Precautionary Measures During Summer Vacation
By Mayor MARY C. MARVIN, Esq.

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Mayor Mary C. Marvin, Esq.

VILLAGE OF BRONXVILLE, NY — July 17, 2018  — As one can immediately tell by the availability of parking on Pondfield Road, many Villagers are off on vacation.

Even if traveling for a short duration, it is important that one’s home look occupied.  Despite stopping mail, phonebooks, flyers and Pennysavers in the driveway are all giveaways to a vacant house.  Our police department advises homeowners to share one’s schedule with a neighbor, ask them to pick up items left near your home and park a car in your driveway.  In addition, if you alert our police desk of your travels, they will add your home to the “dark house” list and drive by on a daily basis.

Other safety tips from our PD include:

• Putting timers on televisions and radios as well as lights.

• Phone ringers in apartments should be lowered as a persistently audible ringing phone is a sign of an empty dwelling.

• Keep the garage doors locked and secure mowers, barbeques and bicycles inside.

• Trim trees and shrubs to avoid creating a screen for intruders.

• Don’t leave hidden keys.  Burglars tend to know all the hiding places.

• Be a good neighbor.  If you notice anything unusual, call the police immediately.  While you are awaiting their arrival, write down any license plate numbers or description of persons.

• Take advantage of our E-Alert system to receive phone update on any criminal activity in the Village as well as real time updates on critical incidents affecting the Village, including power outages and weather warnings.  The service is easily accessed by going to

• If you do return home and find a tampered door or window, do not enter your home.  Go to a neighbors to use a landline or call from your cell phone a good distance away from your home.  Do not touch anything until the police have inspected for evidence.

Summer is also the ideal time for home repairs as the Village is less busy in general.  If you plan any major project kindly alert all your neighbors so they can adjust their outdoor plans accordingly.

The Village will be undertaking an expansive road repaving and curb restoration program as well.  Residents will be notified in ample time to relocate cars or change outdoor plans.

Streets slated to be repaved are:

• Pondfield Road from Cedar Street to Midland Avenue

• Tanglewylde Avenue from Willow Road to Park Avenue

• Elm Rock from Oriole to Masterton Road

• Sturgis Road from Homesdale Road to Route 22

• Forest Lane from North Road to Grove Lane

• Middle Road from Forest Lane to Dead End

• Kraft Parking Lot

• Sections of Sagamore Road

• Kensington Road from Beechtree Lane to Sagamore Road

• Northway

• Northwest Way

Almost $500,000 will be spent on road resurfacing this summer.  The decision as to which streets are repaved is determined by our Public Works Department.  Criteria include age of the road surface, amount of traffic, state of disrepair and Village location. 

Even if your street is not on the repaving list, all potholes will be addressed.

Continue to call Village Hall if you believe your street should be on the list going forward as we catalog all requests and inspect accordingly.  Streets will be “milled” before repaving so the elevation is not affected and with it water flow and drainage.

Now is also the time to put away the gas powered leaf blowers to enhance a peaceful summer.  Kindly notify any gardeners as the fine is quite expensive and our police patrol and enforce the ban.

Gas powered leaf blowers are not only 40-70% louder than their electric counterparts, they circulate particulate matter including pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides that have a direct correlation to increased asthma and cancer occurrences, particularly in children.

Yard waste and grass clippings will be picked up on a regular basis throughout the summer.  We do encourage residents to “grass cycle” by leaving clippings on the lawn.  Gardening experts recommend this practice as the clippings provide nutrients to the soil in a natural way.  If you remove lawn or yard products, please bag for curbside pickup.  The use of yard bags allows for more efficient pickup, eliminates the unsightly piles of debris and protects the storm drains from being clogged during rain events.

Help us keep our Village particularly beautiful and peaceful during the summer months and take advantage of outdoor dining, first run movies or a summer sale as your slide into that open parking space!

# # # 

Mary C. Marvin is the mayor of the Village of Bronxville, New York. Share your thoughts by directing email to .


eHeziPrecautionary Measures During Summer Vacation
By Mayor MARY C. MARVIN, Esq.

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  1. And do not post vacation pics and info on Facebook until you arrive back home….leave outside non valuable garden tools such as rakes, shovels, etc., to give the appearance you are home…

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Your tips are very helpful. I am a travel freak and travel a lot. Next year Alaska is on my card.Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness., and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Next year I definitely want to explore Albany.
    People often have a theme that they base their worldly travels on, but how about a mental mantra for your travel? Out of a cheerleading event that consisted of our family shouting supportive words at our daughter who was attempting to kill a rather monstrous spider that the rest of us were too chicken to get close to, came this great quote, “If you don’t think, and you just do….then it’s done!”

    This quote came back to haunt me when on vacation in Seattle. I thought it would be a great idea to take the kids on the Seattle Great Wheel, the ferris wheel overlooking the ocean, but as we approached it, I realized how high it went and immediately panicked! Just as I had decided to put the kids on it on their own, my daughter says, “Come on dad…If you don’t think, and you just do….then it’s done!” What could I do at that point?! She was telling me to stop thinking and creating more fear about the situation and just get on the thing!
    “If you don’t think, and you just do, then it’s done!” We all now keep this quote in our back pocket, ready to whip out at any time to push one of us forward into an adventure we know they won’t regret. No hesitations, don’t allow any time for fear to set in, and be prepared for your kids to turn your life advice back on you

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