DPW Commissioner and Yonkers Democratic City Committee Chair Thomas Meier’s Car is Missing

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The Three “M’s” Hezitorial – McGrath, Meier, McLaughln

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YONKERS, NY — July 28, 2018 — The whereabouts of the Yonkers City car designated for use by Yonkers Department of Public Works (DPW) Commissioner Thomas Meier has been recognized as missing. The abnormality of the now known situation is that the vehicle is not missing throughout the day. Sources advise the Yonkers Tribune that they became aware of the situation months ago. They couldn’t make heads or tail of why the car was missing every weekday from the late night evening hours to the early wee hours of the following morning. The sleuths from Yonkers were thrown off the scent of skullduggery afoot because no complaint was ever filed by DPW Commissioner Meier. Was he somehow involved in this mystery?

Commissioner Meier was oftentimes questioned about this issue, and was overheard to say that when he awoke every morning, his four-wheeled steed was there to take him to his office at Yonkers City Hall. It never dawned on anyone to inquire from what address he departed every morning. The sleuths were besides themselves. Where was the car? It was missing from Yonkers every night. It was agreed that some of the sleuths would tail Commissioner Meier in order to ascertain what was happening to the car. Nothing made sense! 

How could the car be missing most assuredly from 12Midnight, some times sooner, and somehow appear by 8am the following morning every weekday so that the Commissioner was found at the saltines on time? Weer some kids taking joy rides with Commissioner Meier’s city car?

Flummoxed, the sleuths held a brain storming session of sorts in order to ascertain what was happening. No one dared question Commissioner Meier. He also wore another very powerful hat in Yonkers.  Thomas Meier is the Yonkers City Democratic Chairperson.

The flummoxed sleuths were befuddled, but they have a collective sense about them that they are close to uncovering who is doing what with the car. Truth be told, there was initial speculation that Commissioner Meier had found comfort with someone outside of Yonkers. Did they reside in Yonkers, Bronxville, Mount Vernon, Scarsdale, or White Plains? No one knows. Then again, if Commissioner Meier has found a new “interest”, one can only hope it is mutual.

It has now come to light that our sleuths have narrowed their search to White Plains, NY, the capitol of Westchester County. However, the culprit(s) driving the City of Yonkers car that is designated only for Commissioner Meier has somehow again been able to ditch the trailing sleuths. The car was last seen in the vicinity of Martine Avenue, in White Plains, NY.

The totally engrossed sleuths are spitting feathers. They have come to now believe that Commissioner Meier may be the one driving the car allotted to him by the City of Yonkers. He is a resident of Yonkers. Why would he be driving a city car to White Plains every night. They are collectively miffed because they have been thrown off the scent of skullduggery afoot by a lack of complaints that would have been expected to be lodged by the Commissioner against anyone using “his” car beyond the city’s boundary lines. When Commissioner Meier wakes every morning, did he not realize that he needs to fill the gasoline tank at reduced rates from the city’s gas pumps more often than the norm?

Surely Commissioner Meier must be aware that if he is using the car to get to White Plains, he exceeds the parameters set for those who have the luxury of getting a city car for their use. While recipients, such as Commissioner Meier may believe it is inconsequential, following a pattern employed in the reverse. Yonkersites must remember that former Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, Esq., drove the city SUV allotted to him, from Yonkers to White Plains every midweek day. It is illegal whether you drive in either direction for non-city business, not for work, and not even for play! Boo boo!

But this is Yonkers (CoY), the city that is not shy to look the other way when powerful friends and family network members take liberties beyond the parameters already set. It is in fact the responsibility of Yonkers Inspector General Brendan McGrath, Esq., who has oversight regarding misuse of the city fleet of cars. Perhaps I.G. McGrath is reluctant to admonish Commissioner Meier, should he be proven to be the man behind the wheel driving the city car to White Plains. The dots that connect Meier to McGrath are easily understood. I.G. McGrath wants to bail from Yonkers government, hoping to be chosen for a judgeship. The last hurdle McGrath must eclipse is to gain an approving nod from Yonkers City Democratic Chairman Meier so that McGrath can walk into “his” courtroom replete in the august, black robed attire of  a sitting judge. 

Shockingly, it seems DPW Commissioner and Yonkers City Democratic Chairperson Thomas Meier, should it be proven that it is he who is driving the car to White Plains, will also be on the wrong side of the law, just like his pal, former Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin. It seems ethical standards, long maligned in Yonkers, continue to cost the Yonkers taxpayer, who is always left to to pay the bill.

What do Yonkersits say? Did aliens abscond with Commissioner Meier’s car? Has Meier found love and companionship beyond Yonkers borders? Will be be found guilty of his excesses on the road by I.G. McGrath? If so, will McGrath ever alight to wearing the latest court couture attire stylishly befitting a sitting judge? Is there a Solomon among Yonkersites to resolve this conundrum?

Yonkersites are beseeched to tell the tale and solve this perplexing mystery.

# # #

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eHeziDPW Commissioner and Yonkers Democratic City Committee Chair Thomas Meier’s Car is Missing

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  1. Tom Meier is, without a doubt, the biggest s***bag to ever set foot in City Hall, and that’s saying a lot. He’s a worthless political hack who couldn’t manage his way out of a paper bag. No one in their right mind should put a single thing by him. Mayor ‘s office, for whatever reason, continues to turn a blind eye while this guy single-handedly destroys DPW. Oh wait, not single handedly-let’s not forget this imbecile buddy of his running the service center.

  2. The higher ups at the Yonkers public library make all the money. What did they accomplish with there high salaries the only thing they accomplished was to destroy morale. Actually there is no morale at the Yonkers library they treat you like garbage and laugh all the way to the bank. The library trustees are a rubber stamp for there increased salaries.

  3. The deputy library director at the Yonkers public library makes 150,000.00 a year. Talk about a waste of Yonkers tax payer money.

  4. why does the library director make 160,000.00 a year. Really a librarian making that much. Something needs to be done with these crazy salaries.

    1. And all of them in every department. You can blame every Mayor and council members over the last 20 years for not being frugal with our tax dollars. Everyone of them, no exceptions. It’s time for the AXE and a proper auditor.

  5. Ruggiero is a DPW MANAGER!!!!!! Why does he earn more than each of the 2 DPW DEPUTY Commissioners???? Moreover, his BASE salary last year was $170,000 only about $5K less than THE COMMISSIONER! With OT Ruggiero made $190,000.

  6. The mere fact that Meier is still in charge of the Yonkers DPW is beyond comprehension. The wife of Meier is a political hack on the Yonkers BOE and their son has his patronage job with the Westchester County Board of Elections.

    1. City of yonkers has 2 or 3 of everything deputy to a deputy.
      So sad people are leaving I drive around so many houses for sale.

      1. It’s disgraceful all these nepotism jobs filled by people that, for the most part, have little or no qualifications and are making top Dollar on the backs of Yonkers taxpayers. Pay scales for administration positions exceed NYC levels, which has a tax and revenue base to support all these deputy positions and high salaries. Meanwhile city services continue to diminish and quality of life in Yonkers continues to decline. Yonkers is totally out of control. Need to clear the decks! Thinking of abandoning ship and selling my house!

  7. In the City that’s always broke: There goes another half a million….It adds up to more corporate welfare and 6.2% property tax hike.

    Yonkers officials approved tax breaks for the conversion of a derelict office tower into housing.

    The Yonkers Industrial Development Agency’s board voted Thursday to give Hudson Blue Yonkers LLC of Mineola financial incentives that include $221,875 in sale-tax exemptions and a $270,000 mortgage recording tax exemption.

    The developer is proposing to convert a vacant, seven-story office tower at 70 Ashburton Ave. into apartments.

    The project is expected to create about 75 construction jobs and the work is expected to take about two years.

    The building has been empty for 10 years.

  8. Maybe its under all the demo debris in the city dumpster that the city gives to George. Somebody should check the wieght of his dumpsters but that too will never happen.
    Right MR.I.G.?

  9. Commissioners can take the car wherever they want. They aren’t bound to COY limits. Maybe his girlfriend the Judge is taking it to WP at night?

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