Air Conditioning Units at 66 Main Street Falter; Tenants Pay High Rental Rates; Too Many A/C Units on the Blink

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The Sweltering Heat Hezitorial

YONKERS, NY — August 28, 2018 — 66 Main Street’s management has allowed tenants to contend with the sweltering 90 plus temperatures and high humidity for the past few days without management remedying the failed and non-working air conditioning units. Management has yet to advise tenants of when or if the tenants of this supposed high-end waterfront housing complex will get relief. 

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It seems incongruous that management has not seen fit to remedy this health and comfort issue with greater concern. Weather forecasts warn that the dangerously high temperatures and humidity will not break until the end of the week. 

Why are some air conditioning units not working? Why have they not yet been repaired or replaced? When will management advise the tenants of a timeline for remedy? Why have management not yet informed the tenants of a plan for immediate resolution? How long must tenants endure the heat? Why has management not maintained the air-conditioning units in functioning order?

Yonkers Tribune is most appreciative in being advised of this travesty/concern. Yonkers City Hall will be advised of this allegedly delinquent conduct. An email was sent to Eric Wolf, the developer and owner of 66 Main Street years ago.Mr. Wolf is one of two past owners/partners. I do not know if he still owns the facility. Nevertheless an email has been sent to his business and another to Yonkers City Hall demanding immediate remedy.

eHeziAir Conditioning Units at 66 Main Street Falter; Tenants Pay High Rental Rates; Too Many A/C Units on the Blink

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    1. Have not heard fro anyone. EMail contact delivered to the Yonkers City Councilmember in the district, Yonkers City Hall advised, the developer / owner of the building was appraised, as were his lawyers. Not a peep from anyone. Perhaps the day was spent resolving this issue. I will advise if I am updated by the interested parties.

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