“Boomerang Dating?”

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Dr. Richard Cirulli delves further into his growing body of work regarding societal evolution, known as the “Boomerang Series,” in his most recent article: “Boomerang Dating?” By Dr. Richard Cirulli, Ph.D., this Friday, August 3, 2018th at 10am DST on the Westchester On the Level Internet radio broadcast. Listen “Live” or “On Demand”. Use the following hyperlink — http://tobtr.com/s/10905505  to listen to this segment from 10-11am.


Boomerang Dating? By RICHARD CIRULLI, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Cirulli is a retired Business Professor, consultant, writer, Innocent Bystander, and Critic-at-Large.

A wooden returning boomerang is a tool, typically constructed as a flat air foil that, when thrown, is designed to spin about an axis perpendicular to the direction of its flight so as to return to the thrower.

At the suggestion, forceful prodding, of many friends and followers of the Boomerang column; the author has acquiesced to their requests, and will address this timely topic of, the Baby Boomers’ dating game. This topic will be approached in a light-hearted manner in-an attempt to dispel some of its darker sides. For those of us who can still remember, the Boomers are the generation that coined the mantra: Free- Love? Being more the result of youthful naiveté, ideology, rebellious angst, and lack of reality.  Yes, love and ignorance both share blindness and bliss as their compass for life’s directions. Maybe we should consider upgrading to GPS (Guaranteed Personal Satisfaction) instead. And, over the years many boomers have come to the realization of just how expensive “free love” really is when it came to making alimony and child- support payments.  Has anyone actually-calculated the cost of that love child?

Many Boomers are now on their third, or more time around on the dizzy carrousel of “love”. Hum mm, well who said practice makes perfect, and experience is the best teacher?  The author is not a supporter of using clichés as a guide for life.  Though penned the opinion, “falling in love is the cruel game we call happiness.” Now with diminishing eye sight, many Boomers are rummaging, once again, through their closets in search of their love boomerang, and taking “aim” at their new “love interest” and casting their fate to the wind.  And, with heightened anticipation and expectations, it returns with exponential force hitting them below the belt with new love interests laden with heavy baggage, and a life of regrets, and anger.  And to add insult to injury, not only is love blind, but so are many Boomers as our sight declines. Well maybe it’s time to invest in that braille boomerang, and the book “Boomerang Dating Made Easy”, subtitled, (Just lower your expectations, Dummy). And, redefine your definition of happiness to, anything that is better than a nuclear holocaust, or a natural pandemic natural catastrophe- after all, it is all relative.

Moving on, another one of those cliché’s that is now finding favor with Baby-Boomers is, with age comes wisdom?   In time as we mature wisdom should be a natural part of the aging process as wrinkles. Though, it can be argued the definition has been modified in the current era to mean-I am critical, opinionated, jaded, and egocentric.  The author’s quest for finding significant cells of Baby Boomers seeking wisdom and truth has proved daunting as the quest for the golden fleece, and the Holy Grail. Over the past few months the author has been afforded the opportunity to meet with a-number of Baby Boomers who were more than glad to share their frustrations, and stories of the dating scene. With the-intent to have it addressed in a column. One common theme that all shared and agreed on is how many Baby-Boomers have taken the liberty to redefine dictionary and moral definitions to suite their nefarious agendas.  Below is a partial list of some of the more common and frequently encountered phrases some daters use, along with their decrypted definitions (please note they are not numbered by importance).

1. I am a social drinker, many times the euphemism for I am in denial of my drinking problem.

2. Truth and fidelity are important to me; the euphemism for I expect this from my partner, but will not render in return. (may be an indicator for a more serious behavioral disorder)

3. Maturity has taught me, love does not pay the bills. Response, If one really possessed wisdom they would be wise to know, hate, and anger also does not pay the bills

4. One of my strong points is my very friendly personality- everybody loves me- why I could easily befriend Attila the Hun. See number two above, (this also could be a sign of Williams disease or other serious behavioral maladies).

5. I am very cultured, and have a true appreciation for the arts, and the aesthetic of life.  And, looking for a cultured partner like you I can relate to.  Translation, I can usually be found in a biker’s bar, chugging down beer, and admiring all the Tattoo art.

6. I am a good parent, and my children are important to me.   Translation, my grown children still live at home, and are unemployed.

7. I am very selective in choosing my next partner, and don’t rush into a committed relationship. Translation, I am a professional dater, and looking for someone to pay for their entertainment.

8. I am a true romantic, and believe in the magic of love. Translation, well I believe this until the morning after.

In closing, the author is grateful to all of those sincere and kind folks who have shared their dating experiences with me. And, hope this article has helped them in some small way. What maturity should have taught all of us by now is that it is not the love we receive that should matter, rather the love we impart to others selflessly.   And, remember, one in never really alone, if a loved one is thinking of them. Love should never be a quest if one holds it truly in their heart.

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Dr. Richard Cirulli is a retired Professor of Business, consultant, writer, Playwright, author, Innocent Bystander,  Author of “The Songs of Roland” and critic-at-large. He looks forward to your comments as profcirulli@optonline.net 


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