Drones Series 3: Drone Doesn’t Just DELIVER the Donuts, He EATS Them!

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Drones Series 3: Drone Doesn’t Just DELIVER the Donuts, He EATS Them! By GAIL FARRELLY


Author Gail Farrelly grew up in The Bronx and now resides in Bronxville, NY. Having a doctorate in accounting from George Washington University, she’s taught in several universities and published numerous articles in business and academic journals. Learning about the murderous politics of academic life turned her mind to crime. The fictional kind, of course!
Her first mystery, “Beaned In Boston,” in which a lecherous professor perishes even though he was well published, was named to the Washington Irving Book Selection List. Her short story, “Even Steven,” was nominated for a Derringer Award. Gail writes spoofs for the Yonkers Tribune Webaper, YonkersTribune.com, and for a British website, TheSpoof.com. Gail shares a website, http://www.farrellysistersonline.com/, with her sister Rita, also a mystery writer.

That’s a no-no, his employer sternly told him. “Bad, bad drone.”

The drone had an interesting defense. “But…but…I DID deliver them, pretty much anyway,” he argued. Pausing for a breath, he continued, “OK, OK, I was a little late, I admit it. And I did take a teensy little bite out of each donut. But it was in the middle of a big Nor’easter in NY, and I hadn’t been given a lunch break. Gimme a break, for Pete’s sake.”

His exasperated employer responded, “Didn’t you know that you weren’t supposed to EAT the donuts?”

“It doesn’t say that in the employee guide book,” answered the stubborn drone.

His boss sighed. “Don’t eat the daisies and don’t eat the donuts. Two rules to live by.”

“Got it,” the annoyed drone responded. “I’ll remember that.”

As he headed out back to work in the freezing snow and wind, the drone was thinking of what Donald Rumsfeld once said, “Don’t blame the boss. He has enough problems.”


eHeziDrones Series 3: Drone Doesn’t Just DELIVER the Donuts, He EATS Them!

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