Governor Cuomo Satisfies the Yonkers Public School District With $8.8 Million; City of Yonkers Imposes $21.7 Million Personal Tax Levy Avoiding Layoffs Altogether

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YONKERS, NY — June 13, 2018 — The Yonkers City Council reconvened the Special Meeting that was voted into recess last night at approximately 9pm. The televised presentation lasted what seemed to be no more than 10 minutes in duration, if that. Majority Leader Michael Sabatino presided. Yonkers Finance Commissioner John Liszewski presented the revised and seeming the last rendition of Mayor Mike Spano’s Proposed FY 2018-2019 Proposed Budget. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo kept his word and filled the entire gap that was the revealed shortfall of the Yonkers Public School District. Bolstering the fiscal shortfall realized by the City of Yonkers Board of Education Department by $8.8 Million, layoffs, curricula, and ancillary services are kept whole and intact.

The proposed budget satisfying the City of Yonkers, often referred to as the “city side”, imposed a 6.2 percent tax. It should be noted that every 1 percent tax increase is equivalent to approximately $3.5 million and thereby is equivalent to filling the gap on the city side” by $21.7 million. The increased taxing revenue negates layoffs and loss of services.

A Special Meeting has been called for tonight at the Yonkers City Council Chambers to vote on the latest proposed budget. Last night’s presentation was focused on the gist of the proposed budget. The presumption is that a broader explanation of the proposed budget will be explained rather that the gist or essence of the presentation made last night.

The adjustment made to the budget, divided as it has been by the “school side” on the one hand, and the “city side” on the other exposes the litany that the City of Yonkers (CoY) is suffering its yearly fiscal crisis by not getting its “fair share” of funding from Albany. there are discrepancies over what other Big Five school districts receive by way of a formula that was said to always shortchange CoY. By filling the $8.8 million gap on the “school side”, how can CoY explain that in order to maintain employees and services on the “city side” required a tax increase equivalent to $21.7 million? One can only infer that CoY has fiscally mismanaged its fiscal needs and that the school formula that has been used as a bludgeon against Albany is misplaced because the need to fill the “city side” with an infusion of $21.7 million has nothing whatsoever to do with the “school funding formula”.

Further, if the needs of CoY and the needs of the YPS District are satisfied by Mayor Mike Spano’s FY2018-2019 Proposed Budget which could only be balanced by adding $8.8 million and $21.7 million to arrive at a total sum of $30.5 million, why were budgetary deficits presented at much greater sums than presented last night?

The skeleton information of the latest proposed budget is expected to come to a vote tonight. Will the Yonkers City Council receive and divulge the quarterly budget report to the public? Will Yonkers City Hall and the Yonkers City Council study how to wean the budget from the yearly anxiety inducing drama Yonkersites are forced to endure. 

There are many proven and provable undertakings that can save CoY, the “city side” and the “school side” from further hemorrhage by instituting a different demeanor. CoY has lost its desire to be self-reliant while quick to admonish others whose prospects are nil, whereas Yonkers has means, but it chooses to take cup in hand to Albany to continue to play a “game of Chicken” with the Governor. It seems CoY blinked this time around, and for the first time in over 22 years. 

if all that was required to fill the deficit on the “school side” there is a proven method that can be undertaken by the Yonkers Board of Education that in the first year alone can save a total of $15 million plus $1 million more by filing the appropriate paper work, and would be embellished and additional total of $18.7 million in year two and thereafter every year. A formula already shared with the powers that be. It is now up to them to follow through.

The yearly need to satisfy tax certiorari challenges that have cost the city $15 million plus the cost of bonding the debt to pay it off can be expunged. 

Overtime must be expunged as must pension padding schemes. A situation that is a management concern. It is time for City Hall to let Department managers do what they are asked to do and not override the taxpayers’ money.

The patronage mill must be obliterated. Civil Service exams adhered to. No show jobs, and little show jobs not created to service political purpose or any other illegitimate purpose. yonkers must close its doors to being an employment agency.

The city vehicle fleet must be sold outright. those that want a car or need a car can lease or by it on their own. No reduced gasoline prices; gasoline must be used exclusively for police, fire and DPW equipment exclusively. federal tax allowances are available for those who adhere to tax standards devised by the Federal government. Insurance costs would no longer be necessary.

There is so much more to save and earn. City Hall must work with the Yonkers City Council membership. City Hall’s silence on many issues has caused them to buckle at the knees. Does the Yonkers City Council have what it takes engage the communities they represent responsibly. It is also time the three old guards still presiding over the Yonkers City Council make amends for their failed conduct so far. It is time for them to start an enlightened chapter, as must the newest members.

The savings are everywhere. The myopic conduct of CoY demands they get a pair of glasses. Yonkersites have been wearing glasses for years. Yonkersites know what has been going on. they have 20/20 vision. Perhaps City Hall will get the message and serve the Public interest at long last.

Most importantly, Yonkers can do better is dialogue and discourse was open and honest and news was not managed with falsehoods that have failed CoY for over 50 years.

eHeziGovernor Cuomo Satisfies the Yonkers Public School District With $8.8 Million; City of Yonkers Imposes $21.7 Million Personal Tax Levy Avoiding Layoffs Altogether

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  1. Why not check the salaries the bush league teacher of Yonkers are getting?
    6 digits for what?
    Teaching a bunch of ratty kids and having to work only 9 months a year??

  2. Stop the threats. These guys have done nothing.
    In Fact they have always done their jobs.
    If they ever have any trouble, you who cause it, you will have trouble
    from the rest of us.

  3. Another year for the state to get the Yonkers Monkey off it’s back.
    Since we cannot manage we raise your taxes.
    The Democratic Party Way.

  4. Billions of Dollars Stolen.
    All government officials under arrest or under investigation
    Grandstand to distract .
    How much money over the cost did the
    TAPPAN ZEE Bridge go over.

  5. You obviously don’t know Barry as well as most of us do. Barry would never let anyone be retaliated against because of a family member even if that family is Spano. That’s a fact.

    1. I know Mr. Magooy was palling around with that rat PBA president Keith Olson. And I know that’s how that rat rolls.

    1. Whose going to lead that charge? Chief Mr. Clean Flynn, the Magic Eraser? Get thinks he is stronger than dirt, but we all know him as being just a bully. Be careful for what you wish for.

      1. Do you Spanos think you won’t be held accountable for the last 7 years? Are you that stupid. Anyone you leave behind will be dealt with accordingly. Brothers, cousins, nephews, friends, anyone with connections or allegiances with the Spanos.

    2. That won’t be hard to do at all and will begin on day one. Maybe Nick can get all the relatives jobs in his prison.

  6. When members of the NYPD work a special detail such as a Met or Yankee game, they are paid directly from the company that requests the detail. Those funds are NOT added to their annual salaries and as a result, have no impact on their pensions. In Yonkers, the City is reimbursed by the company and the salary is then paid to the member of YPD. These details are then added to the members pensionable income. That is certainly one area that the City should look to reverse.

    1. Post
    2. Maybe the city is footing the bill, and the private enterprise doesn’t truly reimburse the city for the total costs.

  7. I’m packing my sh*t and fleeing to Mexico. I figure it’s gotta be easy if the Mexicans can run through the desert to get here, then I can do the same to go there. Besides, Mexico is almost Mexican free. I hope they can afford the Yonkers taxes.

  8. Absolutely the worst Mayor in the history of the City of Yonkers bar none. Mike Spano and his corrupt brothers have shaken down and pillaged Yonkers for all its worth. But the silver lining is that there is a paper trail no matter how hard Nick tried to cover his tracks. Let’s see where this goes. In the meantime just grin and bear it for another 18 months.

  9. One thing I’ve realized that all these budget hearings are a complete waste, they ask questions but take zero action. I will not vote for any of them, the one big shocker is Khader.

    1. Word on the street is no labor union will ever support him again either Ron. The budget was a farce and with the enormous resident tax hike went all his hopes and dreams of ever becoming mayor.

    2. You are absolutely right, Ron. They often ask good questions but, in the end, vote in direct opposition to the inadequate responses they are given. They will all go away for the summer, hoping that the voters will forget this terrible budget vote, and the same thing will happen next year. With fewer people voting year after year, only the diehard politicians with developer campaign funding etc. will be the only winners on Election Day. It’s a disgrace that some young people in this city who are already SUCCESSFUL in their own professions, can’t sacrifice a few years to improve their city. The strong mayor form of government AND the change to four-year terms were the worst thing to happen in this city. It has always been corrupt but nothing compared to what happened to us from 1995 on.

  10. Maybe Mayor Spano will demote John ‘Mr. Clean’ Flynn to Firefighter to save some money. Would like to see the sight of him dragging hose onto the back of a firetruck bed again. Maybe some of that heavy labor will jar his memory of what it is like to be a respectful member of the fire department and not a ego maniac fire official and union leader who doesn’t even live in our city but is quick to pass judgement on all of us who do, telling us what is best for our city.

  11. To ‘New Generation’ now, I believe, posting as ‘Thank you’. If I have insulted you it is because I have little patience for responders to my posts, who do not READ my posts. Your initial response to me stated that Khader’s vote was not needed, and that was exactly how my post read in the beginning the one to which you initially responded. You are a snowflake who can’t take a little criticism so I won’t respond to you going forth. But, you have the audacity to opine as to the financial situations of homeowners, making a statement of your own that they should be able to afford another $46 a month for these new raises. So you are now apparently omniscient. How do you now the burdens borne by ANY homeowner in this city? Many have to pay for parochial and other private schools because the schools in Yonkers SUCK! Morever, there are no tax breaks for those parents who opt to sacrifice to pay for those schools and who STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS WHICH SUCK. Go away crybaby. You also don’t seem to be able to make a distinction between the mandatory services in this city (police/fire/dpw) and the scores of friends and family jobs, whose holders for whom you have shed your snowflake tears. Dry your tears and get a life.

    1. It’s takes a lot more for me to shed a tear. You are not intimidating, since you called me a “snow flakel and tried to insult me again. I will act like a child for a minute and call you a sch***k know it all. Anyone commenting on any of your posts you attack. Get off your high horse. This is Blog, so many ridiculous untrue comments and you come after my post… screw you….. Now you may know alot more than I do, but I can type and say as I please. I spoke to many families about the tax increase. Some care, some don’t, some expected and some still don’t know. It is the bloggers and political insiders talking crap.

      NOT one response was “I can feed my family” and educate my kids or pay my bills now. Their response was if it means saving jobs and quality of life and services are not effected it’s fine. The only people complaining are people that are bitter. I said it on numerous posts that the nepotism and friends and family need to be addressed.

      Unlike many in this site that are quick to make judgement on Rubbo and Khader. Anyone following politics would have known since last year that there was going to be a tax increase, since the council voted on a minimal tax increase and used the entire fund balance to make Liam look good. Larkin and Shepherd didn’t care and Breen does as he’s told. Sabatino and Corozan had no say and now that they do; they sit on their hands.

      Nothing will change until Spano is gone.

      My previous comment was a response to you and to all the other comments about the 7-0 vote. Homeowners in Yonkers will manage. $46 to a renter or someone living paycheck to paycheck. Yes, it will hurt. Not trying to be insensitive but if $46 is going to make or break you as a homeowner you have bigger problems than $46.00.

      Taxes are up everywhere. County will go up soon, too. I will reiterate that I do not agree with a tax increase but I also don’t see any other way out, even with cutting patronage, it would not have closed the gap.

      That being said, let’s hope the council proceeds with their eyes and ears open and take a stand for the residents of Yonkers.

  12. The State and The Federal Government must take over.
    The corruption has destroyed Yonkers and hinders it from joining
    this century !
    Nepotism-Cronyism-Racism = A Dead Yonkers !
    Only thing wrong with Yonkers is Yonkers City Hall !

  13. Yonkers its time to clean out the corrupt Yonkers Fire Dept.
    It must be replaced with a volunteer local citizen fire dept.
    These out of town carpet beggars are ruining our city,
    It’s time to look into this.
    No more self service instead of civil service.
    Westchester county is all volunteer.
    Plus fires are down thanks to sprinkler systems everywhere.

    1. You’re an asshole go to a volunteer company guaranteed at least 100 people a year in Yonkers would die fire and medically related

  14. Citizens of Yonkers. Your taxes are worth every dime.
    I have t the best golden parachute job on the planet.
    If you do not give me unaccountable bottomless funding, junior
    will be deprived of a sub-par education. Go ahead and complain.
    My union is the most powerful in the state 500,000 teachers, plus aides.
    You will be lost in the system like the students.
    Sure I drop garbage all over my route. That’s to give you just a little taste
    of how powerful my union is.
    Go ahead and make a complaint. You’ll find out as your trash piles up.
    Sure I insult and bully citizens as I shop/shakedown stores while on duty.
    Sure I hold jobs because that’s how much I care about the “YO”
    Go ahead. Make a complaint. My union will make sure you never complain again.
    My union leader will just continue eating his triple decker cheeseburgers.
    Go ahead and call me when your house goes on fire. I will bring the marshmallows and
    chocolate bars. Me and the guys on my fire truck will enjoy some schmores as your
    residence burns away. My union will just make up an excuses.
    I am worth every dime.
    Wait until next year.

  15. Khader had the perfect opportunity to vote against this budget which he inherited from the previous city council – and the three still sitting councilmembers still serving – Sabatino, Breen and Pineda. It would have passed without Khader because all of these three depend on the mayor for one reason or another. They could have gotten a fourth ‘yes’ vote – mostly likely from Rubbo because of his business near the waterfront. Khader had a laundry list of reasons to NOT vote for this budget but instead voted for it, without one word about the friends and family employment agency that is the City of Yonkers. Most insulting was the consistent ‘thank yous’ to highly paid department heads and auditors which prefaced EVERY departmental budget hearing, day after day. And, the final thank you’s to each other and, most laughably, the mayor, when they voted the budget. Disgusting and disgraceful. This year’s newbie councilmembers broke the record for a sell-out. It can only get worse.

    1. a yes or no vote from Khader didn’t matter , the budget was going to pass. Khader stood with the rest of his colleagues. He and the new council insisted the auditors be put in place. We already have the Fire Chief bitching and moaning about five demotions would you rather see less services fire , police dpw? Friends and family will be next. They have famlies to feed too. Handing out pink slips would be just as bad as labor layoffs. I would like to see pay cuts too. Let’s see how the auditors help. Funny how the people making over 150k are complaing about $560 increase a year and the other half doesn’t live in Yonkers, spend money in Yonkers or send their kids to yonkers schools. Get off Khader’s stick and keep taking notes. If i learned anything is that unions are the problem because the mayor and previous mayor gave away too much for campaign support.

      1. It’s a lame excuse to vote for the budget, Khader talked about rolling up his sleeves and cleaning up city hall. Khader was supposed to drain the swamp, he’s become the swamp. Khader is owned by Labor , with that he’s finished.

        1. Khader can’t drain the swamp. He is not the Mayor. The mayor created the swamp with the help of McLaughlin and certain council members. btw this was not the perfect opportunity and you know it.

        2. Labor for Khader,
          He was so empathetic with all the Labor workers that were going to lose their jobs, but made sure to get his nephew into the Clerks office and how many more relatives did he get jobs? Isn’t hiring relatives against the cities ethics charter? Khader went back on his campaign promises like every other politician does as soon as they get sworn into office. It’s all smoke and mirrors and back room deals or I should say deals made out at the bar between only a select few.

          1. Jobs were saved so I think that is a good thing. As far as hiring of family, the person hired in the city clerk’ office was not because of Khader and is not his nephew. It is my understanding that he passed civil service exam and was next on the list. I also heard Vinny Spano was behind it, it was intentional to try to make Khader look like he’s hiring family.
            A Backroom deal or deals is probably why the republicans agreed on budget that effected their residents the most. I’m sure we will soon find out how much Rubbo, Breen, and Merrente’s price tag is worth. We already know Sabatino’ price tag.

          2. To Hmmmmm.

            Vinny Spano intentionally hired a Khader realative to make mike look bad? As if.

            Did Vinny also make Khader hire “Z” zehys wife for chief of staff to make him look bad?

            Think again. Khader is owned by “Z” and he is clearly the decision maker

      2. Pink slips to all the freeloaders are totally in order, well overdue! Nepotism and the connected jobs have to end! Not deserved or worthy! Can the taxpayers see a list of all the family and friends working for the city? Most have never had a civil service test. Also, let’s examine the credentials of the folks that serve as dept heads for every single dept: the Commisioners, Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, Directors, Assistant Directors, etc. so many layers of bureaucratic inefficiency embedded and entreanched in CH. All 6+ figure appointed positions! I want to see a full organization chart with resoinsibilities for every single position in CH over 75k. Our tax dollars are at work by a corrupt, dysfunctional and out of control Spano administration.

        1. They removed a ton of positions to just fill with six figure friends and families network that are not qualified to do the work that they should be doing. Who can CH blame for this 45 million shortfall this time, is it Dr. Quezada’s fault like they blamed Pierorazio several years ago?
          I know they can’t blame Dr.Y since they illegally removed him from office and defamed his reputation and he will win his lawsuit.

        2. Leave the Spano family alone, they are term limited. Next year we will elect the same crap 💩. Different name, same crap, for sure. Spano got us through 7 years, and he didn’t make JM Ypd commissioner, so we are blessed. We are lucky Spano took the job and all the PBA money. Happy Fathers Day!

        3. Best example of not taking a civil service test – A person in DPW failed two of the Manager’s test so they made him a Deputy Commissioner of DPW (sanitation garage) I hear he is a good friend of the Commissioner of Public Works. The best of it is that according to the men the garage is a mess. Go figure.

        4. To Think again the subject matter was the hiring of a Khader nephew. The person hired in city clerk is not related to Khader. As to his chief of staff it has been established on here and other social media outlets that if she was good enough for the mayor why not hire someone who’s familar with city hall and can help navigate. I don’t care who she is related to. She is qualified for the position …. if he hired outside of yonkers it would be frown upon , if he hired his sisters it would be frown upon. So please stfu we all know that not everyone can be trusted. His decision was a good choice, because you are not a fan of Z keep his wife out of it. I tell you one thing you are a miserable f**k.. i suggest Vinny because why did he wait to hire him just before the job freeze. Spanos are sneaky and play dirty.

      3. Hey new generation…Do you know how to read? My post already stated the budget would have passed without Khader’s vote. And, how pitiful that you only reference the $560 tax increase to city workers whom you mention earn $150K. There ARE other people in Yonkers who are not public employees who have to break their backs to earn half that salary. Khader’s a fool, as are you. You CANNOT be serious about the auditors. Who do you think has been guiding the city council all these years as they continue to screw the city? DeSantis et al has a lucrative lengthy contract. Time to change auditors, not just add new ones as they seem to be doing going forth. If you ignored one auditor now you can ignore the ones you add to the payroll. Doesn’t seem that they have done a good job thus far, does it? Grow up and stop thinking in terms of city workers. And, I should care about the families of the ‘friend and family’ employee network? You are truly a dolt.

        1. So cut jobs and services ? Or keep it all and raise taxes even higher. Either way they were screwed with this budget. Homeowners would not want to lose services but don’t want to pay the increase. It’s not fair to families struggling. Problem here is that the Mayor has influence over almost all council members. Yes, the auditors are supposed to be independent. If they are not, then yes, I was fooled. If the council is serious they better take the information received and use it. You called me an idiot because I gave my opinion.

          This is a blog. You asked me to grow up. Why don’t you grow up and stop name calling because you don’t agree with my comment. A family who owns a home and doesn’t work for the City of Yonkers can afford $46 to keep their safety and services in place. Will it cause hardship on some? Maybe, but $46 is what people spend on take out, movie, or a bottle of wine. Give me a break.

          Hezi’s note: I know you do not reference me in this comment because I do not ever recollect admonishing anyone to grow up.

          1. Hey Hezi
            It was not toward you it was to the blogger or said I show grow up and called me an idiot.

          2. Post

            perhaps 8 have not been sensitive enough or worse, the language has been so demean8ng and senseless and pointless for so long, it no longer registered. I will be seriously thinking about a resolution to this problem. it is a problem because it undermines the capacity to reach acceptable mmodation, Should one exist, because it causes people to shrink away from such confrontations. Worse it is conduct that keeps everyone on edge. I believe because of my schedule this week, I will need another week to get something sensible into my head regarding this concern. Thanks for your input. it has helped me see what I have been evidently to blind tonrecognize. thank you.

    2. Why would Councilman Rubbo be the only Republican to vote for the budget if Khader didn’t? He would have the most to lose. I personally think it would of been Breen since he is on his way out since he is term limited and less then 18 months left in office.

  16. Do you think Corazon Piñata Isaac and Shanae Williams can actually understand a billion dollar budget? They both seem functionally illiterate.

  17. It’s time to replace all politicians with a board of professional managers. Whose job it is to watch over taxpayer funds. Run everything from the federal level down to the local level. Run it like a business.

  18. Hezi,
    Any chance of compiling a list of relatives of council people employed by the city, also anyone in the friends and family network, what their job titles are and how much are they being paid. As a municipality isn’t it illegal to hire without having a civil service test. Maybe we can force the state civil service dept to get the city remove anyone in a city job that requires passing a test.

  19. Mike Khader showed true leadership when he fought hard to make sure Steven Tvert got a pay raise.
    Mike Khader 2017 campaign “my opponent has failed Yonkers taxpayers, he has failed in leadership”

    No one failed more than you Khader

    1. Is this same Steven Tvert whose wife Jennifer works for YPS and brother Scott works in Emergency Management (he fixed cars at Ford before that)? Between the three of them, the Tverts are raking in over a quarter of million dollars in salary each year from Yonkers taxpayers.

    2. Spano controls the dems besides khader and the republicans screwd up would rather save there buddies jobs then help the city of Yonkers Anthony mersntie was talking out of his stuttering ass saying ” I can’t and won’t raise taxes on my senior citezens” because that’s exactly what he did the gay sabitio his career is done hope his husband job will be good for them both corazon and shanaee bye bye fat breen thank god your gone but for rubbo I’m on the fence with you khader I heard you tried your best I’m still watching you at the end goal I want to see my taxes spent correctly

  20. Why is everyone so upset the job of the city council president is to cut ribbons, give out proclamations, raise flags and try to get as many photo opportunities as possible.

    1. Those attributes apply to the entire City Council and the Mayor.

      All this personal, beneficial political pandering PR gets me sick! Meanwhile, their duties should be focused on fiscal management and making sure that the taxpayers money is being spent efficiently and wisely. And at the budget hearings, they pat each other over the back about how great they all are!!! 🤮

      To add insult to the disgust, they talk about how they were in 40 hours of budget hearings over 6 weeks! Figure out the time, that’s your primary job for the entire year, and you complain about how hard it was!!! Well to me you ALL totally slacked off, that’s not enough time. So you went to hearings and then did nothing, oh I forgot you had your PR duties to attend to. What a sin!!!

      After all the line by line budget analysis this Council claims to have done, where is the savings? And the great CPA Merante, he’s a disgrace to his profession.

      During the budget hearings, Khader was cordial, tough at times, but basically came off looking like a Spano puppet. Corazon and Williams were completely incompetent and distracted with their cell phones, Sabatino was totally overwhelmed, Breen said little and seemed to be counting days to his terms end, and Rubbo couldn’t stop coughing, guess he was gagging, cause he added nothing!

      Obviously it was a sham, the CC had blinders on, asked questions upon stupid questions, but never asked the deep seeded questions???!! And the answers were absurd!! When it was all over, what value did the CC add????? Nothing!

      Are any of the patronage or nepotism jobs eliminated? NO! What about waste or inefficiency, which we all know exists in large abound in Yonkers, eliminated??? NO again, disgusting!!

      NYS had to rescue Yonkers again with a one shot (almost like heroin) injection! And to add insult to injury, the current incompetent CC thinks that hiring 2 operational auditors at 70k each are going to solve all of Yonkers financial mismanagement and fraud! Wake up, at that payscale, you’ll be lucky they know Excel and PowerPoint!!!

      Nothing has changed in Yonkers, incompetency prevails. That’s the way they like it!

      No one in City Hall has any financial acumen and they want to keep it that way! And that’s why Yonkers will remain the financial failure and laughing stock of the state.

      Thank you Mayor SH Spano, hope your political career is over. And the rest of you in the CC, beware your days are numbered, a revolt is rising!

      1. I agree about the cell phones! Since we have a nice tax increase we want the city council OFF their phones while they are in session! It is a disgrace! I am not paying them to be on their cells! Rubbo the computer obviously didn’t make you any smarter because you still voted for the tax increase!

        I know you have people reading this so please set the rules! OFF the phones will session with our tax payers money! If there is a family emergency they can call their assistants and get in touch with them immediately! Enough crap we want our money’s worth! Do we need to start a petition so that the Council does their job or at least act like it!


    2. The CCP does get to vote on all issues as well. They also have a lot of say in council matters apparently at you are unaware of it’s not just ribbon cutting ceremonies. I hope you were just being sarcastic with your comment. It’s not always easy to tell just from a brief message

  21. I ask everyone to be patient with Mike Khader, once he becomes Mayor next year , he will make sure every homeowner will get a refund. He will cut the city work force by 20%. There will be complete transparency.

    1. Mike Khader had his chance and failed-he talks out of both sides of his mouth-he is the true politician in that he lies to the people he represents-the spectacle in the COY this week made me want to puke-theses 7 losers all patting themselves on the back for a job not well done-shameful

    2. Keep smoking that chronic. Khader’s political career ended with this budget. It’s only an extra $560 a year, it’s only an extra $46 a month, blah blah blah. You people have lost your marbles or just never had any. The unions are done with Khader so he was better off siding with the taxpayer and going rogue. At least the residents, who pay the taxes, would’ve taken notice. Goodbye.

      1. Did I miss something? Thought that jobs were saved and that is why taxes went up. Personally speaking I think taxes were going up no matter what. There was no increase last year, but expenses went up. Republican or Democrat Council President or Mayor or Mickey Mouse the increase was envitable. Glad jobs were saved

  22. Thanks a lot Merante, your one and only campaign “promise” was to keep us older folks from being taxed out of our homes. No union concessions, no city job cuts, just more heavy lifting for us residents. Lied right to everyone’s face. I guess you didn’t “look at the numbers” hard enough.

    1. We can’t blame the poor guy no one can take his stutter ass serious he’s DONE all the dems are DONE Spano is DONE the mayor race will be a big and serious one khader needs to run so he can actually do what he wants

  23. Just watched the City Council meeting and thank goodness I did not watch it live!
    First of all you have Donna Nolan commenting every other minute. Those of us born and raised here know the truth about your family and if it wasn’t for your relationship with the Spanos your kids would not have had city jobs and their would be no street named after your kid. Yes, many know the truth.

    “it should also be noted that none of this could be possible without Mayor Spano?”
    What drugs are you on? You sit next to his high school dropout brother that in another life where DNA doesn’t count would be a construction worker at best! Spano is the reason we have these problems. Please enlighten us why you feel the need to praise the Mayor when you know full well that he runs the city like he is a Don! Not a good look Khader and the Unions that put you there are watching. What are you afraid of? Are you keeping your friends close and your enemies closer? Newsflash with comments like that your supporters are dropping like flies.
    Please keep the kiss Arses behind the scenes especially when the Mayor has raised taxes every year he has been in office!

    1. Nolan and her skell kids drove the cops in the 1st pct. nuts. Constant neighbor disputes and total white trash shit. Eff her and Spano and her whole family.

  24. Khader campaign 2017”When I’m in office you have my word I will not raise taxes, I’m going to use a meat cleaver and chop the budget “
    Khader is a LIAR.

    1. Khader couldn’t do what he wanted when the Dems are spano puppets and the republicans were only concerned about the family and friends network jobs smh

  25. The Million dollar question who will be running for Mayor of Yonkers…. Will it be another political hack or a Spano appointee…. Any idea who will throw there hat in….. I here Lou Piciana from 456 is thinking of running ….. who will run but more importantly who will win

  26. How much is spent on every student in Yonkers compared to other towns ???? Is it true that we spend as much as Scarsdale…

  27. Khader’s words during the special council meeting on Wednesday: “I’ll be proudly supporting this budget.”

    He also said “business as usual is not sustainable” and then he approves a 6.2% tax increase on property owners.

    And Khader closed the meeting by saying that “none of this could have been possible without Mayor Spano…Let’s be clear, this could not have been done without the Mayor’s leadership and his strong advocacy and it’s important that he gets that separate and distinct acknowledgement…And it’s important to recognize leadership when we see it.”

    Isn’t it funny how quickly Khader changed his tune once he got elected – nepotism, tax increases, praise for Mayor Spano. I seem to remember him saying the exact opposite when he was campaigning. Nothing but hot air and smoke and mirrors. Khader’s a phoney and liar like the rest of them.

  28. The one job this City Council was elected to do it FAILED. They were elected to serve Yonkers residents NOT unions. It’s a dirty corrupt system, I believed in Khader and Rubbo but they both suck.

  29. In all honesty I know everyone is bickering but HOW IS THIS A FAIR COMPROMISE???

    What did the unions sacrifice in this? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

    The taxpayers sacrificed everything for this budget to get passed.

    How and why is that fair?

    Nobody wanted layoffs but maybe if these unions realized their members should be making the same salaries as doctors, attorneys and bankers with a better retirement package we wouldn’t have gotten bent over.

    Khader you are finished. Believe me. Even before this shenanigans everyone who voted for you’s confidence was very low in you. You got into office and immediately became a stereotypical politician. You became everything you campaigned against. Your own constituents have been shut out by you. And all the while your excuse has been you were “busy” working for a fair budget deal. That really worked out huh?

    Please someone with some brains run for mayor of this city. It’s going to be an open seat to an outsider or a former politician who actually worked for the people and didn’t engage in this kind of conduct. We the people are done with the friends and family club.

    1. I guess you don’t realize that it took 7 members along with the mayor gun to come to agreement on the budget. . I don’t agree with job cuts, , tax hike was coming no matter who sat in those 7 chairs. You all act surprised. This budget was inherited from years of failed leadership. Give the new council members a chance to work. You come down on Merrente Rubbo and Khader. The budget would have passed with 4 votes. Sabatino Breen and Corazon should know better and did better. They are problem they bring nothing to the table. Khader Rubbo and Merrente don’t this to these ridiculous comments, the post on here are from people that are bitter. Keep your head up and be smart and watch the money and demand accountability from all depts. including the unions.. you all are going to be fine as long as the auditors work and you take the finding seriously. I will help get Breens seat filled with someone who is Competent. Joan we need you back.

      1. From the rantings of your post, you are obviously high as a kite. Khader’s position came with more than half a dozen good paying jobs for his family and friends. The one thing he promised not to do (raise taxes), HE DID. Bye bye loser.

        1. Call it a rant. I call it as i see it. I guess job cuts effecting 400 families would have made things a lot better. “he did!” Do you mean the mayor or entire council?

    2. Maybe Chuck limpd**k will run for mayor of this sh*thole. He can tell the taxpayers how he’ll have the PD use recycled bullets.

  30. On this very website back in November of last year, Mike Khader criticized the former City Council President by saying that “Taxes are too high.”

    On June 13, 2018 Khader voted to raise our taxes by 6.2%. And he even complimented Mayor Spano.

    Khader is a two-faced liar. Come next election we’ll send this shyster packing. He’s done in Yonkers politics.

    1. Do you think that the former Council President would have laid off 400 employees ? Or raised taxes ? Please he is BFF with mayor breen and Rubbo.
      Again your talking out of your ass. I’ll entertain you comment in by the end of the year. At that time we will see what council is doing.

      1. I agree. Most of the Spanos call Liam – Uncle Liam. He was robot for the Spanos. Too bad the man is educated and let a bunch of uneducated idiots pull his strings. Well, we see how that worked for him! Right out of politics! Lol

        Khader, I am on the fence about! Right out of the gate he hired Jereis’ wife! He said it was a non story but Khader it was “the same old story!”. Since then he put the meetings on Facebook live and basically ended Spanos political career! The whole layoff thing was exaggerated but he NEVER expected it to reach as many people as it did! I laugh at every conversation I have that ends with ” only 18 more months”. We should have a clock on top of City Hall with the countdown!

        Give this City Council time with the exception of Breen and Sabatino- Two Spano soldiers – I have a feeling we will be surprised! ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

        Khader, we are watching! I liked the questions you asked but then to hear you would kiss butt after made me question your motives! Dont apologize for trying to make a change unless your only doing it for grandstanding!

        1. We can’t blame breen and all the other puppets spano is a very smart guy if I was getting free pasta from julios and my family and friends had jobs I’d vote how ever spano would want me too

    2. Some people have buyers remorse. I have voters remorse. Khader lied about raising our taxes so expect the water meter to spin a little faster too.

      1. Bullshit. That’s only on residences over four families. If you live four or less they can raise you as much as they can get you to pay.

  31. Khader can his mayoral bid goodbye..his first action is to hit Yonkers taxpayers with a hefty tax increase..voters won’t forget this..

    1. If Khader voterd agaunst the budget, it still would have passed. Smart guy for standing with his colleagues,even though they are dummy and pets to the mayor. I guess you don’t care about your safety and garabge pick up. You are the same jackass who said he would loose by a landslide. Look at the big picture $46 a month is nothing if it keeps fire police and Dpw on the job. Let’s not forget the teachers. The Mayor won 2 terms screwing the tax payers, I doubt this would tarnish any of the council members. This budget was full of shit from the start. BTW city council president can’t do shit without the rest of the council who are in bed with the mayor. This was the mayor trying to look like Santa Clause. Can’t move out of yonkers but I will not be voting in any local elections.

      1. If you don’t vote you have absolutely NO right to complain about our elected officials and worse then the people that just vote across the party lines. We all need to vote for the best candidate not just because they’re affiliated with a certain political party.

      1. Rubbo aka the Prep boy was funded by no other than Vincent Spano! What did you expect? Another puppet but the good news is Spano’s political career is over. Dont believe me? What happened when he wanted to run for Senator? The taxpayers did not even get a chance to vote against him because the unions put Spano is his place.

  32. Lets have a Parade
    Council should have a parade.
    Banner Hooray! We screwed the taxpayers again,

    It is horrible to see everything that one detested in the past coming back wearing the colors of the future.

  33. Let’s not forget that this is not just a one time tax. We will be paying this each and every year we own our homes, plus any new taxes they wish to bestow on us in the future. I sincerely hope that every one of these politicians lose in November.

    1. ALSO, we will not even be getting the star tax rebate since the city went over the tax cap. Screwed again! The property owners are paying for all of the overtime of the Police and Fire Dept. and all of their pension padding (PLUS all of the Mayor’s family and friends “hires”) Nothing happened at all to them and it will stay the same. Be prepared again for next year. So what really happened with all of their meetings – NOTHING. It is disgraceful!!

        1. I beleive if the municipality goes over the tax cap the residents do not get the star rebate. So now we the taxpayers get taxed more and then we lose the star rebate check so we get screwed twice because of the incompetent leadership.

  34. $6.2% tax increase????????? Don’t think anyone would have voted for Khader if he promised a 6.2% tax increase during his campaign. You’re done, buddy.

  35. So the city can’t pay its bills and was considering layoffs. The solution was welfare from the State to cover YPS and a 6.2% tax hike on property owners. And these stooges on the city council approve the city taking on a $5.5 million debt to build a firehouse? Stick it to the homeowners but go into millions of dollars of debt to build a firehouse? Some of these firefighters make over quarter of a million dollars and pad their pensions. A lot of them don’t even live in Yonkers. Why don’t they pay for the firehouse themselves? Why should my taxes go up? And people wonder why the city is broke?

    1. Here is why the fire house must be replaced, it’s a danger to the south side. The city received some money for this project,where is that money ? it’s been 3 years. Barry would sue the city if he doesn’t get his way.

    2. Right on have them pay. They don’t live here any way they don’t care of taxes went up. Why live
      here would you send your kids to the schools. They live in Somers, Ardsley etc. Disgraceful
      Sad forcing good people out.

  36. It must be so easy being a politician these days. Each time you overspend, over-hire or just plain lose money in an accounting “error” you just raise taxes. Problem solved. After all, it’s not your money so who cares.

  37. Instead of giving Yonkers taxpayers some relief, Khader fought hard to increase the salary for Republican Steven Tvert.

    1. Lmao the Tvert must be King ! I heard the republicans wouldn’t vote on budget if tvert money wasn’t included in budget. The republicons should be worried about re-election. Oh that’s right breen can’t run again so he doesnt care. Tvert works for Rubbo. Don’t put this in the Democrats

  38. Keep paying the uncontrollable workforce.
    Bye bye corrupt Yonkers.
    Maybe if I stay I will get thrown out a window or beaten into a coma with a chair.
    So long suckers.

  39. Mike Khader was a big disappointment, for the last 6 months I been waiting for the meat cleaver to chop the budget, he instead passes at 6.2 tax increase.

    1. He probably never had your support or you would have realized the council didn’t need his vote. If the other 3 dummy democrats cared they would have voted no. Williams and Sabatino have too much to lose and are scared of the Mayor. Don’t get me started on the republicans, their constituents will be effected the most . I am not happy about the tax increase but it is better than laying off so many city employees.

      1. Lay them off who cares because the city was filthy and dirty while they were working and our mailboxes were getting boomed. Not one political hack was let go, not one patronage flunky was let go and all the no-shows are still collecting their checks while my taxes go up.

        1. I wonder why ??? Perhaps because they are family to the mayor, sabatino , breen? The democrats should have done something about that. oh yeah Williams listens to the mayor . Sabatino can’t Jeopardize his partners income. Breen just doesn’t care last term. He’s playinb nice with the mayor. He barely questioned anything during the budget hearings. There you have it… the system is rigged and can’t be fixed until spano is out.

  40. From what I saw tonight, they passed a balanced budget with no layoffs except for “dick” aka Flynn who refused to go to any council member.
    You got what you served a H $&/

    1. This is not Flynn or any other unions fault. The mayor negotiated contracts w all unions and it’s spano job to know where the money is coming from.

  41. The entire City Council made it point to thank the f**king Mayor who put us here. If it’s not Finance Dept’s fault and then it is the mayors fault. Corazon and Williams are so Incompetent. Sabatino I am disappointed but not surprised. All three Republican good luck trying to get re-elected. Khader you are being watched by the city too! Don’t eat your words next year and make sure you all stay informed on the spending or you will be one and done. Lastly can we get the guys off the trucks and and of the delis to clean up this city? Can sanitation carry a broom and shovel and stop leaving garbage in the middle of the streets. 6.2% services need to improve. All jobs saved can they work with some pride now? All Unions got their way can they now show us how much they love Yonkers.

    1. I hate to tell you but the democrat tax and spenders are in control of the city coffers. Khader will not be mayor. Red tsunami gonna flush this democratic city into the black. #MYGA

  42. Budget and tax increase was passed. Thank you mayor and council for shoving it yp the taxpayers you know what. We wont even be getting the star tax rebate since the shitty went over the tax cap. wow, a double hit.

  43. Tried watching the special meeting regarding the budget, but cant get it online. I guess they don’t want the taxpayers to see how they are getting screwed. Remember them in November, vote them all out!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Post
  44. Lizscrewski, the mayor’s financial officer, supposedly found 20 million, in the back of a garbage truck at the dpw garage today! Finances in YO are in a very sad place

    1. It’s the last 3 crazy Republican Mayors including the present one that have us in the mess we are in. In yonkeess party’s don’t count.

      Oh! and the democrats are not any better, so stick your party politics, we;; you know where…..
      It is only about money.

  45. Spano FAILED at his biggest job requirement, proper fiscal planning. It takes more then a 3rd grade mentality to keep track of revenues AND expenses.
    YO looks like a total sucker in the eyes of all NYS taxpayers. YO will NEVER resolve the inadequate funding to YPS with these yearly charades.
    Done with YO, it will NEVER get better.

  46. It’s time to recall the Mayor and the Council. Also time to put Cuomo, Cousins and Mayer on notice that they need to be recalled also. The time for games are over.
    They just feed off the taxpayer and slobber over the union voters. Disgusting

  47. Put the house on the market recently and my family and I are leaving this city as fast as we can. The levels of dysfunction and graft and greed are astounding. I’ve never seen anything like it. Good luck, folks.

  48. is this personal tax a property tax? or, a new type of tax? Budgeting by smoke and mirrors, the city will be back un the same boat next year.

    1. No this is just a property tax that will be compounded year after year This is a huge tax increase because we should have only been 2% add in the water tax raise and the red light cameras plus exit tax its just crazy

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