A Political Poll to Gauge Yonkersites’ Desire to Extend and/or Rescind Term Limits

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YONKERS, NY — July 4, 2018 — There is an evident interest by Yonkers City Hall to ascertain whether the public has reconsidered its desire for extending term-limits beyond the two-term maximum presently permitted by the Yonkers City Charter or to rescind term-Limits altogether. This quest to “know” rears its head despite Yonkers Tribune’s assertions since last year that the effort pragmatic by those who will be the eventual arbiters to the outcome, despite two past failed referenda postulating to do just that. While a third referendum over this issue seems overkill, funding has been allocated to learn the public’s present sentiment on this issue. 

Reliable sources have advised the Yonkers Tribune that it is impossible to ascertain if the poll will be underwritten, that is, funded by the Yonkers City Democrat Committee or by resources belonging to Mayor Mike Spano. This soon to be carried out poll reveals a sense of skittishness and uncertainty by Yonkers City Hall over public sentiment toward this regard. While denial for term limits being extended to a maximum third term or for rescinding term limits altogether, the concept to poll Yonkersites, without knowing the party engaging the services for the poll, deniability as to who, what, and why may never be divulged. So is this poll meant to gauge public sentiment? Is the “poll” intended to hear the public’s sentiment over this issue because those engaging in the poll must believe or hope that sentiment has changed regarding term limits.

The poll is expected to ask whether term limits should be extended for a third term or rescinded in its entirety for the (1) mayor, for the (2) entire city council membership, for both the (3) the mayor and the city council

Were the poll to reveal that the public wants to extend or rescind term limits altogether, the prospect of gaining a majority vote from the Yonkers City Council would likely be preferred over engaging a third referendum which would require a final decision by the third week of  September 2018 in order to be part of the upcoming November 2018 General Election? The prospect of gaining majority support of the the Yonkers City Council majority is likely greater that the final outcome of a referendum. 

So is the intent to hear what Yonkersites think at the root of this exercise or is the intent to gauge if there is pushback against it?

As noted previously by the Yonkers Tribune, a simple majority vote by the Yonkers City Council is a no-brainer. The outcome, surmised by previously cast votes by the Council membership, as well as influence that may be engaged to impress Council membership vote outcome is a logical prospect though not a nefarious one.

This is how the Yonkers Tribune conjectures the Yonkers City Council membership vote will be cast:

Yonkers City Council District 1 … YES.

Councilmember Shanae Williams

Yonkers City Council District 2 … YES.

Councilmember Corazón Pineda-Isaac

Yonkers City Council District 3 … YES.

Majority Leader Michael Sabatino 

Yonkers City Council District 4 … YES.

Councilmember John Rubbo

Yonkers City Council District 5 … YES.

Minority Leader Michael Breen

Yonkers City Council District 6 … Leaning YES / Toss Up

Councilmember Anthony Merante

Yonkers City Council President … Leaning YES / Toss Up

President Mike Khader

Since Yonkers Tribune first suggested Yonkers City Hall was intent to extend or rescind term limits last year, denial by people claiming to be in the know of Mayor Mike Spano intentions was that the mayor was not interested in a third term, anathema to the pragmatic rationale for Mayor Mike Spano to hold onto the reigns of government for as long as he can.

A lucid argument is that term limits should be decided by the voter whenever an incumbent may seek an additional term in office permitting those supported by the voters to continue to serve the public interest as defined by voter outcome!

The first step is to win approval of the majority of the City Council. The step after is to mount credible stewardship of the City of Yonkers.

The wisdom of Alexander Hamilton’s great insight and prescient warning is as follows:

“The truth unquestionably is, that the only path to a subversion of the republican system of the Country is, by flattering the prejudices of the people, and exciting their jealousies and apprehensions, to throw affairs into confusion, and bring on civil commotion . . . When a man unprincipled in private life desperate in his fortune, bold in his temper, possessed of considerable talents, having the advantage of military habits—despotic in his ordinary demeanour — (Editor’s Note: the English spelling of “demeanour” is now spelled “demeanor” in American) — known to have scoffed in private at the principles of liberty—when such a man is seen to mount the hobby horse of popularity—to join in the cry of danger to liberty—to take every opportunity of embarrassing the General Government & bringing it under suspicion—to flatter and fall in with all the non sense (American English: nonsense)  of the zealots of the day—It may justly be suspected that his object is to throw things into confusion that he may “ride the storm and direct the whirlwind.”

eHeziA Political Poll to Gauge Yonkersites’ Desire to Extend and/or Rescind Term Limits

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  1. I see Looney Latimer wants to raise our property taxes by 5.6%. I knew it won’t take long before he did this. Just like Yonkers these dems can never control spending, which is mainly payroll and just soak the taxpayer. You won’t see any republicans on our side either as they just $ucked us in yonkers.
    None of these politicos can balance a budget. They are all disgraceful.

    1. The hole in the budget was created by Pee Wee Asstorino’s smoke and mirror budget gimmicks. Can’t blame Latimer for the mess he was left with not to mention the labor contracts that he didn’t settle.

    1. That’s why he’s on the council to protect his business interests. That’s his only concern to keep his failing brewery alive. How much IDA money did he get as a Spano flunky? He’s one term and done, already been bought and paid for! Got his family jobs already less than a year in, Go Rubbo!

  2. There will be no extension of term limits without a legal challenge. Any politician who tries to extend the terms of the Mayor and council without a referendum get ready for serious lawsuits both in terms of charter law and personally.
    They also will never be re-elected ever again.
    You cannot change the charter without a referendum and speaking of charter haven’t seen one charter revision commission since SpaNO was “elected”.

    1. The County would be better served with Chad. He does throw beer parties in the precinct and then refuse his own transfer.

  3. You heard it here first, I’m no psychic but I will bet my last dollar that Westchester County Executive Lattimer hasn’t appointed anyone as the Commissioner of The Westchester County Police yet because he has secretly been holding that position for his cousin Chad Golanec. He has to wait until now because Chad didn’t have 20 years as a cop yet until now. Now that he completed 20 years at New Castle PD, he can retire and collect his pension and accept the position of County Police Commissioner that Cousin Lattimer has been holding for him. It’s really disgusting! Cousin Chad was Lattimer’s pick all along but he had to wait until Cousin Chad had enough time to retire so that he could collect his pension and double dip tax payers. It was pretty clever how Lattimer was interviewing prospective candidates for the position while knowing all along that he was just going to give his cousin the job as soon as he was eligible to retire with a pension. There was no shortage of highly qualified Police candidates who applied for the job, such as Chief John Mueller from Yonkers PD. Why didn’t Lattimer appoint any of the high ranking cops who applied? Another highly qualified candidate was from within the County Police itself, very well known and highly respected Chief John Hodges or his brother Tim Hodges who is also a Chief. All great candidates who were overlooked, why? To hire the Execs cousin who has never even achieved any rank other than police officer. We are being conned folks. Nepotism at its worst!

    1. Chief Joker Mueller? Pahleeeeeze. The guy is a raving lunatic. Never ever trust anyone that walks around with a permanent smile. Nepotism? Pahleeeeeze. If that fat chick Keith Olson was county executive you better believe his BFF the Joker would be county PC. Good for you Latimer. Keep these Yonkers nuts where they belong, in BONKERS. Sorry I meant in YONKERS.

    2. You just lost your last dollar. This post is such BS, don’t know where to begin.

      When I’m ready to appoint a Commissioner, I will. Many respected people have applied and been interviewed. To drag Chad into this is ridiculous – you’re just ticked that your favorite candidate hasn’t been tapped yet.

      And no, you’re not psychic – just trafficking in gossip.

      George Latimer

    3. An outrage, if Latimer supports further nepotism with his cousin, I will be nauseated and will renounce my support for him!!!

      The others you mention all have skeletons in their respective closets. None deserve the job!

      I am a disgusted, involved, engaged citizen who is totally fed up!!!!!

  4. Hey losing tree times is a hat trick !
    as long as dah fire thing pays me to run, I mean wtf ?
    Tings is ok. Plus it can’t do me any harm.
    Losing comes naturally to me dees dayz.
    Can it be fixed ? just axing dahts all

  5. Yeah Khader should definitely consider running. He should run out of politics for good. He fooled us all. He talked about Liam like a dog on how he raised taxes. I don’t ever remember Liam raising taxes 6.2 percent, ever. I really hope Liam decides to run for Mayor. A vote for democrats at this point is a vote to price yourself out of Yonkers.

    1. Hey ‘Liam for Mayor’….don’t you get it? There are usually NO significant increases the year before an elected official is due to seek re-election, for obvious reasons. Then the s..t hits the fan the following year. Are you kidding me? Liam is part of the problem that a 6+tax increase was needed. Look at what he did for his 4 years in office. And, by the way, when he was a councilmember, he voted for the final year OT counting toward pension. We all know how that turned out, don’t we? Yeah, Liam for mayor…..

      1. It sounds like you should’ve taken the police test “feeder”. That’s the benefits tier 2 offers and the NYS pension system is wealthy. Do you know why? It’s because the police job is very stressful and many only collect their pensions for a short time. Have you ever heard gunshots and ran towards them? Of course not. Tell your story elsewhere. As for Liam, he would’ve voted no for the budget. He’d rather lay off than screw the taxpayers. The unions would’ve either gave concessions or faced the consequences. If Liam wants the job it’s his. Liam is an accomplished lawyer who will put Yonkers back in the black.

    2. Liam and the rest of his GOP friends raised taxes 6% in a partisan 4-3 vote in 2016. Easy to forget when it’s your friend. You all need to stop with your “Republicans are fiscal stewards” BS. They are worse than the Dems cause they lie to your face and then do the same thing… only worse!

      1. Uhhh no, Khader did that, said he wouldn’t raise taxes then he had to show Liam up with a 6.2 percent raise. Stop the bulls**t. Hire a CEO for the city & put a clause in the contract. If you don’t balance the budget & lie to the citizens of Yonkers you go to jail. See how fast taxes decrease.

  6. Do the citizens know that Denis (the hack) Robertson
    has the entire cleaning contract for The Empire Casino ?
    Isn’t this political Hack ex-mayor Spencers cleaning company partner ?
    Hezi, can you back me up on this ?
    Man oh man ! What a Greedy sum of a beetch !
    Time to drain the swamp.

    1. Post

      You are on target and correct. Robertson’s position as liaison is in fact part of the budget allocation. I thought City Hall let him go but they did not. Which proves that Yonkers City Hall is intent on being the employer for Yonkers “friends and family network. This is one of many no show, little show, superfluous positions the taxpayer has been saddled paying. This is insidious. Even if Robertson were destitute, which he is not,there is no rationale for paying Robertson $30,000 per year plus benefits that doubles the value of his employment. A total travesty indeed.

      1. Hezi, oldest political trick in Yonkers is;
        Denis Robertson is going to be our next mayor.
        That scam will get him another patronage job to remove his name.
        Hezi, isn’t that what’s going on here ?

        1. Post

          You got that right. City Hall should simply relieve him of any and all city employment. Let him fend for himself. What has he ever done of value for Yonkers? I am sure people would like to know. he was worthless on the IDA, as a liaison, telling his BS story about telling Spencer that that in the other over a fairy tale challenge of Spencer’s authority. Dennis Robertson and lame individual with little bu greed in his demeanor. I need to take a shower. I am disgusted he has been entertained for so long under so many administrations. Pathetic indeed.

  7. You have our votes Mayor Spano.
    Great to see a proud Yonkersite looking out for us.
    Proud supporter of Mayor Spano

  8. Watch how violent the unions will become at this news.
    The citizens will see how Spano makes them fear being cleaned up.
    Mayor Spano is the only Mayor to try and stand up for the Tax payers.
    The unions have run roughshod over us tax payers since Mayor Spencer gave the city away.
    One of Spencer’s crooked legacy was to install Pagano as fire commissioner.
    That was a political favor for Pagano trying to overturn term limits.
    Crooked Spencer then appointed Pagano as the fire commissioner, his pay back.
    Thus an incompetent political bag man thug became the fire commissioner as his payback.
    The last GREAT fire commissioner was Peter Guyette, R.I.P.
    The Police union thug bag man is right out of the same mold.
    He has his puppet for police commissioner in waiting as his pay back.
    Mayor Spano needs Four more years to clean up Crooked Spencer and
    Crooked Amiclowns corrupt mess.
    Let’s let Mayor Spano finish the job he started.

    1. yea …till the end then,he couldn’t get down to 8 engine fast enough to see if they could enhance his pension a bit.

      1. Do you mean Pagano or Guyette ?
        I seriously do not believe Guyette would do that.
        He was the real deal for sure.
        Pagano I believe, not Pete.

        1. if you think one guy had higher moral standards than the other than kudos too you. im an insider and in all my time on the job I saw all the same behaviors. it was a last supper mentality for the day it ends it ends. period .very few threw caution to the wind and said enough is enough . few buried o t slips in their locker ???? some training time ?? just came out after they retired comp time ??? very few and their were a few said thanks ime good ! thus tier six and tier seven and tier eight to come youlll see

        2. Pagano could not shine Pete’s shoes, the p*g was for himself. ask the guys who worked with them. Pagano was d***er then a rock.

  9. Just dot the “I’s” brother.
    Keep on Going !
    You have exposed the UNIONS, all.
    Now sweep them clean.
    Frauds and Drainers, all !
    You have our votes sir !

  10. Hezi, Please invite the council president back to your radio show. I would like to hear if any of these comment are true and how he feels about term limits.

  11. Considering who the potential candidates are , I do hope Mayor Spano serves a 3 term.

    Khader = Dumb, 6.2 tax hike
    Lesnick = Loser
    Meier = Idiot
    Kimball-Wilson = Republican

    1. You are out of your mind the current mayor must go! Khader might not be ready for Mayor but he has the most potential. Lesnick nice guy but will never win. Mier big idiot and connected to spano so hello no! Wilson Kimball don’t make me laugh.

      I hope we have others options, or else Khader should consider it.

      1. Stupid Foiyafightah .
        We know you do not live here.
        Maybe a fake address to get on ? Perhaps Grand Ma-ma’s address ?
        Nor do BOTH union heads.
        Make Mike Mayor !
        4 more years !
        Yes ! Yes ! Yes !
        We the tax payers vote here and the Mayor has exposed you all !

        1. To OBVIOUSLY !!!! You are deaf, stupid and blind ! Spano is a spineless snake. If you think the Mayor exposed the Unions, then Khader did a good job exposing the Mayor and commissioners and all their mismanagement and the lack effort the mayor and city councils took to trying to cut the fat from his patronage positions. Hezi please find out what was given or promised for a yes vote .

      2. Yeah Khader should definitely consider running. He should run out of politics for good. He fooled us all. He talked about Liam like a dog on how he raised taxes. I don’t ever remember Liam raising taxes 6.2 percent, ever. I really hope Liam decides to run for Mayor. A vote for democrats at this point is a vote to price yourself out of Yonkers.

  12. The Rumor is PBA president Keith Olson is going to run for Yonkers mayor. Between his appetite for cheese & his sticky fingers, that means the City will be broke in about 30 days. It would be sooner but he moves much slower now that he’s over 500 lbs. We all better hope some nobody runs. Anyone with any affiliation to anyone else in this city means more tax hikes, yikes. My advice to Olson is stick to your corrupt union gig. You’ve managed to stay out of jail thus far.

  13. whining ginnys complain about everything except their illegal 3 family apartments and free parking at guilios city sponsored taxpayer parking lot wahhhhh wahhhhh

    1. The Irish are so much better. Take Olson for example. He robs fundraisers and union cash then lives in one of the Ginny’s illegal apartments. He lives like a homeless bum and after his apt gets condemned he shakes down the developers on the water front for new digs. His reign will come to an abrupt end.

      1. Get your ethnic slurs straight. Olsen is a name of Scandinavian origin not a donkey the last time I checked. That doesn’t mean he can’t be a shanty Swede. Its possible it is kind of like a donkey who plants tomatoes in the summer. That person would be a ginny wannabe if he has a tree, familia, or more house. He’s almost a full blown dago.

        1. Actually the word is Olsen changed his name.
          His real name Jimmy “the jug-gah-lug” Hardy.
          He is the grandson of the famous Oliver Hardy, of Laurel and Hardy fame.
          Ask him, if you do not believe me.

        2. It’s OLSON not OLSEN. The dagos don’t want him so you little d**k Irishmen he’s all yours. Dirty donkey to the core. He lives like a savage & drinks like a fish. Irish there pally, don’t blame the Scandinavian’s. Don’t blame the Ginny’s. He’s a dirty donkey through & through. Go by the PBA office, it always smells like corned-beef & cabbage.

  14. There are many qualified people to run this city, it’s time for some fresh blood. Get rid of the political hacks like Lesnick who continue to leach throughout the city.

  15. The future of Yonkers is bleak
    Khader was thought to be the savior but he can’t put a sentence together without saying “um, you know”

  16. Why would any decent person want to be mayor of this cesspool of shit between the corruption the unions crime the people have to have your head examined OR make alot of I see the money table

  17. Khader: a complete disaster – said one thing, did the exact opposite. Killed his future in politics with his tax increase. “You know, uh, uh, you know, I’m Mike Khader and I’m, uh, you know, you know, full of shit.”

    Sabatino & Breen: dialing it in for the paycheck until their term expires. See no evil, hear no evil.

    Corazon and Williams: both are functionally illiterate. Corazon can’t stop looking at her phone (during council meetings) or having babies (when not in council meetings). Williams literally can’t speak. How progressive – Yonkers has a city council member with a speech disorder. You go girl.

    Merante: the figures man can’t seem to add two and two. Promising your constituents to look after their interests + approving a tax increase = end of your career in politics. He also stu-stu-stu-stu-stutters.

    Rubbo: as long as he can sell that overpriced hipster swill at his pappy’s place down by the waterfront he’s happy.

    And so it goes…

    1. How can any of you think there would be no tax increase? O% increase in 2017, was only possible by using the balance fund, that was also made possible by the mayor to make McLaughlin look good in an election year. Corozon, Sabatino and Breen were on the council. Why are they pretending they didn’t know the answers to the questions. They had a chance and they stood quiet. What’s does the Mayor have on them or better yet what was promised to them? If there were an increase of the 3.1% last year and an increase in 2018 that outcome would be the same. Everything cost money,with no increases the city would not be able to function. What I want to know is how the 4th 5th & 6th district council members agreed to the tax increase? After all it’s their constituent that would be effected the most. What side deal did they make?

  18. The entire Republican Caucus attended Corazon’s fundraiser a few months ago. The writing is on the wall. They all had this cooked up already. And if extending term limits doesn’t go through, Mike Spano has a sturdy back up plan. He and the fake Dem party will only endorse candidates at the convention who will go along with his Master Plan. Mike is going to make sure he stacks it up with a bunch of 20 year olds like Shanae, who he can mentally manipulate and owe him their lives. Mike is making sure he alone pulls the puppet strings on all the council seats.

  19. I have always been against term limits. In the rare case someone is doing a good job, they should stay in office. It also prevents them from making asinine decisions to affect the next administration. If they are doing a bad job, VOTE THEM OUT. Nothing better than voting out an incumbent because they suck at the job they do (i.e. Spano). More informed and active voters, (those voting on the issues and not party affiliations) will get the bad ones out and keep the good ones in.

  20. Khader’s hands are probably tied by the mayor and the council is too weak. The establishment want him to sink real fast.
    The question is what did Khader and the republicans get for a yes vote.
    Did Khader take a car yet? Did he say he will support term limits?

      1. Please as if the dumb democratics and ridiculous republicans all voted no. I think not. Cards were on the table and they all folded at the goodies promised by the POS Mayor. The mayor controls them all. Blame this mess on the Spano and the last to republican Mayors and republican council president. As long as the mayor controls the council Khader nor God can help us.

    1. I was told he refused the car and no offers made from the mayor were accepted by the mayor. I also heard he told the entire council off for being prostitutes to the mayor. Term limits a fancy and will never pass.

      1. What’s with the car? The Council President job comes with a car. Should’ve opened up the voters eyes when he didn’t take a car. It means the guy is not too bright. If you come to do a job you don’t turn down what is afforded you. I’m not suggesting you abuse your position but something is wrong with Khader if he refuses to take what’s part of the job.

        1. Or maybe he doesn’t want what is not necessary to get the job done. This also shows he is not greedy. Car payment, gas and insurance, doesn’t save a whole a lot but the city can’t afford it for part time position. Great Job Khader lead by example too bad others don’t follow your lead.

          1. Yeah brilliant. Beats up Liam then does the same crap, only raises the taxes higher. I’m sure he has another ace up his sleeve. We’ll probably get even faster water meters too. Every city official gets a take home car, even the maintenance guy. Stop already. Maybe he shouldn’t hire his cousin as head of staff at 140k. Maybe for a part time position, he should curb his staff. What is it, 6, 7 or 8 staffers for a “part time” position? Get lost loser. I would’ve just settled for a “NO VOTE” from Khader regarding the budget.

          2. To Penny Wise:
            6, 7 ,8 staff members really ? where are you getting your information from? Why aren’t you questioning Tvert’s raise given by Rubbo ? I believe Rubbo didn’t take car guess he’s not too bright either!! Please you can’t accept the fact Khader Won Big ! And will do it again in a Mayor Race. Btw the water was also McLaughlin’s and Spano’s fault and thankfully there was no increase in water this year. Get off Khader’s D**k. 7 months in office you expect a miracle overnight.

  21. Khader’s Budget Formula
    A) Ask tough questions
    B) Thank everyone for the job they do
    C) vote the budget without one single cut (meat cleaver). RAISE taxes 6.2 %
    D) Thank everyone again.
    Biggest PHONY

    1. Reality check
      The truth is they all asked tough questions and when the mayor handed them a treat they all list their Integrity. Even after being reminded by the only one that doesn’t have a price tag.

    2. To Penny wise pound foolish, what part of the tax increase, don’t you understand. The Mayor gave Liam a pass last year since he was running. That is why there was no money in the fund balance. 6.2 % is the mayors fault and previous council fault. A min increase of 3% last year and 3 % this year is how we got here.

      Check your facts Khader has a vacant position in his office and has not taken city car. The city council better start serving the city and not worry about Spano he’s f**king done. City cars were given before and when discussion came up to take cars away it was off the table because spano said so. You have no clue what the entire city council attempts to fixed and along comes Santa with a treat and they all look away Cowards.
      Maybe The Yonkers City Council as a whole should grow some balls and tits add integrity and say NO to the mayor.

      1. Khader is the President you moron. Even if we got force fed sh*t he should’ve voted no because that is the platform he ran on. Once he went against his word, basically like every other politician, then he has become the swamp. Stop with the defense & then bringing others into the conversation & point fingers at them just like the rest of the democrats always do. Like adult babies.

  22. Yonkers needs a Tax Fighter..Spano lost the opportunity to tackle the city’s financial problems. Khader is cooked his first action was to give Yonkers taxpayers the highest one time tax increase. Lesnick is a loser.
    Dee Barbato should run for Mayor.

  23. IF they decide to go against the publics wishes (they voted to keep term limits), just remember them come election day. AND, remember them all for this glorious 6.2 % property tax increase that we will be paying forever. Vote all these bastards out of office.

    1. We’ll all remember phony Mike Khader come election day. 6.2% increase despite criticizing his predecessor for high taxes. Khader’s a bum. As far as the Spano clan, the sooner we purge city government of them the better. Drain the swamp.

      1. Are you even registered to vote? Or do you just bum around YT and make ridiculous comments with no substance, clearly you are intimated by Khader or else you would be or should be criticizing the Republicans. In adddition had the Democratics took Khader’s side it could have been a
        4 -3 Vote or send they should have sent it back demanding cuts… instead the drank the Spano juice. Hezi please inquire and find out what was given or promised to each council member for their vote.

        1. I know I’m intimidated by Khader. He raised my taxes 6.2 percent and he’s not even in office one year. What the hell is next?

          1. Hey D**k head ! Even Donald Duck knows that the tax hike is all the mayors fault. He alone hires and spends. His mismanagement and lack of holding any of his appointed department heads accountable is why we are here. His republican puppets should have put their personal again aside and serve their residents. BTW Next is accountably and fix the mismanagement in all departments.

  24. He’s got a record. Just raised taxes 6.2%. Next year will be the same. Spano sucks. The only ones that like him are Spanos and those that hold patronage jobs. Add up the tax increases and what do you got? Fat Mike Spano who looks older than his father.

    1. Good luck “Khader 2020” if you can’t stand layoffs then you don’t belong anywhere near the Mayors office. If there’s a gross mismanagement then as president of the council he should’ve led and voted no. But no, instead he voted to raise my damn taxes 6.2 percent. If all his council decided to jump off a bridge I guess he’d do the same. He’s more equipped running a lemonade stand.

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