Anthony Nicodemo Melts Down in Anger Against Frontrunner Nader Sayegh Upon Not Meeting the Minimum Petition Signatures Required to Engage In a Primary Contest

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False Progressive Democrat Supporters Turn to Republican to Lick Their Wounds of Defeat

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YONKERS, NY — August 6, 2018 — The press release issued on behalf of Anthony Nicodemo and Team Nicodemo seemed respectful at first: “It is with regret that Team Nicodemo announces it will not be on the ballot for the 2018 Democratic Primary. Last week we were informed that despite obtaining 795 signatures, the [Westchester] County Board of Elections ruled we had not collected the required 500 valid signatures. We spent Thursday and Friday in court [last week] and have opted to withdraw our challenge.”

Rather than blaming himself for not knowing how to travel the complicated course every political aspirant must traverse, Nicodemo was overheard implying that Justice of the Supreme Court Hon. Gerald E. Loehr of Westchester County was paid off somehow without explaining how and thereby denied Nicodemo’s signature petitions. Nicodemo implied he was robbed the opportunity to challenge Nader Sayegh in a Mano a Mano Primary contest. Nicodemo’s suggestion that Hon. Justice Loehr was somehow deficient in overseeing a fair and judicial call regarding signatures that had been proven to have listed  people not registered with the Democratic Party, or signatures that could not be corroborated vis-a-vis buff cards, among other issues. The reality is that Hon. Loehr bent over backwards to give Nicodemo every opportunity to prove validation of the signatures submitted. Nicodemo could not do so. Hon. Loehr had no choice but to assert that the minimum threshold required for Nicodemo to participate in a Primary contest against Nader Sayegh was not met. 

In fact, in Nicodemo’s press release, Nicodemo asserts by way of “thorough research, we determined that we obtained over 600 signatures of valid Democratic voters in the 90th Assembly District. Unfortunately the Board of Elections invalidated enough of our signatures and dropped our number below the threshold…” Nicodemo asserts that he did not meet the minimum 500 required signatures, “due to technicalities.” There were no “technicalities whatsoever! Instead, there was an inability by Nicodemo and the Nicodemo Team to gather at least 500 valid signatures out of a district in which 37,000 Democrats are registered. Hon. Loehr presided over fact finding as delineated and defined by his court and the Westchester County Board of Elections. Of the 795 signatures initially submitted as valid, less than the minimum 500 required signatures were proven deficient in one form or another. This is no technicality. It is a fact that the signatures presented by the Nicodemo Team did not meet set protocols and standards. 

Yonkers School Coach Nicodemo must presume he could lash out against Hon. Loehr, and Candidate Nader Sayegh with impunity. Perhaps Nicodemo could do so among some of the Nicodemo Team members, but not among the respected Hon. Loehr, the reputable members of the Westchester County Board of Elections, and the respectable and respectful Democrat Designee Nader Sayegh. 

Perhaps most offensive is the fact that Nicodemo was pnked by the Nicodemo Team that he believed would see him through to the finish line: first the Primary and then the November Election contest to become the Assemblyman to represent District 90. Nicodemo’s outburst, demeaning behavior, and offensive allegations of impropriety reveal Nicodemo’s inability to “lead” and much less represent a New York State Assembly District that requires maturity of conduct and demeanor were one to serve in the august New York State Assembly.

Nicodemo’s debauched conduct exposed his lack of maturity, lack of meeting the challenges demanded to move to the next rung of an election process, and showed his bias and bigotry of a man more accomplished than he. Nicodemo’s debilitating jealous streak proved he is no gentleman. Nicodemo’s conduct fell miles short of the umbrage shown by Sayegh to the process in place before either man was born. Perhaps it is time for Nicodemo to learn the ropes of the political process. Surely Nicodemo can extrapolate the standards demanded of his athletes in school. Alas, Nicodemo has proven he does not recognize that sports and politics require similar standards, they each demand knowing the “game,” what is fair and what is not, what rules and protocol are demanded, and how to win. Nicodemo failed on each of these counts.

I would hope that Yonkersites take this outcome as a wake-up call that has proven Nicodemo could not serve Assembly District 90 with credible outcome.

Another disturbing outcome is the entourage of revealed and those not revealed as Nicodemo supporters. The likes of Donna Nolan, a groupie to the former Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin, who redefined herself falsely as a “progressive” to now return to the Republican “tribe” she abandoned by now supporting Republican Joe Pinion. Then there is the Yonkers City Council Majority Leader (Democrat) Michael Sabatino who supported Nicodemo because they found “brotherhood” in their sexual preference. What is disturbing is that Sabatino should believe that the number one issue for Yonkersites is the sexual preferences of Nicodemo. If that is the case, is “fair funding” of the Yonkers Public School District a legitimate issue? Not as far as Sabatino is concerned!

There is so much more that can be said about many more protagonists hiding behind opaque glass encosures and heavy drapes so as not to be exposed to their duplicity in words as opposed to their actual conduct in deed. No problem, let them wallow in the false security of their not yet being outed. When the time is right, they too will be exposed.

eHeziAnthony Nicodemo Melts Down in Anger Against Frontrunner Nader Sayegh Upon Not Meeting the Minimum Petition Signatures Required to Engage In a Primary Contest

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  1. usually candidates who want to run primaries against the party nominee have to get twice as many signatures as necessary so that even though some may be invalid the petition survives. This rule of thumb was clearly disregarded by the Nicodemo’s staff….Nader will make a fine Assemblyman for the city of yonkers

  2. Are the nolans looking for payback because of liam’s loss.
    Dont they get it…they are not liked at all. It boggles my mind why any candidate would ask them for their help.

    Go away Donna and take Lesnick with you.

  3. Nader will be next assemblyman even if nicodumbo survived getting on the ballot. Nader is best suited for the job and is not tied to anyone. Bravo Nader we support you. All the way up!

    1. Nope been around way too long = conflicted in so many ways. Biggest problem never really addressed is what happened to the $54 million “disappearance” of money at the BOE.

      If he wins its because of the lack of competition, think democracy that exists throughout this entire country.

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