Westchester County Rescinds Solid Waste Carting Contract with Joseph Spiezio Due to $780,000 Arrears with National Labor Relations Board and $4.2 million in Civil Judgments for Failure to Pay Employee Benefits

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The Solid Waste Carting Hezitorial

Charicature of a younger, better looking Editor-at-Large / Radio Host Hezi Aris.

Connecting Tentacles In Yonkers and Mount Vernon Speak to Integrity Eclipsed By Failure To Pursue Legal Remedy

Collusion by Coincidence and/or Circumstance Connect Elected and Appointed Officials to Conflicts of Interest and Implied Impropriety

The Hezitorial Regarding Governance, Scrutiny, and Self Interests Permitted the “Friends and Family” Network

The Protagonists

Joseph F. Spiezio III, Mount Vernon Deputy Police Commissioner, R & S Carting Sanitation Services LLC;

Jeff Buss, Legal Counsel to Yonkers City Council President Michael Khader, Legal Counsel to Joe Spiezio, and Partner at Spolzino, Smith, Buss, and Jacobs LLP Law Firm;

Mike Khader, Yonkers City Council President, former Legal Counsel to Joe Spiezio, tenant of Spolzino, Smith, Buss, and Jacobs LLP Law Firm, one-time temporary Mount Vernon Inspector General, and represented Rogan and Spiezio against the City of Yonkers over the Homefield property;

Robert L. Spolzino, Yonkers Board of Education Corporation Counsel and Partner at Spolzino, Smith, Buss, and Jacobs LLP;

Joseph Cianciulli, Yonkers Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman, A&J Cianciulli Crane Rental Inc., and Property Owner in Homefield Section of Yonkers shared with James Rogan of Rogan Brothers Sanitation and its successor R & S Waste Services, LLC, owned by Joe Spiezio;

Legal remedy to the construction debris, some replete with asbestos, in a walled enclosure in which debris is piled hire that the walled perimeter is a hazard in the Homefield Section. The cost to clean the property of the construction debris has languished in legal “hell”. It has been advised that the clean-up would cost the City of Yonkers over $2.5 million. One must wonder why so many at Yonkers Corporation Counsel have failed to receive the financial remedy required. When the protagonists are recognized to be so intimately connected, one must wonder who is watching out for the public interest. The window of opportunity to pursue Joe Spiezio legally and Financial may have been lost by delaying the pursuit in a time fashion.

# # # # #

Joseph A. Spiezio III, Mount Vernon Deputy Police Commissioner, and R & S Carting Sanitation Services LLC has as of last week lost its garbage and solid waste contract due to $4.2 million in civil judgments for failure to pay employee benefits. The decision to rescind the R & S contract was due to a 2012 lawsuit, brought by Teamsters Local 813 for violating the Federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

R & S Carting has as of July 9, 2018 been replaced by City Carting who have gained a temporary six-month emergency contract from the Westchester County Board of Acquisition & Contract.

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eHeziWestchester County Rescinds Solid Waste Carting Contract with Joseph Spiezio Due to $780,000 Arrears with National Labor Relations Board and $4.2 million in Civil Judgments for Failure to Pay Employee Benefits

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  1. When does this end ?
    Drain the Swamp already
    Just Stealing our Money

  2. Many issues here:

    How is this Spezio the deputy police commissioner?
    and under who’s authority?

    How is Cianciulli still on the Zoning board?

    Who oversees his “conflicts” on the board if any ?

    Has he ever recused himself?

    How come there are no term limits for these “Boards”?

    How could the City be libel as this is private property and the owners should be held both commercially and personally libel?
    If this means putting a lean on all assets commercial and private then just do it.
    Who in City and County have allowed this to get this far?

    And I mean who because this is not God or the tooth fairy who knows this is going on?

    Love to see a list of all involved as they are also guilty be omission!!!!

    The legal switcharoo well that’s what lawyers do.

    Where and who is the inspector general on all of this?

    Any elected official who thinks this is ok and tries to stick the taxpayer with the bill for this should be also held guilty by association and fined and held personally responsible

    Ditto for county and state officials.

    It’s time to put an end to all of this, especially since they stuck it to us with a 6.2% property tax increase.

  3. Why should the taxpayers get stuck paying for removal? Crane guy own that property? HEZi, look into to who owns it Thanks.

    1. The arrests were made because the three of them were allegedly “shaking down” apartment complexes by performing services on the side. Whether the services rendered were conducted on the city dime is yet to be revealed. More interestingly who did these guys tick off that they are now in trouble. Why was it permitted until now. This is the sort of conduct that is tolerated on the q.t.

      1. Hezi,

        Could not wait for you to answer: Harrod and Ru are missing all the right questions!

        That is exactly what I thought … Who did they piss off? Just like Jereis and Annabi! The garbage men have been toot tooting for years at Christmas and it is known that if you put out a lot of garbage a “tip” better accompany it. Not saying it is right but all DPW workers do it. They got off with a slap on the wrist because they could take plenty of people down with them including politicians relatives!
        The statement from Spano made me sick! Two years ago they taped them? Why now? That is all they have? Yet, Spano “sells COY Jobs to the highest contributors to his campaign”? That is not illegal?

        Hezi, you always said the Feds are here and you are right! BUT when are they going to do something about those in office? Or are the Feds on the take too?

        Hopeless in Yonkers

  4. Let’s not forget Spezio, Thomas, James, etc all attended Khader’s first fundraiser at Castle Royale. After getting public heat on the association, a month later, Khader puts out a public statement he has no association with Spezio. Another great job exposing the deception, Hezi.

    1. Spiezio is very close to Khader and thats a fact he is the god father to his son. Spiezio has the relationship but Khader needed certain things and got them when certain people who fear spiezio thought differently.

  5. How can Jeff Buss be appointed by the mayor to represent schools one million dollars.

    Also be appointed by khader to counsel of the council although at low pay. One begs the question, why? 90k

    Also representing Spiezio?

    1. Jeff Buss does not/have a $1million contract representing the Yonkers Board of education, rather it is Buss’ Partner Robert Spolzino in the firm Spolzino, Smith, Buss and Jacobs LLP who does. Spolzino is also a school chum of Nick Spano. Spolzino was at one time a lawyer with the firm of Wilson & Elser who have a long history of representing the City of Yonkers.

          1. Hezi’s Response: It is my understanding that Khader does not work for Spolzino, Smith, Buss & Jacobs. As I have stated previously, Khader rents office space from Spolzino, Smith, Buss & Jacobs. Khader was at one-time Legal Counsel to Joe Spiezio. Jeff Buss is Spiezio’s lawyer of record for many years.

        1. That’s that Chinese Wall theory lawyers from the same firm representing opposing clients often quote. Yeah!!!!!
          “an insurmountable barrier, especially to the passage of information or communication.”
          If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

          1. Hezi,
            You are on to something. Another school chum of old Nicks is Justin Tubiolo and Barbara Tubiolo. Hello, Yonkers are we gonna wake up yet?

  6. Speaking of ghosts…it was liam spencer and amicone who allowed spezio the sweetheart deals of 45 sbway mercantile lofts gazzette building and the infamous trolley barn in which he profited 8 million dollars….and most importantly …liam had his law practice in spezios office in 45 sbway while all this was going on….liams relationship with spezio goes to far back…spolzino relationship with the spanos goes back even further. Unfortunately khader and the new council members have to deal with the mess that liam spencer amicone and spano have allowed…liam is the common denominator in the last 3 mayor administration.
    Thank god khader merrante and rubbo won…though rubbo was part of the amicone era.

    1. Thank god Khader was elected his first act was a 6.2 % tax increase.
      Khader’s version of dealing with the mess RAISE TAXES.

  7. Hey hezi, what does your man the mayor of Mt. Vernon have to say about his hand picked deputy police commissioner? Really vetted that guy well! LOL. Almost as smart as you.

  8. Spiezio is the gift that keeps on giving. Khader and this goon were best buds back in the day, and Khader’s old pal Spieze the Sleeze was even front and center at Khader’s fundraiser during his City Council campaign last year. It was all there to see, but no one wanted to see it. Instead, everyone bought into Khader’s hope and change mantra. How’s that working out?

      1. Oh I’m sure he’s aware of this since he was on the council, they all are including Larkin it’s in his district, and I’m sure Dee knew and now Muerente, but they all keep quite. Look it’s Yonkers version of the Sopranos. It’s called Yonkranos

  9. That pile will be there at least 10 more years. City officials just looked other way. I remember driving by and there were Mayor Mike signs at least 5 tied to the fence in front of pile. Glad Joe and Jimmy fuked them.There one quarter of Yankee stadium contaminated soils in there.
    Pieces that N.J. couldnt handle. They were pros they trucked all in at night.
    Word is alot of gas station contaminated soils deep inside. Good luck Yonkers your going to need it $2.5 is just the lowball more like $6. Or more. Taxpayers will pay .

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