Monday Mayor’s Message of August 27, 2018

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Communicating with Residents and ConEd

Recent Office Hours on the Road at Good Choice Kitchen

VILLAGE OF OSSINING, NY — August 27, 2018 — Thank you to all who joined me for the recent Office Hours on the Road at Good Choice Kitchen. While I continue to hold Open Office Hours on Tuesdays from 10am-12noon at Village Hall, I recently began taking this practice on the road to local venues at times outside of typical working hours. Expanding opportunities for residents to connect with officials is part of our ongoing commitment to an accessible local government.

Last week representatives from ConEd came to meet with Village officials and staff about two critical concerns–emergency response and road restoration. In our debrief of the response to the March storms, we identified how to improve coordination of communications and power restoration. Though Ossining faired better than many Westchester communities in the storm impact and aftermath, there is certainly room for improvement. ConEd is working on some operational changes that will improve access for the utility crews we depend on to secure damaged lines and restore power.

Having key staff from both Village Public Works and the ConEd Road Restoration Team at the table together, allowed a constructive discussion about major projects underway, as well as a list open items scattered throughout the Village. Restoration of Campwoods, Pugsley and Belle is anticipated for this fall. That much needed road restoration will be a combined effort between ConEd and Village Public Works. Meanwhile, Village Foremen provided a long list of open items for the ConEd team to correct, repair, or complete. Improving communication with ConEd is critical for our safety, as well as economic vibrancy and quality of life.

Connecting in Person, One-on-One

Open Office Hours will take place tomorrow from 10am-12noon in the Board of Trustees office on the first floor of Village Hall. No appointment is necessary, and all are welcome to discuss any topic, concern or idea of interest to you.

Have a burning question or idea, at any hour of the day or night?… Email me (, the Board of Trustees ( or Village Manager Debbie McDonnell (

Vacancy Study Presentation & Public Hearing

This week’s Work Session will be held at 7PM at the Community Center. Please note the unusual time, and the change of venue. The meeting will focus on a presentation from representatives of Collective for Community, Culture, and Environment, the consultants who undertook the Housing Vacancy Analysis. Click here to view the results of the Vacancy Study. This report is a step in the process of considering whether the Village will enable ETPA for eligible units. Chuck Lesnick, Deputy Counsel at NYS Homes and Community Renewal, will be present to respond to questions from Village officials regarding the NYS rent stabilization program known as ETPA (Emergency Tenant Protection Act).

If you have questions about the study or the potential implementation of ETPA, please submit them in advance to the Village Manager ( and the Village Board ( so that the presentation may be as informative as possible.

Anyone interested in commenting on the Housing Vacancy Analysis is invited to attend a Public Hearing scheduled for September 5, at 7:30pm at the Birdsall-Fagan Police/Court Facility on Spring Street.

With Regards,

/Victoria Gearity/

Victoria Gearity, Ossining Mayor

eHeziMonday Mayor’s Message of August 27, 2018

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