Hezi is a Phony By Someone from Mount Vernon

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The Hezitorial Regarding Discourse

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

MOUNT VERNON, NY and YONKERS, NY — Under the heading “Hezi is phony” presumably a Mount Vernon resident in a comment of theirs suggested I am a phony. I just posted my response and I copy it herein with my reply. The comment is under the article: “Ethics in the City of Mount Vernon By HEZI ARIS”. 


I will tell you why I have denied you the capacity to make comments on the Yonkers Tribune Website.

First off, you challenge my integrity as an investigative reporter suggesting, “If anything you printed was true the Feds certainly would be in Yonkers.” You may not know this, but they are. My reports have been on target. They are not lies as you suggest. You may simply not be in the know. 

then you have the gall to suggest that, the “All you do is regurgitate bogus information from people with an agenda. You’ve never once uncovered any kind of truth from your sources, those with an ax to grind.”

Wrong again. Worse still you suggest that I “spew total untruths with absolutely no regard for those you attack.” Another attempt to undermine me, but I am unmoved by your tirade. 

Next you have the audacity to state, “Thankfully very few people actually read this rag.” Again you are wrong. The Journal News by their own telling advise that their print distribution among the three counties they report is at shy of 45,000 subscribers. their online subscribers are under 1,100 subscribers. Please compare those figures with the “rag” nobody reads. We serve 108,000 unique subscribers every month. We predominately serve Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Ossining, and Bronxville in Westchester County but are read throughout Westchester County and beyond. We also have a large readership in New York City, that is likely because many readers and listeners commune to and from New York City, so I would suggest close to Hale of our readers work in NYC and others read us from their homes and employ in Westchester County. Then, we are read in Albany and Washington, D.C. On top of that, we are read in France, England, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, and Sweden, as well as in Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, Guyana, and Argentina. Canada and Mexico, too. India, Taiwan, China, and Australia. many in the Caribbean Islands, and a healthy amount of people in the Middle East from Morocco to Iran. 

Your back handed ethnic and religious note suggesting I “Also go back under the slimy rock from whence you came” suggests you may need to follow your own advise, while I stay committed to the City of Yonkers to share, analyze, and translate all that I have learned over many years to be worthy of those that read the Yonkers Tribune.

I had know idea you had such hardship reading this “rag” and am beside myself in contemplating that you are so earnest to be permitted access so as t9 comment in the Yonkers Tribune. It seems off to me that you want in at a place you despise. I do not hold any animus toward you, but I do ‘t need to soil myself by the likes of people like you to demean the YT reader. That is over the top and inexcusable by any measure by my ethical standards.

Then you write, “Hezi, you should apply for a job at CNN. Great publication without verification in your initial article. No better way to beat people’s reputations down than to smear them based on unverified leaks and biased reporting.” perhaps biased by your definition, but on target. You forget that in Yonkers any word or primacy that is out of line will cause you to lose your job. I din’t need any lectures from you. If you are so brilliant, perhaps you will attempt to build your own media outlet. in the 18 years I have been covering Yonkers, there have at least seven publications with backing from City Hall that have failed to get an audience. they are out of business. I am still here.

I wish you the opportunity to participate among all the choices available to you. There is the Journal News, Yonkers Rising, Yonkers Insider, The Patch, Yonkers Voice, Yonkers Wire, Yonkers Hamlet, Pluma Libre, among others that escape me at this time. For your sake, I hope you are welcome into their world. Alas, your false persona cannot escape my being able to hear your voice in the three comments that you attempted to diminish the Yonkers Tribune subscriber and undermine my integrity.

I wish you the wisdom to wise up. It is about discourse after all, isn’t it?

eHeziHezi is a Phony By Someone from Mount Vernon

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