of the budget began, few among the Yonkers City Council, particularly the three incumbents were deficient in gleaning any issues of relevance, while the new Councilmembers were desperate to make sensor it all. 

Yonkers Tribune, knowing that Gov. Cuomo this morning delivers eulogy at the funeral services for Assemblymember Denny Farrell. the church is located in Harlem and is therefore a short drive to Yonkers. Should the Gov. Cuomo not be delayed too long, he will be able to arrive at Yonkers City Hall and perhaps make the announcement on Yonkers TV, City Hall live streaming video, while the Yonkers City Council is in session scrutinizing the revised budget proposal as the 11:30am proceedings commence or shortly thereafter, dependent on traffic. The financial package will be given expression later today. Any assistance will be of help. Expect the crisis of 400 plus dismissals to be reduced to below 100 and a tax increase that will hover at around $100 per household.

Gov. Cuomo’s response to CoY’s continuing fiscal crisis reveals his magnanimity and benevolence toward Yonkersites. CoY would be wise to embrace enlightened budgetary decorum, protocols and standards because it would seem logical to infer that New York State can not continue to bail out Yonkers from its errant behavior and past fiscal mismanagement.

Yonkers Tribune has long spoken of the promotion of, rather than the curtailment of pension padding schemes promoted by many past and recent administrations will to spend taxpayer funds for pension padding schemes. The “friends and family” and “patronage” engaged former yonkers City Council Majority Leader John Larkin’s son-in-law Joe Lynsey with a job at the Department of Public Works, this above the other Larkin family members employed by Yonkers City Hall.

Overtime constraints have been promoted by Yonkers City Hall under this administration and prior administrations. The Yonkers Police Department had a cap on OT but has allowed as much as 60 hours worth of OT, some not even performed, such as when an officer worked 4 hours, Yet was paid for 6 hours. Yonkers Tribune learned that the cap was revised to 40 hours as of yesterday. Why the need for OT. If OT was only engaged for emergency needs, a larger number of Police Officers could be hired at the salary they earn, and should they need to be engaged in overtime duty, it must be kept at a minimum and a cap set for every person on an equal basis. The scams must stop. The Yonkers Department Commissioners must be demanded to relieve the taxpayer of such excesses so as not to be begging, Tin cup in hand for one hand out or another. The outcry is demeaning in equal degrees as it goes unheard by others who suffer similar constraints.

Will another bailout by Gov. Cuomo bring about conduct worthy of Yonkers putting its fiscal house in order? Will Yonkers City Hall expunge vacant positions that go unattended by attrition brought about retirement or death? 

Will the Inspector General hunker down and do his job or would it be more prudent to disband the Department since little if any issues have been shared much less divulged to the public. the cost to the taxpayer is over $800,000 per annum. how are the funds of value to the taxpayer? 

Why has the Board of Ethics been disbanded by their not meeting at minimum four-times a year to maintain its integrity as a Board?

The questions are endless and have been pointed out among the virtual pages of the Yonkers Tribune.

Have those elected to office concerned about getting another chance to remedy Yonkers fiscal plight or will Yonkersites suffer this mental angst every year? How many more years will Albany bail out the City of Yonkers?

eHeziGovernor Andrew Cuomo, in the Guise of a Knight in Shining Armour to Magnanimously Lift Yonkers From the Doom of Its Making

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  1. Hezi,
    Yonkers Fire Dept is completely run by the “G-3” of the YFD
    Me speak truth. Three cliques run the syndicate.
    Do the math $$$$$$ , friends, family, and plenty
    of benefits $$$$$$$$$$$
    Not just the Fattzzy’s and Mr Clean clique.
    Plenty of Samuel “CULPER”-bility to go around.
    What do you do when you see the well run dry ?
    retire ! IGM

  2. Hezi, can you speak to your sources and get the real story as to what happened with Flynn and khader as well as Sabatino and Williams? After reading many comments on this site, it’s clear we all want the answers. Can you get them for us?

  3. Johm Flynn is a self righteous lunatic who sees his own golden parachute coming apart at the seams. All he cares about is making sure the Chiefs continue to make $300,000 per year so he can ride off on his own $200,000 pension in a couple of years.

    John Flynn has made a laughing stock on the UFOA with every branch of Government in Yonkers. Mike Spano recently called him a dick. Mike Khader called him a liar. And Mike Sabatino just called him out.

    The smart bosses should see the writing on the wall and get the hell out of UFOA and leave that useless organization for the Chiefs because after all it’s only the Chiefs that John Flynn and the UFOA care about.

    1. The last time they tried to demote a “CHIEF” or should we say “THIEF”….It was none other than Chief John Flynn….and what did he do? He went over to city hall and NEGOTIATED his own deal and guess what? No demotion… Does that sound like The Union THING TO DO… ….and then what do we do? We make this weasel the Union President…Shame on us….. Please tell me why a Chief deserves to make nearly 300k…. It would be one thing if they were good. 95% of the Chiefs on this job SUCK…..they can’t run a job…. How come Sweeney allows them to collect OT when all the Chiefs in the city work off of a Salary… HOW COME NO MENTION OF THAT? … I agree let these useless f***s bargain for themselves…. Oh I have a great idea lets demote 8 officers and then let the Chiefs make 300k…..Did you know the Chiefs give out their own OT…Why is That????? Did you know every time the come off Vacation they get a Squad Change… Lets not forget the Paramedic Class SCAM….. Chiefs getting paid EVERY TOUR TO BECOME PARAMEDICS…..Oh YEAH and they don’t even go on Medical runs…Did you know only a Chief was able to get M-29 overtime when the PD let the cops do the same job every day for the last 15 years as they work every Con Ed site….The CHIEFS ARE THIEFS and oh yeah I’m going to get demoted again…..

      1. Some fact checks for you to enlighten you. Squad changes only occur when a floating officer/chief is filling in for vacation spots for men assigned to a squad that goes for all ranks of officers second one chief since retired got the paramedic scam stuff because as the saying goes..why do dogs lick their balls because they can third m29 was classified as a potential haz mat thing although there is no reason all ranks of officers couldn’t have done it fourth chiefs have always given out their own it because it only affects the guys that are chiefs obviously

        1. Heah Samuel…check your facts…
          1. Cheifs MAKE SURE That they are ALWAYS, going into a different Squad…So they get extra time off which equals guess what MORE OT…
          2. As for your accounting issues in regards to only ONE chief pulling the paramedics SCAM… THEIR was THREE….. Chief Capurso, Commissioner Darcy…and of course their was another Fitzpatrick pulling a SCAM. Timmy ” 6 packs” was also collecting guess what OT…… to take a paramedic course.
 you actually agreed to the M-29 scam which F**ked Every LT and Capt, out of OT…..because as usual the chiefs only feed the Chiefs..
          4. So in your world since fireman only work fireman OT than why don’t they hand out their own OT…. Because the chiefs love to SCAM….
          5. Chiefs ALWAYS make sure they have a Chief as union President so they can SCAM More OT

          So Samuel Culper…what the F*gk are you talking about you dip shit lying Chief…… Im going to get demoted again and your going to continue to SCAM…

          1. Hey scam dick chiefs don’t go into different squads unless they float or as a result of a transfer

            only one chief got paid for paramedic

            It sucks for anyone to be potentially demoted at any rank and I’m praying that doesn’t happen but your beef w the chiefs has nothing to do with the cities fiscal irresponsibilities which they do that lead to these fiscal problems your anger is directed at the wrong party (although the president can be a problem at times)

          2. Nice try u scam artist.
            All bluff.
            Sam Culper is an insider.
            Will the defendant please stand for sentencing

  4. Just wondering if anybody knows how much Andy boy is giving the city? Does it come with strings attached, like a control board?

  5. Don’t know much about Flynn, but still didn’t understand why he backed his red headed step son. Sounds like Flynn took a sip of the same poison cocktail that Keith Olson mixed for his members. Let’s face Yonkers, no civil service worker should be allowed to work steady overtime for a five or six year pension build to the tune of $240,000-$300,000.

  6. Flynn (aka: Mr. Clean) has always been a bully. He comes from a legacy of bullies in the Fire Department, going back to the Pagano/Fitzpatrick era. Its about time that someone put Flynn in his place. I would suspect that Chief Clean doesn’t show his face around the Council Chambers anytime soon and that he ends up being displaced by those Fire Officers he represents. Maybe Chief Clean should take out his anger in the next Fireman vs. Cops Hockey Game or Boxing Match.

  7. Ohs please Mr Govenor, please gives me some mo’ money. I ain’ts gots no idea where all the millions is gone. But I needs me another welfare bailout so my ma tells me I done good again. I gots lots of mouths to feed with all my mistresses and friends and family.

  8. Is it a true an altercation occurred between Khader and Flynn during a council meeting? And if so did Khader bring Law enforcement in?

    Hezi, a lot of rumors have been floating around Yonkers, is it possible for the Yonkers Tribune to verify these rumors?

    1. Fire Chief Mr. Clean in an altercation? Oh my !!! – But we all know that he is a bully deep down inside. (He’s stronger than dirt)

  9. Hey Thug !
    This is not yesterday when you and your dirt bag thugs
    were ruining (running) things.
    Take your ill gotten gains and scratch !
    You Sir are the problem.
    Khader and Sabatino have handed you your hat !
    It’s about time.
    M-29, or (I got mine) Con Edison extortion scam is never more ,
    No more Hugs for the Thugs !

    1. “I”, “I”, “I”……..I mean I’m here for the men! BS, he’s a mclaughlin feeder and has NO city hall contacts. UFOA showed it true colors by putting the lower ranks on the chopping block ALWAYS.

  10. Just saw the Governors motorcade on the thruway going northbound.
    His motorcade really was going ! Must have been doing over 120 mph.
    In fact I think the drivers punched it !
    If I blinked I would have missed it.
    He should have stopped.
    I mean we have a great view of the river.

  11. Now you have done it.
    You just messed with brilliance.
    Mr Clean is mean.
    I can only warn you .
    The guy is top notch.
    Khader go get your shine box.

  12. There is an eruption of CORRUPTION !
    The lava is spreading !
    Drain the Swamp !
    It is the Council !
    Crooked is as Crooked Does !
    How’s about that baseball field next to the vacant fire house doing ?
    Lies and Deceit !
    Our tax Dollars at work.

  13. Chief Flynn is one of the top seventeen firemen of all time.
    If you do not believe me.
    Go and Just ask Flynn.
    He has the the top seventeen original list, locked up in a safety deposit box.
    There are several framed copies but the original is under armed guard protection.
    Chuck Norris couldn’t carry Flynn’s boots.

  14. Dear, Governor
    The rat infestation she’s a problem.
    Since we cannot solve the rodentia problema .
    Can we have some more Cheese Please ?

  15. Crime is DOWN
    Fires are DOWN
    Overtime is at 30 million.
    Can this city council do it job and eliminate the overtime that is used to pad pensions

  16. Mr clean lost his damn mind tonight!!! Guess his members making 300k a year isn’t good enough for him! He wants more! Too bad you supported Mclaughlin fool! Consider yourself slapped.

  17. Why would Cuomo save Spano with another one shot? He’s done it several times already and where has it gotten him or Yonkers? No where. Cuomo is going to come to Yonkers to tell Mike Spano he ain’t getting no mo money.

  18. Hezi it would be great to report formally about the great way Mike Khader handled John Flynn. Flynn was acting out of line in the city council chambers and Mike Khader put him in his place. John flynn is a puppet for the DISMANTLED McLaughlin Political Machine. Mike Khader exemplified true leadership.

  19. I am a union member and was at meeting. I walked out and heard some shouting. Someone told me it was Mike Khader putting Flynn in his place. Not a fan of khader but good for him if that is true. As I was half way down the stairs I heard more shouting. As people came out of the building, I said who was doing all that yelling? They said it was Sabatino that was taking Flynn on this time and from what I hear it didn’t go well for John. I was amazed as I didn’t think Michael had it in him but if this is true, good for him as well. I support the fire unions but not people that are bullies. Mr Flynn was a bully and after getting knocked down today by two members, let’s see if he changes his attitude. We all know how to get rid of a bully right? Mr Hezi, can you look into what happen today and see if this is true. I also heard that he cursed at a female council member but to be honest I don’t know if that is true. I know you can find out.

  20. The financial retard gets saved again. A city with a casino is soooo appropriate for YO. And, it’s another election year folks! Roll the dice on next year’s budget……

  21. Same sad story of we are broke we are broke. Cap in hand. Begging on our knees. Governor running for reelection. Bails out Bonkers. No one held accountable.
    2019 Repeat above again.
    Same sad story of we are broke we are broke. Cap in hand. Begging on our knees. Governor running for reelection. Bails out Bonkers. No one held accountable.
    2020 Repeat above again.
    Same sad story of we are broke we are broke. Cap in hand. Begging on our knees. Governor running for reelection. Bails out Bonkers. No one held accountable.
    2021 Repeat above again.
    …..Eventually this will crash, and all in the process are responsible. ALL

  22. The city has been bailed out for at least the last 50 years, nothing changes. There is no incentive for the administration to cut the waste.

  23. I commend Mike Khader for standing up to the union in which his members make up to 300k each, it’s criminal what these fire officers are making.
    It’s time to start recruiting volunteers.
    Imagine it cost Yonkers Taxpayers 200 million dollars to put out 5 fires.
    Khader 2019 clean up these corrupt unions.

    1. Unexpectedly the eulogy by Gov. Cuomo, as well as other dignitaries as the Hon. Dinkins, and Hon. Rangel, among many others consumed over three hours. on top of that, Mrs. Cuomo, the Governor’s mother, also in attendance, was taken home by her son. All in all, the time frame seems longer than anticipated. At this point, the Governor may not stop by Yonkers in person but would logically advise City Hall of the funding allowance made available toward the City for specific use. I should surmise because of the timeline being what it became, would suggest Gov. Cuomo will arrive in Yonkers at a timeframe to which we have not been made privy. The timeline is however of little consequence, the outcome is what is pertinent.

        1. The operative words used are “may be visited by” Gov. Andrew Cuomo. perhaps if you read it again, you may recognize that you are, dare I mention it … “wrong”.

        2. Hey Wrong,

          Apparently you are unable to comprehend the important part of Hezi’s post, which is NOT the Governor’s appearance, but the fact that he will yet again bail out the city of Yonkers, financially. Doesn’t matter if he does it in person or phones it in, this was the thrust of this story.

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