What Do Democrats Stand For?

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Weir Only Human

Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover 
assignments. Bob began a writing career about 12 years ago and had his first
book published in 1999. He
 also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.”

When I look at the political war going on in our country I wonder what exactly do Democrats stand for? From 2009, through 2016, we had a Democrat President who traveled the world (on our dime) to criticize the country that had just elected him. Under Obama’s “leadership” the economy tanked, race relations worsened, a tyrannical healthcare plan was forced on us, foreign countries were growing stronger, assisted by bizarre deals made with our money, and the illegal invasion from our southern border was not merely tolerated, but encouraged. Although I didn’t vote for the first black President, when he was elected I felt he would build a bridge toward greater amity among racial groups.

Instead, he seemed determined to “get even” with the white majority for what he perceived as past grievances. I suppose it totally eluded him that he wouldn’t have had a chance if millions of whites had not voted for him. What didn’t elude him was that political correctness was so potent in our system that his color would make him practically impervious to attempts toward limiting his power. Anyone who disagreed with him could be branded a racist, a term that has more stopping power than a .44 magnum. The media, loath to take sides against a black Chief Executive and constantly looking for ways to roil the fires of racial division, were complicit each time Obama took sides against the police when blacks were part of the equation.

The only positive result of Obama’s election is that it paved the way for Donald Trump’s election. When the decent citizens of this country saw the racial turmoil, the loss of jobs, the empowerment of our country’s enemies and the utter contempt for Middle-America, they wondered if our country had finally been defeated from within. Just about the time they were ready to lock and load in anticipation of a Hillary Clinton presidency that would finish the job started by her Marxist predecessor, Donald Trump was descending from that escalator in his New York hotel. He spoke bluntly about the decline of our nation and of his intention to make it great again. He referred to the corruption in Washington, referring to it as a swamp in need of draining.

Trump went on to become the most indefatigable campaigner of all time, going straight to the forgotten people in “flyover country.” Democrats and their liberal media accomplices poked fun at the huge attendance at Trump rallies, often dismissing them as unsophisticated rubes wearing overalls and carrying pitchforks. Then, Hillary made her worst mistake of all; she called them “deplorables!” That summed up the left’s antipathy for those who don’t live in the inner cities; those who’d rather dig ditches than accept welfare; those who love this country and are not ashamed to fly our flag; those who obey the law and support the Constitution; and those who proudly proclaim their religious heritage and raise their families accordingly.

When the Donald shocked the world by beating the woman who felt it was “her turn” to be President, the left came unglued! Now, Democrats have the dubious distinction of being against all those attempts to make America great again. Hence, when the POTUS says we need to build a wall to stop the southern invasion, which is providing transportation for illegals from as far away as El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, Democrats call it racism. When Trump takes the lead in a massive tax cut that is already stimulating the economy and providing millions of new jobs, Democrats call it “crumbs,” even though black and Hispanic unemployment is at record lows.

When the POTUS gets tough with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un, forcing him to stop nuclear testing and meet for a summit, Dems say he’s falling for a con job. When Trump calls MS-13 gang members “animals” because of their savage methods of murder, Nancy Pelosi feels a sweet sense of compassion for the machete-wielding monsters. As of this writing, Ms. Pelosi has not shown enough compassion to invite some of those tattoo-covered troglodytes to her palatial home for dinner. Meanwhile, Hollywood hedonists are among Trump’s most vicious antagonists, undoubtedly because they are part of and fully support that putrid swamp which will always despise anyone who threatens to use a disinfectant.

It should be obvious that our country is growing stronger and richer because President Trump has stimulated a revival of patriotism that was almost invalidated by those who added the term to their “everything is racist” lexicon. It seems to me that the only con job is that which is being perpetrated by leftwing Democrats and their fake news media accomplices against an electorate that is fed up with their lack of objectivity in favor of their radical political activism.


Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover assignments. Bob began a writing career about 16 years ago and had his first book published in 1999. He also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.”




eHeziWhat Do Democrats Stand For?

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  1. Most readers with a shred of intellect and moral decency will have recognized already that Weir is a racist. He race-baiting language and racist slurs might have been acceptable in 1950s white America, but they have no place anywhere in the world today save for the most retrograde of communities. Thankfully, he and his thinking are relics, and the hatred and bigotry that he espouses will soon pass with his passing, which is imminent.

    There are too many white brothers and sisters that stand for justice and equal rights to waste our time on historical oddities like Weir. In his ignorance he has revealed to the world (if any further proof were needed) the institutional face of racism that far too many blacks suffered in America. We are moving towards a place when people like Weir will be a minority – not oppressed, but rightfully ignored and marginalized because of their extreme ignorance and mendacity and lack of love for our brothers and sisters of all colors, creeds, nationalities, and orientations. Four hundred years of history might have separated us but our shared future ahead will unite us once again.

    1. These people who scream racism every time they don’t get their way are the lowest form of life on the planet! They make it bad for all people who have legitimate gripes.

  2. Hezi,
    This is exactly the kind of negativity this columnist (I use that word lightly) repeatedly relishes in. It bears NO productive fruit.
    Please consider removing this type of parochialism and perhaps invite a more positive element to your forum.
    We certainly could use it!

  3. Bob, your views on race are more than skewed- they’re extremely concerning considering you were a public servant tasked with serving a diverse public in a large metropolitan city.

    This article showcases your ignorance and plain racism. I know your legacy with the NYPD wasn’t a clean one- the NYPD should review & investigate your arrests record.

    1. Keep playing the race card you low-achieving black! You’re an embarrassment to all those hardworking, educated blacks who are tired of hearing people of their race whine about how awful those mean white people have been to them. As long as you believe your color will get you a successful life, you’ll always be a loser.

      1. High achieving black while you are at why don’t you ask the NYPD to further investigate the former NYPD Chief of Department Banks who some how fattened his banks accounts by several hundred thousands of dollars while still with the department -I guess you could say he too was a high achieving black who was less than honorable.

  4. Your failure to comprehend what the Obama presidency was renders whatever point you were attempting to make moot. The day after Obama’s election in 2008, the Dow Jones closed at around 9,000. The day Obama left office the market closed at 19,827. Where would presiding over a 149% increase be considered “tanking” economically? The idea that other countries became wealthier at the expense of America is laughable at best, as Obama’s team approached foreign trade through the same lens American leadership has since World War 2 with a policy of reciprocal free trade. Through this mutual relationship with the world, we grew stronger, as did all of the other countries who traded with us. Global trade is not a zero-sum game where winners only exist at the expense of losers. Any respectable economist will tell you that free trade helps all involved, whereas restricted trade through tariffs hurts all involved.

    Grousing that race relations worsened under Obama is a nonsensical criticism. Much of the domestic turmoil that unfolded during the Obama years occurred because his presidency coincided with the democratization of technological progress. The ability to record and broadcast instances of racial and police misconduct from a device that fits in pockets became a great equalizer. America didn’t become a racially charged country overnight, these things have been occurring to people of color for centuries. The difference is that now it’s in everyone’s face to see. Believing that Obama’s election would “build a bridge toward greater amity among racial groups” is ignorant at best, and racist at worst. Obama’s election was not a catchall solution to the racial animosity that exists in this country. Believing that his election would somehow absolve America of it’s conflicted past on race is a thought that could only emerge from someone has never felt what it’s like to be a person of color in this country. His belief that America could do better on race relations wasn’t a retreat into racial tribalism, much like the belief that police officers should be held accountable by the public isn’t “taking sides against the police”. As for “I suppose it totally eluded him that he wouldn’t have had a chance if millions of whites had not voted for him” I suppose that it’s totally eluded you that Obama was raised by white people, and has stated emphatically that he doesn’t hold any animus against white people for being white, but rather the inability of individuals to understand and empathize with the unique circumstances and struggles of Americans who happen to be a different color than them.

    Aside from these facetious age-old baseless asinine criticisms of the Obama presidency (I refuse to go in depth on the flat out lie regarding the encouragement of undocumented people to migrate to the United States, because such migration dropped in the Obama years, or the petulant claim that the Affordable Care Act, a healthcare plan which existed in cooperation with private companies, was drafted by anyone who would claim to be Marxist) and in sum, the Democratic Party, what does the GOP stand for? Republicans claim to “obey the law and support the Constitution” but look the other way at the grotesque abuse of power which has emerged under this presidency. Republicans are willing to completely abandon their premise of supporting law enforcement by undermining the credibility of the nation’s premier agency, the FBI, in the politically expedient hope of saving this president from his own misdeeds. Republicans once claimed that a president shouldn’t be under federal investigation, but are comfortable with a president who is increasingly under scrutiny, and under the microscope as an investigation surrounding his campaign has yielded 19 indictments and 5 guilty pleas. Your outrage on having “had a Democrat President who traveled the world (on our dime)” is diminished when confronted with the fact that the president has made trips to his own golf clubs and resorts 54 times thus far, while simultaneously footing us taxpayers for costs associated with travel and protection. He even makes the government pay full price for golf cart rentals and hotel rooms for Secret Service staff.

    The president talks tough on North Korea, but can’t walk the walk, having diminished expectations from halting their nuclear program to merely establishing a dialogue with Chairman Un. A far cry from the goals of the landmark summit which he initially heralded. As for your Nancy Pelosi comment on inviting “tattoo-covered troglodytes to her palatial home for dinner” I can’t find any source confirming that. Trump’s tax cut was and continues to be a massive giveaway to the rich, who will reap a disproportionate amount of its benefits. Major corporations will continue to be allowed to deduct state and local taxes while people like you and I are left out in the cold. Grumbles from concerned Republicans who find that the 3-4% economic growth which was required to pay for such a windfall only grow louder as they realize that much like everything else they were told by this administration, happens to be a lie. A costly lie which will force people with fixed incomes from their homes, widen the deficit, increase the national debt, and hurt retirees on Social Security and Medicare. All while families like the Trumps stand to gain hundreds of millions of dollars from the whole ordeal.

    All of this happening as the GOP has tried to distract people on irrelevant issues like undermining the First Amendment and making athletes compulsorily stand for the flag. It’s obvious that the GOP doesn’t have any fundamental beliefs. The things the GOP once opposed, it finds itself doing. Reagan once admonished nations which imposed tariffs on American goods, Trump now sees such tariffs as an opportunity to elevate a trade war to score political points at everyone’s expense. Republicans once criticized Obama for diplomatic indecision on Syria, but applaud the haphazard nature of Trump’s North Korea summit that has been on and off twice already. Republicans once opposed increasing the national debt and the deficit, but have no problem doing so as a kickback to their mega-donors through a shortsighted tax plan, with handwritten notes in the margins and enacted in the dead of night. Republicans once complained about Obama’s golfing and his travel, but are satisfied with Trump, who is on track to outpace Obama’s golfing through 8 years in 4 alone. Republicans once championed government accountability, even if that meant impeaching their own president. Now they conceal and suppress information from investigations. Republicans once supported meticulous and thorough investigations, even investigating Hillary Clinton over a span of 5 years and yielding no indictments or guilty pleas, but are currently attempting to derail an investigation which has yielded 19 indictments and 5 guilty pleas in less than 18 months.

    At its root, the GOP stands for hacks like you with a superficial understanding of the world around them, chock full of false outrage who make easily refutable claims in the hopes that people will have moved on to the next lie to notice the previous one. Just because they’ve fooled you doesn’t mean they’ve fooled everyone. A majority of the electorate rejected this presidency, and nearly 3,000,000 more Americans chose Hillary Clinton to be their president rather than Trump. The electorate is indeed fed up, but you’ll surely be surprised as to who suffer their wrath.

    P.S. I await a response where you cite a source for Nancy Pelosi inviting MS-13 members to her home, that would be much appreciated.

    1. “Believing that Obama’s election would “build a bridge toward greater amity among racial groups” is ignorant at best, and racist at worst.” Once you wrote the above sentence you made my argument for the entire column. Like Obama, you think you can attribute every uttered word to racial bias. similarly, the reference to “someone {who} has never felt what it’s like to be a person of color” is tantamount to saying that being black means anything you say or do should be condoned because non-blacks simply don’t understand how awful life is for those with dark skin. You think you can live with a crying towel on your shoulder, ready to use every time you feel someone is being unfair to you? It’s way past the time for you to realize that the race card expired long ago, even before Obama became the first black President.

      Non-blacks are fed up with hearing the same old “woe is me” refrain from unsuccessful blacks who are using their race to get more free stuff. I know many high-achievement blacks who are embarrassed every time they hear those of their race demanding something from the government or a business entity while proclaiming that denial of it is equal to racism. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, a couple of Harlem hustlers, made a good living off of that form of extortion. Many blacks are recognizing the plantation chains of the Democrat Party that have kept them in servitude for generations.

      Educated blacks refuse to slavishly endorse a party that takes them for granted during elections, then gives nothing more than lip service to improve their lives. In fact, the last thing Democrats want is for blacks to achieve success because that would mean they won’t be able to convince them that Republicans are holding them back. That’s why a black celebrity like Kanye West is immediately vilified when he extols the virtues of President Trump’s leadership. Radical leftwing Democrats see that as one of their slaves speaking out of turn, so he must be destroyed.

      Evidently, Mr. West is smart enough to see through the Democrat-induced membrane clouding the eyes of blacks and forming a scar over their common sense. He, like many other educated blacks, know that they’ll always be slaves in their minds as long as they continue to think that all they have to do is cry about their color and their Democrat masters will pat them on the head like children and promise that the nanny state will take care of them. Once blacks stand on their own, Democrats will have to seek out another group to con as they wrap those invisible chains around their waists.

      1. Wow. Educated blacks? Non-blacks? Harlem hustlers? Democrat masters? I legitimately cannot believe that you’re a syndicated columnist. Even the most extremist pundits can usually contain their bigotry against African-Americans, but you’ve managed to make the implied explicit. It’s ironic that you compare Democrats to slavemasters but only view educated black people as individuals who share your draconian thinking. Has it ever occurred to you that all black people conscientiously choose the leadership which they believe will best represent them? If Kanye West is the beacon of black conservatism, it wouldn’t surprise me that a schizophrenic megalomaniac is who you’ve selected as its zeitgeist. I share the sentiment of True Colors. Not only am I appalled by the absurdity of your statement, but I’m disturbed and alarmed that somebody like you served on the NYPD for 20 years. I pray that there aren’t people who suffered at your hands as a result of your clear prejudice. If they have, may God have mercy on your soul.

        1. Wow, made it to 9:22 pm without playing the race card. Anyone with under 9:30 pm is a winner! Quick question though, how’s playing the race card every chance you get working out for you? Time to find a new plan!

      2. Non-blacks are fed up with hearing the same old “woe is me” refrain from old white men, who use newspaper columns to spread racist ideals in an attempt to marginalize people of color. You don’t represent my views and those of many of your fellow north Texas neighbors.

        1. I’m also a non-black North Texas resident and I believe Mr. Weir is right on with his comments about the overuse of the race card. Many blacks have come out publicly to threaten the white race and they get away with it. Black groups like Black Lives Matter have called for the murder of whites and Ministers like Farrahkan call white people “devils.” It’s time for whites to start fighting back against those blacks who have been intimidating them for years by screaming false charges of racism.

        1. When your follow-up argument hinges on Kanye West, a self-proclaimed mentally ill person, who will do and say whatever they can to stay in the spotlight, you’ve already lost.
          “Non-blacks are fed up” of unsuccessful blacks who want more free stuff… wow. It’s scary that Mr. Bob used to be on the front lines of policing NY neighborhoods. “Plantation chains”, “Slavishly endorse”… at least you’re not hiding your obvious prejudices. I just hope that no one is sitting in jail because your true feelings came out while on the job.

    2. That was perfectly stated. Thank you.
      Bob W’s column proves once again how misguided, misinformed and hateful the right has become.

    3. R. Williams do you agree with Obama’s statement that during his administration that there were no scandals? If you do then what do you call the 2014 SCANDAL at the the Veterans Administration where 1,000 veterans died waiting for care, long wait times, enormous case backlogs, falsifying wait times and more. Year in and year out Obama would hear about about the long wait times and he did absolutely nothings, 23 suicides a day by veterans and Obama just stood by, 500,000 appeals case backlog and Obama just stood by and did nothing. Obama did nothing for veterans during his 8 years in office

  5. Excellent insight once again Mr. Weir. And an equally insightful rebuttal from Darlene Pendery. Both of you have hit the nail on the head. Bottom line, our system is broken. But instead of trying to come together and find a solution, both parties fight like spoiled children. It is absolutely exhausting listening to the constant bickering. Thank you both for being civil.

    1. How can polar opposites come together without each side totally abandoning their core principles? Can’t be done. 😢

      1. All it takes is one. Someone who is brave enough to say, “hey, I might not agree with some of your other principles but I can see where this might work”. Wishful thinking, but it has to start somewhere. I won’t hold my breath.

  6. This is a brilliantly written summation of what Democrats stand for. It is thought-provoking, for sure. But what do Republicans stand for?

    Republican members of Congress say they are Pro-life. But then they vote blindly for Omnibus spending that allocates millions of taxpayer dollars into the coffers of Planned Parenthood. They claim to be for securing our border, but they vote for bills that cut back on our border security while giving away hundreds of millions of dollars to secure foreign borders. They claim to be for downsizing government and for fiscal responsibility. But then they vote for a bill – without reading, discussing, debating it, that increases the size and scope of government as they heap on another $1.3 Trillion in debt onto the backs of hardworking Americans. They claim to be transparent but dance all around questions posed by informed constituents. They claim to be upholding and defending our Constitution to ensure equal representation under the law. But then they blindly vote for appropriation bills drafted and approved by only four people, disenfranchising every American in the process.

    Republicans, it seems, have no right to criticize. What is it, exactly, that we stand for? What set of principles, if any, define us? Republicans lost our moral compass a long time ago. The lines have become so blurred that no one seems to know.

    1. Darlene, you’re right when you say that many Republicans are part of the corrupt establishment, aka, the swamp. I suppose it’s because those Republicans have become mired in the bureaucracy and political correctness wedged in the wheels of forward movement. It’s probably a question of numbers. I think it’s fair to say that the majority of Republicans are on the Trump train, while you can’t find a single Democrat that would deign to support one of Trump’s policies.

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