Monday Mayor’s Message of August 20, 2018

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VILLAGE OF OSSINING, NY — August 21, 2018 —

Very Busy Village

On any other week, this car crashing into a utility pole on Croton Avenue might have drawn a fair amount of attention. However, last week was no ordinary week. It began with an oil spill on Main Street, followed hours later by a wall collapse. Click here to read the message I shared in the wake of these events about the inspiring dedication of so many of the people who helped keep our village safe and operational.

Later in the week, federal immigration authorities arrested an Ossining resident. Video taken of the arrest was upsetting to watch, and prompted more questions than answers. Chief Sylvester spoke at last week’s Village Board meeting about how it may be beneficial to have our local police officers accompany law enforcement officers from other entities any time they are in the Village. While the Ossining Police Department has no authority to intercede in an action from another law enforcement agency, their presence can offer a familiar face and also provide local officials and the community with accurate information more quickly than we experienced last week. While outside law enforcement agencies are not obligated to notify us of their presence, we appreciate that they usually do. One overarching message we want to convey to the members of our immigrant community whose fear will be heightened by this incident, is please, do not recede to the shadows. If you need assistance, please contact the local authorities who can help. The mission of local government, and our local Ossining Police Department is to protect all the residents of Ossining, regardless of documentation status.

Last week’s Village Board meeting began with three Public Hearings. Two were operational in nature, not eliciting much if any public response. The Public Hearing for proposed Local Law 9 regarding dog tethering was held open until our next Legislative Session. Anyone who would like to speak on this topic is encouraged to attend the September 5 Public Hearing, scheduled for 7:30pm at the Birdsall-Fagan Police-Court Facility on Spring Street.

Connecting in Person, One-on-One

Open Office Hours will take place tomorrow from 10am-12noon in the Board of Trustees office on the first floor of Village Hall. No appointment is necessary, and all are welcome to discuss any topic, concern or idea of interest to you.

The next Open Office Hours on the Road will happen this Saturday, August 25 from 10:00-11:30AM at Good Choice Kitchen at 147 Main Street. All are encouraged to stop by my table, and just like regular Office Hours, feel free to share any topic, concern or idea, and no appointment is necessary.

Have a burning question or idea, at any hour of the day or night?… Email me (, the Board of Trustees ( or Village Manager Debbie McDonnell (

Two Weeks of Work Sessions

This week’s Work Session begins with the auditor’s report on the Village’s finances. We will also get an update on progress of the design for rehabilitating the Operations Center, as well as constructing a new Water Treatment Facility. The last major presentation will be from Pattern for Progress and IFCA about a series of recent charrettes with community stakeholders and financial investors focused on the Broad Avenue corridor.

The meeting will open with a brief Special Session to call for a Public Hearing to consider whether to declare a housing emergency in the Village. The Public Hearing is anticipated to be held on September 5. This would be the next step in the Village’s consideration of enabling Emergency Tenant Protections Act (ETPA). Click here to read the full agenda and supporting documentation for this week’s meeting. Folks interested in learning more about the methodology and results of the Vacancy Report, are invited to attend the August 29, Village Board Work Session, 7PM in the Ossining High School Library. Please note the special time and location. Thank you to the Ossining School District for opening their facility for the August 29 meeting. As we anticipate there will be significant interest in the results of this study, we wanted to secure a space that would allow for ample seating as well as a slide presentation. Click here to view the results of the Vacancy Study.

With Regards,

/Victoria Gearity/

Victoria Gearity, Ossining Mayor

eHeziMonday Mayor’s Message of August 20, 2018

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