Yonkers Roundup TV Guest I.A.F.F. Yonkers Local 628 President Barry McGoey, Esq.

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Yonkers Roundup TV Host Brian Harrod.






eHeziYonkers Roundup TV Guest I.A.F.F. Yonkers Local 628 President Barry McGoey, Esq.

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  1. What is going on ? What does this guy want ?
    Something is extremely wrong here.
    Just a blame game and GREED
    Give me Give Me Give Me
    This little piggy went to market !
    Please Sir ! I Want More !
    Yah got a dessert menu , Pal ?

  2. After Yonkers outsources or gets a solid local volunteer fire dept.
    This tomato can unionize the bartenders.
    Most of his members will be bar tending.
    Make mine a double.

    1. Technically, he is not, as per his position title. But he was filling in as Deputy Mayor, taking over for Levy, a year or so ago.

  3. Kwame Spano just can’t help but stuff his pockets at every opportunity. Like a shop lifter corrupt politicians eventually get caught up in RICO

  4. If Spano didn’t like the contracts he shouldn’t have signed them. Barry doesn’t need to defend or justify the Fire Fighters contracts or salaries or anything else. Its his JOB to get the most he can for his members. It’s Spano’s JOB to get the best deal he can for the taxpayers. Spano is an incompetent boob that had his cousin joey negotiate the contracts he now says he can’t afford. Barry is right to point our the failures of Spano and his waste and abuse of taxpayers money.

  5. I don’t begrudge anyone from making money but we the taxpayer will have to pay. It seems that only the taxpayer will come to the table here. The taxpayer that is making 60k per year. Firemen get paid well. Heck, they even get extra money for showing up to work on time. They also get a extra half hour a day as clean up time and supervisors get half hr plus 15 min to write reports. This is a ludcrative contract and guys are making serious money. Overtime for fire is more than the yearly salaries of Seiu and CSEA.

  6. 2 deputy mayors not 3

    The man sits there and tells us how honest he is but lied about 6x and gotta love “firefighters were having a tough time making ends meet because they didn’t have a cost of living increase” you kidding me!! I’m a postal worker! I walk streets day and day out I make nothing compared to these guys.

      1. I hear you but according to the LOHUD 2017 Yonkers salary database, Cavanaugh’s annual salary is $29,999. His wife, however, earns $169,190 as the Commissioner of Planning.

  7. Barry spews hate and hate only. He and his new friend fat rat Olson are greedy pigs. Nothing more! I saw what some firemen make in this city. He is a disgrace

  8. Brian the janitor is not worthy being posted on your site,I do agree with you that barry represents a union for the right cause bet that moron brian just makes me sick sorry….

    1. Post

      Barry represents a large union. Whomever he speaks to is worth listening to. The questions may not have been to your liking. All in all I would rate it a competent interview with competent answers. That is my take and you are welcome to yours.

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