Silence Continues to Deflect Yonkersites’ Ability From Learning of Yonkers City Hall’s Non-Existent Amended Budget and All It Entails

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Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — June 8, 2018 — Yonkers’s reality is the antithesis of the chatter that is shared among the “knowing” insiders, and those deluded by their desire to believe the “spin” meant to be consumed by those kept out of the loop.

Yonkers City Hall has erected controls over its employees that is not dissimilar from those engaged in Romania before the overthrow of Nicolae Ceaușescu, general secretary of the Romanian Communist Party from 1965 to 1989. The secret service of the communist regime, named “Securitate”, watched everybody’s moves and punished everyone and everything they considered to be a threat to their regime. It seems almost everyone would seek to win favor with the regime by reaching out to the “Securitate” with truth or innuendo. Yonkers, while not as backward or draconian as Romania was then, the city of Yonkers has cajoled Yonkersites to become acolytes to the Mike Spano Administration, that is, if they want to get ahead in a city where the number one employer is Yonkers City Hall and the department the Yonkers Board of Education. The increased hiring and employment of people in positions of no-show, and little-show employment have consumed the taxpayers’ ability to sustain the patronage mill that serves Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration more effectively than those that preceded his accession to mayor. Mayor Mike Spano bought loyalty with the taxpayer’s money. He also bought “naysayers” that challenged and maligned the facts as they were and are, so as to win even greater favor from the “powers” that be. Alas, the gravy train has come to a screeching halt because the financial capacity Yonkers City Hall had for its first six years in office turned Yonkers Canty Hall into an employment office, using its influence to employ and/or fire, to coerce landlords to house “favored” employees in dwellings the landlords owned at no cost to the “new” tenant or at reduced rates that can only be defined as “quid pro quo”. An illegal practice by any legal measure or definition.

Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Detective Keith Olson moved into his three-bedroom waterfront apartment only this week. His sister, Kelly Chiarella, likewise moved into the same building. Are they each paying market rate? Yonkers Tribune has learned they each do not! Are they paying anything at all? Why did Yonkers Department of Public Works clean out the “filthy” apartment Olson used to reside in and moved Olson’s belongs to his new Yonkers waterfront residence? Does Yonkers DPW get paid overtime to take care of Yonkers City Hall’s favorite union leader? Why is Yonkers City Hall so concerned about Yonkers PBA Pres. Det. Olson and his sister, Yonkers Department of the Aging Director Kelly Chiarella?

With respect to Olson, Yonkers City Hall has demanded Olson deliver additional “giveback” to Yonkers City Hall by reducing the very contracts negotiated with them by Mayor Spano’s cousin Joe Spano. Joe Spano was never elected to any office at Yonkers City Hall and he was not appointed to a position of any kind at Yonkers City Hall. All the unions were forced to “negotiate” with Joe Spano, though they need not have. The unions suffered the “high handed” tactics of Joe Spano. They eventually signed on the dotted line. Now, months later, despite City Hall believing they had outsmarted the unions individually and collectively, gloated over the signed agreements. Now Yonkers City Hall wants “give back” from the Yonkers PBA and the Yonkers Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association (CLSA). This telling thereby begs the questions how could the most recent negotiations with both the Yonkers PBA and CLSA even have been considered prudent when first proposed by Joe Spano? How could Yonkers Commissioner of Finance John Liszewski, as well as Auditor Nick DeSantis not have extrapolated a budget not prone to failure as it has presently proven itself to be. It is becoming more and more plausible and believable that when Finance Commissioner Liszewski was questioned and challenged by Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader during the budget hearings that Commissioner Liszewski’s response, was succinct and the the point. Liszewski noted he was only Finance Commissioner and NOT the Executive, referring to the Executive Branch of government, and specifically Mayor Mike Spano, rings true in hindsight.

Then there is the other aspect of the “intended deal” between Mayor Mike Spano and PBA President Det. Olson. When Olson delivers the “giveback” demanded by Mayor Mike Spano from the PBA and CLSA, Olson’s BFF (Best Friend Forever) Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller will be made the next Yonkers Police Commissioner and present PC Chuck Gardner will be forced to step down.

Olson’s conduct and the deal proposed to him reveals that Olson, City Hall’s on again, off again, and on again “bitch” is being used, that is toyed with in order to pressure the other unions to give back so as to relieve the financial quagmire revealed due to City Hall’s lack of  fiscal discipline and constraint. While Finance Commissioner  Liszewski must acquiesce to Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s fiscal micro management, why has Auditor Nick DeSantis not publicly divulged the looming financial catastrophe presently undermining the City of Yonkers (CoY) ability to survive? DeSantis has a contractual agreement at the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE), a City of Yonkers department, and a separate contractual agreement with the City of Yonkers to audit CoY’s fiscal health. Why has he been silent?

“Overtime” has become a bad word in CoY, as if to imply that the unions have the capacity to commandeer OT. To some extent, this is correct, but in other respects it is not. Control of OT is a managerial responsibility. It can be managed by the likes of Police Commissioner Charles Gardner, Fire Commissioner Robert Sweeney, and Department of Public Works Commissioner Thomas Meier. Were each department head disallow OT, the cycle of pension padding afforded those ready to retire would be an issue that would be relieved over a two-year time frame by not giving OT to the “chosen”. When OT is required, it should be equitably disbursed by giving the required OT to one person, then the next, and the next, and so; one until each person of any specific department is given the opportunity to get overtime. It is an equitable distribution of OT for everyone. But let no one forget that OT must be apportioned only when life and limb must be saved. Everything else can wait. 

Yonkers Tribune has heard that taxes may rise to a new high of 8 percent. Ouch!

The Yonkers Board of Education can begin saving at minimum $16 – $18 million in FY 2018 – 2019 and $20 – $22 million in FY 2019 – 2020 and every year thereafter. Those savings can be placed into a trust fund to grow CoY’s fiscal capacity to resuscitate an old and dilapidated infrastructures, and so much more.

Developing Yonkers transportation and tourist appeal is doable by employing standards understood today that will continue to survive into a future in which its evolution is embellished over time and not diminished or outmoded by time and technological advancement.

While many will scowl at the thought, Yonkers City Hall’s request for approval of private and commercial reassessment is demanded more than ever, yet the Yonkers City Councilmembership of seven have already decided the proposal will not win their approval. 

Why should anyone in Yonkers acquiesce to giving Yonkers City Hall a dime? CoY should only consider making changes if legislation that carries stipulated penalties if not adhered to, are made part of any agreement between all parties involved. Pension padding must not to be permitted, it must be written into law, and the standards must be ascribed by all parties concerned and validated and administered by higher office with the bite to incarcerate when needed.

Why are we at a stalemate at this juncture? One is the petition presented by the Yonkers PTA asking parents/guardians to demand Gov. Andrew Cuomo release $16.9 million in funds to the Yonkers Public School District. Considering that the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees approved the firing of 251 people from the Yonkers Public School District, and that 175 positions were known to be vacant due to retirement, employment elsewhere or death, that means that only 76 people could lose their employment. Assuming each of the 76 people was earning $100,000 each, that means that $7.6 million and not $16.9 million is the shortfall. The difference between the two figures is $9.3 million. How did the Yonkers PTA come up with this $16.9 million figure? The only logically conclusion is that it was deduced and defined by Yonkers City Hall. It also upset Gov. Cuomo.

A person representing Gov. Cuomo was given the contact information of all of Yonkers union leadership hierarchies. Each was invited to an audience with Gov. Cuomo’s representative. Yonkers Tribune has yet to learn the gist of all Th at transpired. 

The Special Yonkers City Council meeting intended to be convened today was moved into a state of recess”. That means that when the budget is scrutinized by all who have access to it is deemed over and complete, Yonkersites will not be required to receive  24-hours advance notice of such a gathering. Majority Leader Michael Sabatino’s Proposal was seconded by Minority Leader Mike Breen. The proposal was unanimously adopted without objection. The “conduct” of the vote is dismissive of the People’s right to know!

More as it is learned by the Yonkers Tribune.


eHeziSilence Continues to Deflect Yonkersites’ Ability From Learning of Yonkers City Hall’s Non-Existent Amended Budget and All It Entails

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  1. What do you get if you flip hamburgers for Keith Olson? Well for starters, you get to watch him wobble over to you and give you a slimy two finger handshake. Then he may ask you to harass some civilians or their families with parking tickets or perjure yourself once or twice. He may even give you a closer look of his set of yellow shark teeth. Then he will promise you years of pension padding traffic overtime for helping him tie his ordopedic sneakers. Then you will be an official Yonkers PBA Olsonette like Joe greedy Reagan who has been working 50 plus hours of straight traffic overtime for the past 5 years. Oh, not only do you get a fat police pension not to be confused with a fat cheese eating union leader but you will be called upon to perjure yourself against all enemies of the handful of dirty Olsonette cops. Now enjoy your Yonkers PBA hamburgers.

  2. Good luck to Meier and Chuck with their delusions of running for Mayor. They don’t realize the Spanos have no where to go now and Mike needs to die in office, so his high school dropout family members can stay employed and keep buying up all the waterfront property.

  3. I sure hope KO’s sis doesn’t have his silhouette. If she does, I certainly hope the two were put on different sides of that building or Yonkers is going to have a new downtown waterfront attraction- The Leaning Tower of Patronage!!

    1. The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson’s only dream and vision is to make his lying police chief J. Mueller the next Police Commissioner. Someone should really tell Keith that it is just a dream. Police Departments don’t promote people that refuse to transfer or violate citizens constitutional rights. Read the pending case against you Johnny Nuts.

  4. Glad to see that YFD’s Flynn finally getting exposed for the selfish ego-maniac that he is. He cares more about his impending pension than he does about the future of our city. I hope that the state or feds come in and expose him for the fraud that he is.

  5. I can only imagine how Barry set forth all the facts to Cuomos team about what a lying corrupt elected official Mike Spano is. As a result I’m sure Cuomo won’t be doing anything for Fat Mike.

      1. He might be fat but he’s not an asshole like you dick and you will always be a small bitter jealous inconsequential DICK

  6. No worries for you Yonkers Citizens, the dirty fat union rat Keith Olson will now patrol your waterfront condos for free. Just watch out for that Brian Moran, he may search your premises without a warrant.

  7. Yonkers Civil Service is a hoax and a fix.

    The federal government must immediately start
    Unfair hiring practices are under FEDERAL LAWS.
    Discrimination is the rule in Yonkers.
    Let’s get started today !
    Open up a Federal Hotline Now.
    Not that bull-crap hot line Spano has setup just to set you up.

  8. Fake investigations and screening to become a police or fireman in yonkers.
    Thats a fact jack.
    It’s tighter than a clams ass to get on if you are just a resident.
    and thats water tight.
    Need to be family or friend period.
    and yes i always wondered why my name never came close but
    juniors and nephews did.
    Now, thats a fact jack

    1. if the median income is 62000 a year in this city of yonkers how does a civil servant earn 285000 a year the numbers are there ???? how does that happen ? how does a civil servant at any level earn more than the governor of the state he serves 179000?

  9. Chief John ‘Mr. Clean’ Flynn and Barry ‘Mr. Magoo’ McGoey are just following in the line of historical YFD Cash Cow Union Leaders, Fire Officers, and Fire Officials who have ‘Milked’ the City of Yonkers for decades, padding their pensions to retire, living high on the hog. Just look at former Union Leader and Fire Commissioner, Anthony ‘Piggy’ Pagano and Former Chief of Operations, William “Fatsy” Fitzpatrick. Those two would never miss a meal, while on city time, at one of the local watering holes in the Empire City. Now Chief Mr. Clean and Mr. Magoo are just doing the same thing. Watch, very soon, you will see both on the list of Highest Paid Retirement Salaries coming out of the City of Yonkers. And if you want to add insult to injury, look at the nepotism within the ranks of the YFD? How many Fitzpatrick’s, Dronzek’s, etc, etc, and the list goes on, do you see? Hmmm – Wonder if Chief Tom ‘Thumb’ Fitzpatrick is going to follow in “Fatsy’s Footsteps” and retire soon with a very nice pension indeed?

    We all hope that a Federal or State Investigation is made into all of this and that Governor Cuomo does not fall as a ‘dupe’ to this crap. The State of New York should not have to continue to bail out our City, because of the wrong doing of these “Cash Cows”.

  10. Two more SpaNO in laws on the “new” firefighter list pending…..Mike needs to make room for them, more charades to follow……….

    1. Oh really ! Look at the current names on the YFD !
      Friends, family, and nephews !
      Firemen get there Dutchess County, Tuckahoe/Eastchester (DeLasho’s nephews Cirasellas) and there Connecticut son’s on the Big Tit Job.
      Who is who of friends and family.
      us Yonkersites demands Gov Cuomo step in !

  11. Vinny Spano has his tan ready for the jersey shore……some one bring the crayons and get this ponzie scheme finished. I gotta do my laundry, gym, then get to beach, BRO!
    Oh, can anyone count the number of YO school heads in the last ten years… remember hornsbee(computer scandal), petrone(political puppet), pierarzio(lost 50 million), yazurlo(mayor’s porn-watching friend), now quezada(D.R. superstar)
    But, that’s ok it’s the firefighter salary that is the cause of financial chaos!

    1. nys doesn’t care either, cuomo just looking for dem votes,
      YO is a laughing shame at city hall,
      same old story in good ole YO,
      it’s time to leave this sh!t hole!

  12. Friends, family, and plenty of loot.
    YFD is some cash cow
    wow wow wow
    IGM now living the life
    Golf and Golf on the Gulf

  13. Word from my source says that Yonkers is going
    to be TANKED !
    State sees and knows the deplorable state here.
    They see that the;
    The city worker vultures are circling the carcass.
    Scrap time. Just good for a few spare parts.

  14. Did you bring your handkerchief ?
    Mr Clean is making an end run around our beloved Mayor.
    Doesn’t Mr Clean know all roads lead to Rome.
    In this case Albany.
    How many diner tables $$ ? to get you in the door ?
    Mr Clean is just a conniver !
    Always was and always will be !
    M-29 4 ever !

  15. DPW does not engage in pension padding OT for imminently retiring workers. This is a fact. Pension padding is a long-held practice done by YFD and YPD. And let’s not forget all of the “injuries” that mysteriously occur when retirement is near, resulting in disability pensions.

    1. I am sick of this pension padding and overtime for the police and FF. No other departments in the city have an overtime budget like them. (or any budget at all) Getting paid extra to arrive early for a job plus all of the other “treats”. It is so sad that the property owners have to pay for their “treats” especially the senior citizens. They are and will be living the “life” while the seniors are just trying to survive. It is disgusting and the best part is that they don’t even live in the city (majority of them) They reap the benefits and leave the poor people their bill. Something has to change – we (the residents) cannot handle this anymore.

      1. So tired of this. Yonkers middle class suffer. People are moving out of
        Yonkers. Disgusting the pensions. They love to put a dollar sign on there
        jobs. Want to make big money go into finance. Yes your job is going into
        burning buildings that’s what you signed up to do.

    2. Don’t hate! You DPW guys tried to gravitate! DPW are the runts of the litter, the ones that wanted soooo bad to be YFD/YPD. So not being able to get on the “real” jobs you settled for a nice secure job with 456. No shame in that but don’t throw stones at the “real” jobs. You guys have your own rackets so don’t try and hit YFD/YPD with your refuse (refuse as in noun)truck; for the real dumb garbage man. Half you bozos have kids and relatives on the YFD/YPD anyway. Stop ratting and eating your own. You guys are starting to act like that fat overgrown rat Keith Olson!

      1. I am with you NT0. Fed up and Paulie are jealous haters. They shouldn’t shoot of at the mouth about the reel jobs. I mean Spano hooks them up all the time. Right there in the article it says Yonkers Department of Public Works clean out the “filthy” apartment Olson used to reside in and moved Olson’s belongs to his new Yonkers waterfront residence? Does Yonkers DPW get paid overtime to take care of Yonkers City Hall’s favorite union leader? There it is in plane black and white. KO hooked them up fat. OT all around and hear they are ratting on other guys. Hey Fed up, look in the mirror at your whiskers and little pink nose and ask yourself what would Jimmy do?

  16. The Federal Government must now step in
    and Investigate !
    Gov Cuomo you are now a major part of this.
    You will never be president or get another term unless
    you drain this swamp.

    1. Cuomo can drain my main vein. He would win New York but thats no task in this liberal state. Trump would mop the floor with the greezball. Just ask Hillary! In the event he has the 🥜’s to investigate, start with that shady Yonkers PBA President. That’s the closest Cuomo comes to the Presidency.

  17. I would love to have a policeman living in my apartment building.
    Hezi, its brilliant.
    They should allow for more employees to move in.
    It will ensure public confidence.
    Plus, The dudes a wrecking ball !
    A one man wrecking crew !
    When the feds come for him, he can make his escape by submarine on the river.

  18. Let’s face it. The state will only pay for
    the citizens who “live and vote” here.
    The citizens whose children live and are educated here.
    The only in Yonkers , 9 to 5 workforce is screwed.
    The nepotistic, cronyistic, racist, work force will
    not be fed.
    and really ?
    What can you really do ?
    The Taxpayers are done with all of you.

  19. You are saying that Keith Olson is mike Spanos best friend? That’s a joke right? Have you watched ko prance all over the city with his new best friend mcgoooey? Keith and Barry have been everywhere together. Ask Barry about his dinner with ko and Dom at jakes steak house.

    1. KO is pissed JM is not Ypd commissioner yet and only now wants to have a union coalition against the mayor to be a threat and gain leverage in COY. KO needs JM to be Ypd commissioner so KO can be the defacto commissioner and gain his pension payday. His eye is on the prize. KO doesn’t care about YPD or tier 6 cops, only himself and his pension: He should just retire already, he is too political and out of touch with the membership at large. He sucks!

      1. Big mouths!!

        But let’s not forget the members get a chance to take him out every 2 years! Yet nobody steps to the plate. Says a lot of “out of touch” KO is with the members.

        Don’t try and drag ko into Barry the tomato’s circle.

        1. KO like Putin! Run against the bully and see what happens. If your any sort of threat to his seat, the character assasination will start, followed by trumped up departmental charges if need be, and of course a challenge to a physical fight, because how dare you challenge the status quo bully.

        2. Haha, you say unopposed. We say nobody steps up because they don’t want to get stepped on. It’s called fear. Don’t mistake the fact that Olson ran “unopposed” because he is loved. He’s hated more & more each passing day by the membership he continually sells out. After all, he had to put on a show with no givebacks or he’d look like the garbage pail everyone already knows he is. The Mayor treated that bum like a son, and the son betrays the father!

          1. You see Mr. “look in the mirror”, that’s the exact attitude the Olsonettes try to push. You must be one of them. “400” plus cops want to do their jobs for the community they serve and go home to their family’s. When “fear” of retribution is at hand nobody will step up to try to unseat Keith Olson. “Fear” of character assasination and if you do dare run, that his “bought & paid” for Olsonettes will come to do illegal investigations against you. Nobody “fears” Keith Olson “physically”. He’s 500 pounds, wears stretchy pants and can’t tie his own shoelaces. But he is a dirtbag lowlife that has done some real criminal acts against his own members. He and his Olsonettes are still in federal court for all their civil right violations of one of their own. Tell John “Joker” the only winning ticket he had was that 2 dollar scratch off. Best of luck. Timmy’s character far exceeds that Mueller “Joker” character. Mueller for “BID” commissioner. He can go hang out with all of the “trash cans” lolololololololol

      1. “When fear of retribution is at hand, nobody will step up…” Really? It’s called being a man. “Fear of character assassination, if you dare run…” How are you a cop? “Illegal investigations”… Do you have something to hide? Then what would you be investigated for? This is Yonkers, not the Soviet gulag. You have some real soul searching to do my cowardly friend. I hope you are the exception in the YPD, not the norm.

        1. Dear Tea and Crumpets.
          I do not work for YPD, nor am I privy to all that is being discussed in this blog. I am however familiar with similar goings on in other municipalities, that have a lot less moving parts than YPD.
          My guess is you are nothing more than one of the machine’s stooges. A minion, a lackey, a “yes” man, a toady, who tags along with the bully, in the hope that he will not rub your teeth on the curb, like he does others.
          The experienced eye sees through your ardent disbelief and your attempts to downplay the severity of the circumstances, and finds it to be further proof that the situation does indeed exist.
          By the way, I am not sure if your comparison to a gulag is the ideal Soviet trope. Maybe you meant the Cheka. The Cheka would be a more accurate representation.
          Based on the ongoing posts and stories that appear on the Tribune, I would like to be the first to coin the concept that it appears KO and the Olsonettes are the bellwethers of the “BLUE TERROR.” Hezi, if you write the book, and use that for the title, throw me a bone. I am on a fixed income.

          1. Wow, you arrogant, pompous, fool. This will be my last response to you. I, too, am not a member of the YPD. Nor am I privy to the ongoings of the YPD. I have NEVER met Keith Olsen, nor any of his “stooges”. I am however an active reader of the Yonkers Tribune. For years certain members, who refer to themselves as such, have attacked Olsen and his actions. But these same attackers do nothing about it! They hide behind a keyboard and loft allegations. The final straw, that I felt required a response, was the comment about “when fear of retribution is at hand, nobody will step up!” Throughout history real men have done the exact opposite and I felt this needed to be pointed out. So your experienced eyes are blind and your feeling of self grandeur is unwarranted.

          2. Okay, Tea and crumpets. I will come down off my high horse and speak to you in a language you may readily understand.
            Whatever!! If you aren’t part of the the machine, and lack the experience of living in fear of ghosts, then don’t judge any who might. There are many forms of fear, and there is a very big difference in the immediate anxiousness one feels going through a door, and the ongoing anxiety one may have of those going through the door with you.

            Not everyone in every set of circumstances has the will to be one of Doolittle’s Raiders, especially when they have been conditioned to live in fear of reprisals. Most are trying to do their job, and a very important part of that is keeping their job. If one or more of these individuals voice their opinion against the machine, do you really think retaliation is face to face?

            No, just like the Cheka, it comes silently and in the night. Maybe a trumped up charge, or accusation that discredits the person’s reputation or ruins their career, or maybe certain guys are slow to back you up. Whatever the form, everyone knows why it is happening, and that remains as a warning to others, “This is what will happen to you!” Do the “man” thing and clean a coworkers clock, and you, my friend, will be the one charged.

            Always remember, “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

          3. Don’t be sorry to “tea and crumpets” for he or she is certainly a stooge for the Olsonettes. Read the post clearly. It’s either a family member or a long clinging a$$ wart. Either way the karma bus will be around to pick up each and every last one of you. Happy trails.

        2. You can’t beat KO. He has 400 members money hostage to pay off politicians and their family members LEGALLY through the PAC fund, lobbying, dinners, etc. could be upwards of 75k or more a year, who knows how much. The politicians receiving the pba members money don’t want it to stop and the “family”( reveiving the most ) will protect this past, present and future payoff, income stream, that comes in the form of lobbying money, Campaign contributions, directed “charity” donations, dinners, cash, and who knows, etc. KO Control’s who gets and who doesn’t get money and how much they get. Remember, money buys influence, therefore Nobody can do anything against this corruption right now. KO and the politicians and the “ family” are like the clintons -legalized corruption. This should make every yonkers resident sick to their stomach. The pba should be banned by law from making any campaign contributions. Maybe Khader can do this for COY. I remember when the Feds took over the teamsters 456 local. This is what is exactly needed in the PBA right now.

        3. “Tea and crumpets” do yourself a favor and look up Mortero v. Yonkers PBA or Montero v. City of Yonkers (federal court). He manned up and ran for PBA President several years ago. After Keith Olson and Eddie Armour rigged the ballot boxes & stole the election, they cooked up a scheme to throw Montero out of the Union. Keith Olson’s buddy Chief John Mueller accused Montero of wrong doing & threw him out of Special Investigations. Another Keith Olson buddy, Det. Sgt. Brian Moran then wrote Montero up on departmental charges for some other bogus crap. It’s been a legal battle for Montero ever since he tried to rid the PBA of its corruption. Montero was forced to pay his own legal bills. Olson’s bills were paid by the PBA “Quinn fund” & Mueller and Moran’s by the City of Yonkers (figure that one out). Since that time Olson, Mueller and Moran have been defeated by Montero’s lawyers but are yet to face any departmental charges. So go stick your head up your a$$ and drink some tea and eat some brown crumpets. While you’re at it see if you can find Wayne’s cash. Olson stole that years ago.

  20. Saw that Chief Mr. Clean was in the city today, for a meeting with the State Comptrollers Office in Manhattan. Took mass transit to go to and from. Guess him and Mr. Magoo were reminded not to take city vehicles outside the City Limits for Non-City Business.

    Remember, Chief Mr. Clean is stronger than dirt

    1. I’m sure the state comptroller will take Mr Clean’s, the master mind of M-29 chief
      only overtime scam, input under consideration.
      “Don’t Call Us ! ” “We will Call You !”
      I bet he even used his badge to ride on the taxpayers.

  21. Where are the feds? Cuomo should demand that if the COY gets any additional state funding, that it comes with a mandatory financial control board to oversee all hirings,promotions. And spending.

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