Assemblyman Tom Abinanti’s Political Endorsements Prove to Be Self Serving By HEZI ARIS

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The Hezitorial Regarding Influence, Relevance, and Pertinence —Ingredients Inconsistent at Best

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During more innocent times, I believed that credibility and pertinence was integral to the  political arena. Yet modernity has been maligned and skewed by protagonists who are intent to attain credibility by endorsing or withholding endorsement from those who are thought within political circles to be considered part of a “family” of complementary dogma. The new political reality has however been “played” to benefit those who postulate their rationale for endorsing or withholding endorsement from those vying for political office for the first time, but more egregiously withheld from incumbents who claimed to live under the same tent. The duplicity by those who remain silent and also the duplicity revealed by those who are now critical, yet not so previously, is testimony to the acceptable ploy of present days.

With respect to the Democrats who have entered the New York State gubernatorial race, NYS Assemblyman Tom Abinanti rarely had a derisive, much less critical position that was critical of incumbent New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. Today we learned that Assemblyman Abinanti has endorsed newcomer Cynthia Nixon over Gov. Cuomo. Can one infer that Assemblyman Abinanti’s endorsement of Nixon is based on a personal introspective of ideas that now reflect the timing of Abinanti as apposed to his thinking in the past? It seems Mr. Abinanti may have come to recognize his pertinence in the political equation is not, and thereby likely never was of much relevance in the political discourse and even less so its political outcome. The Yonkers Tribune is hearing the utterance of an inconsequential so-called political actor who believes he has found an ace up his sleeve by endorsing the Nixon campaign effort over that of Gov. Cuomo. Gov. Cuomo is thankfully not a vindictive man. 

While Nixon has become the darling of some media outlets, the noise heard from her candidacy is impotent. The rationale for one perspective over the other is vast. The issue is more about those who endorse or withhold endorsement. Were Mr. Abinanti credible of mind and heart why has Mr. Abinanti shown little criticism of Gov. Cuomo in the past. It seems Mr. Abinanti’s conduct is Mr. Abinanti being Mr. Abinanti. Nothing more complex than that. After all, in Mr. Abinanti’s mind everything revolves around Mr. Abinanti, thereby making his endorsement of Ms. Nixon superfluous in every sense, and derogatory to Mr. Abinanti’s so-called “agenda”. 

Mr. Abinanti has shot himself in the foot. His credibility as a “critical thinker” has been reduced to irrelevance, presuming it held greater gravitas in the past. The best one can say presently is that Mr. Abinanti engaged in a “false” narrative way before the last couple of years and thereby all sense of credibility.

eHeziAssemblyman Tom Abinanti’s Political Endorsements Prove to Be Self Serving By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Abinanti doesn’t like the fact that The Tappan Zee Bridge was named after Cuomo’s father. Abinanti’s district cover the bridge to no where.

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