A Method to the Madness

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Derickson K. Lawrence

MOUNT VERNON, NY — August 2, 2018 — Division, distraction, (and no other way to say it) lies are no longer a covert part of the 2018 White House strategy.  It’s deliberate misinformation used as a weapon to shock the public into submission, and as a tool to serve “red meat” to the President’s base.

What we have is a one-two punch. In addition to the President’s tweet – storm of hurling the term “Witch Hunt” as many times as possible, his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has begun to spew new layers of misinformation.  That second punch is aimed at publicly discrediting Michael Cohen (the president’s recent personal lawyer) who seems to want to cooperate with the special counsel’s investigation of President Trump.

This continuous bombardment of disruption on both the domestic and international front is designed to sap the collective morale of the public, and boost the President’s own standings with a narrow base of Republicans as we move closer to the midterms.

The sheer volume and frequency of shock policy decisions, denials, and counter claims are off the charts, but is being buoyed unwittingly by the media.  As a Reality star, Trump made a career of drawing attention to himself. Accordingly, it should be no surprise that he is skilled at using the ploy of division and distraction to his advantage.  The media may also be engaged for its own self-interests. The 24/7 Trump news cycle has become a ratings bonanza – and as a result – a money maker for the main stream media and cable news outlets.  So expect to see more of it, but at what cost to our democracy and the American public?

Let’s take the international front, and close on the home front. We have no coherent strategy on foreign policy. From pulling the plug on the Iran deal, then sewing the seeds for regime change there, while supporting Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates’ destructive war with Yemen;  fumbling with North Korea –which was observed recently rebuilding its nuclear plants; to the Russian summit debacle in Helsinki, where few know what was accomplished or promised; and now the clamor to meet Iran’s president with no pre-conditions; the damage done in the span of some 100 days could be a set-back for at least 10 years.  This is especially true when one considers, in addition to the foregoing, the president’s role in alienating the 29 member bloc of allies – NATO – responsible for the North American –European military cooperation.

On the home front, while the damage is systemic to the poor, working families and the middle class in the areas of immigration, healthcare, voting rights, civil rights and women rights, we (Democrats as the opposing party) have an opportunity to recover: it’s called the midterms.  But the President already has his division and distraction strategy in overdrive; Russia may still be in the game of midterm elections meddling (think Manchurian candidate ); and it looks like he may have the economy working to his advantage.  That means Democrats must proffer a strategy beyond just resistance.  We need not only a national agenda from our federal leaders, but locally – elected officials must deliver in improving lives within their respective spheres.

Our President’s renewed calls for recused Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to shut down Robert Mueller investigation on Russia’s role in the 2016 election, confirms that he is now consumed by the method and the madness.


Derickson Lawrence, a Mount Vernon resident, is a former director of management consulting for The Gartner Group, and a former 2018 congressional candidate for NY 16th CD. He is reachable at dkl@marketvw.com.



eHeziA Method to the Madness

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