Yonkers Police Benevolent Association Requires New Leadership

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Business as Usual Revealed by Yonkers Fiscal Mismanagement During Budget Hearings

The Blue Truth Hezitorial

The Blue Truth

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — June 22, 2018 — Yonkers FY2018-2019 Budget crisis reveals that governance in the City of Yonkers has not evolved in attitude or demeanor, continuing to fail itself and those of the people it is supposedly intended to serve. Instead of number crunching toward solutions and resolutions to serve the public interest at large, the dance by and among Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and the Yonkers City Council Membership has proven itself to be glaringly appalling by its lack of capacity in preparing for the debilitating outcome that informed for all to know, that over 400 people could potentially lose employment. 

Mayor Spano’s Proposed FY2018-2019 Budget was not sufficiently studied if all that could be devised was the prospect for letting go of over 400 people from their employ by the CoY and the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE). So the first move was to get an entourage of seemingly credible voices to regurgitate and support the failed outcome. This was then followed by the standard ploy of reasserting that CoY was not getting its fair share from Albany, implying that for the last 22 plus years the derisive and accusatory finger pointing antics of John Spencer would gain credibility and increased revenue from Albany. So the failed effort continued under Mayor Phil Amicone, and begat the present replication of conduct by Mayor Mike Spano. Aiding and abetting the failed temperament of those at the helm of the executive office were the similarly challenged members of the Yonkers City Council. Upon reflection one cannot help but recognize the lack of capacity among them all, shared equally by their lack of study to the offices they aspired to and gained. The silence among the benefactors of these failings continues to assault the sensibilities and intellect of those hopeful that these supposedly believable hucksters could be managed by forces outside the august halls of government. We find that even before getting final budget approval from the Office of New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, that CoY has not moved one iota toward creating a doable vision by which savings can be had despite our present circumstances. 

Even before Governor Andrew Cuomo promised to meet the needs of the Yonkers Public School District was made, Yonkers woefully began to resuscitate its failed antics. With tin cup in hand, the yearly entourage of parents, teachers, students, and political hopefuls would alight buses and cars to beseech more from Albany. They would lobby this one and that one with no results. Albany was tired of the self-serving antics, devoid of empathy and dismissive of other like communities suffering similar fiscal crises. The failing was palpable. Should one consider the student population to be 27,000, how is it only three or four busloads of people arrive to tell Yonkers woes once agaig to the Office of Gov. Cuomo, and the New York State Legislature. Is it conceivable the efforts falter because these are simply photo-ops deficient in numbers of demonstrators vis-a-vis the student populations, their parents, and guardians? 

Some will rightfully suggest that not every parent/guardian has the financial means to travel to Albany, their employment will not afford them a workday off, or that they were not even sufficiently advised in advance on what dates Yonkers yearly assault would take place. 

Perhaps more people would have attended the “pilgrimage” to Albany had the email list been greater than the 40 names on the Yonkers PTA list of parents as opposed to the parents/guardians of 27,000 students. When the reality is exposed, the outcome is understood to have not a chance to succeed. Why the YBoE Board of Trustees should prefer Albany when it would be more logical to demonstrate at Yonkers City Hall is beyond me. 

It was a few years ago when there was a demonstration of those interested in getting equitable funding from Albany and toward that end, the demonstrators chose to walk around the perimeter of City Hall itself. Sadly, the number of people in attendance did not fully complete the perimeter traversed without empty places between people walking about the perimeter. Another failure. be cognizant of the fact that these circumstances do not come about because people are disinterested, they are instead often not informed, or informed too late to attend an event such as noted herein.

Westchester County residents have heard and learned of the “Yonkers way”. CoY has earned a reputation politely described as being politically tainted. Informed sources have advised the Yonkers Tribune that despite Yonkersites not yet informed, CoY may indeed be teetering on the verge of a Federal probe.

CoY is a city of fiscal mismanagement; crooked union officials who cough over union members’ cash for their own political gains and self-interests… hint, hint… the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association. It is a city where jobs are created for political hacks with little to no education or work experience. It is a city where union leaders such as Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson can allegedly break the law and even target Yonkersites with support from his “dirty” Yonkers Police minions; all without consequences and under the threat of the heavy-hand Keith Olson himself. 

Yes, union cash goes a long way in the “City of Hills, where nothing is on the level”. Note that Yonkers Police Officers are transferred at a whim, denied opportunities of just a few hours of overtime so as to shut them out of the exclusive “friends and family network” of insiders who are the only people to get overtime. Everyone else gets nothing. 

This happens when the PBA minions are permitted to work straight traffic overtime for 5-6 years of 60 hours of overtime that precludes and shuts everyone else from being afforded an equal opportunity. The Yonkers PBA uses the city overtime allocations as an exclusive reward to the PBA insiders. 

The Yonkers PBA President Det. Olson is a master of “Lies and Deceit”, while  the ordinary patrol officers that do the grunt work are used as his pawns. 

Let’s not forget that the last fruitless job action engaged at Olson’s command cost the City of Yonkers over $2 million dollars in lost revenue.

Governor Cuomo may be on to something! It may behoove the City of Yonkers to become New York City’s sixth borough. That would eliminate the deceitful standards and thuggery of the likes of Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson, who threw his own members under the bus with his famous 207c concession, causing many of his members to be forced into retirement, or to be stripped of much of their valued and earned vacation time, holiday time, compensatory time and sick days. Olson has proven himself to be the embodiment of a slimy and dishonest union head whose membership has grown to no longer trust him, as well they should not. 

Olson has been personally working with Mike Spano and Nick Spano since they came into power. He, along with Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller, has and continues to smear the current police administration. He initially aligned himself with Yonkers City Hall and then, on a whim, Olson decided to become a turncoat. He begged to align himself with Barry McGoey, President of I.A.F.F. Local 628 Yonkers Fire Fighters when Olson realized he had lost credibility and reduced capacity among the PBA membership, while biting the hand of the Spano Administration, the very source of his being well fed. Olson was welcomed into the fold as long as he would not undermine the united union front and not become an inside snitch revealing any plans the union leaders would agree upon to City Hall. McGoey, among others played Olson by not telling him all they had planned and thereby he would not be able to undermine their responsibility serving their respective membership by the likes of Olson, whose past conduct for selling out the PBA membership has become an inescapable aspect of Olson’s traitorous DNA .

Recently Mayor Mike Spano got a taste of who Keith Olson really is when Olson went to Facebook to smear his marionette puppetmasters.  Mayor Spano got a smackdown. Olson’s loyalty could no longer be trusted. Well, the Mayor should consider himself lucky; he hasn’t been targeted with parking summonses, punched, or had his office searched. All the more reason for those contemplating a move to a Yonkers Waterfront apartment, who relate to the union troll embodied in the likes of Keith Olson, will find a waterfront apartment view inviting, but not so the likes of the desperate Keith Olson who is no longer welcome by his PBA membership and no longer trusted by his long time benefactor Mayor Mike Spano. Yes, Olson just moved into his waterfront digs in Yonkers where the PBA troll now resides. At issue is at whose expense and what is the political payback? 

Yonkers Tribune has also learned that Olson’s belongings from his previous residence were moved on his behalf by Yonkers DPW. How could that be? Did Olson get a deal on the move? Kelly Chiarella, Olson’s sister also moved into the same apartment complex. It’s wonderful that the family will be close.

Yonkers PBA President Det. Olson continues his underhanded slimy games of lies and deceit. Olson has been known to offer budgetary solutions targeting his own membership in the past by pointing out what units to cut and what personnel were not essential within the Yonkers Police Department. He has consistently “ratted and gnawed” on members of the Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association (CLSA), as to their worth and responsibility. In the world of the Blue Line, Olson is known as a sellout union “rat” who is constantly selling his members and others a “pipe dream”.  

Now that New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has bailed out Yonkers once again, permitting Mayor Mike Spano to stash the pink slips to the side until next year. Even Mayor Spano’s personal note taker and Director of the Office of the Aging Kelly Chiarella, Olson’s sister,  was put on notice that she may be out of a job. Olson and Chiarella are both adults. They should know to play the game. It goes with the political flow that defines Yonkers, warts and all. Ms. Chiarella should really thank every Yonkers Police Officer she runs into, because to this date they continue to fight for benefits that were once never a “burden” but are now. Her job was bought and paid for on the backs of the Yonkers PBA membership.

While the “games” noted above were going on Yonkers PBA President Det. Olson was emboldened to accept the move to the waterfront, emboldened with his $4,000 a month stipend he earns as Yonkers PBA President. Olson was literally and physically on the move.

As noted previously herein Olson and his sister Kelly Chiarella happened to move into a brand new luxury condo at the downtown waterfront. This transpired while CoY was mired in frustration, anger, and anguish over the budget crisis which came and went. But, the crisis wasn’t over for Yonkers Police Department personnel. Credible sources advise that Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller and Olson were up to their “cloak and dagger “games of falsehood in order to undermine good, seasoned, professional, and decent CLSA supervisors. 

John Mueller was skipped over for Westchester County’s Public Safety position and for good reasons that may have stemmed from a federal lawsuit still ongoing currently.

Reports also inform that Mueller is a frustrated boss with very close links to Olson who was offering endorsements for Mueller to get the spot, but John Mueller turned out to be nothing more than“mule baggage” for Westchester County and so better heads prevailed skipping Mueller, perhaps because his well-earned Napoleonic Complex reputation preceded him. 

Sources also advise that Olson who became the Affiliated Police Union President in what may only be described as a “hostile takeover” was attempting to steer endorsements upon Mueller’s behalf from there too, but was checked by astute Police Officers who recognized Keith Olson’s soiled and tricky political shuffle. Hence Olson and Mueller are still plotting and targeting police personnel. Is anyone still wondering why Mueller was skipped for the County Job? 

Insiders have recently shared that Olson and Mueller are now attempting to undermine another CLSA member. Sources advise that at a recent Yonkers PBA meeting, Olson was noted to have said that he was against making a recently trained Emergency Service Unit (E.S.U.) Captain the new Emergency Service Supervisor. The unnamed captain is however been reported to have earned an exemplary reputation among the rank and file and is respected by all.  Reports say that Olson used and coined the term “rat” in conjunction with mentioning that captain’s name, and so when the word came down that the Police Department was decentralizing the E.S.U., all signs pointed to Olson and Mueller suggesting and advising that CoY could cut costs. It is deplorable and laughable to learn that Yonkers PBA President Olson would consider calling anyone a “RAT”, especially a well-respected captain, when it is Olson who has personally set up cops and civilians. A closer glimpse into Olson’s and Mueller’s charades and dirty dealings are reportedly on record with Yonkers Internal Affairs Department (IAD).

Last Friday, June 15th, there was a Countywide Police Ceremony held at Yonkers Grinton I. Will Library. The ceremony was held for various police department personnel and supervisors who had completed an intense six-month training course for selected candidates looking to serve as Emergency Service Officers in their perspective departments. These particular personnel are highly trained and are often called upon to respond to extremely dangerous conditions. They are well-versed in handling any emergency that may arise. They are not only necessary, but extremely essential in light of today’s attacks on citizens and police officers alike. It was a well deserved ceremony with friends, relatives, and police supervisors from throughout Westchester County. Absent from the well-deserved Countywide Police Ceremony were the two false faces of the Yonkers Police Department: PBA President Det. Keith Olson and Yonkers Police Chief John Mueller. All signs point to a covert plot by the Yonkers PBA President Det. Olson to throw the whole unit under the bus, so as to derail the captain. 

All this was done under the ploy that it would save the city money and cut down on overtime. it has come to light that the alleged “plan was devised years ago under then Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett. So it seems Best Friends Forever (BBF) Olson and (BFF) Mueller allegedly submitted an old and dusty dooms day plan of decentralizing E.S.U. that was found to be inappropriate then and remains so today. The con gets more disturbing ever since Mueller has been shut out by all common sense bosses. Mueller has recently befriended a former police chief who may have been the original architect of decentralizing the E.S.U. So Mueller befriended the former police chief who is now a Captain. How? Well the two were spotted on the golf course together. One has to wonder why now? It sure smells like rotten cheese. 

These E.S.U. trained professionals will be going back to various precincts throughout the city. The intent may look as good as a cup of Java, but it will taste burned, similar to keeping freshly brewed coffee in a carafe for hours and hours. Yuck. Now these E.S.U. personnel will at times have to partner up with untrained patrol officers causing delays even potential deaths. In addition, the city will continue paying rent on the E.S.U. building which currently houses the unit as well as their equipment. That means someone will be paid to safeguard the building and or the equipment. This is not atypical of Yonkers “spur of the moment” planning. What must be noted by Yonkers godfathers is that if these men or woman are called upon to do what they are trained to do, there will no doubt be an unintentional delay and CoY may only be getting one trained E.S.U. officer if/when they are backfilling the trucks with new untrained personnel. Be assured that thugs like Olson will engage in double-speak because he wants to suck up the members’ cash to help him pay his new waterfront condo bill, and he is still stuck on this fairy tale that Yonkers Police Chief Mueller is worthy of a Commissionership. Insiders advise that when orders came down to decentralize, many members of the E.S.U. smelled a rat and demanded Olson speak to the issue. Olson is said to have advised the E.S.U. Membership that he would do so if his schedule permits. The reality is that it is Olson who created this mess yet now he will attempt to dispel the rumors that surfaced because of his conduct. 

Sources say they will be awaiting Olson explaining why they were uninformed about the E.S.U. Units being dispersed to the individual precincts when it is illogical that he was unaware of what was happening, especially since it is now known that he was part of the plot to decentralize the E.S.U. Unit.

This was just another underhanded move by the Olsonettes (Olson, Mueller, and Brian Moran) to keep a well-trained captain from commanding a well-trained E.S.U. Meanwhile, all of Olson’s Kool-Aide drinkers are in the traffic unit making over a quarter of a million dollars each in the “old boys rah rah rah PBA overtime network”. So as CoY continues in search of saving money, and creating a larger and sustainable  revenue stream, Yonkers Police Rescue Boat remains unmanned and unusable; not to mention the recently fatal drowning of a Bronx man in Yonkers. 

Time will tell what impact these schemes will exact on Yonkersites and the Yonkers Police Department (YPD) that is demanded to serve them. As these latest moves have been reported herein, YPD has as of today changed the overtime cap from 60 hours biweekly, back to a hard cap of 40 hours which sure sounds fair for police officers who don’t get any nor drink the poisonous PBA cocktail swill. We are guessing that there will be a mass exodus of retiring personnel. And these guys call themselves civil servants. Yonkers Police Officers need to step up by dumping Olson for failing to lead them safely, honestly, and fairly on behalf of the membership he swore to protect, defend, and serve. There certainly should be a vote of no confidence for Olson. 

We hear such a vote may come about today, Friday, June 22, 2018.


If you know something that is deleterious to Yonkers moving ahead, direct email Hezi Aris at eHezi@Hush.com, send a text message or call 347-415-4326. If you call, leave a message for a call-back. Only I have access to the telephone, text, and email. 

eHeziYonkers Police Benevolent Association Requires New Leadership

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  1. Don’t be confused and blinded by the symbol of the Shield as displayed by the Yonkers PBA Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson. Olson is wrong for the Yonkers Police Department members.

  2. Heard the Head Union Rat Keith Olson showed up with his PBA minions who make most of the cash to another ESU meeting where respected Yonkers Police Chief Hodges wanted to speak to the troops. The lying fat rat stood in the back with no invite at all. Heard it was the CLSA that put a temporary halt on the decentralization. Keith you and that nut job John Mueller’s plan to sink another well respected CLSA Captain backfired. Heard you and that nutty chief were trying to speak to the Mayor but he blew you off. So members of the Yonkers PBA start shopping around for a new and honest PBA President. Joe Regan 5 years of straight traffic overtime with over 30 years on the job and all he is, is a cheeseburger flipping signing petition to expel another member. He is on pace to leave with a $160,000 pension. They should call this PBA minion Joey Greed.

      1. Wow give me some that homemade juice your drinking. The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson is a lying dirtbag from his 4th pct days when he got caught robbing the vending machines. Not to mention that he was an expert in downloading cell phone information without warrants. He along with others probably gave your mama a made up parking summons and signed it under penalty of perjury. The guy is one of the best perjurer in Yonkers. Now take another shot of that homemade juice while we prevent him from setting another Captain up. Maybe he will be a fat drunken Mayor of a NYC park.

      2. When he’s taking money out of the mouths of people that can truly use it, I’d spell his name Joe Greed. Just the way the poster said. Enough with the Olsonettes and their clingers. You greedy bastards brought in a hard cap. That goes for the rest of the d**ks on a five year build as well.

    1. Yeah the question is can he spell his name right on the petition he signed to expel another union member. Better check it out. It will be distributed to the precincts for all to see. Let the uniform personnel see what a rat the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson is.

  3. The only petition I will be signing is to make Keith Olson Mayor of Yonkers. Keith is a strong leader and that’s what Yonkers need, his members love him and each challenger he CRUSHED. Crime is at all time low Thank You Keith. Yonkers needs someone to clean up corruption and Keith Olson will be the one to do it.

    1. Hahahahaha, the fat bastard is over 600 pounds. The question you need to be asking is will he be alive in 2020? Best of luck.

  4. It is about time the Yonkers Police Department acted against this dirt bag union head. They were black balling guys. How does it feel you sh*t stain B. Moran. You and Olson’s fat sucker went after Det. Davis a good moral guy. Brian what did you give him 2 hours all year. Your a blood sucker. Talk about putting in time? Yonkers will forget zero rats like you. Did the PC give you a fresh slice of cheese. We bet you never discussed all your searches of phones and offices.

  5. Shocking the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson sends out a scathing email crying about a policy change in overtime. Heard he was flooded with calls from PBA lackeys wanting to know how they were going to hit $300,000. Good luck grieving this pal, it will take at least 2 years or better. You won’t be there any longer. You will be voted out or nibbling on cheese at a union rat farm. Hanging around the Mayor with that Chief who refused a transfer won’t help pal. Your done.

    1. Report for the YPD members. Keith Olson and John Mueller were spotted together at a Golf Outing which the Mayor was attending. The word was Spano is done with Keith after the bashing Olson gave the Mayor on Facebook. Now the Fat liar is asking the CLSA for help after he pointed the finger at them. Stand on your own Chris S. Are you in charge or not? Leave a large rat trap outside your office door.

    1. Chris you seem like another Olsonette a$$ wart. It’s been told to their “faces” many times. Nobody cares for the Olsonettes and the whole job has turned on them. Keith’s master plan has backfired and now he must take his spanking like a man. Even the 10 percent staunch supporters will now turn on them. Losing 20 hours is big “cheddar.” Would’ve been better off giving back the 4 percent raise for one year you greedy Olsonettes. And don’t try to send that bully Laina to city hall, he’ll get thrown out!

  6. KO, you ego maniac. Go retire and enjoy your loved ones, pensions, and what’s left of your health. This needless stress on your bloated self will be for naught. I’m no doctor but, you’re old and look to be in poor health. Your poor family will be left alone or for someone else to care for when your gone. Pack it in already.

  7. Laina, KO and JM worked overdrive in an attempt to elimate the ITU unit for the last several years. Mostly because Meridith was in charge. I’m sure KO would find a nice cushy spot for you, however not for your fellow officers. Laina you also should walk the the aisle of shame! Shame! Shame! Shame! Another Judas amongst us! How many of you are there in YPD?

    1. Keith Olson just can help his poor health self. The thug puts out a bullshit email actually naming the PC and only one Chief who is responsible for the new 40 hours overtime cap and for the decentralization of ESU.

      Well of course Keith the Liar is going to grieve the overtime cap because all of his union board members and trustees are taking most of it and for years. Most of them are nearing $300,000. Here are some of the names WHY Olson is so cheesy mad.

      Joe Regan, Billy Pataky, Brian Moran, Lou Venturino, Charles Baker, Dave Mac., Marvin Oakley, John Jr., Mike Mueller, and more PBA Kool-aid drinkers. All have been hanging off Olson’s fat saggy breast for years. Some of these cast of characters will be throwing in their papers because they no longer can get 60 hours of overtime every two weeks and for 4 to 6 years. The traffic unit has the Olson cheesy hand on it and he uses this as a tool to target others. Some of the above named supervisors are owned by Olson and will sign their names and perjure themselves against anyone who KO marks. So KO needs to keep feeding his groupies to stay in power. Now as for ESU well just ask the Captain that Mueller and Keith are fixated on. Now Chief Mueller is a rare milk rat, he keeps Keith stuffed with cheddar cheese and Olson just keeps throwing units under the bus and blaming the 3rd floor hoping that nut job will get crowned. Truth be told Keith Olson is no ordinary river rat. He and the same actors set up Police Commissioner Taggart with the same lies. These PBA thugs need to be stopped by the current CLSA bosses. So get into the game CLSA, pull up your pants and push back on lying dirty cops. Don’t be afraid to use the law. They apply to ALL.

      1. Roy Pilot better be careful. Laina will screw the pooch & make Roy wear a dress. She’s now the muscle for the criminal enterprise known as the PBA.

        1. Well said Don R. the Yonkers PBA is a criminal enterprise and the entire board should be tried as so. The Yonkers Police should re open all complaints made against these dirtbags.

          1. Joe worry about your short arm and your years of pension padding and hanging on the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson’s left cheek. Now go buy another quad.

          1. That’s not what I’m hearing. I heard he basically told the fat over fed union rat that he’s responsible for the decentralization of ESU & to basically go f**k himself. They said the rat tried to attack but couldn’t move due to his large bunions.

    2. KO your email forgot to mention that you agreed to the 60 hours cap because you said zeros were making 100 plus hours of overtime and they weren’t making collars. So you agreed with Hartnet. In fact, Housing records show you were getting 80 plus hours yourself. You remember those street crime days when you didn’t need warrants with Moran. You remember your Housing red ant days. Ahh those were the days when you were still able to walk. Nowadays after years of lying on others and eating pounds of import rat cheese your health is not good. So take your PBA email and rewrite it. Your petition to expel a union member was done twice too.

  8. I wonder what happened with the Olsonettes? I heard the “fat rat” Keith Olson, “Choke chain” Moran and John “Joker” Mueller were all seen riding lime green bikes across city lines. Keith’s tires were flat of course. It looked like an unmarked car was following them. Seems as if they’re not making fun of the lime green bikes anymore 😂.

    1. That may be true about the other two dummies but it’s impossible Keith Olson was seen riding one of those lime green bikes. They have a weigh limit. It’d wind up a lime green tin can.

  9. I’m hearing that Keith passed out after his ESU debacle and the only one that was able to lift him off the curb was Lena Ravelli. They said even after Pilots dog pissed on Keith he wouldn’t wake up. John Jr. had to run to the local deli for a hunk of Swiss to use like smelling salt. Poor John Jr. almost lost a digit when the rat woke up.

    1. ^ That is funny stuff. Keith Olson now puts out a propaganda PBA email blaming everything, everyone , but his fat lying ass. Come on KO you left the part out about Pappas. You went upstairs and called a Captain a rat. Then all of a sudden with a “poof”, ESU is gone.

      The truth is very painful right KO? It is like poison to a union rat. Now you blame the Spano’s, and the PC. Laughable. How about when Mike gave your useless sister a job the same week you stripped the membership of their 207c benefits. Oh, remember what you said, that if Mike Spano f**ked you it would be political suicide. What did Quinn say? He only seen one member go to arbitration in 10 years. Better send another lying email KO.

      Moquette lying waterfront union rat.

  10. The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson just isn’t credible any longer. Just like he keeps members cash. What happen to Chris T. money KO? You don’t like him so you think $1,500 is going to make or break him. Keep it your going to need it to defend more Law Suits.

  11. Hope those Condo dwellers don’t leave their groceries unattended. They say the city rat can smell food at great distances. Most likely Keith will send his skinny croaking frog John Viviano Jr. first to check just in case there is a rat trap. Funny how Olson thinks Viviano will take over. His best job is recovering a stolen bicycle and signing a petition to oust another member from the PBA that cost the membership thousands of dollars for nothing. Now still wearing his Olson PBA diapers he bad mouth the PC and the Chief, calling them liars. He really should be working with Keith’s sister yelling and threatening old ladies who are related to police officers. Unfortunately this is what that union rat has surrounded himself with. All liars and lady killers.

  12. The truth is Keith Olson and Johnny Transfer Mueller sold out another entire unit all because of their hatred and constant targeting of one of the most sincere professional Captain’s on the Yonkers Police Department. In fact, he would not stoop to writing officers up for the PBA nor would he stand for having hybrid PBA/ CLSA supervisors who are so scared of Olson that truth be told perjure themselves on internal reports for Olson.
    So what has happened to ESU is a direct result of Keith Olson. Now if for some reason it is put on hold, well that is not because of a lying rat union sellout like Olson, but for the fact better heads prevailed on the third floor.

  13. It looks like Keith Olson needs an entourage to travel around these days. I’m hearing he went to ESU with several of his rectum warts to address ESU concerns of being dismantled. He must be scared to go alone because ESU knows he’s the one that rolled over them with his short bus full of PBA turds! I heard he wanted to box with Roy Pilot. Keith even got super aggressive, too bad Roy didn’t sic his dog on the fat f**k. He wouldn’t have had to feed the pooch for months, some good eats there. If that’s not bad enough, they brought that little 💩 stain Viviano Jr. He told the ESU cops that this is all because of PC Charles Gardner and Chief Hodges and that they are both liars. Some balls on that little snot nose. Lena was flexing and Donahue didn’t say too much, guess he doesn’t want to get booted out of Narcotics. All I can ask Keith Olson is how are you going to solve this problem when you created it! Word is the Mayor is done with you, so to get back in good graces you served up ESU. It won’t work, everybody near and far knows what kind of sell out rat you are. Wait until the building owners of your waterfront apartment complex find out what white trash you are, hope they evict your fat a$$.

    1. Lol, Keith is a union rat because he lives like a rat. Word is that they condemned his last rat hole. No surprise he wanted to attack Roy. Keith go get Wayne’s cash and hit the road before the Feds audit your entire office. Can’t wait for the Affiliate Police Association reading about your trail of lies.

    2. Maaaaaaa, I did it again maaaaaaaa. I told on ESU to get at Pappas but it didn’t go well mama. I went to attack another cop but they separated us mama. What should I do mama? The Mayor found out I was just a lying rat and won’t deal with me. All I do is set up people. Maaaaaaa should I go back to ESU and apologize for cursing and yelling at my members?

  14. Bottom line the asshole on top of fathead and Mueller are incompetent corrupt arrogant and a
    stupid f**king *ssholes.

    1. Are you referring to the other two chiefs and the Commissioner Eliot? Timmy and Chuck are furthest from corrupt. Actually I think they’ve been very lenient to the masses. Then KO’s greedy friends had to make 60 hours every pay period until my taxes went up 6.2 percent. Time for you greedy f**ks to go loot your towns and villages up north. Put your papers in and stop crying about how you’re not going to be able to survive on over 120k pensions. Hit the road pirates and take your favorite one eyed pirate with you. 40 hour hard cap is in so you’ll start to see all KO’s rats jumping ship. Pataky must be crying and sucking his thumb like when he got a double fist to his double chin by Ray. A lot will be singing the overtime blues this fine morning. Thank yourselves. I wonder if Barry’s guys or FD officers union got hit with a hard cap? I’d guess not. Barry continues to thrive while KO continues to drive the PBA into the brick wall. Is it true that KO called Captain Pappas a rat? If that’s true no shocker there, KO is the biggest rat to ever wear the uniform. Has anyone seen his BFF John? I hope he’s not off the deep end!

  15. Whose in Whose Pocket ?
    Whose Playin Whose ?
    Whose the Pitcher and Whose the Catcher ?
    Uncle Sam ! Drain this Yonkers Swamp !
    Down ; Quality of Life

    1. Here is what Olson has brought to the Yonkers PBA members :
      Stole members personal files
      physically attacked his own members
      conducted unauthorized investigations against CLSA members and PBA members
      deliberately gave away 207c and LIED about it
      threatens woman and other civilians
      had supervisors perjure themselves to write up any police officials that speak out
      had his board perjure themselves to write a petition to expel another union member
      searched CLSA members offices without warrants
      carry notes, memos , and compiled unauthorized files to City Hall on YPD members he deemed threatening to his rogue cops
      Made members of the Yonkers Police Department go on a job action for a CLSA member who threw a beer party and refused a transfer from the PC
      Broke into the narcotics office
      Personally issued summonses to civilians that were friends with other YPD members
      Had his PBA minions target civilian and their families with parking summons
      Set up traffic road checks and demanded that all old PBA be handed over in lieu of a made up summons
      Had rogue cops that were under investigation carry petition against a Detective
      Spent thousands of PBA cash for his own legal defense against another member
      and recently cursed out members at the ESU…
      Gave up the Housing Unit
      This guy is a lying dirtbag scumbag and the Yonkers PBA Office should be investigated for use of funds. This rogue cop pays $48,000 dollars to Nick Spano to lobby what…. ESU…..now vote the dirtbag out…start now
      Time for a Silver Shield

  16. This just in Det. Sgt. Brian Moran AKA choke chain/ Snoop Dog Moran will be explaining how to get around the latest US Supreme Court decision concerning searching one’s cell phone. Guess Brian and KO will show you how to download the information without a search warrant. Come early because the ESU lecturer has an early lunch.

    1. So we hear that Boss Hog went beserk when he denied that he ever said that he would change 207c if the Firefighters got a better contract. Olson forgot to mention that there is a clause in the contract that specifically says the contract cannot be opened. Nice job Pinocchio. Whose ass were you threatening at ESU this time?

  17. Yeah did you tell E.S.U. you set up Monte and continue to target police personnel. Step down you low life and take that talking parrot John Mueller with. Oh, you may find you have another Federal Lawsui coming. Then there will be no Yonkers PBA OMG.

    1. Keith do you really think the other unions trust you now that you flipped Mike Spano the b

      ird? Do you really think you can fix the 40 hour hard cap or how you and that nut job Mueller sold ESU out because of a Captain? You’re done and all the members know it. In fact the uniformed personnel need to hose down all those around you too.

  18. Nice to see Mr Robert Santobello aka Mingy back in gangs. Did you call and congratulate him Keith? How long did you think that would last? Blood is thicker than water my friend. Stick that up your fat *ss and smoke it.

    1. Let’s see the fat man waddled into ESU with three of his diaper cleaners who chimed as his sugar level dropped. No one believes Donahue either after he tried to attack Hector. Oh, Hector is still waiting for you to punch him KO. You should drop a couple of hundred pounds first and stay off the cheeseburgers.

  19. Sources are telling me that commissioner is set to step down and mayor will be appointing Timothy Hodges as commissioner.

    1. Bye bye f*t boy. If Hodges does get it your members will continue to suffer if they leave you in. Gardner or Hodges should chase you out of office by letting you grieve everything. Then they should investigate you and your boys for perjury. Little skinny boy Viviano is so up your *ss that he sees Mueller’s County resume. Viviano Jr is no different than Viviano Sr. Both target and lie on others. Only Jr. likes to intimidate old woman. Losers!

      1. That’s right. What ever happened when John Viviano Jr. threatened retired Detective Frank Campana’s aunt? Didn’t his poor old aunt have the whole thing recorded? Oh yes, if I remember correctly his one eyed pirate father Sgt. John Viviano Sr. begged and pleaded with Campana so his son didn’t get written up or fired! Too bad Monte went easy on the drunken bum.

    2. Well the city can’t appoint a guy that has been declared legally insane, 🤣. Poor bastard will be removed in a straight jacket.

  20. Just wondering why the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson called Pappas who is a well respected person and Captain a rodent? Last we heard Olson had the title by 500 lbs of slop.

      1. Wouldn’t you? Everyone knows when Keith Olson invites you into the woods the drunken red head Debbie downer will be recording the whole incident. I hear her personal life is as good as Keith Olson’s Presidency.

    1. If anyone was wondering about the truth of a rogue cop like fat boy Keith Olson, well he said it himself. Everything anyone needs to know is at Internal Affairs. Well not everything, videos and witnesses are awaiting for any investigations that may arise. We were always told that the fat man would legally defend ANY other person whether a civilian or officers against being set up by Keith Olson and any other rogue cop. You will be guided to the right people.

  21. KO did you tell the truck guys that you cut Det. Davis from getting any extra time after 32 years of paying for your dirty laundry? Did you tell the guys that you did not give Chris his PBA severance cash. Need proof you union rat?

    1. Wondering if it comes with extra cheese like he likes it. By the way the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson has no integrity, honor or class. As for the ESU meeting yesterday Olson forgot to say there is a no open clause in the contract which he signed. So it can never be opened by the union rat. By the way, you paid for it.

  22. This just in YPD, Keith Olson and B. Moran can no longer search your offices and work cell phones or personal cell phones without a search warrant. That includes checking with the City to see who you are talking to when using the city phones. KO is Brian going to give a course in the new Supreme Court Decision?

    1. Confused or KO? It is not Gardner. Olson and Mueller have been at the helm of lies and deceit for a while. If you are retired, then I suggest you do your own investigation. If you’re Keith, then your doing what you do best, set up others around you.

  23. I don’t understand why Chuckie let’s all this happen. Makes no sense. He’s a man with integrity and a great legacy throughout his career. Been retired for a while, Hezi , you sure you got your facts straight??

  24. How many more years do we have to put up with KO ruining the police department. Can’t wait for a day the pba has fresh new leadership. Can’t everyone see KO is the problem here? His personal agenda is major distraction to real pba issues that need to be addressed. KO is part of an old guard that continues to hang on to power at the detriment of his union members. He is so out of touch with current members issues. Power hungry people like him will never step aside for the benefit of the union.

  25. Remember Keith you agreed and worked with Hartnett to move the cap from 40 hours were it was for years to a hard cap of 60 hours. Remember then when again a handful of Yonkers PBA cops were capping out at 100 hours plus because the extras were not included. Back then you threw some of your own members under the bus again because you called some of them zeros. There is no coming back from your steady and continual targeting of others.

  26. We need a tier 6 pba president! Our concerns and interests are not being heard. We need to have a union leader that will fight for our interests. This current leader is spending our dues money on bullshit personal agendas and the tier 2 guys don’t care cause they have everything already. No more tier 2 pba leaders, greedy f$@Ks they are. Out with the old in with the new.

    1. Its not a ride problem, it’s a problem with having a bully run the PBA for his own personal benefit. Many years ago you had tier 1 president fighting for the tier 2 guys. That President also fought for your work chart, and benefits you enjoy today. Before KO gives them all back.

      1. Both ideas are really interesting. One thing is for sure the members of the YPD need to cleanse itself from that sellout lying Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson. Start by not supporting him and not entertaining Olson’s lies that are told to you by guys like Urban, a zero. Here is a dumb cop who gave Khader’s family a parking summons in front of a church while he was holding onto another call. Urban has officially become an Olsonette.

        1. So it’s ok to park in front of a church? Or is just ok for a Khader to park in front of a church? Or do we call in the plate to make sure it’s not anyone related to the Council President and then issue a summons if they’re not? Very confused by your point. By the way, who parks in front of a church?

          1. Courtesy parking around churches of faith during services has always been granted by YPD and PVB. Who writes a churchgoer during service? I’ll tell you, A real sh@thead, KO kiss as$ loser who’s told to do it. They say Karma is a bitch. Go enforce parking violations in front of Sacred Heart Church, Mount Carmel, St. Ann’s, St. Anthony’s, Annunciation Church or even the Andalusia Mosque during services and see where that gets you . Past practice, It just isn’t done.

  27. Go figure KO pays Nick $48,000 a year to keep his board members on pace to make $300,000 a year in overtime; he pays to get his transfers; pays to keep from getting investigated by the Police Department; pays for Steve S. to stay in traffic as a second supervisor making plenty of cash. Maybe the ESU should had called Barry for help because Keith Olson is the real union rat. Now go wait for the Mayor to come back and take a bag of PBA cheese you will be waiting for a while.

  28. No doubt that the Feds need to check that lying dirtbag PBA books. The members don’t get their stipends and don’t know how much Olson spends on rotten cheese.

  29. The Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson is nothing more that a sellout. The Affiliated Police Association should dump him after trying the Yonkers PBA shuffle in their house.

  30. The feds need to take over the PBA like they did the teamsters 456 westchester local years ago. The members are powerless and the corruption and nepotism is out of control. It’s the biggest cancer in city right now. Certain Politicians have been allegedly in the pocket of the union in some fashion with “legal” campaign contribution, lobbying money. An extraordinary amount of PBA members money being spent without regard for the members best interest, rather for only one person’s personal and family interest. Let the feds come in and see what has been going on with the union cash and books for the past 10 years. Shame! Shame! Shame! Also, The citizens of yonkers should be very afraid of an untouchable union thug and outraged by corruption. Keep your distance. Dirty union activity has been eradicated from most cities in America due to federal intervention except this city. It’s time!

    1. So let me see if we heard this right! Olson at a meeting calls Pappas a rat and advises against making him the ESU Captain, and Johnny transfer is holding the jail Captain’s balls on the golf course and puff ESU is decentralized.
      Then Keith Olson shows up to ESU with his rag tag talking parrots and like the song goes ” It wasn’t me”.

    2. I’d say I agree however I have no faith in the feds after what they did to Trump. Just call the Orkin man. Doesn’t he get rid of rats.

  31. That Looney Tune John Mueller can the entire State of New York to write letters of recommendation and it STILL won’t get him the County Spot. Maybe we can write you a letter to get you into Bellview Psychiatric Ward. You can pass out the snacks to the other patients.

  32. The entire police union leadership is a laughingstock evil corrupt enterprise feds should lock them all up starting w the hog in charge

  33. Hope the Yonkers PBA President watch the news today. He and his minions can no longer search cell phones without warrants.

    1. Let’s see, the fat man calls Pappas a rat and advises against making him the ESU Captain and today he tells a room full of cops that it wasn’t him……Laughable

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