John Khader, MPAC President, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large on Westchester On the Level – Tuesday, July 17, 2018th at 10am EDT

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — John Khader, President of MPAC, Mediterranean Political Action Committee, will hold its annual Arab-American Heritage Day celebration this Sunday, July 22, 2018. Tune in to learn about the celebration this Tuesday, June 17, 2018. This segment airs from 10-10:30am.

Thereafter, Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large delves into issues as disparate as hyperlocal concerns to international issues with commensurate analysis. This segment airs from 10:30am to 12Noon.

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eHeziJohn Khader, MPAC President, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Editor-at-Large on Westchester On the Level – Tuesday, July 17, 2018th at 10am EDT

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  1. It’s upsetting that a strong Arab community of 25 Thousand strong can not get it together and even have some kind of presence on heritage day. I was there and enjoyed some good food but unfortunately the weather didn’t help. There were less than 100 people there!!! Embarrassed to say the least. I am hoping for a better showing next year of 500 people at least. Question is how can we do it? I hope the Arab leadership comes together and recognizes there is a problem with their unity.

    1. God doesn’t like hateful people. If You don’t like Arabs? Don’t Like John? Don’t like Mpac stay home and dont come and don’t support. You have shown that you have an ugly heart and are a miserable person. You and a select few make it seem that MPac is doing a bad thing. Arab Americans are happy to have this event back. Families playing back gammon, soccer, enjoying good conversation , and entertaiment for all, many re-united and reconnected with the community. Old and Young had a nice time.
      Stop the nonsense already.
      John I don’t know how you do it, but don’t give up more people like you and respect you than the few pricks on this site that obviously have a personal vendetta against you.

    1. You are an evil soul. God don’t like ugly. The sun will come out on Sunday. Looks like you won’t be granted your mean malice wishes. The Arabic community is looking forward to this, do you wish rain on Irish, Hispanic, Italian, African events. You are a racist and can’t stand the Arabic community enjoying themselves. Thank you MPAC for bring back Arab American Heritage Day.

    2. dont worry Peter, the arabic community is not supporting this event or any event that has John khader name or mpac. they are both a lost cause. all politicians take notice!!

  2. Hezi, Has the event been canceled?

    Hezi’s Response: No, it has not. It is on for this Sunday. I will be posting info about Arab-American Heritage Day today.

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