Nicodemo Victim of Too Many Allegedly Fraudulent Petition Signatures; Not Likely to Attain Entry Into the Democratic Party Primary Contest Against Sayegh

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The Hezitorial Distilling the Whys and Expected Outcome Over the NYS Assembly District 90 Primary Challenges

YONKERS, NY — July 25, 2018 — A minimum threshold of 500 valid signatures are required by the Westchester County Board of Elections (hereinafter “WCBoE”) from those vying to represent the people who reside in New York State Assembly District 90. It doesn’t seem an insurmountable number to attain, much less eclipse, among a total of approximately 37,000 registered Democrats in the district. Anthony Nicodemo presented 795 signatures; Nader Sayegh presented 2,500. Nicodemo’s list of signature submissions are not likely to meet the 500 valid signatures required because so many are known to the Yonkers Tribune to be seemingly fraudulent, whereas Sayegh has 5 times the minimum valid signatures required. Both Ivy Reeves and Vincent Morrone did not meet the minimum threshold, but only Nicodemo is crying foul. 

Is that because someone filed objections with the WCBoE in a timely manner? There was no one, and nothing, that precluded the Nicodemo campaign to file legitimate objections against any of the candidates vying to enter the Democratic Party Primary challenge. Perhaps Nicodemo is smarting because Sayegh attained 2,500 valid signatures, while Nicodemo is unlikely to meet the minimum 500 valid signatures required.

WCBoE demands that those signing petitions in favor of their chosen candidate must adhere to the law governing the standards set for the WCBoE. The legal requirements, standards, if you will, demand that those who sign petitions in favor of their chosen candidate must reside in the district, and are enrolled members of the Yonkers City Democratic Committee. It is those parameters, and only those, over which, if questions of validity should arise, that the ruling by the WCBoE is final. A court has no oversight is these matters.

Not so however, if there is a question to the signature of the petitioner, or if it may be a forgery. The WCBoE has no expertise in ascertaining whether the person who signed such a petition is indeed the same person who had previous documentation that attested to there identity. People’s signature can change over time. The aging process, various diseases, even changed sensibilities, can,  to one extent or another be a catalyst that changes one’s signature. Challenges to signature, real or forged, fall under the jurisdiction of the courts; with no oversight whatsoever from the WCBoE.

The WCBoE can only overrule challenges as to residence, and party registration, when valid documentation is presented to the WCBoE within two weeks from the final day of collecting signatures and submitting them to the WCBoE. That day is July 12, 2018. The final day to challenge any issues with respect to the jurisdiction of the WCBoE is two-weeks thereafter, that is, Friday, July 26, 2018. Similarly, challenges that come under the jurisdiction of the courts must be filed no later than Friday, July 26, 2018.

In other words, while some have the temerity to cry their being victimized by the process, which is nothing but an admission of their personal failing and those who assisted in the campaign effort upon their behalf. In fact, the demeanor of an evolved and mature candidate will recognize that politics abides by standards in laws that must be obeyed. No amount of drama can respectively expunge the adherence of standards set by the WCBoE or the law set by the courts. They cannot be expunged by whim, or by hurt feelings. Nicodemo’s outcry reveals his failure to meet the minimum threshold. He has yet to acquiesce in coming to grips with his failed reality. The Yonkers Tribune cannot applaud failure by Nicodemo. He had the resources and support from a sufficient number of people to “make” it, but did not. It reveals his lack of leadership, organization, and capacity.

Yonkers Tribune has already learned that both Ivy Reeves, and Vincent Marrone have not met the minimum threshold required.

Ivy Reeves has the heart and the intention for public office, but was not sufficiently organized to gain much traction.

Vincent Morrone in his debut effort revealed a mature demeanor, outlook, and unadulterated vision. Fiscally challenged, his showing was studied and thereby exceptional. Yonkers Tribune found him to be steadfast and not dissuaded from pursuing elected office to serve the public interest. He is the epitome of an astute and millennial generation ready to take on the world. He is young, vital, and most importantly capable. His youth will afford him elected office and satiate his desire to serve the public interest.

eHeziNicodemo Victim of Too Many Allegedly Fraudulent Petition Signatures; Not Likely to Attain Entry Into the Democratic Party Primary Contest Against Sayegh

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  1. Nicodumbo should learn NYS Election law before he decides to run for office. If a person cannot get 500 Democrats to sign their petition in a district with over 37k Democrats, they should not run for office. How much easier is it to get in the ballot. Nicodumbo should stop being dilusional and support Nader Sayegh. Unless Nicodumbo wants to help The republicans win that seat over.

  2. Many times a signature is invalid because the signer signed another petition previously. The witness and the campaign would have no way of knowing this. This is not fraud. NYS should make it easier to get on the ballot.

    1. What is Fraud , is when half of the signers on your petition don’t exist.
      I hope the DA looks into Nicodemo petitions.

    1. Nick Spano is just that, a blast from the past. He ruined Yonkers and his brother. Go back to your compound and wait for the Feds.

      1. It’s Senator Nick Spano, Senator Nick Spano made Yonkers the greatest city.
        He’s the only one who has ever delivered for our City.

  3. As a concerned citizen I intend on going to board of elections and asking for nicodemos petitions and walking them over to both the DA’s office and the Attorney General office asap. Our elections should be honest and clean.

  4. What say you now Indivisible? Your darling Nicodemo is off the ballot. All you are left with now is Chuck. God help Yonkers.

  5. Nicodemo has raised a pittance compared to Sayegh. His campaign has been a disaster and he’s a crybaby, not to mention a bullshit artist peddling lies about Sayegh. Either outcome, he will still lose big.

  6. Let’s start with first principles.
    This is a constitutional republic, it is not a democracy. Once you understand this then it’s easy to see that all of these races are nonsense.
    In a democracy anyone who wants to run for office can and that is not allowed in our soviet styled elections.
    1. Announce to PARTY intention to run.
    2. Go door to door collecting signatures like selling girl scout cookies.
    3. All parties challenge these “signatures”, it keeps the ambulances chasers in business.
    4. Primary happens. It’s objective is to whittle out any real competition so that the political apparatchik class control the “game”. It also treats the electorate like dummies
    5. Have election. Depending on the district the same party wins over 98% of the time.
    6. Announce winner and declare that this is the greatest “democracy” in the world. Keep repeating this over and over and in the media. Result = Believers

    Next year or after the process of 2, 4, 6 years repeat and rinse and wash.

    What a $ucking joke and further more it does not matter who is there that ALL and I mean all are there to featherbed. End of narrative.

  7. Nicodemo challenged Morrone’s signatures – now he is crying foul. Quoting Nicodemo’s twitter feed: “Nader Sayegh has stated several times that he respects the democratic process, but has opted to fight the possibility of a primary that would allow voters to exercise their rights.”

    Then he goes and challenges ballots himself… lol.

  8. I have no idea why you have categorized these signatures as presumed ‘fraudulent’ simply because the Board of Elections has likely excluded them. There are numerous reasons for their being tossed out, i.e. the most common being that the signee had previously signed for another candidate – in no way fraudulent. And, with four Democratic candidates in the mix, this was bound to happen. This archaic and ridiculous stipulation should be tossed by the election boards. A voter should be able to sign for as many candidates as he or she would like to see in the race. It is hard enough to get someone to answer the door these days and get a handful of signatures the effort alone should be sufficient. Also, the Board routinely throws out illegible signatures, which also gets large numbers of signatures tossed. I write like a chicken and most likely my signatures, although valid, would not match my ‘buff’ card at the Board and would likely be thrown out. Only a candidate with a lot of money can mount a challenge to the Board of Elections in these instances. I am not herein addressing fraudulent signatures. I have been around long enough to hear stories of candidates being set up to have one person or another claim to be the person on the walking list, and unless one produces a photo id the candidate can only take he/she at their word. I am a Democrat who will support Pinion. I don’t care if Sayegh has the workforce to get a million signatures. He is a puppet and would be useless. Ivy is a good person, but, yet again, could not get her act together. Not a good sign for someone seeking office for yet a fourth attempt.

    1. Please examine the horrendous petitions the joker had filed,
      The people don’t even exist in the board of elections..
      Learn the the law NicoDUMBO

      1. I’m not an overpaid jerk. You seem to be just that, a jerk. What a simplistic, moronic reply to issues I raised about the fact that candidates are not always at fault when signatures are bad. As I noted, there are many reasons for names to be thrown out. I did not, as I stated, address those of Nicodemo’s signatures that were, in fact, fraudulent. I merely referenced the majority of reasons, i.e. illegibility and those who signed previously – and the fact that they should not be considered fraudulent. You have a lot of anger. Another rocket scientist with your sophomoric ‘NicoDumbo’ insult. Not a brain in your head to actually analyze what I said. Again, where was Nader when the $55M went south? Again, I am a Democrat who will vote for the Republican. I don’t know Nicodemo nor did I have any interest in his candidacy before he was seemingly thrown off the ballot. But, my God, no wonder this country is in trouble if you are an example of the voter mentality. Just insult – don’t even respond to key points.

    2. Nicodemo didn’t run a smart primary campaign. 800 signatures? Really? He bragged about hitting thousands of doors but didn’t bother seeing if the people he was collecting signatures from were Democrats or not. I know because he personally insisted on getting the mother of a good friend of mine to sign despite the fact that she wasn’t registered to any party. Allegations of forgery aside, Nicodemo and his team willingly collected signatures from people who weren’t even registered Democrats expecting that his opponents or the BoE wouldn’t hold their feet to the fire. That is deceptive and malevolent. It’s fraud. Now he’s going to cry wolf and claim that the democratic process has been hijacked because he’s being held to the same standard as he held his opponents, Ivy Reeves and Vincent Morrone when he knocked them off.

      Sorry Mr. Nicodemo, the democratic process is alive and well, as it forbade a bad-faith actor such as yourself from earning a spot on the ballot. I’m sure the GOP will take you back, they always need more folks to rip down Democratic signs alongside your good friends the Nolans.

    1. Post
  9. It was Nicodemo who challenged Morrone and Reeves signatures knocking them off the ballot, not Sayegh. Nicodemo is a hypocrite. He probably had the Nolans collecting signatures for him.

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