Nicodemo Wraps Himself In Democrat Party Blue Denying His Republican Party Red Roots

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Nicodemo “Comes Out” As a Political Fraud Wrapped In the Self-Denial of Purple

Nicodemo’s Unstudied and Self Imposed Quagmire

The Hezitorial Over Nicodemo’s Vacuous Political Expression

Anthony Nicodemo candidate vying to represent New York State Assembly District 90. Is he Red, Blue, or Purple?

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY —  July 1, 2018 — Anthony Nicodemo has been Yonkers’ Saunders Trades and Technical High School’s head basketball coach for the past 9 years and social studies teacher for the past 13 years. He prides himself for being openly gay. While he may be honest about his sexual orientation today, he is less so about his party affiliation. By coming out definitively as gay today rather than the ambiguous bisexual definition acceptable during society’s yesteryears is anathema to his denying his longstanding Republican Red roots claiming to now be donned in the Blue color defining Democrats. Which begs the question of how Nicodemo can profess being Blue when he has been Red for so many years as attested by his most recent party affiliation designating him to now be a recently registered Democrat. Did Nicodemo label his sexuality as bisexual at one time until gay became more acceptable? Does Democrat suggest a winning hand? Is that why Nicodemo leans Blue today?

Sexual ambiguity may become more clearly defined by maturation and experience, becoming more honest and less self deluding over time, aided by acceptance of the gay lifestyle by a more tolerant society. While self delusion is a personal state of being, exacting a toll on the individual, deceitfully changing party affiliation for the sake of a resurgent and exuberant political dogma, the presumed upswing of the Democrats in Blue, is the antithesis of one’s past, and takes advantage of those unfamiliar with Nicodemo’s earlier days. It is evident that Nicodemo has no ethical issues or concerns over his taking advantage of an unsuspecting electorate unaware of his deceitful political catharsis.

Anthony Nicodemo Political Registration

So Nicodemo is coming out as a “fake” Democrat when all who know him believed he was an “honest” Republican. Is that what he means when donning a T-shirt that states #BeTrue?

Nicodemo chastises his opponents vying to represent the various neighborhoods comprising almost all of Yonkers within the 90th Assembly District on political terms, that is Republicans v. Democrats. Perhaps Nicodemo believes Democrats are the up-and-coming political party of choice this year eclipsing Republicans in the upcoming November 2018 General Elections. While he may be astute regarding his political acumen in this regard, the outcome will be decided by the voters in the coming months. Can the electorate feel secure with the ambivalence that defines Nicodemo: “bisexual” when it suited him; “gay” as it became acceptable? Will Nicodemo next define himself as “transgender”?

Can an engaged electorate cast their ballot for a candidate ambiguous over who he is and what he believes in?

While Nicodemo has issues that he believes resonate with those awaiting to vote for a New York State Assemblymember to AD90, he does not define how he intends to get state funding for Yonkers Schools other than noting that funding is an issue. He mentions stricter gun laws, but does not define how he intends to gain leverage toward “his claimed” intended outcome. He postulates human and LGBT rights, dropping concern and compassion for what should be the LGBTQ community, the Q representing those attest to being “Queer” or Questioning who they are, while he does not speak to the larger question of human rights and how he intends to bring society to the point where the “disparate” populations that define themselves as Yonkersites are treated inequitably. He mentions the term “education” as if it were a buzzword. Well then, what about education? Another of his “major” issues is fighting for unions and organized labor, but he does not explain how to fight for unions and labor. Does he even know anything regarding the issues he professes are pertinent to him? If the issues he claims to be pertinent are so, how can he campaign on unexplained, undefined, buzzwords that are not descriptive of anything, much less his ability to explain the issues, and even less so to suggest any remedy on any issues he asserts are important. He doesn’t even explain that. 

Nicodemo’s lack of integrity, built on a shaky foundation of buzzwords is the chicanery that defines the political swamp. Alas, the definition alluded to by Nicodemo’s ill defined explanation of who he is, what he believes, and why anyone should even consider casting their ballot in his favor detracts from any redeeming factors he brings to the table other than perhaps his capacity as a basketball coach.

Yonkers has suffered neophytes content on on the job training while Yonkersites suffer their lack of capacity and worse, their ineptitude. Should Nicodemo be sincerely interested in guiding the City of Yonkers toward better days, contemplating how and when and where he must focus his efforts may cajole him to consider putting off his “dreams” a few years hence until he gains some gravitas in capacity and definition overall.


eHeziNicodemo Wraps Himself In Democrat Party Blue Denying His Republican Party Red Roots

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  1. Nothing to see here; move on. Just another out of towner leeching off city taxpayers. If he was smart he would stay far far away from those 2 white trash lowlifes crackheads losers —just ask there good friend Liam.

  2. Good Job Hezi , it’s important voters know that nicodemon is a Republican.
    It would be nice if you can find out his voter history.

    1. Anthony is a good guy. He registered to vote over 20 years ago. WTF is wrong with changing the way you see the world?

      1. There is absolutely nothing wrong about changing one political party affiliation. The issue is that when he was engaged in gathering petitions By would be supporters, he advise many voters that he is not only a Bona fide Democrat but a Progessive liberal at that with in anathema to his Republican Registration. I suggest that Mr. Nicodemo deceived many potential voters who ascribed their names to petitions they signed in his favor because they believed his words were true when in fact, as alleged and attested to by comments herein, were gained by his advising some voters that he was a Bona fide Progressive Democrat. Some voters were appalled to learn that they were deceived by his words, and they signed his petitions believing he was who professed to be. That is the issue, and nothing else. Perhaps asking him WTF is appropriate.

  3. WFP endorses this. Indivisible pushes Nicodemo behind the scenes.

    More important than the fact the he literally was a republican, is the fact the guy stands for nothing except platitudes and nonsense. He cannot articulate a thought – and the “progressives” fall head over heels for this. What a joke Yonkers politics is. We deserve the SWAMP.

    Hezi is right to call him out on his obscurity on the issues.

    If one of these two clones are the Democrats’ choice – why not just vote Joe Pinion in – aren’t they all Republicans anyway? At least Pinion doesn’t pretend not to be.

  4. Mike Spano must be laughing his head off at this one because the Republicans already have their hooks in Nicodemo if he wins. Mike is smart enough to plant family members in every party. The Spanos win either way. Well-played.

  5. One thing, I learned in the last 4 years, is that everyone should start looking at the person not only the party. Look at their education experience in the work force, what do they bring that is different or better than the current person in office. Nader is life long yonkers resident, educator, and business owner. He is the product of yonkers public schools and I recently learned that all of his children attended yonkers public schools. I typically vote candidate not party.

    1. Just Vote Sayegh The YPS are mess, the COY is a mess and this loser voted to give $15,000 of the txpayers money to the “Rev” Steve Lopez- Nader Sayegh has done squat for the City of Yonkers.

  6. Anthony Nicademo is a former Republican

    Nader Sayegh gave a $1000 to Jeannie Pirro’s campaign for AG in 2006. Wow! He’s in the pocket of corrupt rapid Trump supporter Judge Jeannie!

    Where are the real Democrats? Oh that’s right this is Yonkers..

  7. Stay on point Nader, and above it all. Stay vigilant against the snakes stroking you, and just smile. You do not need anyone, but your determination. Just like I said to Mike Khader when he ran, YOU WILL WIN and HE DID and SO WILL YOU. Go and win Mr. Assemblyman Sayegh.

  8. Who is the Republican running for this seat? Anybody know? Lets hope at the end of the day there is a real republican challenga to who eva the freak show Democratic contenda will be

  9. Nicodemos campaign is being funded By members of the far Right and tea party activists like Donna nolan and Jimmy Nolan who are Astorino and McLaughlin lackeys. A true liberal would stand against money from active conservatives and return that 100 dollar bill, but then again Nicodemo is clearly not a true liberal.

  10. This article is beyond amusing because all these electeds are pandering to Indivisible and Eileen to get elected or re-elected. Latimer hired the skinny blonde Indivisble founder from Larchmont as his Communications Director to keep them happy with his message. Shelley hired the hired Indivisible Mary Kate O’Sullivan, as her staffer. Elliott panders to Indivisible. Chuck is salivating to get their endorsement for mayor. This whole thing with Nicodemo is absolutely hilarious because it goes against everything they stand for. Great reporting, Hezi.

  11. Why don’t you so called “progressives” call yourselves what you really are – socialists and communists. You wrap yourselves in the “progressive” moniker to fool the masses of idiots that have overrun NY – you know that if your true aspirations and beliefs were made public the majority would run you right down to Cuba.

  12. Looks like Reeves and Morrone are the only lifelong Democrats still standing in this race. Reeves deserves to win for having the courage to fight back and sue after Sabatino and Johnson fired her, denying her First Amendment rights to run for office.

  13. Indivisible thinks they are so smart and uncompromised because they are not party of either machine. Most pride themselves on being registered Independents and can’t even vote in a primary. Oh how little they know about Yonkers politics, as they are blindly manipulated.

  14. The real question is nicodermo probably voted for Spano and Trump being the fact that’s he’s a lifelong republican. He only decided to switch when he became aware of Shelly’s vacancy.
    Nicodermo has bigger concerns than being a Republican, the bombs will start dropping soon.

  15. Absurd hit piece. Who cares if he used to be a republican? As progressives, we should WANT people on the right to rethink their views. This is the way we grow as a party. Any attempt to shame someone for a change of heart in their politics is counterproductive to the progressive cause. This feels like an article that was ordered and directed by one of Nicodemo’s opponents.

    1. Absurd comment. The image above shows him accepting donations on behalf of one of the most conservative families in the entire county, a family that undermines the work of Democrats in absurdly cartoonish ways every November. That is not a demonstration of a change of heart, it’s a demonstration of political expediency as a vehicle into elected office. The people of the 90th Assembly District need a fighter in Albany. We need someone who is going to show up when the municipal government indubitably falls short and protects schoolchildren, educators, police officers, firefighters, and hundreds of other civil service employees from draconian cuts made by circumstances beyond their control. This district doesn’t need someone who has a crisis of character every time the political winds change. The man registered as a Republican on the day of the 2012 Presidential Election and has the audacity to be quoting Barack Obama and Joe Biden on his Twitter account this evening. This feels like a comment made by someone who can’t accept they’ve been played, or Nicodemo himself, and his inability to believe he’s been caught.

      1. What Yonkers do you live in????
        “We need someone who is going to show up when the municipal government indubitably falls short and protects schoolchildren, educators, police officers, firefighters, and hundreds of other civil service employees from draconian cuts made by circumstances beyond their control”

        With quotes like this you obviously don’t live here. We have gotten hammered under the last 3 republican Mayors, SpaNO included, with higher taxes, fees, property taxes and stealth taxes.

        All of the above are well taken care of and over compensated for their work loads, volume and productivity. So get back to your slobbering.

        1. The same amount as your beloved president? P.S. Biden was disqualified from the start because of his asthma. Trump was disqualified after his bone spurs mysteriously appeared after UPenn. I bet you probably also liked Cheney who said he had “other priorities” than serving. Ironic because he seemed to make it his priority to send our kids to fight. At least Biden never said his sexual escapades were anything like the hell which was Vietnam.

  16. nicodermus claims to be the TRUE progressive. He failed to inform voters about his previous voting record. This article should be on the front of every newspaper. GO BACK to Putnam NICODERMUS!!!! On September 13th you will be defeated embarrassingly!

  17. Here we have nicodemon . Professes to be a progressive democrat and as of a year ago , he was enrolled in the Party of Donald Trump. Who is nicodemon fooling ? I question whether nicodemon lives in Yonkers ?

    1. If that were really true, why are all the *actual* lifelong Republicans backing Nicodemo’s candidacy in this race? Nader’s stint with the Independence Party was to reform a morally bankrupt institution which only existed at the expense of crony politicians on the right who sought the coveted “line” on the ballot, which helped tip the scales on races like Spano v. Cousins in 2006 in which the race was decided by 18 votes.

      The idea of the Independence Party, and cross-party endorsements, in general, is that pockets of voters can leverage their voting power to make candidates pay attention to issues that matter to them. This is especially important in the Yonkers swamp, and it’s understandable why someone as deeply involved in their community like Sayegh would seek this power. Instead, the Independence Party became a patronage mill that auctioned endorsements to the highest bidder.

      That is different than someone who registered as a Republican as recently as 2012. That is an ideological choice. I would commend Nicodemo if he was so disturbed by the election of Trump that he defected to the Democrats, but instead he markets himself as a lifelong progressive stalwart. Are Indivisible and WFP ready to endorse someone who likely didn’t even vote for Obama? Are you?

  18. It’s clear nicodemons candidacy is a SHAM, his only support comes from Sabatino who is dumb and weak. Sabatino has been an embarrassment for residents of this city, his husband has a no show job in city hall.

    1. Clearly this is an insider comment from someone on the Yonkers Executive Committee. Johnson publicly called Sabatino “dumb and weak” at the Yonkers Executive Committee meeting when he was vying for the minority leader seat.

    1. Vincent Moron needs to understand that Yonkers is not feeling the Bern. Bernie Sanders is a socialist and so are you. We are being taxed out of our homes thanks to the Yonkers City Council we don’t need another tax and spend liberal like yourself

      1. Are you speaking to me? Are you referring to Ivy Reeves? Ian so, ask here why she has made no official statement to that affect? Am I supposed to be clairvoyant? She has my email address, my telephone number and in the many past elected offices she entered she was given access of every measure. Perhaps your yeastion should best be directed to the candidate herself and not to me. I have always offered every voice an opportunity to be heard, bar none.

  19. Hezi, when will you dump Mr. Khader and those who follow him. He is going to take this city down. This article and these comments are obviously his followers.

  20. I was at the riverfront library attending the indivisibles screening of the candidates, Eileen O’Connor should be outraged by nicodemo, he’s fooling us all.

  21. Is there a place I can file a report against Nicodemos campaign? He says he is a democrat and Progressive but the guy is clearly a republican as shown above. Thank god I refused to sign his petition. The Indivisbles and Run For Something should take a tough position against Nicodemo. Where is Shelley Mayer on this? She likes to hide behind her big senate desk. I can’t believe Democrats like Cousins and Mayer are standing by as this FAKE DEMOCRAT attempts to take over a crucial assembly seat.

    This is a bombshell article. Is there a reason why News12 and Lohud haven’t reported this story? Or are they in on it too?

  22. Just like Mike Spano, lifetime Republican then woke up one day had a Eureka moment courtesy of Nick and became a democRAT.
    It does not matter one iota what party they are in, they all screw over the taxpayer with their spin and lies eventually.
    Just look a the recent Yonkers budget. 7-0 in favor of screwing over the homeowner. How could our “republicans” do that to us? Answer. cause they don’t care. Pretty simple.

    People who run for office should not be allowed to use gender, race or sexuality as a reason for running. Issues only please.

  23. Brilliant work Hezi. The most alarming thing about this is that Nicodemo has picked up the endorsements from activist groups like Run For Something, the Working Families Party, and Indivisible Westchester despite his notoriety in Yonkers circles as a card-carrying Republican. This guy even has the support of the Nolans, who as we all know, tried to undermine the work of all these groups at the local level with their sabotage of Latimer/Khader campaign signs last Fall. Why would they ever endorse a true Democratic outsider? This guy has never shied away from a photo op with Spano. His primary opponents should make this well known to their would be constituents who seek a worthy successor to Shelley Mayer in the Assembly.

  24. Dear Hezi,
    I live in Sadore Lane , I signed a petition thinking nicodemo is a democrat , how can I get my name taken off ?

  25. That guy knocked on my door talking about being the “ Progressive” candidate. Now I Know he is the Republican Candidate trying to ride the blue wave. You will not have my support Mr.Nicodemo.

    1. I am the best basketball referee in Westchester County. This Nicodemo guy is ok with me. I got news for you if you don’t call fouls on his kids he gives you high ratings and gets you into the referee Hall of Fame. He once called me an old bald prack with ears and I said you would know. I got news for you I’m 88 years and I pee my pants. I forgot what i was trying to say. Vote for Herbert Hoover. Happy Days are here again. Oy vey is it hot out. Leave the gay guy alone.

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