Dear PBA Members
By Yonkers PBA President Det. KEITH OLSON

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eHeziDear PBA Members
By Yonkers PBA President Det. KEITH OLSON

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    1. Notice that all of Humpy Dumpy rats are taking their hundreds and hundreds of thousands of the taxpayers cash and running. Guess the fat lying union leader Keith Olson is about to fall off the wall when elections come. There will be no more rat trustees or board members to continue lying to the membership.

  1. Hey Mr. Yonkers Union rat can I swear my allegiance to you. I will be willing to lie, tamper with evidence and target civilians with parking summons. I will even stand up and lie on another member for you. All I expect is to be put into traffic and get 60 hours of OT.

  2. It is about time that they put a stop to these Yonkers Olsonettes. Since the past 2 weeks 5 Yonkers PBA lap dogs have retired. What’s the matter boys? can’t get 60 hours of overtime anymore?

    Time for patrol to tell those dirt bag lying trustees to F**k off and get the respect you deserve; not lies.

    1. Time for the Affiliate Police Association to dump the lying Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson a union rat that sold his membership out by making changes to 207c and setting up other cops. Do your own research.

    2. Do you know who I Am , I’m Joe Reagan , I made my bones when you rookie , do nothing but complain cops were dating cheerleaders. I spoke to Chief Mueller who said I can circumvent the 40 hr cap and work 60 hours until I decide to retire. Now get back on patrol u peasants and quit your whining.

  3. All of the Yonkers PBA suck up are dropping like flies. Bad turn out for Baker, Romano, and Dave M. All traffic unit Yonkers PBA rats. All have padded their pensions for 4 to 6 years. All have lied to our members.

    1. Agreed. McIntyre would be the first guy to curse you out had you caused the house of cards to fall. 270k, really man? The word “greedy” is too soft for these PBA losers. Money-grubbing bast*rds. Thanks for the hard cap.

  4. Call a Sgt to every job thats a great idea. Guess what they just will not go and what the hell are you going to do about it? You got it NOTHING! You have it all wrong the cops are not the boss. Calling a Sgt to a 10-19 or any other nonsense job wow that’s really going to help. R/C 101 to HQ have 110 respond to this 10-19, barking dog, loud radio HQ’s to 110 respond and meet 101. 110 to HQ’s negative. Now what the hell are you going to do 101 you got it nothing. What a joke.

      1. Joe Reagan is a plain old fat union rat. He has been sucking Keith Olson’s fat t*ts like he signs the petition against another cop just to get into traffic. You and the others who signed are no better than the average common criminal. In fact, the actions of some of you Yonkers PBA were no doubt criminal. But thank god for the the Yonkers PBA perjurer Keith Olson who pays Big bucks to Nick Spano. Money in Yonkers buys you a get out of jail card.

    1. After reading this union email it seems like he is demanding 60 hours of overtime for a handful of followers. Your never going to win this with P.E.R.B.

  5. Remember Affiliated Police members, Keith Olson is the only union head that gave away 207c and lied to all of its members so his sister Kelly Chiarella could get a job with the City of Yonkers. Less than one percent on the job even bother going to his union meetings or take interest because they have no confidence in Keith Olson. Remember one thing: Keith Olson is a pathological liar and can never be trusted. So to all the police officers that read the Yonkers Tribune keep spreading the word for all to read.

    1. Attention Yonkers Tribune readers, looks like the Yonkers PBA cash cow just couldn’t get that nut job Yonkers Police Chief Jon Mueller the County Spot.

  6. I’m hearing this loony toon John “Joker” Mueller is telling the City of Yonkers he’s off the hook for his federal lawsuit. WRONG. Just a heads up to the legal department. The case is currently on appeal for his “qualified immunity”. 43 pages on the Judges findings and it sounds pretty f**king awful. He and “choke chain” Brian Moran are still tangled up in federal court on this one. I’m wondering if the Joker told Matt Gallagher that he’s still up to his old tricks trying to screw Rays friends. Everyone knows that you (John “Joker” Mueller) are making phone calls shutting people down with overtime. It’s only a matter of time before you are exposed & flushed down the toilet where you belong. You & that large rodent Keith Olson are both sewer dwellers. Pretty soon all the Olsonettes chickens will be coming home to roost. When it does, your as*es will be roasted. Also, according to the lawsuit, Keith Olson and the PBA are still on the hook. I hope the PBA doesn’t go bankrupt. Only about 80 a**holes signed that petition. It’d be ashamed if the other 400 suffer the consequences.

    1. Keith Olson will be gone by the time PERB hears that the Yonkers PBA is crying that the Yonkers PBA lackeys can’t get 60 hours of overtime in their checks every two weeks for 4 to 6 years straight. No wonder No one from the shameful Yonkers PBA board hasn’t retired yet.

      1. The first two Casualties of the 40 hour cap are two PBA lackies: Charlie Baker and Vinny Romano are retiring. More to follow, guess the PC found a way to rid the department of the useless waste.

      2. Those two were prime cuts of Keith Olson. Charlie Baker called everyone a liar like the fat rat and Vinny Romano was just a yes zero. Both these two prime cuts of the dirty Yonkers PBA got 60 hours a check for at least 3 consecutive years. Did the fat man make you sit when he gave you his cheese nips. Good riddance you blood suckers

    2. Yonkers Police Personnel and Civilians need to know who they are so release the names Keith Olson. Other unions need to know why your so dirty. We won’t mention how you and Jonny DVD stole the Dunwoodie tapes or the files you Mueller, and Moran put together against a Captain. So go call a supervisor and see what they tell your trustees.

    3. By the time the Yonkers PBA gets a hearing from P.E.R.B. all of the Olsonettes will be retired. What are you going to say KO that your minions need 60 hours of overtime every two weeks?

  7. Hope the Affiliate Police Association is reading all about their unvetted President Keith the Union Rat Olson. Now he is leading the fight for his small band of hamburger flippers who are upset that they can no longer milk the taxpayers for 60 hours of overtime every two weeks. Some of these low life blood suckers have been pulling in these hours for 5 to 6 years. Now for the rest of us tell the fat rat your not calling a supervisor and putting peoples lives in danger. Tell those trustees to f**k off they are not your “ Daddy”.

    1. Heard that 14B Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller is telling everyone who will listen that he was exonerated . Just ask the nut job to show you that word in the 43 page Federal Decision.

  8. Why don’t you call Keith Olson to your jobs? He makes over 5k a month stipend on the PBA members backs. He can show the rookies how to target politicians and civilians with bogus summonses. All because his dingleberry a$$ hangers can’t make 300k. Why would the CLSA need more than 40 hrs. a pay period anyway? Sapienza is on point staying away from a smelly bum, union hack. Rookies beware! Stay away from this corrupt Olson. Chris, tell your bosses to start writing cops up. Remember PBA members, Olson’s fat a$$ sits in an air conditioned office. Let PERB make the decision & don’t get yourselves into trouble.

    1. Apparently the call the supervisor to every call was Joe Reagan’s idea. He said it’s old school. New guys won’t understand it. Remember that fat bastard is off the street. He doesn’t have to call anyone he wants the patrol grunts to get in trouble while he makes 60 hours at your expense. Don’t do it.

      1. Gees. When is enough enough Joe Greed. Didn’t this constant working of overtime nearly cost you your life? How much is enough? Your pension has to be at least 150-160k. What’s the point if you’re not around to enjoy it. It becomes a sickness, a curse. You’ve been hanging with the Olsonettes just a little too long. A lot of guys are truly disgusted with you. You sold your soul for a large pension. At what cost Joe?

      2. Joe Reagan your a bad boil on the Yonkers PBA President’s fat ass. Your getting 60 hours of taxpayers cash because you signed a petition against another cop. You have shame yourself and the uniform so go ask Keith if you can wash the dirty lies from his cottage cheese ass. As far as we are concerned there is no Yonkers PBA. There is only a small handful of dirty cops hiding behind that logo.

  9. Do they have cheese burgers in the joint ?
    Man could I do with a white castle crate right around now.
    I had better straighten out that guard, cheese burger, cheese burger, cheese burger……..
    I sure am lucky i can’t bend over do to my over active thyroid condition and the weight and all….
    Cheese burger, cheese burger , cheese burger………… I wonder if white castle will still be in business in 2075 ?

    1. Dump that lying Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson who sold All the hard working cops out by giving 207c away and got his sister a City job the next following week. It is only dirty union liars like his double agent trustees that get 60 hours of overtime biweekly at their pay grade. Vote that waterfront rat out and let him use his own cash to wine his PBA lickers. Don’t let those trustees vote for you. All precinct trustees don’t pay dues and get nice perks. Now stand down and do your jobs. Let the trustees who make all of the cash call for the bosses. Remember J Mueller and Keith Olson want complete control of you. Both are lying thugs.

  10. Keith Olson calls other members rats, and that Looney Tune Chief targets Yonkers Cops who speak out by denying assignments and overtime and that is not an attack on cops? Lying is a serious charge there KO. Now go back to crying.

    1. KO just held an emergency meeting. Since CLS doesn’t want to get on board with contesting the 40 hr cap, patrol is to call a SGT to every call .
      Even if it is a 10 -19 you are to call squad Sgt for advice. every call !!

      1. Why don’t you call Keith Olson to your jobs? He makes over 5k a month stipend on the PBA members backs. He can show the rookies how to target politicians and civilians with bogus summonses. All because his dingleberry a$$ hangers can’t make 300k. Why would the CLSA need more than 40 hrs. a pay period anyway? Sapienza is on point staying away from a smelly bum, union hack. Rookies beware! Stay away from this corrupt Olson. Chris, tell your bosses to start writing cops up. Remember PBA members, Olson’s fat a$$ sits in an air conditioned office. Let PERB make the decision & don’t get yourselves into trouble.

      2. Wow thats a great idea. Guess what they just will not go and what the hell are you going to do about it? You got it NOTHING! You have it all wrong the cops are not the boss. Calling a Sgt to a 10-19 or any other nonsense job wow that’s really going to help. R/C 101 to HQ have 110 respond to this 10-19, barking dog, loud radio HQ’s to 110 respond and meet 101. 110 to HQ’s negative. Now what the hell are you going to do 101 you got it nothing. What a joke.

    2. KO is a rat liar and you men and women must stand down. Remember you are fighting for the OLsonettes who get 60 hours of overtime. Just do your job. KO is on his way out.

  11. Honestly, you should respect all comments. You as a private citizen should not be telling any Police Department to keep it’s dirty laundry from its citizen. Citizens have the right to know what the Yonkers PBA President and others have been doing for a long time to its other personnel. In any City there would be a long lengthy internal and external investigation which the public should know. These men featured would not and could answer an of these allegations. You should be wondering why they are not held accountable.

  12. I can understand the frustration with what seems to be going on in the police department but all these negative posts are not helping the men and women out there trying to do a good job. I am a private citizen who respects the police. You are airing dirty laundry mean while you have Cuomo’s parole board RELEASING COP KILLERS. Yet we hear nothing or see nothing posted about it. SAD!

    1. Don’t worry. John “Joker” Mueller has set a dragnet for all tribune bloggers. He’s been a cop for over 20 years & promises to make his first ever arrest.

      1. John Mueller was never a cop. He is just a zero who wants to be a boss but doesn’t know how. He is the bald headed step son of KO the cheeseburger crusher, who refused a transfer with the PBA. Heard Mueller just applied for an Arcade security job for a traveling Circus, this way no one will notice when he talks to himself.

  13. Dear PBA and CLSA members, Keith Olson is still requesting resumes to replace McCauley and Brian Choke Chain or Snoop Moran. Searching without warrants a must, stealing personnel files and creative writing required. See the fat disgusting dirty Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson for a recorded interview. Don’t say anything about the odor or you may find a parking summons on your vehicle.

  14. Heard the fat man told the ESU guys that he had a very productive meeting with the Mayor. He really meant to say is that the Mayor is still healing from Olson back stabbing him. KO the men and women of the Yonkers Police Department don’t believe a word you say.

    1. Lol. I’d say he definitely had a meeting with the mayor. I’d also say it DEFINITELY wasn’t productive. Let’s just leave it as the tables have turned. And DEFINITELY not to Keith Olson’s benefit. Once a lying fat rat, always a lying fat rat.

      1. I’d say the mayor NOT moving ESU to the pct after the meeting with the mayor was a productive meeting!

        The haters are trying to spread their own agenda.

        1. KO had absolutely nothing to do with ESU staying put. All ESU personnel wish to thank the mayor, our great police commissioner and chief Hodges for saving us. The only thing KO managed to do when he met with the mayor was to dig his grave deeper.

      2. The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson is nothing more than a pathological liar. The men in ESU will stay silent until Olson seeks re-election. Remember he gave up Housing and gave away your 207c. What’s the matter fat man Ray spoke to truth. Lol

      3. The Yonkers PBA President never had a meeting with the Mayor. It was the CLSA that saved them. The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson just lied as usual.

  15. Waaaa, my PBA board members and trustees can retire with a $175,000 a year pension. Waaaa the PC cut them down. Waaaaa

    1. Reagan to put his papers in. Just trying to squeeze another 6 months of 60 hours till the new year. He promises to retire in January. Trying to push 185,000.

  16. What seems to be illegal is that traffic only goes to the PBA trustees and Keith Olson’s thugs. All these members have been raking in the cash for years. What Keith meant to say is when he and that Looney Tune Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller went around telling rats like that “choke chain ” Brian Moran not to give certain ” PBA ” members overtime is illegal. When the fat dirty man set up civilians and his own members that was illegal. You have been misrepresenting your membership since you walked in. PC Gardner has dealt with sh*t bird Olson since 2010 and it’s time to clean up Keith Olson. Hope you keep your Ghetto Square Waterfront condo cleaner than that rat infested hole you left for your landlord. Go file your Perb, your greedy thugs are already retiring.

    1. Confirmed if Joe Reagan retires now, which he may cause he’ll take a pay cut at 40 hours, he’s on pace for 175,000 a year Pension. Not bad for a lazy do nothing fat rat bastard for 30 years.

  17. Check out the opening paragraph of Olson’s attack on the Police Commissioner. What the fat liar is saying is that, hey Commissioner your hitting all my trustees. How will my lying dirt bag Betty Morales get her PBA cash, I mean pension up to Pataky, Reagan, Mahoney, Baker, and all the other PBA board personnel? 60 hours is just not enough. It is a direct attack on my minions.

  18. “If you find yourself feeling under appreciated, somewhat disrespected or just down right pissed off.” Keith Olson, you seem to be one deranged, delusional fat rat. Are you referring to your members that are rip roaring mad at you for selling them out? We know you have all your rat flee PBA butt kissers capping out every check. Funny how paper pushing Betty Morales was all of a sudden making 60 hours a check while others are shut down on account of you Keith Olson. It’s embarrassing that someone in such proactive units hasn’t made an arrest in years but now gets unlimited overtime because she drinks your butt juice. It’s not kool-aid Betty. What about the guys you are making calls against, to stop them from getting overtime. You and that nut John “Joker” Mueller. Mr. permanent smile. You failed to mention that in your toilet paper email. It doesn’t matter anyway, at the rate your going you’ll be bed ridden so go screw yourself. That would be a real sight for soar eyes you lowlife piece of crap. Johnny “Joker” will be off to the loony bin soon enough. Shout out to Brian “choke chain” Moran, goodbye you rat thief. Best wishes for nothing but hard times.

    1. Keith Olson bullshit email forgot to mention to the public that it is his Kool-aid drinkers that were getting 60 hours of continuous overtime for 4 to six years nonstop. Now who do I have set up for that Keith? Do I sign a petition to save your buddy Mueller or to throw another member out of the union or do I just lie outright on a police report for you? I want in the Yonkers PBA.

    2. Brian Moran will forever be know as a Keith Olson t*t hanger. Don’t look back you dirty lying thug. Hope you think about all the dirty lies you wrote. P***y

  19. Just heard Moran and McCauley are retiring together. Nice to see that they rape the system and these two rats are leaving. Heard Moran wants to work for the A.G.’s office. Hope they do their research.

  20. In a month this whole overtime issue will be forgotten about, and it will continue to be business as usual. The cops, and council will forget about it, and next year’s taxes will rise again

    1. You are correct about that and the public will vote for the same assholes year in year out as they believe in the whole DemocRAT/RePUBlican party nonsense. It’s sad but true.

      1. The Yonkers PBA distributes overtime to the PBA trustees and board members who basically lie to the Police Commissioner, the politicians and their own members. The PC doesn’t even know that some of the bosses in traffic are making sure that Olson’s raiders are getting fed 60 hours biweekly. Is that the war on cops that Olson is talking about?

  21. Tah ya”ll cry bitches get Hip.
    Use your Lip !
    YPD is who yah blow !
    Run fo trusty.
    Get yo shelf a set ah knee pads baby.
    Can use dig it ?
    I knows that use can.

    1. Wanted PBA supervisors to replace two master perjurers who have just retired taking the files they compiled against other bosses and cops. Must be well versed in perjury and searching without search warrants. Submit your resume to the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson. His pill popping and wife stealing brother in law will sit in on the interview.

  22. maybe Olsen needs to go back and start doing shifts as a patrolman, riding the streets of SouthWest Yonkers on a hot Saturday Night (that’s because he isn’t physically able to walk a beat along New Main Street, Oak Street, and Riverdale Avenue). If he is that tough, as some of his buddy’s claim, then why not? Maybe he can get Fire Chief Mr. Clean (Flynn) to join him? Remember, he is (allegedly) also ‘Stronger Than Dirt’ (but others would rather see Flynn pulling up miles and miles of wet heavy fire hose after a 3 alarm fire).

    1. KO did you mean the time you were playing video games while others were chasing the radio? Or was it when you were setting guys up in Housing ?

    2. As a rookie I would love to see you gone. I won’t come and see you because you may have me written up. I will just wait unail you eat your last cheeseburger.

  23. KO is what Yonkers needs. He’s a no-nonsense type of guy. There’s a reason that crime is down, KO is keeping us safe.

    1. What kind of screwed up fuzzy logic is this comment.
      Cheap street corner thug bully with a tin badge, a pea shooter,
      and of course a radio. The radio he can call for his mommy.
      Take it away and you got a ?
      NUTTIN ! a big NUTTIN !
      Just another union bag-man !
      Here is reality shine boy;
      “would you like fries with that happy meal sir?”

  24. Does Khader have the guts to step in and step out the CON job being pulled on Con Ed and the taxpayers and utility users of Yonkers?

    No other company is required to “hire” Yonkers cops on OT to direct traffic around their work crews. Con Ed pays millions of dollars in such extortion each year to the City of Yonkers and just passes the costs into its customers.

    What do you say Khader?

    We’ll be listening.

    1. Keith, I am a cop in the 4th Pct and thinking about running for trustee. I want to be guaranteed that I will get 40 hours of overtime every two weeks for 3 years straight to sing your praises and lie to the troops or no deal.

  25. There are no police flagging traffic at Verizon jobs, street light crews, tree cutting crews, DPW water and street crews, private plumbing street openings – just at Con Ed work.


    It’s a shakedown of of a major utility that just pays the vig and passes the cost over to the consumers who happen to be the taxpayers too.

    There is no need for police on OT padding their pensions at Con Ed work sights. The agreement with Con Ed should be torn up and they should bring their own flag men with them to con Ed work sights.

    Enough. End the madness.

    1. They should hire KO as a flagman. All Con Ed’s flagmen are criminals. I’d love to see the criminal fat man PBA d**k do an 8 hour shift on his feet. His cankles would swell up, sugar level would drop & he’d wind up taken away on a stretcher. Note to Empress; make that a super sized stretcher.

  26. For all the back slapping and self admiration society the night the council passed the budget, and how they all worked so hard and took for ever to come up with a tax hike of 6.2 percent.

    They were uber quick to mail out the property tax bills.

    That from a council who the following week are talking about providing dog parks. They are all out of their minds.

    This city and all of it’s feeders top and bottom would have to be got rid of before we could start to “fix” Yonkers.

    There should be now overtime period. None until they get their house in order. This will never happen because all yonkers mayors are figureheads and clueless.

    1. Look any union head that personally goes out targets civilians and police personnel is a low life thug. He doesn’t have a shot in hell to become anything more than what he is a rogue cop. So go to Greenburgh and wait for him and his PBA cronies to come for you and bring you back to Yonkers. Do your own research.

  27. I ask you all to be patient, Keith Olson will soon be the Mayor of Yonkers. Keith is what Yonkers needs. He will drain the swamp and end corruption in city government

  28. There is absolutely no reason that a police officer should be making 60 hours of overtime bi-weekly for 5, 6, 7 year pension build up. Where does it say in the contract that any Olsonette is entitled to this practice year after year.

    1. To be clear, NYPD has a typical 130 hour, per quarter, OT max. I’ll do the math for you. That’s a little bit more than 40 hours per MONTH!

  29. why do other municipalities get away with flag people hired by the contractors to direct traffic? Why is it that Yonkers hires cops on overtime which bloats pensions? Even the state DOT uses its own flaggers to direct traffic. Its time to make contractors be responsible and hire their own workers to direct traffic. Use overtime only for crime functions.

  30. There’s no reason any captain sitting behind a desk should be doing even one hour of OT let alone 40! If they can’t get their work done during their 40 hr work week then they need to be replaced with more competent people. That’s how the real world functions. It’s all corruption

  31. Tired of it all. Good point, but this is the face of an association that has been steered and driven for years and years by the haves and have nots. The picture attached to this article yearned for complete power. These three individuals have abused their positions, harassed members of the public and set up members of their own Police Department. All using tit positions and overtime as a lure to support the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson. Imagine one of your employees getting 60 hours of guarantee city overtime for to 5 to 6 years. There needs to be an outside investigation into the Yonkers PBA Board, whi have gone rogue since Olson was handed the seat. Paying the Mayor’s brother $ 48,000 annually buys you power and helps you avoid internal investigations.

  32. This is why we have a tier 6 pension plan, beacause of tier 2 greedy pba cops like money Reagan on his 6 year build. As far as the officers association , The det Capt should have 5 hour cap, Capt 10 hour, det lt 12 , lt 20, det Sgt 15 hour cap, Sgt 30 , pba detectives 35, pba cops 40. Lets call it a day. All looks fair.

  33. when is enough enough bulls charge, bears retreat ,and pigs get slaughtered . its and old wall street saying . when the man walks into the forest with an ax in his hand the trees mutter . don’t worry he was once of us . I was once one of you but it looks????? systemic organized look better than outright ???

  34. You know guys….I’m a small business owner….33 employees…I support the PD and FD and unions in general. But this is unbelievable.

    60 hours every 2 weeks in OT?…going down to 40?

    And what is the problem? That there is not enough OT? Are you kidding?

    Mr. Olsen, you should be ashamed that you are taking this position….

    There shouldn’t be 40 hours…20 hours per week? of guaranteed OT??

    There should be no guaranteed OT…it should be used sparingly, when necessary….just like I do in my business.

    You guys are losing people like me when I read things like this. My taxes keep going up and you guys are fighting for this level of OT??

    You need to rethink your position.

    1. 100% I agree. What’s wrong with 40 hours of OT??? You greedy Sob. How dare you tell your man this is a bad thing. you said it was not healthy on YV and at public hearing !!! A few weeks ago you were facing layoffs. Ungrateful leach!!! To retired and loving it … thank you for your honesty and retiring !!! You are disgraceful for telling or suggesting police to look the other way. Btw instead of two officers working 60 Ot it will be three no money saved but you don’t have a fatigue officer. Olsen said OT will put a strain on his men. That only applies to job cuts. unf**king real.

    2. It’s not guaranteed OT. Far from it. If there were enough cops in Yonkers there would be little need for OT.

      The answer is hire more cops!

      1. Again, most of the cops get little or nothing, it’s steered to the certain “few”. Most would be happy to get 40 a month much less 40 a week!

    3. Just to clarify that is not guaranteed overtime. It is primarily overtime that results from staffing shortages that fluctuates by day. There are members that work zero overtime hours.

  35. As you can see Keith Olson is just a desperate union rat. His email points fingers at specific bosses. Most of the emails he sends are misinformation and pure lies. Spread the word, refuse to cooperate with his minions that are making big cash. B. Pataky, Joey greed, Brian Moran , Lou Venturino, the wife beater Joe Ski, John Viviano Jr. the old lady killer and Lulu Lemon Dale Hughes the guy who took a formal statement off another Yonkers cop. Then you have Olson’s relative Frank McDonald who can’t read, and his new seahag who stole a another cop’s wife. Then you have the DD trustee Marvin Oakley, this guy was in charge of giving out overtime to himself and other Detectives. Marvin has been padding for years. Now are you wondering why you are lied to or why they are grieving the new 40 hour hard cap which was long overdue. These PBA flunkies fighting for you or themselves because they are retiring? How can you members go wrong with Olson nibbling at the steering wheel? There you have YPD members now go vote those liars because they are leaving you with a bag of s*hit for benefits. Ask the retired guys about Olson’s 207c.

  36. LMAO ! This fat troll and his boyish VPs has given city hall everything including 207 c and ESU to make his man crush commissioner. Now he plays the tough guy about OT changes. Waahhh waaahh the supervisors aren’t affected. Go away

    1. To officer Time for a Job Action you could not find a collar if it was standing in front of you-clean the cob webs of your holster first-you hairbag

    1. The fuss is coming from Olson’s minions or board who have been pension padding at 60 hours for 5 years straight. This is how the fat disgusting lying union President gets them to muscle votes, spread misinformation about certain supervisors and members and flip hamburgers at Olson’s hamburger stands. What the membership should do is refuse to be trustees and look for a new leader with morals and integrity.

  37. Instruct the PBA members to do nothing, zero proactive . Sit on your hands , stationary patrol , only answer jobs assigned to you. Become robots The elm st detail who made the dumping arrest should be chastised. Why do anything to help an ungrateful city. I know this is nothing new. But a big FU to city hall.

    1. Retire guy they should have left the garbage and shovelled the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson and his minions. Dale Hughes you really should stop wearing those Lulu Lemons. Can’t blame the City if your own union prez gave away their 207c and throws units under the bus. Sad but so true. Just ask around. The guy is a dirty player. So enjoy yourself.

    2. Are you kidding me??? Why a slowdown??? Because you cant get 60 hrs OT a paycheck???
      You guys are f**king scrounges!!!!!!

    3. Ungrateful city??? Where do you live “Retired and lovin it”?? I bet you moved out of Yonkers a longtime ago. Well I live in Yonkers and my taxes just went up $1,000 per year so that police and fire can make $40million of OT a year. Well FU. How about OT only goes to cops and FF who live in Yonkers. The rest of you Yorktown punks can take a walk and become volunteer FF in the towns you live. The people will revolt. You watch.

      1. Yorktown, I think not. I took my six figure pension and now live Retired in sunny Florida. Gotta go the Chauffeur is here to take me to breakfast.

        1. Hope you choke on a roach in your oatmeal retired d**k. And the staff and customers all watch the life leave you. Hope they bury you with your six figures.

    4. That’s exactly what all the PBA a$$ kissers do. Sit in a patrol car soaking up 60 hours a check for 6 years minimal, doing traffic shots. While everyone else gets the crumbs. I’m sure you were a hell of a cop. Sounds like Joe Mahoney.

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