Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and City Hall Promote “Fake News” Over DPW Employees Fired for Misconduct

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The “Rest of the Story” Hezitorial

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Yonkers’ 42nd Mayor Mike Spano and IDA Chairman with Yonkers City Hall seen in the background.

Yonkers City Hall has long been known to curtail, undermine, even overlook the law when they so choose. This is a known cultural norm that has kept prying eyes from deciphering what goes on in the “City of Hills where nothing is on the level”. And so it is again as revealed by the recent telling of the arrests of three, not two Yonkers Department of Public Works personnel. Two were arrested, while one turned himself in. The arrests were the culmination of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) surveillance. It was not initiated by Yonkers Inspector General Brendan McGrath despite Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano attributing his involvement in this case. I.G. McGrath was totally unaware of the FBI surveillance. The fact that I.G. McGrath allowed Mayor Mike Spano to attribute any involvement by him in this case should preclude any consideration of Mr. McGrath’s earnest self-promotion and solicitation of Yonkers’ so-called “power brokers” to assist in his endeavor for a judgeship.

No one in Yonkers was aware of the two-year FBI surveillance except for the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents assigned to the case. In fact, when the FBI arrested Romario Moore, a 51-year-old Yonkersite, and Robert Parisi, a 52-year-old Peekskill resident, it was the FBI who demanded the two men be held at the Yonkers Jail, located on the top floor of the Cacace Justice Center. There is no Yonkers Police Department (YPD) report with respect to these arrests. The only document that has been issued by the YPD is a YPD-FOA (For Other Agency) which negates any aforementioned knowledge by I.G. McGrath, YPD, and/or Mayor Mike Spano.

Whoever first recognized that the three engaged in alleged illegal conduct, using City of Yonkers (CoY) DPW equipment, presumably while working on the city’s dime because there is no plausible explanation as to how they would have use of a DPW truck after their tour of duty was concluded on any given day.

The FBI arrests are proof positive, and is for the first time a known situation to the Yonkers Tribune, that the person/people who recognized the off the books conduct informed the FBI, choosing to bypass the Office of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, any and all members of the 2016 Yonkers City Council, the year the investigation began, and also not the office of Yonkers Inspector General Brendan McGrath, the I.G. then and now, and also not the Yonkers Police Department. The rationale for the FBI’s conduct is prudent, logical, and professional. Yonkers has earned a reputation for not being trusted. Were there trust, the FBI would have informed the City of Yonkers, the Mayor’s Office, the Yonkers Police Department, and the Department of Public Works, but there is no trust.

Everyone in Yonkers can attest to the long historical proof that the Office of the Mayor directs every aspect of conduct that takes place in CoY. Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner is told how to run the Department, he is not permitted to abide by best practices followed elsewhere. If City Hall chooses to reduce a major crime to one as simple as jay walking, they can and do so. When grant money is received for cameras to overlook land often used as illegal dumping sites, the cameras behind half moon shaped protective covers were never been installed; Who absconded with the money for the cameras? 

When people are exposed for illegally warehousing their car, as Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Patricia McDow did years ago, revealed by the Yonkers Tribune, she was brought before the Yonkers Board of Ethics. The Yonkers Board of Ethics has always been a shill, a tool, for Yonkers City Hall, to create a veneer of independent credibility that never existed. In fact the fine imposed against Ms. McDow was never collected. The fine that should have amounted in the thousands was reduced to $360 dollars but never collected. Such is the culture of subterfuge that has long existed in CoY.

Years ago a member of the Yonkers Public Library engaged DPW personnel to renovate his home on the city dime, using city equipment, and personnel. It was illegal but there is no one in Yonkers that was then or is now willing to enforce the law. That is why an order given by the Police Commissioner can be ignored. That is why when the city coffers are depleted by 60 hours’ overtime every two weeks for the “friends and family” network at the YPD, it continues, not so much because the PC wants it that way, but because that is the directive from Yonkers City Hall, its Mayor, and those that speak on his behalf.

When paper items are shipped to the Grinton I. Will Library they are shipped to the Yonkers Library and thereafter pilfered for sale to some of the stores found along Central Avenue.

When salt is purchased by DPW, why has it been permitted to be sold to businesses at rates cheaper than can be purchased anywhere? That is salt the taxpayer purchased. There are also the snow removal crews that clear parking lots for businesses using city equipment and personnel who engage in such illegal practices with full knowledge of Yonkers City Hall. they do this on the side.

Let us not forget the YPD perjurers who beat up civilians and swear no infractions were ever made, but hospital records prove otherwise, as are records at the morgue delayed for months so as to appease the sensibilities of the City of Yonkers.

When Mayor Phil Amicone chose to direct the YPD and DPW to steal newspapers from the free kiosks throughout the city, his directive was followed without concern that it was illegal conduct over which the mayor had no legal right. The judge presiding over the case ruled that Mayor Amicone was personally liable for the illegal conduct he engaged the YPD. He was fined $500,000. The City Council Members at that time exonerated Mayor Amicone his penalty and they stole it from the taxpayers. There was no legal basis for the City Council’s conduct. Such is the state of affairs in CoY.

All Yonkersites know the drill. They know these facts to be true. Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson had the belongings in his house only last month moved to a new apartment on the Yonkers waterfront. CoY paid for the move authorized by Mayor Mike Spano and DPW Commissioner Thomas Meier. DPW also moved the belongings of Department of Aging Commissioner Kelly Chiarella, Olson’s  sister, to the same waterfront apartment complex. DPW crews and equipment were used to accomplish the moves.

The FBI’s conduct is exemplary in its findings and will cause anxiety, foreboding, as well as a warning that Yonkers City Hall has overplayed its skullduggery and many incidents of illegality for so long, that a new sheriff is now in town; it is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They have once again proven their integrity while YPD has been undermined by the likes of PBA President Det. Olson, Police Chief John Mueller, and Det. Brian Moran

Yonkers City Hall and all who preside over maligning the law and the judicial system, will now be precluded from engaging in such future conduct, while those who have, may find themselves needing to respond to future courts of law.

Mayor Mike Spano in a statement afforded the Journal News said that Moore and Parisi will be fired. Notice he did not mention the third party that turned himself in. He was altogether unaware of the circumstances. “We are extremely disappointed with the actions of two employees from the City of Yonkers Department of Public Works,” said Mayor Spano. “This investigation began with our Inspector General (a total falsehood proven above), and we commend him for his diligent work on this case.” Continuing, Mayor Spano said, “Let this be a strong message that we will not tolerate improper and unethical behavior from our city employees, and will always hold them to the highest standard,” Mayor Mike Spano said. 

Perhaps the mayor should heed his own advice.

eHeziYonkers Mayor Mike Spano and City Hall Promote “Fake News” Over DPW Employees Fired for Misconduct

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  1. Heard their were two fat man at the swearing in for the new hires. One was the Yonkers PBA President who came in blue jeans and a black lace long tee shirt big enough for parachute. The othe guy was wearing someone’s borrow blues and flips cheeseburgers for Olson when he is not getting 60 hours of traffics overtime. The two sit way in the back but they still had to crack the windows. One guy a pathological liar the other a blood sucker for overtime and would sign any petition for it. Those new recruits have no idea how Olson sold them out. Heard there was some stray dogs outside city hall barking for those cheeseburgers.

  2. Do not forget the pervert janitor at will library at 1500 Central park avenue that follows the females around my tax payer money well spent.

  3. why do they all allow that janitor at will library on central avenue to stalk people its very uncomfortable. This is my taxes well spent.

  4. Must pass drug screen. Criminal background. Looks like you guys are going to be cutting lawns maybe painting. Tell Jose your new supervisor you want overtime.

  5. Hope the Feds didn’t see you out at Nick Spano’s compound sucking down cheeseburger Keith. Did you beg for him to make that nut sack John Mueller the PC ? Maybe you need to increase the cash flow or do a fundraiser for Lenny again.

  6. Who is going to be the fall guy.
    Wednesdays in Attica is movie day.
    You can enjoy the show with your new husband.
    Bubbah !

  7. Who will lie under oath when interogated by the F.B.I. ?
    Oh my ! How things can turn !
    Just look at the promotional exam scores and the names.
    My kid is from Dutchess County. Look the other way.
    Do not worry. No one will talk when their time comes.
    Trust this. They know all. Bosses………

    1. The Yonkers PBA is a rogue union. It is a band of rogue cops that do just about anythingto anyone. Then they intimidate others to say they saw nothing or taint their account. In a week another dirt bag union trustee will be retiring who was part of this rogue element. Good riddance to lying trustee Pataky. What is the matter Bill, cannot get 60 hours of overtime anymore?

      1. Yes, what I’m saying.
        Whole career insider cheating.
        The boil is boiling over.
        Can he lie under oath ?
        Watch what happens when they get caught.
        Low quality of life because of it.

  8. Just another reminder the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson is still requesting any cop to fill Brian “Choke Chain” Moran’s spot since the dirt bag rat retired. Searching premises without a warrant is a must and committing perjury against others a necessity. In return, Keith Olson will buy you protection from Nick Spano and any future prosecution.

  9. Keith Olson has been hiding behind his lobbying cash to Nick for a while. In exchange Olson and others were able to break laws.

    1. Come to Yonkers. It is a city where the politicians and some rogue cops decide what the laws are. If you push back you can end up in the back of a police car with fake charges waiting until they finish searching your apartment. If youkre a cop or a civilian and they think you don’t like it well then you’re shark bait, too. They will either write you up on staged charges, throw you out of the union on made up charges, deny your friends overtime, or give them and their families tickets. If you’re really lucky, they may even put files together with your name on it or remove evidence before anyone knows, not to mention the threatening love letters from the Yonkers PBA. All done under Keith “the fat man” Olson. A/K/A the Moquette, dirty union rat leader. The only question you want to ask yourself is if you would want a condo on the Waterfront next to Olson?

  10. Lawyer Up your next ? Too bad it’s to late! Taxpayers of Yonkers are fed up this is why taxes went up 6% due to garbage Curruption.

    1. Just ask Keith Olson and his nut job friend John Mueller who thank god did not get the Westchester County Public Safety job because of his dirty reputation in Yonkers. These comments are not speculative. They are ALL based on reports and witnesses. Both of these thugs LIE all the time.
      Well at least they won’t be searching without warrants anymore or compiling unauthorized files on other union members because Olson’s top rat just retired. Now he can go and try to set up others somewhere else.

  11. Until the Yonkers conforms with all Federal and State Laws the place will always be corrupt. The Mayor and some of his brothers are solely responsible for the actions of the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson. He has assaulted, threatened and targeted civilians and other Police personnel. He and his cronies have tampered with evidence, and perjured themselves against other personnel. Time for Mike Spano to stop pretending it doesn’t exist in these departments. The State of Yonkers warrants Federal Intervention.

  12. It is amazing that your local police department and your Mayor don’t know either. Maybe because if they knew there would be no investigation. The Feds know that Yonkers is a very corrupt city where no one is held accountable.

    1. Post

      That is the million dollar question. It has yet to be revealed. No one in Yonkers knows. Only the FBI. For the FBI to spend 2 years investigating, something huge will eventually come to light. Be patient. Perhaps a few more weeks before it will be revealed. I will patiently await the next phase of the FBI’s investigation to be revealed.

      1. Hezi, so far not one person has challenged or defended any of these articles. Your title for this story is fitting and I hope the Department of Justice continue investigating on your reporting.

  13. Everyone one should voice their opinion about politics in Yonkers. This story reported on by the Tribune reflects how Yonkers cannot be trusted to clean up their dirty DPW workers or dirty cops as controlled under the direction of the PBA President Keith Olson, who has been clearly protected by Nick Spano. The Feds know that no investigation in Yonkers is a secret. Remember how they set up Yazurlo, which as yet to be proven in a court of law.

    1. If the Feds are here, they know all the players already. They should bring plenty of help when they hit the Yonkers PBA Office of Keith Olson. People in the know will be the easy part. Bring plenty of hand sanitizers, the place smells of lying rats.

  14. Hezi, I’m a Yonkers Teacher for 20 years , I’ve worked with Nader Sayegh at PS 13. He was the best principal I had ever had known. I find it upsetting that union president Samantha Rosado has not endorsed him yet. He’s paid his union dues long before his opponents were born. I will remember this when Samantha runs for re-election as YFT. I will find a candidate against her.

    Samantha must Go

    1. He paid his dues? So what? What did he actually do? He was at the helm when the 2 year accounting error took place. He voted on the Board to lay off hundred of teachers in past years. This year he didn’t have the guts to even vote on the budget which called for 250 layoffs. He’s an opportunist and a phony. Not to mention he’s an old man.

      1. Say Nay to Nader you forgot to mention how Nader voted to give the “Rev” Lopez a $15,000 a year stipend-the man is a HYPOCRITE personified.

  15. Maybe they can look into the actions of the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson and his dirtbag friends. Intentionally targeting civilians and their families with parking summonses is Official Misconduct except when your giving Nick Spano $ 48,000 a year. Buys promotions too. Just ask that nut job John Mueller.

    1. The Feds didn’t say anything because they know the Spano administration operates outside the law and totally controls the Yonkers PD, with Olson running interference. Yonkers is the only City where civil servants get fired for the window dressing and are quietly brought back months later because Yonkers Officials intentionally drops their legal game.

  16. The F.B.I. did not contact any personnel in the Yonkers Police Department because they were well versed how official police misconduct is swept under the rug by the Spano machine.

  17. It’s been a long time coming that’s all I got to say. Everyone heard rumors that go back 5 years or more remember? Now it’s David’s turn to smile Karma just around the corner don’t want to spoil the events coming up. Payback HAHAHAHAHA

  18. I understand why the FBI kept all of City Hall out of the investigation but seems strange that the feds would spend 2+ years investigating a couple of garbage men taking some construction debris for money. My gut tells me they are after bigger fish.

    1. Hope they bring a big van and a rat trap for that lying Police Union President Keith Olson. He has gotten his way and sends his goons to write lies and threaten people.

  19. Yonkers the Silver Platter !!!!!!!!!!!
    Buck stops at the top.
    The whole New York state is Corrupt.
    Yonkers turn to go down.
    Good to see those three amigo’s snitching.
    Plea’s to a lesser charge. How obvious.
    Looks like the Dumpsters Will Be Full Very Soon.

  20. I’m most definitely getting my butt out of this.
    Someone high up has to already be talking.
    Can you publish their hotline ?
    It’s the only way out now;
    No more hush hush and crush crush.

  21. Hezi,
    Look into this one. A disabled fireman is caught working
    construction while out on full disability pay.
    For Over Three Years to Boot !
    Only in this hell hole of blatant corruption of
    Yonkers is this guy not arrested on fraud.

    1. Doesn’t suprise anyone. Does it?
      Especially the fireman envolved.
      Bring the House down Petey.
      Pete the deal maker and the shaker.

  22. I’m not going down with this clown show.
    Hezi, If the justice department is finally here we
    need to help them.
    Yonkers is a criminal organization.
    Our quality of life is proof

  23. Hezi, for some reason everyone always expects you to post FBI contact info when it is easily found. Below is a link to an ANONYMOUS complaint form which can be downloaded and mailed, all anonymously, to Geoffrey Berman, the US Attorney who succeeded Preet Bharara. The option to check would be ‘Public Corruption/Fraud Waste’. If they know all they think they know they can do this themselves without fear of being exposed.


  24. Hezi,

    Do tell the third persons name! He should be exposed to the same scrutiny as the others.

    WHOM did these three piss off? They were arrested for higher charges but plead to a slap on the wrist! Those two men had the hardest paper route so clearly something more than the garbage stinks!

    How is Liams little brother holding up ? Worried yet? Should be! How his felon brother is on the Parks dept all this time is criminal! Not as criminal as Fat Nicky boy getting Liams little brother off with a reduced sentence when he was a Senator! Where the hell were the FEDS for that? There are children all over the Parks Dept. where he works but nothing different than those felons that are night superintendents in our very own YPS! True story and should be investigated!

    Hezi, please publish the contact number for the FBI as you would do a great justice for the COY!
    I said it before and I will say it again the Mob mentality is coming to an end but sweet justice would be for the three stooges to be taken out in handcuffs. I don’t understand how the FEDS relentlessly went after Gotti but leave the Spanos to run the city as mobsters?

    1. There is a lot more than than these three. No worries this investigation will spread like wildfire as they seek to avoid jail time. All I can say it is about time but the Feds are going to need a bigger boat.

  25. Who would report any internal corruption to City Hall. Their ethical claims and Human resource departments are nothing more than Kangaroo Court. Fat Nick Spano controls everything.

  26. The Feds are a little late, but the evidence is clear and convincing. Start going over your notes again. Maybe they should look how much money Olson has paid the Spano’s since 2012.

  27. The Tribune sure got those three mutts right. The likes of the Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson, John Mueller and now retired perjurer Brian Moran is why the F. B. I. acted alone. They know that as long as Olson is there facts and evidence can be easily changed.

  28. Please Mr.HEZi The Mayor,DPW Commissioners all 40 of them, I.G.and his assistances are well aware of illegal pickups.They have chosen to do nothing at all.
    They already taught Khader well he to gets many calls but is instructed to toss in trash.
    Who checks the dumped loads at MURF? Another Friends and family member.This is just the beginning soon they will all be transported up to White Plains have fun .

  29. It is about time the Feds landed. Maybe they find Wayne’s cash, or how many bogus search warrants the Yonkers PBA Olsonettes wrote.

    1. Yeah fat union pres, that was 60 hours of overtime you wanted in exchange for false testimony, traffic duty and targeting other union workers plus civilians. Now that is an early DOJ Christmas package.

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