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Fred Polvere, national political columnist who spends his days climbing, hiking and reading, reading, reading.

YONKERS, NY — July 13, 2018 — At a June 10th meeting of NYCD16 Indivisible, elected officials and candidates in attendance were given an opportunity to address the audience. All but one spoke about his/her vision and principles. Most were passionate about protecting civil and human rights, the necessity of affordable health care and/or the imperative of making it easier to exercise our right to vote.

The exception to all the other speakers was DOCTOR Nader Sayegh. He stood at the lectern and told his life story. From start to finish, it was a description of growing up in Yonkers and the work positions he’s held. Remember this, because it is “the tell” on the DOCTOR.

One of the first questions posed to the DOCTOR is why he calls himself a doctor when his highest academic degree is a law degree. The DOCTOR’S demeanor changed. He shrunk behind the lectern and spoke almost in a whisper. He said that in the field of education, where he has spent time as a school principal and on the Yonkers Board of Education, it is customary to refer to a lawyer who is not practicing law, as “DOCTOR.” I beg to differ.  My wife and I have worked over 70 years, combined, in secondary and higher education and we have never encountered a lawyer working in education referred to as doctor – unless s/he also has a Ph.D. or M.D. degree. It is obvious that the DOCTOR made up this rule to explain away his self-aggrandizement. Even worse, is that the DOCTOR was practicing law while he was an educator, so he violated his own made-up rule.

The DOCTOR was the president of the Yonkers Board of Education when it had a $50 million “shortfall” in its budget.  At the meeting, a gentleman who had worked on resolving the problems caused by the shortfall asked the DOCTOR why/how this had occurred under his watch.  The DOCTOR exclaimed, “Well, we discovered the shortfall,” then proceeded with a meandering word salad, so disjointed that an accurate description of what he said is “beyond my ken”, that is, my comprehension.

But think about his immediate response: “We discovered it.” Imagine hiring a security company to protect your goods and when your goods are stolen, the security company’s president tells you “we discovered they were gone!” Of course you’d find that response ludicrous.

The DOCTOR acknowledged that he had changed his registration from the Independence Party to the Democratic Party only last year, so he could run for an office. But when I asked why he had supported so many Republicans for so long, he denied having supported GOP candidates. When I said I could prove that he had, again he shrunk behind the lectern, rationalizing that it is the Independence Party that supports Republicans and he was “just one person” in the Party.

It appears the DOCTOR has a cursory relationship with the truth.  A quick search of the New York State election disclosure database reveals the Republicans the DOCTOR personally contributed to – sometimes multiple times. The list includes: Stephen Cerrato, Rory Bellantoni, Lou Mosiello, Mike Breen, John Larkin, Gordon Burrows, David Tubiolo, the Yonkers Republican City Committee and $1,000 to the odious Jeanine Pirro.  Also, some Republicans in Putnam and Dutchess Counties.

On a personal level, I met and spoke with the DOCTOR on five occasions.  Not once did he remember who I was, despite the fact that I spoke with him about the same issue each time. Before going on, I want to make clear that not only did he not remember my name or my face, but he did not even remember the issue I was asking him to address.

Since the Virgin Mary Antiochian Orthodox Church opened in Colonial Heights on Grand View Boulevard, at the intersection of Verona Avenue, congregants have been parking in “No Parking at Any Time” zones on both sides of the street. For drivers coming east on Verona Avenue, it can be almost impossible, to turn onto Grand View. When I approached the church about the problem, I was referred to the DOCTOR as a high-ranking church member who would be able to help. After explaining the problem and saying that I didn’t want to call the police about the matter, he said he would take care of it. Nothing changed, however, and in three subsequent encounters I had with him, like a broken record, he promised “I will take care of it.”

My fifth encounter with the DOCTOR was at the Yonkers Democratic convention where he received the Party’s endorsement as candidate for the 90th Assembly District seat. When I approached him, he thought I was coming to express my support.  Yet again, he neither recognized me, nor remembered the issue I had spoken to him about four times.  When I reminded him he had promised to “take care” of the illegal parking, he claimed to have “mentioned it to the priest.” So now, it’s the priest’s responsibility?

First, I doubt he spoke to the priest. But even if he had, the cars still park illegally during services, obvious to any driver in the neighborhood. And even if true, his “taking care” of it meant passing it off and not caring about the result. That is the DOCTOR.

It seems the DOCTOR has a hard time reconciling what he says from what he has done. No matter the results of his efforts, the DOCTOR sees them as accomplishments. His take on reality often ignores the facts.

Remember what I said about the DOCTOR’S “tell.” He was cofounder of the Westchester Independence Party. The Independence Party endorses candidates solely on the basis of picking a winner.  It is a party with no principles or convictions. That is the DOCTOR.

I don’t blame the DOCTOR.  He is a perfect example of the Dunning–Kruger effect.  Incapable of recognizing his own incompetence, he has an illusory superiority complex.

I DO blame the Yonkers Democratic Party for choosing someone who is pompous, incompetent AND just became a Democrat (in name only), in order to run for office. There are many competent, true Democrats who have known the issues and would work to enact legislation that Democrats support. Yet, the Yonkers Democratic Party endorsed the DOCTOR. I can’t explain that at all.


Fred Polvere, is a national political columnist who spends his days climbing, hiking and reading, reading, reading.

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  1. Free Meals for all in the school according to The JN.

    “(It’s) important to continue the application process because if parents think that everybody is eligible then there’s a lot of negative consequences by not filling out the applications,” said Trustee Nader Sayegh.

    Wonder how much more this will raise out taxes and who will be the food “providers” Nod Nod Wink Wink…..

  2. Fred you say “I DO blame the Yonkers Democratic Party for choosing someone who is pompous, incompetent AND just became a Democrat (in name only), in order to run for office.” That maybe true however who picks the candidates is the issue. Do you feel the same way about SpaNO, WHO IS STILL NOT A DEMOCRAT, BUT SHAFTED US WITH DEMOCRATIC TAX HIKES.

    Is it small party cliques which it is or all party members which it is not? This is the biggest problem with the whole American political system. Party pick their favorites, they primaries are had, cull out the competition and then leave us with tweedle dee and tweedle dumb.

    There should just be one election, on election day. All names on the ballot and the best wins, plus we can all choose who we want Donkey or Elephant.

    Your right on the doctor, he goes around community associations showing his face but where was he when the $53 “went missing”. Plus we need new blood and people who can “fix” the schools which is going to have to be done by short, sharp, shocks….snowflakes don’t work

  3. Don’t worry Dr. Nader Sayegh once Khader becomes Mayor, he will hire Sayegh because Sayegh will lose to Anthony Nicodemo. His own family doesn’t even support his campaign for NYS Assembly. I wonder if they will even vote for him lol.

    don’t be a hater you will love khader!

  4. Since Nader Sayegh began his election run for the 90th Assembly, it looks like the Sayegh Family skipped town. Nader Sayegh’s own family won’t help his campaign for the assembly, why would anyone else? The Sayegh Family has spent more time at the pool and Long Island than in yonkers. Anthony Nicodemo will win because Nader Sayegh is not a serious candidate.

  5. Fred- All this because Nader didn’t remember you? You sound like a child. Shame on you. Nader is by far one of the most humble guys I’ve ever met who has nothing but the best intentions for the community of Yonkers. This “article” isnt even about politics. You cry about the church parking lot? How dare you. What kind of Godless society do we live in? The Yonkers Tribune should be ashamed of themselves for allowing you, an asshole, to write such nonsense.

    And also, yes, a Juris Doctor is a Doctor. Just like chiropractors, dentists, PhD’s, and medical doctors. They’re all doctors of their profession. All I smell is jealousy if you ask me.

    Act your age

    1. Everyone has the right to express themselves. Mr. Polvere did it as an Op-Ed, you by making a comment. The discourse will gain everyone an amenable playing field and perhaps greater understanding. No one is denied their say at the Yonkers Tribune!

  6. I live near the church and I must say it has gotten crazy at times. What started out as a church, now has become a catering hall and political action committee. Whatever happened to church and state. Politics should have no place in the church.

  7. Haha, Sayegh is a joke. Maybe we should refer to Mike Khader, Esq. as Dr. Khader and Chuckles Lesnick, Esq. as Dr. Lesnick and Barry McGoey, Esq. as Dr. McGoey and Liam McLaughlin, Esq. as Dr. McLaughlin.

    The Dunning–Kruger effect certainly explains Mike Spano as well as the vast majority of people involved in Yonkers politics.

  8. Sammy,

    As someone who is a close friend to Jeff,
    Just a word of advise you shouldn’t talk about someone who you dont know.
    I have known Jeff for a long time, he truly is a stand up guy and probably the most intelligent persons I have ever met.

    You don’t know him, obviously Sammy isn’t your real name, but if you have a chance to hear him out he will make you look silly.

    As for the Ambassador thing, it is his passion to become one, but he has never called himself one.
    He has been a representative of Jordan and the United States on numerous occasions.
    one day he will become an Ambassador.

    So please don’t compare him to his Uncle, they are not alike nor are the same.

    Your bringing in a persons name who has no ambition nor desire for local politics or the lame boring city of Yonkers.

  9. Say what you want about the guys politics, you’re entitled to your opinion. However, what I find completely tasteless is that your bitterness and entire basis for writing this condescending article stems from your disgruntledment over the Sunday morning Church parking. In a society that’s becoming more and more godless, with our youth learning instead to worship realty tv stars and youtube influencers, it is a beautiful thing that so many folks still make it their business to attend Sunday liturgy. You speak as though the people parking on the street are no-good, loud, raucous causing troublemakers. These are church going folk, staying for two hours, and going on their merry way. So shame on you. You call yourself a “political columnist” yet you write like a petty mudslinging gossip reporter. You could’ve made all of your points in a respectful and objective manner, yet chose not to. Just as you criticize Nader for calling himself a doctor (which under the law, is in fact his title), I criticize you for calling yourself a political columnist, when you display absolutely none of the poise and discipline it takes to write a sophisticated op-ed.

  10. Being the fact that Nader Sayegh is a Juris Doctor, he interprets that as a Doctor. His nephew Jeffrey never a held a job and thinks he’s a Ambassador go figure.

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