The Failed Scrutiny of Mayor Mike Spano’s FY2019-2019 Budget – Part 1

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The Hezitorial Series on Outcome, Planning, and Vision

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The Yonkers City Council’s recent introspection into the onerous budget deficit proved to be as conjectured over prior months. Mayor Mike Spano’s FY2018-2019 Proposed Budget was a blueprint that threatened dismissal of over 400 employees. Mayor Spano’s projected shortfall was a ploy on many levels. It intended to cajole a “one-shot” infusion of funds to bail out Yonkers from the self-imposed plight of its creation from New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. Governor Cuomo did just that; he resuscitated the prospects for The City of Hills, where nothing is on the level. Mayor Mike Spano and the entire Yonkers City Council immersed Yonkersites to the drama peppered with falsehoods, promises not fulfilled, vacuous words and phrases to keep hope alive, while they each in their own capacity did what they could to wait out the clock. The moment of truth was culminated by the final, final, final deadline, that is, the long contemplated trip Mayor Mike Spano had planned to Italy. the night before his intended departure Mayor Mike Spano was not in a conciliatory state of mind. He admonished the entire Yonkers City Council to delivery. They each capitulated to Mayor Mike Spano’s demands. The budget won their unanimous 7-0 vote of approval of Mayor Mike Spano’s FY2018-2019 Budget. Mayor Mike Spano was on the flight to Italy as planned the next day.

The passage of the budget was a Pyrrhic victory for Mayor Mike Spano. The many commissioners of the various departments that came before the Yonkers City Council controlled the outcome brilliantly, undaunted by questions directed at them, maintaining their balance demeanor even when some questions to specific department heads seemed personal and uncalled for. Specifically so, because even when inquiry seemed pithy, there was no follow-up. The astute may have thought an anticipated follow-up barrage would reveal a fault or failing of and by governance. The astute would have hoped for a figuratively, fully loaded shotgun, instead the shotgun barrel was empty. Yet those grandstanding by their initial questions never grasped their failure for their personal lack of follow-throw.

And so Yonkersites came to suffer a 6.2 percent tax increase, increase in water bills, loss of STAR benefits, and more deleterious outcome, a list too vast to delineate. 

Considering the number one responsibility of the Yonkers City Council is to scrutinize the budget, the fact that Governor Andrew Cuomo saved the day with a one-shot bailout did not impress the Yonkers City Council membership in getting control over a bloated, out of control budget that engages nepotism and patronizes the “friends and family” network to garner future voter support for the over 5,000 employees who work for Yonkers City Hall and its Department, the Yonkers Public School District.

Worst of all, there was not one person willing to explain how we got to this state of failure. Dump as much blame as you want on Mayor Mike Spano. If so, why is there not one word about the complicit sitting tenured membership that approved past budgets for the years they served the Yonkers City Council. t(enYonkers Tribune speaks to the failings of Councilmember Corazón Pineda-Isaac (District 2), Majority Leader Michael Sabatino (District 3), and Minority Leader Mike Breen (District 5). Shame on the all for their individual and collective past voting record for 6 years in a row that brought us to this point.

The Yonkers City Council City Council argued for hours in Executive Session to give a larger salary to the Yonkers City Council Republican Spokesperson Steven Tvert. Dennis Robertson’s position of Liaison between Mayor Mike Spano and the Yonkers City Council proves the fact that Yonkers City Hall, aided and abetted by the 2018 Yonkers City Council continues to spend the taxpayers money without concern to its negative impact on the Yonkers taxpayer, blaming everyone but themselves for their individual and questionable conduct. Isn’t Robertson operating a business out of Empire City Casino. What does he do for the money set aside to maintain his employ as a liaison? For this unfamiliar, the answer is he does nothing.

Mayor Mike Spano returned from Italy to American shores in time for the Fourth of July celebrations at Peter Kelly’s X2O’s, private, spectacular, and by invitation only, exclusive event for the “friends and family” network. 

The Yonkers City Council is presently on summer hiatus. they are to reconvene in September.

Taxpayers are left to pay the bloated patronage mill that costs more and more every year with no end in sight. 

Term limits being extended or rescinded is likely to be the first issue on the Yonkers City Council agenda when they reconvene in September. The Yonkers Tribune has come to realize that the voter has chosen these representatives. At issue is whether Yonkersites can suffer any of them, much less all of them, and their fake and deflective promises.

Is their anyone in the City of Yonkers interested and capable in guiding the City of Yonkers from  revisiting the fiscal calamities of the last generation? It seems not. Have those that are capable lost interest or concern? Is Yonkers still a community where everyone knows each other and calls each other by their name and regards all as neighbors? Who will speak for Yonkers? Whose words are meaningful? Who can deliver for Yonkers?

Those who had dwelled in the swamp in the past most assuredly still do. Why would anyone consider these “has beens” worthy of leadership today when their pasts revealed their failure then and thereby speaks to their failed agenda, should they consider running again.

Next Week: Yonkers Can Relieve Financial Shortfalls By Engaging Technology For Fiscal Gains.

eHeziThe Failed Scrutiny of Mayor Mike Spano’s FY2019-2019 Budget – Part 1

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  1. Hezi,

    You should do a story on how the courts just sided with the Fire Unions over
    Ridge Hill fire protection…That will be a good one!!!!

  2. Yonkers needs to join the rest of westchester and go volunteer.
    The “CITY” of Portchester just went all volunteer.
    Amen Brothers.

  3. ” loss of STAR benefits, ”

    What did they do with STAR? As far as I know, the amount of STAR benefits are entirely controlled by the State. The City just administers it; the State makes the rules.

    1. If the property tax increase goes over the state cap. You lose the extra check provided to homeowners to offset the increase. Everybody still gets the STAR money taken off their property tax bill

  4. Another loser with barely a high school diploma, who is being paid a six figure salary for a made-up, do-nothing job as liaison between the Mayor and City Council at the taxpayers’ expense. The job never existed before. You cant make this up.

    1. Another dirt bomb who can’t let go.
      Hezi, find out about his cleaning company ?
      Denis Robertson’s cleaning company has the contract
      for the Empire Cassino.
      Patronage corruption.
      Ah ! mama mia !
      corruption without a doubt.

  5. The alliance against The Westchester News is a real eye opener. The truth is the most powerful weapon in the world, it’s sad, that some people can’t handle the truth! There is political corrupt on all sides, but, when a news reporter like Barbara Ricci exposes public corruption on The Westchester News, where corrupt politicians get indicted and convicted! I guess those corrupt politicians grease a few palms while they say Barbara Ricci, burnt too many bridges! It just goes to show the public that none of you news reporters are 100% honest with the public as The Westchester News!

    1. I am unfamiliar with the alliance against The Westchester News. Furthermore, the Yonkers Tribune has never had its palms greased. All the best to you.

  6. Hezi my friend, I’m glad your back!

    The day will come when they will all be indicted for public corruption for extorting money out of the homeowners. I see Mike Spano being indicted on public corruption charges in the future. The infrastructure scam, they are digging up the ground and saying their are leaks in the pipes and billing the homeowners, threatening homeowners to buy pipeline insurance, threatening homeowners to get digital water readers, overcharging homeowners for water, raising taxes, abusing homeowners with overcharges. Yonkers is a melting pot! What happened is too many hands in the cookie jar has bankrupted the city! Yonkers City Hall is a complete occult of family and friends working there, but, that party is gonna end sooner or later. Take a peek at Mount Vernon, Yonkers is next! They will all be indicted, you’ll see!

  7. Hezi, as I have told you in the past, I have lived in this city for many more years than some of our city workers have been alive. Three simple problems.

    1. The unions which were set up to protect their employees now take advantage of the taxpayer. Early check in pay? Unlimited sick and injured time? The unions distribute overtime! And because the politicians need the unions, they give in to them.
    Then once these union rats get what they want they leave Yonkers for Yorktown, Mahopac, Ossining and Ardsley. The two fire union presidents moved out of YONKERS to towns with volunteer fire departments. GO FIGURE!

    2. Gov. Cuomo is a pandering bum. He rather help the illegals coming over the boarder instead of the students in the Yonkers public schools. No real increase in aid since 2008? Thanks Cuomo- I hope the sex in the city chick kicks your ass.

    3. Shelley Mayor, Andrew Stewaurt Cousins, George Latimer and GARY Pretlow. Well what can I say. They’ve failed us. But the voting block doesn’t care of realize that so they keep voting them in.

    Hezi, these are the reasons we are screwed. Well, that and the average cop and firefighter making $145k and their bosses making $170-$200k. These ARE NOT WHITE COLLAR JOBS!

  8. Hezi this dog and pony show has been going on since the days of Angelo( Collonades) Martinelli, they tell there vicious lies so the local unions get involved. They know that local 628 has more clout in Albany then the rat politicians, one day Albany will wake up and hold the rats feet to the fire.

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