Compendium of Prudent Financial Options for the Fiscal Health of the City of Yonkers – Part 1

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Yonkers’ Financial Options Hezitorial

An Ongoing Series of Options to Avert the Unresolved Financial Crisis from Haunting the Taxpayer Again Next Year

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

The Yonkers Tribune will begin an introspective exploration that can lead the City of Yonkers (CoY) to future fiscal health. In so doing, both the Executive Branch of government, Mayor Mike Spano, and the Legislative Branch of government, comprising the seven members of the Yonkers City Council must not only work toward serving the public interest, that is, the taxpayer, but also find resolution to the bloated, unsustainable “family and friends network” that has failed the majority, serving the chosen minority who are financially rewarded for towing the “political directives” of the powers that be. On that issue alone, let us not unhinge our minds by spewing political dogma to undermine those who adhere to one or the other. 

Yonkers has long accepted that it is unique among many municipalities, akin to the likes of  Donnie and Marie, a little bit of Country, and a little bit of Rock’n Roll, but in political terms, that is, a little bit Republican and a little bit Democrat, “Republicrat” if you will.

So what happened over the course of the recently  truncated scrutiny of Mayor Mike Spano’s FY2018-2019 Proposed Budget that won approval despite a major lack of understanding by the Yonkers City Council membership. The seven members were individually and collectively ignorant of their crucial role to oversee the budget. Their lack of understanding the neglected demands of Yonkersites, vis-a-vis their ignorance of prudent fiscal practice became evident by their unanimous vote of approval of the budget. Those who sat on the 2018 City Council included three veterans who neither afforded themselves or the attending / viewing public an opportunity to understand the complex and interconnected financial concerns that demanded balance within and about each issue. They didn’t understand the budget or the process. Whether the protagonists working for the Executive and those working on behalf of the Legislative admit it or not, they have each failed to some degree or another. In fact, the debauched outcome is an abysmal failure because it has cost the taxpayer dearly, when the taxpayer was not, and is not the cause of the problem, despite the fact that the taxpayer is burdened by compensating the errors and lack of judgment among all the protagonists involved.

Rather than meaningless, superfluous, and repetitious praise of Commissioners, Department heads, auditors, among other ancillary experts, those who asked the questions, in many cases fed to them by others astute in the process, were evidently deficient in comprehending the enormity of issues that demanded knowledge to which most were simply ignorant, and thereby dropped inquiry because their intent was to grandstand with pithy questions that revealed no purpose for being asked, revealing instead that Yonkers still clings to believing that knowledge can be eclipsed by those who believe their earnestness to “do good” can be eclipsed by on the job training. Last I checked, the sophistication and complexity of 2018 has moved beyond the provincial concepts acceptable to those from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Yonkersites are sufficiently astute to know that our elected and appointed officials have failed CoY.

Yonkers Tribune has learned that Mayor Mike Spano had suggested a 10 percent cut across the board among all employees where it could be accomplished under legal and contractual means. When it is recognized that CoY’s payroll is $700 million, a 10 percent shaving off the top would have realized a $70 million saving which would have relieved the city of the threat of over 400 plus employees losing their employment, and would also have relieved the need to wipe out the fund balance. 

Recognizing that every $3,500,000 is equivalent to a 1 percent tax increase, it follows that the reverse is also true. Taking the $70 million in saving by cutting salaries 10 per cent across the board and dividing that sum by $3.5 million would realize a 20 percent tax reduction exacted on salary savings alone. If however, you wanted to reduce salaries across the board by only 5 percent, there would be a reduction in salaries equivalent to a reduction of 10 percent in tax outlay. The collective “wisdom” of the Yonkers City Council did not recognize this issue choosing to instead increase the taxpayer’s burden by 6.2 percent, as well as cause the loss of STAR credits to seniors living on fixed incomes who can ill afford such an increase added on top of their lost STAR funding allocation.

Then there is the issue of revaluation of personal and commercial real estate that were last assessed over 50 years ago. The cost of personal and commercial real estate valuation challenges are known as tax certiorari. Tax certiorari cost CoY $20 million last year alone. Worse still, because CoY is always short of funds, CoY bonds the cost of tax certiorari challenges that grow every year when this can come to an end upon the completion of a reassessment of property. The $20 million in tax certiorari challenges would come to a sudden halt, and save the taxpayer the yearly burden of paying the equivalent of a 5.71 percent tax when it could easily have been avoided. In fact if the 6.2 percent tax was reduces by the 5.71 percent savings for not having an annual burden of $20 million in tax certiorari challenges, it would would reduce the tax to only 0.49 percent, staying well under the 2 percent tax cap, and thereby permitting the STAR credits to have been gained rather than lost this year. The fact that one hears so many suggesting that it is seniors who would be most affected by a revaluation because they are on a fixed income, did not seem to come to mind or  matter to the Yonkers City Councilmembers when they unanimously voted to increase the tax burden by 6.2 percent and also denied the STAR program allocation to seniors that for homeowners is equivalent to almost $600, and co-op residents about $100. 

It is said that revaluation of all whose personal and commercial properties are assessed, to either pay less equivalent to 1/3 of all assessed, while another 1/3 will pay the same, and 1/3 will pay more. There are remedies for issues that some propose are harmful by revaluations. They can be remedied, but I do not want to stray off the issues before us presently.

There is also no rationale whatsoever for any City Councilmember to get a free car, insurance, and reduced gas. Considering that they each earn at minimum $100,000 per annum which includes benefits, including medical, can they not each afford to lease a car for $100 per month, get a federal  tax deduction for travel necessary to attend functions in their respective districts, like everyone else. Furthermore, it is inappropriate to supply police of sergeant rank and higher to be given a car so they can drive within the boundaries of Yonkers or the many who even travel beyond Westchester County. And reduced gasoline costs afforded CoY must not be given as a benefit either.

Overtime is a perk that must be expunged altogether; this is pertinent where you have emergency services that must operate around the clock , moving from one shift to another. This is a supervisory responsibility that must be defined to not permit any overtime for any reason other that saving life and/or property, and only with a sign-off from the supervisor, and not permitted to be overlooked or changed even as a directive from the mayor as is the practice presently.

Future salaries for all services presently permitting a starting salary eventually accrue in time to a maximum level. That must be the only pensionable sum. Any amount of overtime required and approved cannot be pensionable at all. 

Truth be told, if those who have been pension padding for the last 6 years, every year, to the tune of 60 hours overtime every two weeks have accrued earnings that easily exceed $250,000 to $300,000, allowing retirement at half those earning as their pension.

Additionally, why does the Office of the Inspector General exist? The cost is just shy of $1 million per year. What has that office produced worthy of such costs? Reports are not issued or divulged!

There are issues among the Department of Public Works as well. Then there is the nepotism engaged in employing family members of former and present Yonkers City Councilmembers.

Civil Service exams are not adhered to. all to maintain a “friends and family network” intact. 

BS jobs like that of a liaison between the Mayor and the City Council are pointless other than to employ favored “insiders”. Perhaps the Yonkers City Councilmembership should all meet at the Mayors Conference room to learn of each other’s sensibilities and concerns once a month. 

Let us not forget the no show, and little show jobs employing “friends and family”.

It all adds up to a lot of taxpayer money.

Those delineated above fall under the city “side” of the equation.

SPECIAL NOTE: There are many more solutions. Share your ideas and concepts and prove the efficacy of your assertions in the comment section. Do not engage any commenters by demeaning them or ridiculing them. Express complete thoughts to validate your perspective. Let us try to create an adult and informed understanding of what can be done and must be done to remedy the one shot “deal” that will likely not come about again. 

if you concur with someone’s thinking, say so. If you do not, explain it so that we can all become enlightened to the issues. If no, please note in advance that the comment will be thrown into the Yonkers Tribune SPAM box never to come out again. if, for whatever reason anyone cannot abide by these parameters over the article and the one that will follow about education next week, please bypass leaving a comment. I trust Yonkersites will reveal worthy concepts that can be engaged now or in the near future.Let’s do this!

Next week, we delve into the Yonkers Board of Education. Millions to be saved there as well!

eHeziCompendium of Prudent Financial Options for the Fiscal Health of the City of Yonkers – Part 1

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  1. Ps- I meant Mike Spano our beloved mayor- the deputy commissioners and commissioners of (most) dept.

    I pray this every night , hopefully they will get their karma and balance shall be restored. Some worse than others.

  2. To Mike and all who follow him/he follows:
    Appoint a wicked man over him; And let an accuser stand at his right hand. When he is judged, let him come forth guilty; And let his prayer become sin. Let his days be few; Let another take his office. Let his children be fatherless, And his wife a widow.
    Let his children wander about and beg; And let them seek sustenance far from their ruined homes. Let the creditor seize all that he has; And let strangers plunder the product of his labor. Let there be none to extend lovingkindness to him, Nor any to be gracious to his fatherless children. Let his posterity be cut off; In a following generation let their name be blotted out.

    Let the iniquity of his fathers be remembered before the LORD, And do not let the sin of his mother be blotted out. Let them be before the LORD continually, That He may cut off their memory from the earth; Because he did not remember to show lovingkindness, But persecuted the afflicted and needy man, And the despondent in heart, to put them to death. He also loved cursing, so it came to him; And he did not delight in blessing, so it was far from him. But he clothed himself with cursing as with his garment, And it entered into his body like water, And like oil into his bones. Let it be to him as a garment with which he covers himself, And for a belt with which he constantly girds himself. Let this be the reward of my accusers from the LORD, And of those who speak evil against my soul.

  3. I think that at least 3 of the new councilmembers could have voted down this budget. They were not a part of the preceding four plus years of mismanagement and voting for budgets which should have been thrown back right to the mayor. Breen, Pineda and Sabatino would have voted for it this year based on personal benefit and Shanae, even though a newcomer, is the mayor’s handpicked councilperson and she would have done what she is told. Also, it sounds easy to just say make across the board cuts but there are many good employees in Yonkers who are not highly paid and who DON’T get overtime. Making a general citywide cut is just a no-answer answer to the family and friends club who will remain on the payroll earning very high salaries. When you are making small fortunes to do virtually nothing you can live with a salary cut. I also don’t know how this could be done with contracts in place. Now, if the control board comes in, I believe that all bets are off and contracts can be thrown out the window. Khader put on a good show – blasting the Finance Commissioner after the scathing Comptroller audit in May, and asking many challenging questions of the department heads during the hearings but, in the end, folded like the proverbial cheap suit when he cast a ‘yes’ vote. And, oh my God, the endless ‘thank-you’s’ during the process. Imagine getting thanks for just doing your job, and poorly at that. Remember please when you talk of across the board pay cuts for all – we have TWO DEPUTY DPW COMMISSIONERS. And, there is a DPW MANAGER whose annual salary is more than the DEPUTY Commissioners. A former councilmember who now has THREE IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS ON THE PAYROLL. That is the problem.

  4. why d we need 4 deputy commissioner at 100000 plus a year.And if your to dumb to pass a manager`s test they bump you up to deputy commissioner right tucker

  5. Property taxes should be abolished. School and all municipal funding should come from income. and business taxes. Everyone pays the same rate. the more you make the more you pay. Now you have the state fudging property taxes with equalization rates. Owning a home doesn’t necessarily make someone rich. By funding through income tax. It becomes a much fairer method to support govt operations

    1. Agreed we need a flat tax. The more you make for working HARD the more you pay but the same % as those who choose to work in low paying jobs well they pay the same % also. It the only fair way.

  6. Public servant salaries in Yonkers are a steal.

    Six figure salaries and the majority of you public servants don’t even live in Yonkers? And you people are complaining ?

    Go to Tuckahoe, Elmsford, Eastechester, Dobbs Ferry, Tarrytown, Hastings, White Plains, Pleasantville, Valhalla, Hartsdale, Briarcliff, Pelham, Mamaroneck or ANYWHERE ELSE in Westchester County and see how much the public servant salaries are.

    Police, fire, DPW, teachers in Yonkers are spoiled and don’t know how good a deal they have. With public servant salaries so high the Yonkers schools will NEVER have the funds needed to be even decent. There will always be budget shortfalls and threats to services.

    The STATE of New York which includes the above towns and cities and many others like them paying public servants less money is NEVER going to make up the difference. They’d be stupid to do so and subsidize Yonkers public servant salaries with their own taxpayers.

    The sappy politicians like Mike Spano and his ilk don’t have the guts to tell it like it is. Until Yonkers decides to reduce the six-figure salaries for its cops, firefighters, city council members, public clerks, teachers and garbage collectors it will continue to be a city in decline. One of these days the State will take Yonkers over and will impose the salary reductions needed to cover the costs of the schools and services provided in Yonkers.

    ****There – fixed it for you. You’re welcome.

    1. Salaries are not going to be reduced 25% under any circumstances.

      Yonkers employees salaries are very comparable to those same jobs in close proximity where there is no crime or gangs or fires or garbage or dumping or dead end streets or massive hills or over development or poverty or illegal populations or any of the things that makes Yonkers a very difficult City to run or work for.

      There’s a revenue problem in Yonkers. Politicians want to blame the workers and the overtime but they know the real problem is on the revenue side. But they’re too afraid to address that issue which is the only solution.

      If you want to blame then blame the employees. But if you actually want to solve the problem then you need to address the revenue shortfall.

      And even with the Yonkers income tax and exit tax Yonkers is a bargain. Most people pay less than $2,000 in Yonkers income tax and the vast majority of the senior citizens everyone seems to be so concerned about don’t pay income taxes. And those same senior citizens only pay the exit tax when their $39,000 house is sold for $600,000. And by the way since there hasn’t been a revaluation in 50 years many of those long term senior citizens have been getting an even cheaper ride on their taxes for many years because of their houses undervaluation.

      If Yonkers doesn’t raise its taxes then the State of New York will do it when they take over our once fair city.

      1. Yonkers is a CITY with a population of 200,000.

        Comparing it to the VILLAGE of Tuckahoe (pop: 6,615), VILLAGE of Elmsford (pop: 5,012), TOWN of Eastchester (pop: 33,000), VILLAGE of Dobbs Ferry (pop: 11,000), VILLAGE of Tarrytown (11,277), and so on is MORONIC. Any guesses as to why they have higher taxes, genius? BECAUSE THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS FEWER PEOPLE in these towns and villages. Smaller tax base = higher taxes. Must have gone to the Anthony J. Merante School of Accounting.

        You want an accurate comparison? Compare Yonkers’ budget with other cities nationally that have similar population densities. You won’t find one American city with roughly 200,000 people paying its public servants anywhere near the salaries that our public scammers, eh servants, make. Not even close.

        1. Even Professor Merante would explain to you that you are way off base with your analysis on tax base v tax rate.
          Yonkers is a bargain as far as taxes goes. Taxes in Yonkers are 50% less than just about any other municipality in Westchester County. Even Mt Vernon’s taxes are higher than Yonkers and their municipal workers don’t make as much as Yonkers workers do so that blows your theory out of the water.

  7. Property taxes in Yonkers are a steal.

    $500,000 house and property taxes less than $8,000 ? And you people are complaining ?

    Go to Tuckahoe, Elmsford, Eastechester, Dobbs Ferry, Tarrytown, Hastings, White Plains, Pleasantville, Valhalla, Hartsdale, Briarcliff, Pelham, Mamaroneck or ANYWHERE ELSE in Westchester County and see how much the property taxes are. $15,000 minimum on a $500,000 house.

    The homeowners in Yonkers are spoiled and don’t know how good a deal they have. With the taxes so cheap the Yonkers schools will NEVER have the funds needed to be even decent. There will always be budget shortfalls and threats to services.

    The STATE of New York which includes the above towns and cities and many others like them paying high taxes is NEVER going to make up the difference. They’d be stupid to do so and subsidize Yonkers with their own taxpayers.

    The sappy politicians like Mike Spano and his ilk don’t have the guts to tell it like it is. Until Yonkers decides to pay its own fair share it will continue to be a city in decline. One of these days the State will take Yonkers over and will impose the taxes needed to cover the costs of the schools and services provided in Yonkers.

    1. You are right about many things unfortunately no matter how much money is generated in this city the politicians will ALWAYS find a way to waste it. . New York
      Total State Debt (in thousands): $300,066,114, so NY taking over solves nothing. Only a different set of politicians to WASTE money

    2. What you have left out is that Yonkers has a city Income Tax. When you add that tax in, (which other Westchester communities do not have) homeowners don’t have it as good as you think.

  8. wake up you live in Westchester county. yonkers is the arm pit which you pay a pittance tax for exceptional emergency services as well as other amenities.comparatively you can move to another locale and get less and pay double. look at the facts. read the tax rolls. if you don’t like the bargain here move to the Greenwich village of Westchester a k a Hasting on Hudson, NY. you’ll pay triple or more. go to little Italy north, Dobbs Ferry, NY. same tax rate or may I say east grease chester same. your getting a bargain at these rates if you don’t believe me take a ride and then take a hike . you old farts should think about going south with the loot from your paid off houses of the past twenty years. you want some cheese with that wine.

    1. Geriatic Crew-you must be an administration flak-streets in disrepair, filthy streets, pot holes galore, salaries out of control, never see, the PD except up at Stew Leonards getting their free food, despite the fiscal problems patronage jobs continue with no shame ie D. Robertson as a liason between the mayor and the Yonkers City Council at $30,000 per year, file a complaint and the COY shit cans the complaint and then says what complaint, the COY continues to give away the store and pander to ethinic groups so as not to be labeled the R word.

  9. The first step in any organizational change is to become “effective & efficient.” This administration has failed to do that because the first step is to get rid of the “friends and family.” As we know now, the new Council members are the same as the old – don’t upset the mayor and “one for all and all for one”-public be damned. If you read the budget, one of the dumbest things is the departments that can actually make money for the coffers have the least employees, i.e. – Consumer Protection has only one employee who makes sure businesses are following the law; but how many employees are covering the mayor’s ass? I question how Merante, Rubbo and Khader can come to the conclusion that this is a good budget particularly
    A. Merante, CPA. If Mr. Rubbo’s suppliers raised his cost 6% do you think he would look for another supplier? And if Mr. Khader, Esq. raised his fees 6% would some clients hunt elsewhere? Get your sh-t together boys because you got 3 more budgets to go and the stink only gets stronger. Thank the mayor.
    You should all read “Last Man Standing; the Ascent of Jamie Dimon

    1. Don’t think this new or “old” crew has a clue about Jamie Dimon. Hopefully, they will learn from their disasterous mistakes with this budget, but highly doubtful as all the CC members are in Spano’s pocket, accepting jobs for family and other sweeteners. Not sure about Khader, just yet. Disgusted overall!

  10. The city is in the shitter and SpaNO is emailing out notices about the “Ice Bucket” challenge. This is what they spend their time doing at City Haul. What a joke. No wonder the place is a mess.

    Noticed it’s held at one of his favorite places the casino. How much in taxes did they pay again under Nick’s special deal? (Not nearly enough).

    Just asking.

    Will they be retiring to the SpaNO room when it’s over??

      1. I am all for it- this has been agony. I’d never thought I’d say this but Iong for the days of the prior regime – never really noticed them hence they were all right in my book. Some of these crooks and nut jobs not only get 4 years- they get 8-I’m retiring.

    1. Khader’s words on this very site in November 2017:

      “On McLaughlin’s watch, while he has been in office, taxes are way up and out of control and spending has doubled.”

      Khader hasn’t even been in office for a year and he votes for a 6.2% tax increase. Sorry, but it’s Khader’s fault BIG TIME. The guy is full of $hit. He’s turned into the George Bush of local politics. No new taxes – and then he votes for the highest tax increase in recent memory.

      AND did you listen to him during the budget approval meeting? I did. It was disgusting – absolutely sickening the way he praised the mayor and his budget, fellow city council members and all those involved in this tax increase. Talk about adding insult to injury to Yonkers voters and tax payers. A complete failure and lack of leadership on Khader’s part. He can go back to his third-rate law practice. His career in Yonkers politics is OVER.

      1. Get off his D**k hater! Stop crying and deal with it your gonna love Khader. Hear he’s running for mayor and the people who actually live here love him.

        1. You must be only talking to his inner circle as I have heard such disbelief at his gigantic tax hike.
          But then you know that party people will just go on voting for the same old assholes year in year out because it’s their religion. They actually believe in a party like that and that’s how the party system screws all of us over and over again.

          1. Gigantic tax hike? Your Mayor wanted to increase it by 8.5%. It was rejected. came back with increase in the high 7% and then finally 6.2%.
            BTW in 2016 there was an increase of 6% in property tax. I guess that wasn’t gigantic since liam and spano were responsible There was a 0% increase in 2017 with liam and spano allowing the depletion of fund balance, but remember the water bill tripled NOW THAT WAS AN ENORMOUS INCREASE. In 2018 there was a 6.2% tax increase. That most of us knew was coming. Do the math, the average over 3 years that yonkers saw is about 4% increase. Everything goes up. Most neighboring cities increased their taxes. Did your cable, light, food,insurance go down or stay the same? In Yonkers RepubliCONs and Democrats mean nothing Spano is the problem.

  11. Khader broke the record on taxes increases..he has served the shortest of time but raised taxes the highest amount. Khader is COOKED.

    1. I am baffled on why all the attacks on Khader. Merrente and Rubbo campaigned about high taxes too.
      The fact that all 3 republicans voted yes and the 3 Democrats voted yes should tell you that the Mayor had his hands in this mess. Why are the attacks only on Khader? A no vote from Khader would not saved us from a tax increase since the other 6 were in cohoots with the mayor. Until the city council works together and stops taking direction from mayor, nothing will get accomplished. The Democratics should have taken Khader’s lead but instead the filled their pockets with handouts from the Mayor. the republicans should have voted no and let the Dems take the heat but no they needed to fill their pockets too. It is clear someone has it out for Khader and I wonder why? I guess the rest of the council are saints.

      1. Democrats should have taken Khader’s lead ? LOL
        Khader couldn’t lead a horse to water.
        He’s a complete con-artist. Everyone knows he’s a phony.
        Khader campaigned on Draining of Swamp = he increased the swamp
        Khader campaigned on cutting taxes= He increased them

      2. I bet the bank that it was one of the stipulations Governor Cuomo gave them in order to get the bailout money! All vote YES for budget! That’s ok because the less than ten people that helped Merante win along with the 212 that got Rubbo elected will show their opinion of their vote next election! Gentleman, enjoy the ride it will be short

  12. The slash and burn rantings are not realistic or possible. So grow up.

    Yonkers needs some adults with real world experience to come up with a plan that is realistic and doable.

    1. Too bad endless tax hikes along with a bevy of new taxes seem to be the de facto “solutions” by the “adults” in the room. The mayor and council can barely understand a budget and the former couldn’t create a job if his life depended on it but they sure seem to have plenty of “real world” experience when it comes to taking our money and handing out six-figure salaries to friends, relatives, neighbors, and unions.

      No, what Yonkers needs to do is drain the swamp. Increase taxes? You’re out. Can’t create jobs? Adios. Can’t balance a budget? Take a hike. Suck up perks like they’re candy when the city is broke? Get lost. The adults with real-world experience avoid Yonkers like the plague because this city is a third-world swamp. If you drain it, though, they will come.

  13. Dump all of the following and save millions.

    Mayor Spano
    He has been a categorical failure.
    Just imagine all of the fat that you trim by dumping his fat a$$ and his “gravy” swilling $ycophant$.

    City Council President Khader
    He has been another categorical failure. For a man to campaign against high taxes and then vote in his first major legislative act to increase taxes by 6.2% is just beyond comprehension. Khader must take all of us for morons.

    City Council members
    Breen and Sabatino are just cashing a check until term limits kick in. Williams and Pineda are illiterate. Rubbo and Merante are non-entities. Get rid of them all.

    Union heads
    Or at least slash their salaries. No one in Yonkers public service should be making over a quarter of a million dollars. End of story.

    YPS BOE head.
    Quesadilla’s salary alone costs us $1.3 million dollars over five years. It’s bad optics when the BOE makes a killing while his schools are bankrupt. And it’s immoral.

    Get rid of them all – cars, gas, insurance, tolls, overtime for non-essentials, etc. If our taxes go up, then you as servants of the public should lose all of your perks.

    1. Great ideas but as long as the Mayor controls the council, it will never happen. There was only 3 people who gave them a fight .They stood up for the people of Yonkers. They pushed to cut positions in order to reduce taxes, among other things, but along came the Snake Mike Spano and it was over.
      Khader stay strong and hang in there.
      The odds are against you, no matter what you do. Rubbo & Merrente you are our only hope don’t sell out.

      1. Merrante, don’t sell out? A little late, no? His entire campaign was about keeping seniors from being taxed out of Yonkers and he couldn’t even muster up a meaningless “no” vote to stand up for those homeowners who voted for him. Disgusting.

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