Fighting for Mount Vernon’s Future

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MOUNT VERNON, NY — August 22, 2018 — Last night, I hosted a fiscal town hall to speak about the challenges Mount Vernon has faced and the opportunities available in our future.

There is good news in our city.

Crime is down 31 percent in 2018 alone.

Property values are rising with median sales prices up 9.6 percent.

Our economy is growing in leaps and bounds as sales tax revenues are up over 10 percent – the third highest increase in New York State.

Our government is collaborating with multiple partners, from Westchester County on programs for our young people to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, replacing the broken bridges that have divided our town for far too long. We have reached an agreement to clean-up and revitalize Memorial Field after decades of inaction. We are paving roads and transforming each and every streetlight in Mount Vernon to LED lights, at no additional cost to the taxpayer. However, as Mount Vernon grows, we must chart a fiscal course that supports the vision of a strong, safe future.

You are either with Mount Vernon or against Mount Vernon. The line on the environment and economy has been drawn in the sand. You can count on me to never stop the fight against unnecessary property tax increases and always to work to find affordable, reliable, and safe solutions to provide Mount Vernon with clean water for years to come.

The City of Mount Vernon Has Not Had a Real Capital Budget Since 1987. Our Budget Has Been Zero.

Neighboring cities have well-funded capital budgets. For example, New Rochelle, a city with a comparable population to ours, has a $19 million capital plan with a vast majority of the investments going to parks, streets, and sidewalks.

The benefits of capital investment cannot be overstated. It allows us to increase productivity, reduce pressure on the operating budget, strengthen our local economy, and enhance quality of life.

There are views on the City Council that say Mount Vernon isn’t worth it and we can’t afford it. They say the Department of Justice’s lawsuit is a myth and we won’t face millions in fines and penalties. Don’t believe them. These discredited deniers are responsible for wasting millions of dollars. They allowed illegal dumping on our beloved Memorial Field. They refused to act when sewers leaked human waste into people’s homes. They have delivered budget after budget that has starved the city, left our parks closed, and our roads pothole-ridden. Enough is enough.

The forces fighting sustainable change have already dumped on and wasted millions at Memorial Field. We simply cannot trust them or their figureheads to protect the people’s interests. This is causing me to consider whether requesting a federal monitor is the best avenue to stop the obstruction and start construction on our bright future.

It’s time for the politics of the past to let go of its stranglehold on Mount Vernon. The City wants to move forward. The People want to move forward. The small cadre of establishment elites must let go.

I will never stop fighting the good fight to give Mount Vernon the respect and care it deserves. It’s a fight I promised to take on. As your Mayor, I am asking you to join me on #TeamMV. Let’s protect our city and keep fighting for the future we deserve.


Mayor Richard Thomas

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Call 914-665-2361 or email  to RSVP.

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SOURCE: Mayor  Richard Thomas, Press Office.


eHeziFighting for Mount Vernon’s Future

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