Yonkers City Council Republicans Vote to Pass City Budget

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YONKERS, NY — June 15, 2018 — The Yonkers City Council Republican Caucus voted to adopt a $1.19 billion budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year Tuesday night, June 13, 2018. The adopted budget contains increased funding to the Yonkers Public Schools and no cuts in services or layoffs while eliminating most vacant positions.  The City of Yonkers Board of Education also received a “one-shot” of $8.8 million to help close the districts gap.

The Republican Caucus went through the budget line by line in an effort to avert layoffs and minimize the impact to the taxpayer.  While the adopted budget includes an increase in the tax levy of 6.2% there will be no reduction in City services to our residents.  The average home will see their annual property tax bill increase by approximately $560 or $46 per month.

Mike Breen, City Council Minority Leader, said, “this budget process has been a long journey.  The most important part of our job as a Council is to pass a budget.  Reaching into our taxpayers pockets is something I don’t take lightly and I’ve never wanted to balance the budget on the backs of our workforce with layoffs. This Council is now looking for the means to address budget issues early on before a budget issue becomes a crisis.”

“Two months ago the City Council received a proposed budget that included 185 municipal layoffs and 251 layoffs in the Yonkers Public School system.  Over the last 8 weeks we combed through every line of this budget and in working with our colleagues, Mayor Spano and his finance team, we were able to restore all of those positions,” said Councilman Rubbo.  “I must be clear, I am not happy with this tax increase.  It affects me, my family, my friends and neighbors who have decided to make this great City their home.  This vote allows us to move forward while working toward efficiencies in our government.  Yonkers is better today then yesterday and we will be better tomorrow.”

“My colleagues and I worked very hard to get to the point where the adopted budget includes no layoffs or cuts in services to our residents.  We made every effort to cut expenses and have put pieces in place that will put additional needed information in the Council’s hands during the year and for future budget deliberations, ” stated Councilman Merante.

The budget was signed by Mayor Spano and has now been sent to the Comptroller’s Office for certification.

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SOURCE: Steven Tvert, Yonkers City Council Republican Spokesperson


eHeziYonkers City Council Republicans Vote to Pass City Budget

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  1. NO ONE seems to know that the Senior homeowners who currently get the NYS STAR exemtion are entitiled to a yearly rebate, IF YONKERS stays within the mandated 2% property tax cap. If that Senior homeowner makes $75K or less, they would be entitled to a $682 rebate for 2018. SO, in addtion to the average $560 increase from the 6.2% rise, they “lose” a total $1,242 in 2018!! That is equivalent to a 13.7% one year “increase” in Yonkers property taxes! NYS does not pay one penny to our Seniors because we went over the 2% cap. Then, Cuomo looks like a hero when he forks over the $8.8 million to the City. He just takes it from the Seniors in Yonkers who get NOTHING except being ripped off! Our GOP Council people had to bend over to show “unity” and get the ripped off Senior STAR rebate dollars from that budgeted account in Albany. NOTE! This also happened in 2016 when the property taxes were raised 4.23%. SO, IT’S the SECOND TIME in 3 years this has happened!

  2. To Po’ed Resident-since you emphatically state that the Republicans went thru the budget line by line then how many no-shows, half-shows and patronage jobs were eliminated by the Republicans-apparently you got sucked in to the political double-speak by Breen and his ilk who talk out of both sides of their mouths and their ass.

    1. Stop with the BS
      What do you have to say about what else I had to say except that you think I empathetiy state that the Republicans went through line by line. What about my other comments that I made? The Republicans are the minority so they couldn’t get rid of anything since the Council is controlled by the Democrats at this time. Did you hear the Democrats say they went through the budget line by line? Did they come up with any solutions or just ask questions the Mayor wanted them too? I also agree with a comment made earlier that stated that the 45 hours they spent on the budget hearings was not enough, it is laughable that they were patting themselves on the back for such a long period of working on this years budget. How much time did they spend on the budget previously if 45 hours is such a long time to them. That’s a regular work week for most people. What solutions have you come up with and recommended to the council on how to try to save more money (jobs) except play keyboard tough guy? The raises from the unions were no surprise hey were ratified years ago and many unions took zeros to save jobs and money for the city. Why should the budget always be balanced by cutting essential services and killing the city’s quality of life? Why don’t you name off the no show, half show, and patronage jobs that you’re so adamant there are, which I have not denied there are, but I personally don’t know who or what positions you’re referring too? Please enlighten me and everyone else regarding these positions and I will gladly ask the council about it personally.

    2. Breen is on his way out and his two children are both Police Officers. The last time I looked you needed to pass several tests to be eligible to get. Good for his kids that they did well enough on the civil service tests to get hired. Look into how civil service positions are obtained. You might learn something. Take a trip to the civil service commission at 1 Larkin next to the library and read a little and educate yourself.

    1. Yes they did really go line through line and were able to keep everyone’s jobs. They were able to cut 5 million dollars to put towards saving jobs families from possibly losing homes and not being able to care for a sick family member because they didn’t have insurance and the residents of Yonkers don’t lose any services. Unfortunately, all that comes at a price and we will pay for it. I personally think the taxpayers should be able to vote on the school budget like other municipalities in the county do. Especially when the BOE takes more than half the budget money. We should really honk about getting rid of the rediculous amount we pay for busing students and go back to neighborhood schools. I pay for all the schools, students and I don’t have any children at all. Why should I have to pay for the schools if I am never going to use them because I don’t have any. I do pay for illegal immigrants and others that live in other districts and take advantage of our schools as well. The school district needs to investigate these people and bill the parents the thousands of dollars they force the people of Yonkers for the services they steal from our city and us the taxpayers pockets. If my relatives sent there children to Hastings schools they would be charged tens of thousands of dollars, so why aren’t we?

      1. To Po’ed Resident-since you emphatically state that the Republicans went thru the budget line by line then how many no-shows, half-shows and patronage jobs were eliminated by the Republicans-apparently you got sucked in to the political double-speak by Breen and his ilk who talk out of both sides of their mouths and their ass.

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